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必修一 Unit 1 Friendship period 5,Learning about language

Discovering Useful Words And Expressions

Find the word or expression for each of the following meanings from the text.

They are not inside the building. They are???

on on the in the the the mountain beach road grass wild in the desert on on the playground

adv. _____________________________ 在户外, 在野外, 在露天; 往户外 The children played ________ outdoors until it started to rain. 孩子们在户外玩耍直到天下起雨来。 n. ________________________________ 户外, 野外; 户外生活方式, 野外活动 I saw her coming in from the ________. outdoors 我看到她从室外走进来。

心烦的, 苦恼的 adj. ___________________ about at over (+______/___/_____) upset He was horribly _________ over her illness. 他为她的病而忧心忡忡。

担心, 关心, 挂念 __________________ There’s nothing for you to
______________________. be concerned about 没有什么需要你来关心的事。

松的, 宽的; 松散的 adj. 1. _________________ She wore ______ loose garments in the summer. 她在夏天穿宽松的衣服。 松开的, 松掉了的 2. __________________ I have got a _____ loose tooth. 我有一颗牙齿松动了。

经历 1. _______ The country has ____________ gone through too many wars. 这个国家经历了太多的战争。 被通过 The new law did not __________. 2. ______ go through 新法案未能通过。 完成 We have a lot of work to 3. ______ __________, go through so let’s get down to work now. 我们有很多工作要 做,现在就开始吧。

vt. _______________ 忽视, 不理, 不顾 1. If you _______ ignore your diet, trouble will follow. 如果你忽视自己的饮食,必然会遇到 麻烦。 ignore it. 2. The wisest course would be to ______ 上上策是不予理睬。

They are staying close to and looking at each other.

面对面地 ______________ We talked ____________. face to face 我们面对面地交谈。 face to face with me. He sat ___________ 他和我面对面地坐着。 face to face The two men stood __________. 这两个人面对面地站着。

平静下来;镇定下来 _____________________ Will you please just __________? calm down 你可以冷静点吗? calms down after rain. The sky ___________ 雨后天空宁静。

n. [C] 帘; 窗帘; 门帘; 帷幔 1. ____________________ curtains Please draw the _________. 请把窗帘拉上。 幕; 开幕; 落幕 2. (舞台上的) ______________ The ________ curtain rises. 戏开演。

一连串的,一系列 ____________________
Life is ___________ a series of problems.

They met through _________ a series of accidents. 经过一连串偶然事件他们才相识。

1 Find the word or expression for each

of the following meanings from the text.

1. _________ outdoors not inside a building 2. ______ upset feeling disturbed 3. __________________ be concerned about to be worried about 4. _____ loose free, not tied up 5. ___________ go through to experience something

6. _______ ignore to take no notice of

7. ___________ face to face staying close to and
looking at somebody 8. __________ calm down to become quiet after nervous activity 9. _______ curtain piece of material hung to cover a window series number of things that 10. ______ happen one after another

2 Complete this passage with some of the words and phrases above.

Anne’s sister, Margot, was very upset ______ that the family had to move. However, go through she knew that she had got to __________ all the difficulties with her family. She found it difficult to settle and __________ calm down in the hiding place, because she was _______________ concerned about whether they would be discovered.

She suffered from loneliness, but she had to learn to like it there. What she really missed was going _________ outdoors and walking the dog for her neighbour. It was such fun to watch it run ______ loose in the park. She wished she could tell her neighbour __________ face to face that she was sorry not to be able to do it any longer, but she knew that was too dangerous!

Put the following words and expressions into Chinese.

1. on the highway 在高速路上 2. in order to 为了 3. recover from 从……中恢复 4. dusty 满是灰尘的, 灰尘覆盖的 5. set down 卸下, 放下; 记下, 写下 6. at dusk 在黄昏 7. add up 加起来, 总计 8. entirely 完全地 9. on purpose 故意地

3 Complete the sentences using words and expressions from the text.

1. When the man saw the car accident on the highway, he stopped __________ in order to offer help. 2. “How can Linda recover from her illness in this room when it’s so dirty dusty It will only make her worse.” and _____? said the doctor.

3. After Peter died, George _________ set down
the story of their friendship in a book. 4. When the street lights go on _______, at dusk they make a beautiful picture, so different from the daytime. 5. Good friends do not _______ add up what they do for each other; instead they offer help when it is needed.

6. Although Tim and Mike come from entirely different backgrounds, ________ they became close friends. curtains the 7. Please draw the ________; sunlight is too bright. 8. “Sorry, I didn’t break the plate on purpose ” ___________. “ It’s OK. Don’t worry about it.”

1. settle 2. suffer from 3. add

1. settle vt. 安放;安顿;安排;料理 1) _____________________________ He _______ settled his child in a corner of the

compartment. 他把孩子安顿在车厢的一个角落里。 使(自己)安下心来;使宁静 2) ____________________________ After the excitement, I tried to settle myself. 激动过后,我设法平静下来。

决定;确定 + that / wh3. __________________________ I’ve ___________ I’ll drop settled that
medicine and take up physics. 我已决定放弃医学,开始学习物理。 解决(问题);结束(争端) 4. __________________________ Both wanted to ______ settle their scores. 双方都愿意捐弃前嫌。

安顿下来;平静下来;定居下来 vi. _______________________________ They _______ settled to have a talk.

She can’tsettle _______ to work.

The family has _______ settled in Canada.

settle down 安定下来 __________________ settle a deal 达成交易 ___________________ all settled (I am all settled) 安排好了 ________________________

具体的不幸或痛苦 2. suffer from 常加 ________________ 的名词(战争、灾害、疾病),译为: 苦于 ……; 患有……; 为……所苦; “ ______________________________ 受……折磨;遭受……痛苦 ”。 _ ____________________________ It is said that he suffers from high blood pressure. 患有 高血压。 据说他 _____ He is suffering from cold and hunger.他 挨饿受冻 正 _________ 。

3. add 短语 增加, 加强 add to __________

This lesson ________ adds to the value of the

added to our difficulty. The muddy road ________


总计达, 总共是 add up to ________________
adds up to 100 dollars. The money ___________ 这笔钱总计达100美元。 等于; 意味着, 看来实际是……; 〈口〉___________________________ 总起来说 __________________ adds up to a new concept of All this __________ the universe. 所有这些意味着对宇宙的一个新概念。

加起来, 总计 add up ______________

At the exits assistants will take the add up goods and _________the cost.
在出口处, 服务员把你的商品接过去, 把价钱加在一起。 与应有的数量相符 _________________ The numbers wouldn’t _______. add up 这些数目加起来与总数不符。

Finish Using Words and Expressions on page 41.


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