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人教版高中英语 Book one Earthquake 词汇

New words and expressions in Unit 4
by Lyon

quake = earthquake n.地震 quake vi.震颤,颤抖 quake with 因…而发抖

The ground quaked under his feet. (震颤) The teacher quaked with anger. (颤抖)

right away
right away 立刻,马上 I’m getting in touch with him right away.
right now at once in no time



well adv. 好; 令人满意地

She sings well.
well n. 井; 水井

crack n.裂缝,劈啪声

cracked adj. a cracked glass
crack vt. & vi. (使)开裂,破裂

You can crack this glass, but you can't break it.

smelly adj.发臭的, 有臭味的

The food became smelly.

farmyard n.农场,农家

pipe n.管,导管

burst vi.(burst , burst)爆裂,爆发
That balloon will burst if you blow it up any more. He burst into the room without knocking.

They burst out laughing/crying. burst into + n. They burst into laughter/tears. burst out + doing burst n.突然破裂,爆发
You tend to study in bursts.

million n.百万 China has a population of over 1, 300 million.

There are millions of living things on the earth. million 前如果有具体数字,million 不能 用复数,如果前面无具体数字,则用 millions of …
millions of men men of millions
几百万人 百万富翁

? ? ? ? ? hundreds of 上百的 thousands of 上千的 tens of thousands of 上万的 hundreds of thousands of 上十万的 ten millions of 上千万的

event n.事件,大事 That was an important historical event. accident 意外的事,事故 event 较重要的事,大事 incident 较小的事,政治事件(涉及战争)

nation n.民族,国家,国民
the United Nations Organization 联合国组织

canal n.运河,水道
Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal

steam n.蒸汽,水汽
steam train

dirt n.污垢,泥土
dusty adj.满是灰尘的 dirty adj. 肮脏的,脏的

ruin n.废墟 (ruins); 毁灭 in ruins 严重受损,破败不堪 be/lie in ruins 成为废墟,毁坏,毁灭 Our plan is in ruins because of money. vt.毁灭,使破产

He ruined his bright future by laziness.

suffering n.苦难,痛苦 She bore her sufferings bravely. 她勇敢地忍受着苦难。 He suffered for what he had done. 由于,因为 I’m suffering from bad headache. He suffers terribly with his feet. 他的脚痛得不得了。 suffer vi.遭受,忍受,受苦 suffer for/with/from sth.感到疼痛﹑不适﹑ 悲伤等; 受苦; 吃苦头 vt. +hunger/pain/a loss/a defeat/

extreme adj.极度的
show extreme patience, kindness extremely adv.极端的,很,非常的 extremely bored 无聊透顶的 extremely dangerous 危险万状的,极其危险的 extremely important 紧要的,极其重要的

injure vt.损害,伤害 He fell off his bed and injured his arm.

injure , wound 和 hurt 的区别
injure平时的大,小创伤或者伤害 wound战斗中刀伤或枪伤,伤口. hurt指精神上和感情上的伤害,肉体上的伤痛.

wounded in the battle. The soldier was ______________ hurt her feelings. He ________

were injured at work. His legs _____________

survivor n.幸存者,生还者残存物 There was only one survivor. survive vt./vi 经历某事而幸存
survive an earthquake 在地震中幸存 (不加in) She survived her husband by four years. This custom still survives. 幸存,被保存下来

destroy, damage, harm
destroy vt.破坏,毁坏,消灭 (不可修复)
damage 指部分性的破坏,含可以修复使用. The fire destroyed most of the building. destroy 指十分彻底的破坏 ,往往不可修复 破坏者, 消灭者, 驱逐舰队 , ruin destroyer 指在自然力和时间的作用而逐渐损坏 也可指破坏名声,期望等等. damage n.&vt. 损伤,损害 (可修复) harm 指带来悲伤,产生恶果的伤害,既可以用精神 His car was badly damaged in an accident. 也指可以指肉体上的伤害

do a lot of damage to 对…造成很的损害

harm vt. 损害,伤害(利益);使受伤

I have never harmed anyone.
There was a fire in our street, but no one was harmed.

Fill in the blanks, using damage, destroy, ruin and harm
damaged by the earthquake. 1)Their houses were ________ destroyed 2) The enemy ___________the city. ruined the crops. 3) The storm _________ harms 4) Smoking ___________ our health.

brick n. 砖,砖块

dam n. 水坝,堰堤

track n. 轨道,踪迹, 痕迹, 足迹
We followed his tracks through the snow.

The tracks of the car is very clear. 汽车的痕迹很明显。 The workers are laying the tracks of the railway.

lose track of 与…失去联系; 忘记
He's lost all track of her since they left school.
We took a walk along the river and totally lost track of time.

useless adj. 无用的,无效的,无益的,无价值的 useful adj. 有用的,有效的 He's a useless fellow. His advise is useless to our project. helpless 无助的 homeless 无家可归 的 careless 粗心的 worthless 无价值的

shock vt./vi (使)震惊,震动 n. 休克,打击;震 惊 be shocked at/by 对…感到震惊
We _____________________ (感到震惊) the news of his death.

be shocked to do sth. 做某事很震惊
We _________________(感到震惊) hear the news of his death.

be shocked that 对…震惊
We__________________ (感到震惊) he died suddenly.

shocked adj. 感到震惊的 shocking adj. 令人震惊的

electricity n. 电,电流;电学

disaster n. 灾难,灾害

natural disaster 自然灾害
earthquake disasters 由地震引发的灾害

as if
as if 仿佛,好像 as if =as though 一般用来引导表语从句以及 方式状语从句。 It seems as if it is going to rain. (根据现有的条件作出的推测) asShe if从句: spoke to me as if she were the boss. 1)内容是客观事实,则用陈述语气。 (与现在事实相反) 2)如果从句内容与客观事实不符合,则用虚拟语气:
①与现在事实相反用过去时, They talked as if they had been friends for years. ②与过去事实相反用过去完成时, ③若动作在谓语动作后,则用过去将来时。 (与过去事实相反)

He lost his temper as if he would kill me. (发生的动作在谓语的动作之后)

at an end
at an end 结束,终结
at the end of 在…末端,尽头 by the end of 到…末为止,不迟于

in the end 最后,终于

ruin n.废墟,毁灭 vt.毁灭,使破产 Our plan is in ruins because of money.

He ruined his bright future by laziness. in ruins 严重受损,破败不堪
be/lie in ruins 成为废墟,毁坏,毁灭 bring… to ruin 使… 毁灭 fall into ruin 成为废墟,毁了


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