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湖南师大附中 2013 届高三上学期月考(四)

英 语 试 题
(考试范围:全部内容) 本试卷分为四个部分,包括听力、语言知识运用、阅读和书面表达。时量 120 分钟。满分 150 分。 Part I Listening Comprehension (30 marks) Section A (22.5marks) Directions: In th

is section, you will hear six conversations between two speakers. For each conversation, there are several questions and each question is followed by three choices marked A, B and C. Listen carefully and then choose the best answer for each question. You will hear each conversation TWICE. Example: When will the magazine probably arrive? A.Wednesday. B.Thursday. C.Friday. The answer is B. Conversation 1 1.Whose photo are the speakers talking about? A.The woman’s friends. B.The woman’s colleagues.C.The woman’s family. 2.What does Mary do? A.She is an accountant. B.She is an business woman.C.She is a lawyer. Conversation 2 3.What can we learn about the man? A.He does not like playing football. B.He did not prepare for the contest. C.He is very sad about his failure. 4.Why did the man fail to win the speech contest? A.He was nervous. B.He had a cold. C.He was not interested in it. Conversation 3 5.Whom is the gift for? A.Linda. B.Chandler. C.Chandler’s sister. 6.What’s the gift? A.A watch. B.A pen. C.An electronic reading. Conversation 4 7.What color is the scarf? A.Red. B.White. C.Brown. 8.How much did the woman pay? A.$40. B.$160. C.$80. 9.What is the woman cautious about? A.Choosing appropriate websites. B.Paying for purchases online. C.The products’ delivery. Conversation 5 10.Where can the woman get an application form? A.At a passport office. B.At a post office. C.At a bank. 11.Which of the following should be signed by either a doctor or a lawyer? A.The birth certificate. B.The application form. C.The photos.


12.What can we learn from the conversation? A.The cost of a new passport is 11 pounds. B.The woman wants to go to Sweden for study. C.The woman is under sixteen now. Conversation 6 13.What are the speakers talking about? A.Social problems in the US. B.Violent problems in the US. C.Educational opportunities. 14.What is the most serious problem in the US according to the woman? A.Education inequality. B.Unemployment. C.Violent crime. 15.What happened in Washington last month? A.A 24-year-old person was killed. B.14 people were killed by two gunmen. C.27school children were shot dead. Section B (7.5marks) Directions: In this section, you will hear a short passage.Listen carefully and then fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard.Fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. You will hear the short passage TWICE. Development of Our Town In the past There were 16. Houses and simple shops. A lot of people 18. to make a living. I went to school by bike or 20. . Today There are many tall buildings because of the Booming fishing industry, 17. Industry and publishing industry. People have new jobs because19. new businesses have opened. I take buses or taxis. Ⅱ


Jobs Transportation Part

Language Knowledge(45marke) Section A (15marks) Directions: For each of the following unfinished sentences there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Example: The wild flowers looked like a soft orange blanket the desert. A.covering B.covered C.cover D.to cover The answer is A. 21. a man to fish is a long-term solution the problem of hunger. A.To teach; to solve B.Teaching; solving C.Teaching; to solving D.To teach; solving 22.US President Obama visited Thailand ,Myanmer and Cambodia from Nov.18 to Nov.18 to Now.20, reflects Asian strategies of the Obama administration. A.which B.who C.when D.where 23.—What mace Bill so angry? — .His girl friend promised to come at 8:30, but she hasn’t come yet. A.Having kept waiting B.Being kept waiting C.Kept waiting D.To be kept waiting

24.Many people are the use of alternative energy sources for fear that natural resources will run out some day. A.pushing aside B.pushing over C.pushing ahead D.pushing for 25. puzzles him why people here are so interested in what his job is. It He that question frequently. A.has asked B.gets asked C.is asking D.was asked 26.We must have effective ways to preserve the variety of life, for play important roles in the natural environment where they live. A.all living things B.all of living thins C.the all living things D.all living thing 27.The closer between China and Russia, the more peaceful . A.will be the cooperation; is the region B.is the cooperation; will be the region C.the cooperation will be; the region is D.the cooperation is; the region will be 28.For decades, Florida older people because it has a pleasant climate and a low cost of living there. A.attracts B.will attract C.has been attracting D.attracted 29.The reason why physicians among the best-paid professions in the United States is the long and expensive preparation to become qualified physicians. A.to require B.having been required C.required D.requiring 30.The little shop has developed into a big department store, which is it used to be. A.four times later than that B.four times the size of what C.four times the size than that D.four times as larger as what 31.Tony doesn’t want to take drugs because he knows if he drugs, he would get trapped in a prison from which he couldn’t escape. A.were to take B.would take C.had taken D.would have taken 32.—Please go on with your demonstration. —But where was I? —Well, you the two chemicals together. A.tried to mix B.were trying mixed C.were trying to mix D.had tried to mix 33.—Are there any tickets left for the Chinese Music Concert on Dec.28th? —There be, but you’d better call the booking office to make sure. A.c an B.might C.won’t D.mustn’t 34.According to some studies, EQ is important, if not more important than IQ. A.so B.very C.even D.as 35.The fast economy growth actually brings richer material life to people, but the social morality is going down compared with day by day. A.it B.this C.that D.those Section B(18marks) Directions: For each bland in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D.Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. It’s just a small, white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas tree.No name, to 36 .It has peeked (looked quickly)through the branches of our tree for the past 10 years or so. It all began because my husband Mike 37 Christmas-oh, out the true meaning of Christmas, but the 38 aspects of it- overspending and the frantic (匆忙地) running around at the last minute to get gifts because you couldn't think of anything else. So, I decided one year to bypass the usual shirts, sweaters and ties and reach for something 39 just for Mike. The inspiration came in an 40 way. Our son Kevin, who was 12 that year, was wrestling at the

school he attended; and shortly before Christmas, there was a match against a team of mostly black kids sponsored by a church. These young men, dressed in ragged sneakers, 41 a sharp contrast to our boys in their nice uniforms and sparkling new wrestling shoes. As the match began, I was alarmed to see that the other team was wrestling without helmets, a luxury that they obviously couldn’t 42 . Well, we thoroughly defeated them and took every weight class. Mike shook his head 43 , "I wish just one of them could have won," he said. "They have a lot of potential, but losing like this could take the heart right out of them.1" Mike loved kids and he knew them. That's when the 44 for his present came. That afternoon, I went to a local 45 goods store and bought wrestling headgear and shoes and sent them anonymously (慝名) to the church. On Christmas Eve, I placed the envelope on the tree, the note inside telling Mike what I had done and that this was my gift from him. His 46 was the brightest thing about Christmas that year and in 47 years. 36.A.participation B.edition C.identification D.qualification 37.A.loved B.celebrated C.spent D.hated 38.A.educational B.commercial C.spiritual D.social 39.A.expensive B.practical C.especial D.special 40.A.unusual B.awkward C.astonishing D.attractive 41.A.presented B.possessed C.prohibited D.preserved 42.A.advocate B.abuse C.adopt D.afford 43.A.heavily B.happily C.sadly D.deliberately 44.A.envelope B.idea C.money D.shop 45.A.sporting B.clothing C.cheap D.opening 46.A.car B.smile C.eye D.helmet 47.A.succeeding B.past C.passing D.fascinating Section C (12marks) Direct ions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with the word that best fits the context. Tom went to the seaside to spend his holiday last summer with his family.One day, he was swimming in the river when someone shouted, “Look out , there is 48. shark not far away!” hearing the shout, Tom was scared to death 49 he was scared of its dangerous characteristic." Don’t worry, Tom!" His father said, "50 we’d better go back to our hotel in order to avoid being harmed.” 51. stayed in the seaside for several weeks. Though the weather was much hotter, Tom got used to it. Every morning, he got up52. than his parents and went for breakfast ahead of time. Then he went to have a chat with his new friend, Jack.Not only53. Jack familiar with the seaside, but he was also a man with good qualification.They became very good friends s oon.After parted, they kept writing to each other.Now, Tom still often hears54. Jack. They talked in their letters about things and persons55. they remembered in the seaside. Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the o ne that fits best according to the information given in the passage. A When buying from a dealer, the law says that a car must be: As described: This includes the history of the car as well as its specification.For example, if the dealer described the car as previously having “one careful lady owner”, it shouldn’t turn out to have had several previous “boy racer” owners. Of satisfactory quality: It must meet the standard that a reasonable person would regard as acceptable and be free from any quality problem. Also, bear in mind that a second-hand car will have a slightly different definition of what is

considered “satisfactory”, because there’s certainly an element of wear and tear. Fit for the purpose: It must be reasonable fit for any normal purpose and this includes any purpose that you specify to the seller. ●If any of the above is violated, then in theory, you may have the fight to reject the vehicle and get your money back if you’re reasonably quick. Alternatively, the dealer might offer to replace or repair the car; reduce the price of offering a partial refund(退款).Once you’ve informed the dealer that you wish to reject the car , you must stop using the vehicle. ●If the rejection is not accepted, then it’s up to you to prove your case. You’ll need to pay for an independent assessment of the car and sue for damages. If you do choose a repair, insist the dealer provide you with a hire car or pay any reasonable traveling expenses thus produced while your new car is in the garage. ●If the car is new ,it’s likely that the claim will be too high to be fought. Using the small claims procedure to you may have to pay for legal representation. All this can be pretty daunting and expensive. You need to weigh up the pros and cons before rejecting a car. Would a repair do just as well? Selecting a dealer who offers a clear exchange policy may help. 56.After the above writing, you will be better at . A.choosing a car B.dealing with car sellers C.making a claim D.suing for damages 57.According to the text, what is essential after you inform the dealer of your wish to reject the car? A.Suing for damages. B.Demanding traveling expenses. C.Stopping using it. D.Proving your case. 58.If the dealer offers to repair the car you have bought, which of the following is acceptable? A.Asking the dealer to provide you with a hire car. B.Asking the dealer to provide you with repair tool sets. C.Asking the dealer to pay all of your traveling expenses. D.Asking the dealer to return all your money. 59.Which of the following words has the closest meaning to the underlined word “daunting” in the last paragraph? A.Different. B.Effective. C.Discouraging. D.Convenient. 60.What does the writer want to say in the last paragraph? A.Buyers should select a dealer that offers to repair the car. B.Rejecting a new car is not necessarily that best choice. C.It’s necessary that a new car should be repaired. D.Buyers should never reject a mew car. B Dear Kind-Trustee-Who-Sends-Orphans-to-College, Here I an! I traveled yesterday for four hours in a train.It’s a funny feeling, isn’t it? I never rode in one before. College is the biggest, most puzzling place—I get lost whenever I leave my room. I will write you a description later when I'm feeling less confused; also I will tell you about my lessons. Classes don't begin until Monday morning, and this is Saturday night. But I wanted to write a letter first just to get acquainted. It seems strange to be writing letters to somebody you don't know. It seems strange for me to be writing letters at all—I've never written more than three or four in my life, so please overlook it if these are not a model kind. Before leaving yesterday morning, Mrs. Lippett and I had a very serious talk. She told me how to behave all the rest of my life, and especially how to behave towards the kind gentleman who is doing so much for me. I must take care to be very respectful. But how can one be very respectful to a person who wishes to be called John Smith? Why couldn't you have picked out a name with a little personality? I might as well write letters to Dear Flagpole or Dear

Clothes-line. I have been thinking about you a great deal this summer; having somebody take an interest in me after all these years makes me feel as though I had found a sort of family. It seems as though I belonged to somebody now, and it's a very comfortable feeling. I must say, however, that when I think about you, my imagination has very little to work upon. There are just three things that I know: I, You are tall. Ⅱ. You are rich. Ⅲ You hate girls. . I suppose I might call you Dear Mr. Girl-Hater. Only that's rather rude to me. Or Dear Mr. Rich-Man, but that's rude to you, as though money were the only important thing about you. Besides, being rich is such a very external quality. Maybe you won't stay rich all your life; lots of very clever men get broke in Wall Street. But at least you will stay tall all your life! So I've decided to call you Dear Daddy-Long-Legs. I hope you won't mind. It's just a private pet name we won't tell Mrs. Lippett. The ten o'clock bell is going to ring in two minutes. Our day is divided into sections by bells. We eat and sleep and study by bells. It's very lifeful. There it goes! Lights out. Good night. Observe how precisely I obey rules--due to my training in the John Grier Home. Yours most respectfully, Jerusha Abbott To Mr. Daddy-Long-Legs Smith

61.Jerusha felt “confused” because . A.she had never written to the trustee before B.she was not familiar with the college yet C.she could never find the way to her home D.she had never traveled on a train berore 62.Jerusha thought that she couldn’t be very respectful to “John Smith” because . A.he was a total stranger to her B.she was sure it was a false identity C.the name was too common D.nobody would like to be called that time 63.According to Jerusha, being rich may be . A.tentative B.unimaginable C.traditional D.rude 64.The fact that her day is “divided into sections by bells” makes Jerusha feel . A.busy B.restricted by rules C.pressed for time D.full of energy 65.Jerusha decided to call the trustee Dear Daddy-Long-legs . A.in order to show her respect for him B.because it was one of his inner quality C.in older to make them feel closer to each other D.because she had always wanted a father C The next generation of smart phone could combine the date from its gyroscopes (陀螺仪) with a built-in compass to allow you to track your indoor movements even without GPS Research described it in the international Journal of Innovative Computing and Applications by Shahid Ayub of Lancaster University, and his colleagues there and at HW Communications, suggests that the embedded inertial sensors (嵌入式惯性传感器) in many smart phones have added the facility to be used for localisation and tracking applications. The primary benefit of using smart phones is that no additional infrastructure would need to be installed for monitoring personnel movements in a wide variety of situations not least staff, equipment and inventory movements in warehouse facilities, shopping malls and factories. In contrast, other technology being proposed would require new equipment,such as RFID technologies.

However, smart phones do not yet have the ability to pinpoint their location without recourse to the GPS system, which is not accessible indoors and has the added disadvantage of using up battery power very quickly even if it could be used. Inertial navigation only provides the necessary information relative to a specified starting point the team says. This is useful for anyone with a non-GPS smart phone who wishes to track the route they take when walking or jogging if they specify their starting point. The team suggests that pedestrians indoors could be positioned using a combination of the smart phone accelerometer(加速器) and an built-in digital compass, something that will become available in future smart phones. They have now investigated the potential of three different smart phone placement modes: idle, hand held and listening, which could be used with pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) techniques to allow users to record the path they follow or for various kinds of workplace or other monitoring requirements. "The technique could be used in underground tube stations, airports , train stations where there is no infrastructure installed for tracking or navigation," Ayub explains, "It can also be used for location-based service applications. In big shopping malls it becomes easier to navigate to a target shop or meeting place, while in large offices and across industry it could be used to track employees and control movements of workers in restricted areas." 66.What is the primary benefit of using smart phones with embedded inertial sensors? A.They require new equipment, such as RFID technologies. B.They can track pedestrian movement indoors with GPS. C.No additional infrastructure would be needed. D.No additional money would be spent. 67.What can we know from the third paragraph? A.pedestrians indoors cannot be positioned using GPS. B.GPS can be used to locate pedestrians indoors. C.Smart phones with embedded inertial sensors can save a lot of energy. D.The current GPS system is perfect in many ways. 68.We can learn from the passage that the recent studies of smart phones . A.were conducted by Shahid Ayub alone B.were supported by GPS C.have no connection with everyday needs D.can be applied to underground tube stations 69.The next generation of smart phone will be able to . a.make it easier to find places in a big shopping mall b.track employees in large offices c.make GPS useless in train stations d.monitor the movements of workers in restricted areas A.a, b, c B.b, c, d C.a, b, d D.a, c, d 70.What would be the best title for the text? A.Tracking Pedestrians Indoors Using Their Smart Phones B.GPS Found to Have Defects C.Additional Infrastructure Should Be Constructed in Airports D.People Need to Replace Their Current Smart Phones Part ⅣWriting (45 marks) Section A (10 marks) Directions: Read the following passage.Fill in the numbered blands by using the information from the passage.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. TV and computer games are blamed for everything from turning our children into a generation of couch potatoes to increased anti-social behavior.Dr .Aric Sigman an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society, believes watching TV too much Puts children at increased risk of health problems, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity. If you’re worried about how long your child spends in front of a screen. may be time to review and It modify your family’s screen habits. Research firm BMRB estimates young people in the UK aged between 11 and 15 spend ,on average, 52 hours a week in front of a screen. In April 2007, he told MPs children under three shouldn’t be exposed to TV at all. He recommended children aged between three and seven should watch no more than 30 minutes to an hour of TV a day, seven to 12-yea-olds should be limited to one hour, and 12 to 15-year-olds should watch a maximum of one and a half hours. Dr . Sigman wants the Government to publish recommended daily guidelines for TV watching, as it does for salt intake. Both women, who have five children between them, acknowledge that cutting down screen time can be tough. “It needs a bit of effort, but small steps can make a difference so everyone in the family is happier,” says Laura O’ Flynn. Keep TVs and computers out of children’s bedrooms.Watching TV before going to sleep doesn’t help children settle.Instead, read a bedtime story or encourage them to read for themselves.Having and who they’re talking to online. Good viewing habits start young.It’s difficult to impose rules on teenagers who already watch excessive TV or play computer games for hours on end. Help children plan their viewing with a TV guide.This will cut down screen time and help them to become more selective about what they watch. Don’t put on the TV as background noise. Set viewing limits.Decide with your children how much time they can spend watching TV or playing computer games.Think in 30-minute units.Shorter periods make it easier to switch off and cut down on screen consumption. Lead by example.Don’t have a TV in your own bedroom and don’t spend hours watching TV or online. Do some activities, such as playing board games or going out on a bike ride to distract their attention from TV or computers.Laura O’ Flynn says: “we went into lots of schools and the children told us they wished their parents would take them to the park and play with them .” Before rushing to throw out your TV set or computer, it’s worth remembering much of the current research focuses on excessive TV watching. Watching TV as a family can be a shared social event and , if you plan your viewing and do something different to look forward to together rather than having the TV on all the time ,it’s all about striking right balance. Review and modify your family’s screen habits ◆Obesity: a generation of couch potatoes ◆72. ◆In creased risk of health problem: attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder Young people in the UK aged between 11 and 15 spend, on Average, 52 hours a week in front of a screen. ◆Children under three

71. By TV and computer games The present situation

Advice / Suggestions

No TV time

◆ Children aged between 3 and 7 73. ◆12 to 15-year-olds ◆The Government 75. Screen time Keeping TV and computers out of children’s bedrooms Forming good viewing habits when they’re young

74. to an hour of TV a day One hour a day A maximum of one and a half hours a day Recommended daily guidelines for TV watching Effects Help with children’s sleep 76. or computer games for hours on end ◆The reduction of screen time ◆78. what they watch

77. children’s plan for viewing with a TV guide Not turning on TV as background noise Setting Viewing limits 79. Leading by example Doing other activities Distraction from TV or computers 80. lies between planning viewing and doing something different Section B (10 marks) Directions: Read the following passage.Answer the questions according to the information given in the passage. It’s no secret that raising children can be expensive but how about nearly a quarter of million dollars worth of expensive? A government report released on Tuesday says a middle income family with a child born last year will spend about $221,000 raising that child through to age 17. The report identified housing as the largest single expense, followed by food and childcare and education costs. The $221,000 in expenses rises to about $292,000 when adjusted for inflation(通货膨胀). Families with more income spend more money on child-related costs, the report said. A two-parent family that earns less than $57,000 annually will spend about $160,000 on a child from birth through high school. Those with an income between $57,000 and $99,000 spend about $221,000 and those with higher incomes are expected to spend roughly $367,000. Most single-parent households in the U.S. make less than $57,000 and are expected to spend about 7 percent less on child-rearing costs, compared to two-parent households in that same income group, according to the report. Costs of raising a child are highest in the urban northeast and lowest in the urban south and rural areas. The report helps courts and states determine child-support guidelines and foster care payments. It does not address costs specifically related to childbearing(分娩) and college. One of the largest changes over time has been the increase in costs related to caring for young children. The report was first issued in 1960, when such costs were largely very tiny, but with more working families turning to outside help with childcare, it has grown to be a significant expense for many families. The report does not give total costs related to early childcare. A mother of three Raben Andrews of St. Louis said the government figures sounded right to her. “well, that’s not half of it,” joked the 42-year-old public school teacher. “ I still have to put the children through college.” 81. What does the author say in the first Paragraph ? (No more than 8 words) (2marks) 82.List three kinds of expenses of raising a child, according to the text. (No more than 11words) (2marks) 83.What does the data in the second paragraph illustrate? (No more than 15 words) (3marks) 84.Why have the costs related to care for young children increased over the years? (No more than 11 words) (3marks) Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

《龟兔赛跑》都是大家儿时就耳熟能详的故事了,请大家发挥自己的想象,续写《第二次龟兔 赛跑》这则故事,并谈谈从自己续写的故事中所领悟到的道理。 注意:1.词数不少于120; 2.短文中不能出现本人相关信息. The second race between Hare and Tortoise Filled with regret, the Have decided to have a second race with the Tortoise, the winner of the first competition.


一、 1.A 7.B 13.A 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 2.C 8.A 14.C 3.C 9.B 15.B 4.B 10.B 5.A 11.C 6.C 12. A






48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56.B 57.C 58.A

59.C 60.B








81. 82








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