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Unit 1 Living with technology

1.keep in touch with 与........保持联系
With mobile phones, we can keep in touch with others wherever you are.

get in touch with stay in touch with lose touch with be out of touch with

与....取得联系 与....保持联系 与....失去联系 与....没有联系

2.evolution 演变,发展,进化 The evolution of video and sound devices is introduced in this chapter. The Theory of Evolution 《进化论》



The three species evolved from a single ancestor.

3. construct vt. 制造,修筑,建造 Does the government have the responsibility to construct public libraries? construction n. 建造,建设,建筑物 The new school is still under construction. constructive adj. 建设性的,积极的 He put forward a constructive suggestion. The government is encouraging all parties to play a constructive role in the reform process.

4. delay

vt &vi (使)推迟,延迟 n. 延误,延迟

delay doing sth without delay

Generally speaking, big companies don’t delay paying their bills. My doctor advised me to give up smoking without delay.

5. accessible
be accessible to sb.
They also make TV accessible to people who live far away from cities....

adj. 可使用的,可接触到的,可到达的,易理解的

n. access

access n.(接触或使用的)权利,机会,通道
have/get access to 使用,接近,可以利用

give access to......


Only a few people have access to the full facts of the case.

The website also gives access to a large number of tools that can be used to analyze the data.

6. distribute vt.使分布,分散,分发,分配,分销
This species of butterfly is widely distributed over our country.
distribute sth to. 把…分配给.... distribute sth among 把…在…中分发 They will distribute the books to the students in the flooded area.

distribution n. 分发,分配,分布
He was in charge of the distribution of food and medicine to the flood victims.

The map shows the distribution of this species across the world.


7. 不受数字修饰,不指 percentage 具体的百分比, n. 通常和一个具体数字 percentage percent 连用,指具体的百分 比。

Of all the fibers now used by man, a very large percentage is man-made. The percentage of school leavers that go to university is about five percent.

8. wind vt.&vi 上发条,缠绕,蜿蜒,曲折 wind up

The first record players had to be wound up by hand and only played records that were two minutes long.

wind down

逐渐变慢,逐渐平静, 摇下(车窗玻璃等)

The government is winding down its nuclear program. Can I wind my window down?

wind---wound----wound(缠绕) wound---wounded---wounded(受伤)

9. component


the components of a machine

the car component industry
Trust is a vital component in any relationship.

compose v Ten men composed the committee. Mozart composed his last opera shortly before he died.

be made up of=be composed of The committee is composed mainly of lawyers.

10. patent
to apply for a patent on an invention The device was protected by patent.

I am sceptical about his chances of winning.
The public remain sceptical of these claims.

12.ample adj 足够的,充足的,丰裕的 There was ample time to get to the airport.
Ample free parking is available.

13. vote

vi&vt 投票,选举,表决 n. 选票,选举,表决

Did you vote for or against her?

We’ll listen to the arguments on both sides and then vote on it. Parliament voted to set up an independent inquiry into the matter.

14. reject vt.拒绝接受,拒收,不予考虑,不予录用 reject an idea/ an offer/ a suggestion The proposal was firmly rejected. Please reject the following candidates. Please reject the following candidates. The transplant was rejected by the surrounding tissue.

区别: reject/refuse/decline/deny reject 强调拒不接受或不考虑没有价值或不合标准的意见,计划,

refuse 表示坚决甚至无礼貌的拒绝接受某物或做某事。此外,做

decline 指有礼貌地拒绝或婉言谢绝邀请,建议,帮助等。其后

deny 否认,拒绝承认或相信某个事实,其后跟名词,代词或动名

15. oppose vt.反对,抵制,阻挠,与......竞争 Father does not oppose the idea at all. I opposed going shopping in working time.
be opposed to 反对 Our members are definitely opposed to the idea of moving abroad.
as opposed to(表对比) 而,相对于 This exercise develops skills as opposed to strength.

opponent 对手,竞争者

a political opponent
opposite adj . 相反的,对面的,对立的 n. 对立面,反义词 Prep. 在........的对面

He is considerate;his wife is just the opposite.

opposition n. in opposition to sth.

反对,对抗 反对某事

We found ourselves in opposition to our friends on this issue.

16.circumstance n.条件,环境,状况 (常用复数形式)
In /under ......... circumstances 在.....情况下 In /under no circumstances 在任何情况下都不

Under no circumstances shall we give up our hope.

17.sacrifice vt 牺牲,献出 n. 牺牲,舍弃,祭品 sacrifice......for ...... sacrifice......to do sth make sacrifices at the sacrifice of 为.....牺牲....... 牺牲.....做某事 做出牺牲 以牺牲......为代价

You don’t have to promote economic growth at the sacrifice of environmental protection.

18. rid vt.摆脱,去除,丢弃

Further measures are taken to rid our streets of crime He wanted to rid himself of the burden of the secret.
rid ....of...... 使.....摆脱.....,使.....免除........ get rid of 摆脱,除掉 I can’t get rid of this headache. Try to get rid of your visitors before I arrive.

1. 我们已有数年未与Rogers联系了。
We ___________________ have been out of touch with Rogers for years. 2. 尽快与他取得联系。 ________________ Get in touch with him soon, please.

1. 我们决定把假期推迟到下个月。
delay (going on) our holiday We decided to ______________ until next month. 2. 我们必须马上离开。 We must leave ________________. without delay 3. 飞机起飞推迟了两个小时。 a delay of two hours before the There was _________ plane took off.

1. 这种信息不是很容易得到的。
accessible Such information is not really _________. 2. 你很容易接近她。 access to her. You can easily get ________

1. 在战争中,所有的食品都按计划分配。
were distributed During the war, all foods ______________ in a planned way. 2. 这种海豚广泛分布在世界各地。 This species of dolphin _________________ is widely distributed the world. throughout

1. Thirty ________ percent of the farmland has been planted to oil crops.
percentage of the female staff 2. A high __________ are part-time workers.

1. 所有窗的玻璃都摇上了吗?
Are all the windows ____________? wound up ______ 2. 如果大家都同意,我们就结束讨论吧。 wind up the _______ discussion If we all agree, let’s _______ her.

1. 显而易见,手机当下十分流行。
It is obvious/ clear that mobile phones _____________________ are quite popular nowadays. 2. 很明显,这位年轻人缺乏工作经验。 It is obvious that the young man is lacking _______ in working experience. /short of

1. 我们将听取双方的辩论,然后投票表决。
We’ll listen to the arguments on both sides vote on and then _________ it.

1. 我反对你单独去那儿。
oppose you/ your going there alone. I ____________________ 2. 爱与恨是相对立的。 is opposed to hate. Love _____________

1. I tried various ways to ______________ rid the kitchen of flies (驱除厨房中的苍蝇). 2. 现在我已经还清债务了。
am rid of I _____________ debt now.

1. Please telephone me every few days, and in that way we can ______ each other. A. make friends with B. keep in touch with C. get in touch with D. lose touch with 2. Before liberation the laboring people had no ______ to education. A. access B. approach C. entrance D. admission

3. Because of the financial crisis this year, the company decided not to _____ dividends (红利) to its shareholders. A. vary B. disturb C. distribute D. contribute 4. ______ is the percentage of the population who own their own homes? A. How B. What C. How much D. How many

5. They delayed ______ the sports meeting. A. to hold B. to have C. holding D. taking place 6. The river ______ its way between the two mountains. A. follows B. winds C. flows D. gets



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