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2011届英语一轮复习课件:Module 2《My New Teachers》(外研版必修1)

Module 2

My New Teachers

1.Last night we attended an English party.
It was well organized (有组织的),and we really enjoyed it. 2.They are doing a scientific (科学的) experiment.

3.Thank you very much.I really appreciate
(感激) your immediate help.

4.You’ll just have to be patient (耐心的) and wait till I’m finished. 5.This leaflet tells you how to avoid (避开) getting ill while travelling. 6.As soon as I got their faxes,I wrote back immediately (立即). 7.The students have great respect (尊敬) for their English teacher. 8.Gail was lying in the sun looking very relaxed (轻松的) and happy. 9.At that time,they admitted (承认)that they still had a lot to learn. 10.At the formal (正式的)party,I felt very awkward and out of place.

1. at present 当前;现在→at the present

2.take a look 看一眼;看一看→take on 雇 用;呈现→take in 欺骗;吸入→take over 接 管→take...apart 拆开;拆卸→take after (外表,行为等)与??相像

3. a couple of things几件事;三两件事
4.fall asleep 睡着→sound/fast asleep 熟 睡;酣睡→ half asleep半睡半醒

5.be strict with sb.对某人要求严格→be
strict in sth.在某事方面要求严格

6.be true of 适用于→come true (愿望,梦想 等)实现→be true to life 逼真的;栩栩如生 的 7.Have problems with 有某方面的麻烦→have some difficulty/trouble in doing... 在 做??方面有困难 8.in fact事实上→as a matter of fact事实 上,实际上 9. as a result 结果→as a result of 由于?? 的原因 →result in 导致→result from 由 于??而发生 10.be patient with ...对??有耐心→lose patience with 对??失去耐心→have the patience to do sth.有耐心做某事

1....,and she explains English grammar so
clearly that even I can understand it! ??她讲解的英语语法是如此的清晰,甚至连

考点提炼 考查so...that...“如此??以致 于??”句式 句子仿造 出来。 他是如此生气以致于一句话也说不

He was so angry that he couldn’t say a


2....we don’t dare to say a word unless she asks us to. ??如果她不要求,我们连一句话也不敢说。 考点提炼 考查连词unless表示“除非”的含 除非我被邀请,否则我不会去参加

句子仿造 晚会的。 I won’t go to the party unless I’m


3....,but I think that I’ll do well in the
exam with Mrs.Chen teaching me.??但我认 为有陈老师教我,我一定会考得不错。 考点提炼 考查with的复合结构“with+宾语+ 宾语补足语”作状语

句子仿造 有这个男孩领路我们没费劲就到那
里了。 We had no trouble in getting there with the boy leading us.

4.I’d rather study history than geography

because I can learn a lot from many
historical figures. 我宁愿学历史而不愿学地理,因为我可以从许 多历史人物中学到很多东西。 考点提炼 考查would rather...than...“宁 愿??而不愿??”句子结构 句子仿造 他们宁愿去钓鱼,也不愿待在家里。 They would rather go fishing than stay at home.

5.You decide—it’s up to you.你决定,这你 说了算。 考点提炼 定 句子仿造 下一步我们做什么由你决定。 What we will do next is up to you.

考查短语be up to sb.由某人来决


1.patient adj.有耐心的;能容忍的;n.病人
She is kind and patient ,and she explains English grammar so clearly that even I can understand it! 她和蔼,有耐心,而且她讲解的英语语法是如 此的清晰,甚至连我也能听得懂! (回归课本P12)

She’s very patient with young children. 她对幼儿特别有耐心。 As a clerk,you should be patient of any question raised by the customers.

问题。 She sat with patience(=patiently) waiting

for her turn.


patience n.耐心;忍耐力
impatient adj.不耐烦的,没有耐心的 impatience n.不耐烦,无耐性 be patient with sb.对某人有耐心 be patient of sth.忍耐某事

be out of patience with...对??忍无可忍
have no patience with...对??不能容忍 have the patience to do sth.做某事有耐心

with patience=patiently (adv.)耐心地


(1)—You know,Bob is a little
slow A.in;with C.in;on A understanding,so... him. B.on;with D.at;for —So I have to be patient


be slow in doing sth.在做某事方面

慢;be patient with sb.对某人有耐心。

(2)—What do you think of him?

—He is patient
hardships. A.with;of C.of;with 解析 确。


others and
B.with;to D.to;with

be patient with sb.对某人有耐心;be

patient of sth.能忍耐??。由句意知A项正

2.avoid vt.避免;避开;消除
She avoids making you feel stupid!



This time he was lucky and avoided being punished. 这次他很幸运,避开了惩罚。

She tried to avoid answering my questions.
她试图避而不答我的问题。 If we are to avoid defeat we need a change of leadership. 我们要避免失败的话,就要换掉领导人。


(1)avoid sth.避开某物
avoid doing sth.避免做某事 注意 avoid后面可以接名词、代词、v.-ing形式, 但不接不定式作宾语。 (2)下面是常用的直接接v.-ing形式作宾语的词或

考虑建议盼原谅 consider,suggest/advise,look forward to,excuse 承认推迟没得想 admit,delay/put off,fancy

避免错过继续练 avoid,miss,keep/keep
on,practice 否认完成就欣赏 deny,finish,enjoy/ appreciate 禁拒想像才冒险 forbid,resist,imagine,risk

不禁介意准逃亡 can’t help,mind,allow/
permit,escape 另外还有:lead to,stick to,get down to等 以介词to结尾的动词短语和can’t stand,give up等。

The husband appreciates that his wife always avoids friends. A.to embarrass B.being embarrassed C him in front of his

解析 语态。




3.appreciate vt.感激;欣赏;重视
...,but most of us really appreciate her

because her teaching is so well organized
and clear. ??,但是,我们多数人都非常赞赏她,因为 她讲的课既条理又清晰。 (回归课本P12)

观察思考 To tell the truth,I can’t appreciate his works. 说实话,我欣赏不了他的作品。

We shall appreciate hearing from you again.
我们将乐意再次收到你的来信。 I would appreciate it if you can help me close the door. 如果你能帮助我把门关上,我将不胜感激。


不接不定式作宾语。 appreciate doing

appreciate one/one’s doing
(2)I would appreciate it if...如果??,我 将不胜感激。


I would much


if you could do me that
B.appreciate you D.thank you

A.appreciate it C.thank it 解析

考查句型:I would appreciate it if...。

4.admit vt.承认;供认;许可;允许进入; 允许参加;容纳得下
And a few students even admit liking her!



In the end,he had to admit his mistakes.

We all admit him to be foolish. 我们都认为他是一个傻瓜。 The UK was admitted to the EEC in 1973. 英国于1973年获准加入欧共体。 The facts admit of no other explanation. 事实不容置疑。

归纳拓展 admission n.进入;接纳;录取;入场费 admit sth.承认某事 admit doing/having done sth.承认做/已经做了某事 admit sb./sth.to be...承认某人/事是?? admit that?clause承认?? admit sb.to/into接纳某人进入;吸收某人参加 admit of容许有;有??可能;容许有??的余地 注意 admit 后不能跟不定式作宾语,可以跟不定式 “to be”作宾语补足语。


Sam could do nothing but A to his teacher
that he was wrong. A.admit B.admitted


D.to admit


应省略。admit的宾语是从句that he was wrong。

5.respect vt.尊敬,尊重;n.[U]尊敬,尊 重;敬意;[C]着眼点;方面;细节
I respect him a lot.
我很尊敬他。 观察思考 I promised to respect your wishes. 我保证尊重你的意愿。 I have the greatest respect for Jane’s judgement. 我非常钦佩简的判断力。 (回归课本P12)

With respect,sir,I think you are quite

先生,恕我直言,但我仍然认为您的确错了。 This is especially true in respect of the United Kingdom. 英国的情况尤其如此。

respect sb./sth.for sth.因某事尊敬某人(事) respect oneself自尊,自重 show/have respect for尊敬,尊重 send/give one’s respects to...代某人向??

pay one’s respect to sb.向某人致敬 in every respect=in all respects在各方面

in respect of关于??
with respect to...至于;关于;就??而言


The plan is faulty in every respect/in all respects. (2)请代我向你父母问好。 Please give my respects to your parents.

6.matter n.[C]事情,问题;[U]物质; 重大关系;v.(对??而言)有关系,重要
It doesn’t matter if a teacher is not organised. 如果一个老师组织能力不强,那没有关系。 (回归课本P11)

观察思考 What kinds of matter is the earth made up of ? 地球是由什么物质组成的? There is nothing the matter with her. 她没怎么样。

What matters is your attitude not your
decision. 重要的是你的态度而不是你的决定。 It doesn’t matter to me whether she is pleased or not.


as a matter of fact实际上,事实上 What’s the matter with...?=What’s wrong with...???怎么了? It doesn’t matter.没关系,无所谓。

to make matters(the matter)worse更糟的是
no matter what/who/where/when/how... 不管什么/谁/哪里/何时/如何??(引导让步状语 从句)


(1)I don’t know what’s the matter with
her. 我不知道她怎么了。

It doesn’t matter to me what you do.

重点短语与句型 7.prefer...to...更喜欢;认为??胜过
Who would you prefer to work with,Li Kang or Zhou Kai? 你更愿意和谁一起工作,李康还是周凯? (回归课本P17)


Most of us prefer reading novels to
watching TV. 我们多数人宁愿读小说而不愿看电视。 I prefer to go out for a walk rather than stay at home.

The old man preferred that all his children (should) stay with him.


归纳拓展 prefer+n./pron.宁愿,更喜欢

愿??而不愿??”,其前后应是平行结构 prefer doing sth.宁愿做某事(表示一般倾向,

prefer to do sth.喜欢做某事(指特定或具体某 项动作,即在一定场合下“特别喜欢”) prefer to do sth.rather than do sth.宁愿做 某事而不愿做某事 prefer sb.to do sth.喜欢某人做某事 prefer+that-clause (从句中的谓语动词一般为 虚拟语气)

(1)I preferred him A.not to go


to the zoo with us. B.not going

C.not go

D.not to going

考查 prefer sb. to do sth.的否定形


(2)I prefer studying English at home A the match. A.to watching B.to watch C.rather than watch

D.rather than watching
解析 考查prefer doing...to doing... 结 构。其中,to 的前后为平行结构。

8.make sure弄清楚;查明;确信;务必要(做 到)
Good teachers make sure that everyone in
the class understands. (回归课本P11)

观察思考 I must go back home and make sure I closed the windows. 我必须回家看看我有没有关上窗户。 First you must make sure of the time and place.

He is sure to succeed. 他一定会成功。(别人对他的看法) Can I be sure of a profit if I invest? 我要是投资,肯定能获利吗?

归纳拓展 make sure of/about弄清楚;查明

make sure that...确信,务必
be sure of/that...有把握,确信(主语是人) be sure to do sth.一定会,必然会做某事(主语 是人或物)

注意 make sure后面一般不接不定式。

(1) Mary,make sure C the lights before you leave the room.

A.to turn off
B.to have turned off C.that you turn off D.turning off 解析 make sure后可以接从句,但一般不接不


(2)Sydney promised her that he would always do anything he could for her to her happiness. A.making sure B.be sure D of

C.being sure

D.make sure


号,表示目的状语;make sure of确保。

9.Physics will never be my favourite lesson,but I think that I’ll do well in the exam with Mrs.Chen teaching me.

句式分析 句中的with Mrs.Chen teaching me是“with+ 宾语+宾补”的复合结构,在句中作状语。在

外,还有:形容词、副词、介词短语、不定式、 过去分词等,with的复合结构常作状语,表示伴


It’s bad manners to talk with your mouth full. 含着满嘴食物说话是不礼貌的。(形容词) I went out with the light on. 我外出时没关灯。(副词) She said goodbye with tears in her eyes. 她含泪说再见。(介词短语) With so many things to settle/to deal with,I can’t go on a holiday. 有这么多事要处理,我不能去度假。(不定式) With all things she needed bought,she went home happily. 买了所需要的东西后,她高兴地回家了。(过去分 词)

活学活用 (1)John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work accepted it. A ,he gladly

C.having finished 解析 完成时用过去分词。

D.was finished


(2)The poor man stood there,with his hands
A , his eyes on the dark cave. A.crossed;fixing

C.crossed;fixed D.crossing;fixed 解析 动词cross和hands之间是动宾关系,故 用过去分词表示被动;而动词fix和主语the

poor man是主动关系,故用fixing表示主动。

10.I’d rather study history than

geography because I can learn a lot
from many historical figures.我宁愿学 历史而不愿学地理,因为我可以从许多历史 人物中学到很多东西。

句式分析 would rather宁可;宁愿 would rather...than...(=would...rather than...) 宁愿??也不?? She would rather die than give a speech. (=She would die rather than give a speech.)

I would rather be laughed at than quarrel with him. 我宁愿被嘲笑,也不愿和他吵架。 I’d rather he hadn’t come yesterday.


rather than而不是 or rather更确切的说 would rather (not) do sth.宁愿(不)做某事 prefer to...rather than...宁愿??而不

would rather sb.did sth.宁愿某人做某事(用一 般过去时表示对现在和将来的虚拟)

would rather sb. had done sth.宁愿某人做过


would rather 后还可接动词的完成式,表


I’d rather have left a note on her desk.

活学活用 (1)我宁愿坐火车也不愿坐公共汽车。

I would rather take the train than take
the bus. (2)明天别来,我希望你下周末来。

Don’t come tomorrow.I’d rather you came
next weekend. (3)我倒希望你把这封信立刻寄出。 I would rather you posted the letter right away.

【例1】All the dishes in this menu,
people. A.as C.though B.if D.unless D otherwise stated,will serve two to three (全国Ⅱ高考)



个菜单上的所有菜只供2~3人食用。unless如 果不??,除非??,符合句意。 课文原文 ...we don’t dare to say a word unless she asks us to.

【例2】You have no idea how she finished
the relay race much. A.for C.with B.when D.while C her foot wounded so (福建高考)



为连词,后接句子,如用它们,wounded前应 加was。

...,but I think that I’ll do well in the exam with Mrs. Chen teaching me.

【例3】The weather was


cold that I (全国Ⅰ高考)

didn’t like to leave my room. A.really C.too 解析 B.such D.so 考查so...that这一结构。

She is kind and patient,and she explains English grammar so clearly that even I can understand it!

【例4】They’ve won their last three matches, D actually. A.that C.what 解析 I find a bit surprising

B.when D.which


赛,这真使我感到有点惊奇。后半句应为定语 从句,空格处需填关系代词(副词)来引导定 语从句,并在从句中作find的宾语,同时指代 前句内容,所以选D项。 课文原文 ...,but most students go to state schools, which are very good.

【例5】It was a nice house,but small for a family of five. A.rarely C.rather 解析 B.fairly D.pretty

C too (天津高考)



句意为:??,但对于一个五口之家来说太 小了。 课文原文 He is about 28,I think,and is rather


当一个句子只包含一个主谓结构时称为简单 句。句子的两个主要组成部分是主语和谓语,而 谓语都是由动词构成的。因此,动词在句子中起 着极其重要的作用,可以说是句子的核心。在英

的句型,抓住动词及它们引起的各种句型,就会 对英语句子有一个总的概念。简单句大体上可以 分为下面五种类型:

1.主语+不及物动词(S+Vi.) The little baby smiled.婴儿笑了。 2.主语+及物动词+宾语(S+Vt.+O)

Lily knows French.莉莉懂法语。
Everybody laughed at that ugly boy. 每个人都嘲笑那个丑陋的男孩。 3.主语+及物动词+间接宾语+直接宾语 (S+Vt.+IO+DO)

My grandmother told me a story.
我的奶奶给我讲了一个故事。 My uncle bought a new computer for me.


4.主语+系动词+表语(S+V.+P) The food is (tastes) very delicious. 食物尝起来非常美味。 5.主语+及物动词+宾语+宾语补足语(S+Vt.+O+C) The news made us surprised.

Miss Wang told me not to be discouraged. 王女士告诉我别气馁。

1.at,red,face,news,her,turned,the Her face turned red at the news. 2.we,bus,catch,so as to,got,first,up,the, early We got up early so as to catch the first bus. 3.a,made,she,dress,beautiful,me She made me a beautiful dress.

4.first,my,made,homework,me,do,my mother My mother made me do my homework first. 5.found,with,family,to,it,your,very,I,pleas ant,be I found it very pleasant to be with your family.

1.He is an energetic (精力充沛的) tennis player. 2.Both of them are similarly (同样地)

successful in their chosen careers.
3.I’ll look into the matter as soon as possible.Just have a little patience (耐

4.The chemistry book had a summary(概要) at the end of each chapter.

5.The soldiers show perfect discipline (纪 律) in face of the earthquake. 6.Thank you very much.I really appreciate (感激) your help. 7.To our great joy,the poor girl was admitted (录取) into Beijing University. 8.We enjoy Mr. Wang’s class for his teaching is well organized (有组织的). 9.Can you say that dolphins are much more intelligent (聪明的) than other animals? 10.Mr. Smith teaches very well and his students have great respect (尊敬) for


be up to,as a result of,make sure,a couple

of,fall asleep,have problems with,be sure
of,add to,be true of,in respect of 1.I like listening to pop music and it is true of my sister. 2. In respect of what you said,I think half

of them are true.
3.I’ve got a couple of questions I’d like to ask you. 4.It has problems with where we shall go during the National Day holiday.

5.The service in the restaurant is good and it is up to the food.

6. Are you sure of the question you asked
just now? 7.The bad weather added to our difficulty on the march. 8. As a result of the flood,thousands of

peasants lost their food.
9.The old lady fell asleep while she was watching TV. 10. Make sure that you put down every word she says.

1.灯开着,他们就走出了房间。(with的复合结 构) They went out of the room with the lights on. 2.由你来决定这件事。(be up to) It’s up to you to decide it. 3.他进步很快,受到了表扬。(such...that) He made such rapid progress that he was praised.


doing) Finally,he admitted having taken my
dictionary by mistake. 5.I would appreciate it if you could help me solve the problem. 如果你能帮我解决这个问题,我将不胜感激。

1.He is a stubborn boy. A together with me,he in the dark yesterday. A.Rather than;preferred to B.Other than;preferred to go back home wait his father

C.Rather than;would rather
D.Other than;would rather 解析 本题考查句式prefer to do...rather than do...的用法。其中的rather than do... 可以被置于句首。

2.I have to drive faster than before with
another 200 km A.to go C.gone 解析 A . B.going D.to be gone



3.Research shows that people feel unhappy and worried when they have nothing to do. B ,the happiest are those who have jobs.

A.In short
C.For one thing 解析

B.In fact
D.As a result


他们会感到不幸福和担忧。事实上,最幸福的 人是那些有工作的人。in fact事实上;in

short简言之;for one thing首先;as a result

4.Be careful when you cross the road in
rush hour so as to avoid A.being knocked down A by a car.

B.knocking down
C.to be knocked down D.to knock down 解析 avoid doing sth.避免做某事;又根据 句子可知是“被车撞倒”,故用being knocked


5.I repeated the telephone number a second
time to my mother write it down. A.so that C.in case B.now that D.in order C she couldn’t



免母亲不能把它写下来。in case以免,以 防;now that既然;so that目的是;in order有 序的。


D her father about her failure in the exam. A.dares not tell B.dare not to tell C.dare telling

D.dare not tell
解析 A项dare作实义动词,否定式应用 doesn’t dare;B项作情态动词,不能加to。 dare后不能跟动词的-ing形式,排除C;D项 dare作情态动词正确。

7. A that he was at home,I called him up in advance. A.To make sure C.Making sure 解析 B.Make sure D.Having made sure


打了电话。to make sure...是不定式作目的状


8.—Tom seems popular with all of you. —Yes,he is a man with sense of humor,and

always tells us
A.amused C.amusement


B.amusing D.interested



趣的,令人发笑的”,常用来修饰物。 amused“愉快的,开心的”,常用来修饰人; amusement是名词,可笑;interested“感兴趣 的”,常用来修饰人。

9.Every one of us thinks a teacher should

be patient


the students who have

difficulty in learning English.

解析 习惯搭配短语。

be patient with...对??有耐心,是

10.Years ago we didn’t know this,but recently science A.showed C that people who B.will show don’t sleep well soon get ill.

C.has shown

D.is showing


状态,由时间状语recently可知,应用现在完 成时态。

11. I really appreciate A.to have time C.to have had time 解析 ing形式。

D you in such a good place.

to relax with

B.to having time D.having time


12.He would be sure A.of meeting C.meeting

D disasters if I didn’t stay to keep an eye on him. B.about meeting D.to meet


sb. be sure to do sth.表示“他人认

为主语确信??”,sb. be sure of doing sth.表示“主语自己确信自己??”。

13.—The plot of the new movie is dull. —The same is true A.with C.to 解析 B the acting. B.of D.in be sure of...对??也一样/也适用。

14.Although my grandfather is in his

eighties,he is still as
nothing all day. A.enthusiastic C.energetic


as a young

man and hates sitting around doing B.intelligent D.sensitive



心的;intelligent勤奋的;sensitive敏感的。 根据语意知C项正确。

15.Frankly speaking,I’d rather you A.have done C.don’t do 解析


anything about it for the time being. B.haven’t done D.didn’t do

would rather+从句时,从句中用虚拟语

气。再由时间状语for the time being知从句



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