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云南师大附中 2015 届高考适应性月考卷(二) 英语参考答案
第一部分:听力(共两节,20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 1~5 CABBA 6~10 CABCB 11~15 BCCAB 16~20 CBBAA

第二部分:阅读理解(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 21~25 BDD

CB 26~30 ABAAD 31~35 BDDAC

第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 36~40 CGBFE 第三部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 41~45 CADAB 46~50 ABCDA 51~55 BACDC 56~60 ABDBC

第二节:语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 61.to quit 66.another 62.as 67.which 63.that 68.easily 64.original 65.Though/Although/While 70.can

69.have/has been discussed

第四部分:写作(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节:短文改错(满分 10 分) A survey has been done recently,finds that only 8% of American girls consider themselves ①finds 改为 finding 或在 finds 前加 which beautiful. The research group have been conducted the survey for half a year. They questioned ② 2,100 girls age 13 to 18 from 50 states. The result showed that the girls’ judgment of themselves ③aged ④shows

is greatly affected by a fixed standard of beauty as well as views from other people,their loved

ones for particular. The survey also shows the girls’ attitude towards media and advertisement. 40% ⑤in ⑥advertisements

of the girls say they feel more confident when seeing perfect models in magazines. 64% of the girls ⑦less

英语参考答案·第 1 页(共 8 页)

think how the media and advertising industries tend to set up∧ unrealistic standard of beauty. Pop ⑧that 或去掉 ⑨加 an 或将 standard 改为 standards

culture is also influencing American girls’ view of beauty. 49% of them think that movie stars or ⑩and singers are attractive. (注:第 5 句中的 attitude 改为 attitudes 及倒数第二句中的 view 改为 views 也算对) 第二节:书面表达(满分 25 分) 【参考范文】 Dear Mr. Smith, I’m Li Hua,Manager of Customer Service in Y&N Company. I’ve received your letter of complaint about the delay of your order. Please allow me on behalf of our company to apologize for all the inconvenience that has been caused to you. Now I’d like to explain the reason. It was the typhoon of Yantai Port that put off the transport of your goods by 2 days. However,we must shoulder the responsibility anyway. In order to make up for your loss,our company will offer you a 10% discount for this purchase. In our future cooperation,we promise that we will try our best to satisfy you as a customer. I would appreciate it if you could accept our sincere apology. Yours, Li Hua

【解析】 第二部分:阅读理解 第一节 A 【语篇导读】本文为记叙文,描述了一个英国人半夜在中国酒吧与中国球迷看足球的快乐 时光,球迷的热情给他留下了深刻的印象。 21.B 细节判断题。根据第二段第一句“When the alarm sounded at 3 am,it was a struggle to drag myself out of bed. ”可知作者熬夜 看球,故选 B。 .. 22.D 细节理解题。根据第二段中“The bar was packed with Liverpool fans who were there to support their team. With each Liverpool goal, a huge cheer erupted. Throughout the match a large group of Chinese fans sang songs about their heroes—often in perfect Liverpudlian accents. ”可知热情的球迷们挤在酒吧支持 他们最爱的球队,每进一球他们大声喝彩 .. 并用利物浦口音高歌,故选 D。
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段 意 理 解 题 。 根 据 第 三 段 中 心 句 “ Along with the excitement came a sense of community.”可知球迷的兴奋给作者一种团 体感 ,故选 D。 . ..


细节推断题。 根据最后一段倒数第一、 二句 “But I might just miss the 3 am taxi rides and midnight fans of Beijing. After all,where’s the fun in watching soccer at a normal time?” 可知作者回英国后,会很怀念在中国熬夜看球的乐趣 ,故选 C。 .. B

【语篇导读】本文为议论文,通过一些专家的观点和例证,证明流行的“找工作应该按兴 趣爱好”的观点并不一定正确。 25.B 细节理解题。根据第二段最后一句“But the work is performed with a sense of purpose that love doesn’t conclude.”可知医生和教师努力工作不仅仅是出于对工作的热爱,还 有一种目的性 ,故选 B。 ... 细节判断题。根据文章第一段观点可排除 C 选项,根据倒数第一、二段的观点可排 除 D 选项, 及倒数第三段观点可排除 B 选项。 根据倒数第二段中 “And even among the most successful part of population,the advice causes an awful lot of anxiety and even shame over not loving your career when people are telling you that you should.”可知:就 算是在工作中最成功的那一部分人也并不一定 真正热爱自己的职业,故选 A。 ..... 主旨大意题。通读文章可知这些专家认为“找工作应该按兴趣爱好”的观点并不一定 正确,故选 B,意思为“选择目标而不是乐趣” 。 28.A 细节判断题。根据第三段第二句“It’s OK to set a more down-to-earth goal.”可知:该 专家认为找工作时应该“脚踏实地 ” ,故选 A。 .... C 【语篇导读】本文为一则广告,介绍了某公司为旅行者提供的六项星级服务。 29.A 词义推断题。根据文章第一段“ Our company is committed to make your trip as comfortable as possible.” 可知: 本公司旨在竭诚 为顾客提供服务, 让您的旅途更舒适。 .. “committed”在这里意为对工作尽忠职守的 ,故选 A。 ..... 30.D 推理判断题。 根据文章第二段 “Carry-on baggage weighs at most 10 kgs. You have to pay for the extra. Book now and save 30%.” 可知: 提前网上预订节省 30%, 那么 30× 30%=9, 故选 D。 31.B 推理判断题。根据文章第四段对于长期和短期停车的规定“Choose Long Term(more than a week)or Short Term Parking and book here in easy steps.”可知:短期停车不超 过一周,故选 B。 D 【语篇导读】本文为新闻报道类说明文,介绍了埃博拉病毒目前在西非肆虐的情况、它的 传染机制以及几种治疗的方法。
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细节理解题。 根据第三段后半部分 “However, the U.S. government got interested in this because of its concerns about whether Ebola could actually end up as a terrorist agent. The authorities think it would be better if they develop some drugs in their back pocket, should somebody try to use this virus to attack people.”可知:美国政府因为担忧埃博拉病毒可 能成为恐怖武器,所以着力研发防治药物,故选 D。


细节判断题。根据第二段“The virus is spread through direct contact with body fluids (液体)from an infected person.”可知:埃博拉病毒通过体液传播,四个选项中 D 项“共用注射器”可传播体液,故选 D。


细节理解题。根据第四段第三、四句“The second approach uses a completely different method, and it uses genetic material that can actually block the viruses’ own genetic material. This is a kind of far out idea and it’s being developed by a Canadian company called Tekmira.”可知:阻 断 病毒基因 的疗法是第二种,也就是 Tekmira 公司的疗法,故选 A。 . . ....


推理判断题。根据最后一段最后一句“The authorities in several countries have now introduced a number of measures aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.” 可推断文章 下一段的内容应该是关于各国政府为预防埃博拉病毒蔓延而要采取的措施,故选 C。

第二节 【语篇导读】本文为说明文,介绍了因为人们环保意识的提高,大家熟知的圣诞节送纸质 贺卡和购买圣诞树的行为正在发生变化。 36.C 37.G 根据该空前后两句可知:网络时代给人们提供了多种快捷的联系方式,方便又环保, 于是不必每年给朋友寄纸质贺卡了,故选 C。 根据该空前一句“Since the 1970s,people have sent cards that were sold to raise money for the poor.”可知:人们在寄纸质贺卡的同时帮助了穷人,紧接着应该是举例,才合 乎逻辑,故选 G。 38.B 39.F 40.E 根据第三段大意及关键词“recyclable”可知:可再生纸卡片的使用,不仅节省了纸 张,挽救了更多树木,也体现了人们已经提高了环保意识,故选 B。 该选项提到树木被生产(are produced)出来,后一句提到树木被卖掉(are sold) ,两 句时态语态也呼应,故选 F。 根据下一句“However,environmentalists point out that these trees are made from plastic material and so bring out many pollution issues.”其中“plastic material”和选项中 “artificial”相呼应,故选 E。 第三部分:英语知识运用 第一节:完形填空 【语篇导读】本文夹叙夹议,讲述了作者观察一只蚂蚁经历很多坎坷,把一片没有用处的 羽毛拖到洞口的过程,从而联想到人生也是如此,人们也会为了一些没有意义的东西做徒劳 无功的事。
英语参考答案·第 4 页(共 8 页)

41.C 42.A

考查动词短语。run out“用完” ;run over“撞翻” ;run into“遇见” ;run up“上涨” 。 这里表示蚂蚁遇见 障碍,故选 C。 .. 考查名词。pause“暂停” ;dash“猛冲” ;move“移动” ;march“大步走” 。根据上文, 蚂蚁遇见障碍,所以暂停 一下继续走。 .. 考 查名 词。 solution “ 解决 方法 ” ; determination “ 决心 ” ; imagination “ 想 象” ; consideration“思考” 。根据上下文,蚂蚁遇到一个裂缝,通过思考 想出了办法。 ..



考查动词短语。walk across“从上面走过” ;walk through“从中间穿过” ;walk off“走 开” ;walk around“四处逛” 。根据上下文,蚂蚁从羽毛上走过 裂缝。 ..


考查过去分词。be amused“被逗乐了” ;be impressed“被??弄得印象深刻” ;be interrupted“被打断” ;be reminded“被提醒” 。这里说明蚂蚁的聪明才智给“我”留 .


下 了 深刻 的 印象 。 . . .. . .. 考查名词。size“尺寸” ;height“高度” ;weight“重量” ;shape“形状” 。小蚂蚁虽 然身形尺寸 不大,但是会先思考再解决问题。 .. 考查连词。But 表转折。虽然蚂蚁很聪明,但是 它也有弱点。 .. 考查现在分词短语作后置定语。laboring“劳动” ;standing“站立” ;living“生活” ; surviving“幸存” 。这里表示蚂蚁和生活 在地球上的人类一样。 ..

47.B 48.C


考查副词。gradually“逐渐地” ;suddenly“突然地” ;nearly“几乎” ;eventually“最 终” 。这里表示蚂蚁终于 到达了目的地。 ..


考查形容词。underground“地下的” ;remote“偏僻的” ;dark“黑暗的” ;mysterious “神秘的” 。这里表示蚂蚁到达了地下 的 洞穴门口。 .. .


考查名词。trap“陷阱” ;problem“问题” ;panic“恐慌” ;doubt“疑问” 。这里表示 蚂蚁遇到了问题 ,即无法把羽毛放进洞口。 .. 考查动词。fit“大小合适” ;fix“修理” ;suit“合某人心意,对某人来说方便” ;match “相配” 。这里表示,羽毛太大,不可能合适 洞口大小。 ..



考查动名词。directing“指导” ;finishing“完成” ;overcoming“克服” ;beating“击 打” 。这里 overcoming 与前面的 using 为并列关系,表示蚂蚁一路上用聪明才智克服 .. 困难。

54.D 55.C 56.A 57.B 58.D

考查名词。文章关键词羽毛 ,原词复现。 .. 考查连词。蚂蚁在开始搬羽毛之前 没有全方位思考。 .. 考查代词。 “nothing more than”意为“仅仅;只” 。 考查名词。我们担心缺 钱。 . 考查动词短语。put out“扑灭” ;put up“张贴” ;pick out“挑出” ;pick up“捡起” 。 这里说我们在人生道路上像这只蚂蚁一样,人为地拾起 各种负担。 .. 考查副词与动词不定式搭配。 “only to do”修饰前句,表示意料之外的结果。
英语参考答案·第 5 页(共 8 页)



考查形容词。helpless“无助的” ;practical“实用的” ;useless“无用的” ;valuable“有 价值的” 。整个故事揭示,羽毛好似我们生活中无用的 东西。 ...

听力原文 Text 1 W:Clothes are getting more and more expensive nowadays. I almost cannot afford them. M:Why don’t you buy them at a wholesale clothing market? W:The market is too far away. I’m considering buying them online. It’s not only cheap but also time-saving! Text 2 M:Do you have any previous experience for this kind of job,Ms. Lee? W:Actually I don’t,sir. But I am a quick learner,and I have some other experiences,as you can see in my application. M:I’m sorry,but it’s clearly stated in our ad that we need someone experienced for this position. Text 3 M:My skin is peeling off! I must have stayed in the sun for too long. W:Yeah. Next time don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going out. M:You are right! I’m going to buy a powerful sunscreen now! Text 4 W:Can you transform this Word document into a PDF file? M:Yes. You want me to do it for you or teach you how to do it? W:Well, give a man a fish ; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish ; you have fed him for a lifetime. Text 5 M:Tom failed his math test again! I’m definitely going to punish him! No allowance for him this month! W:Honey,I don’t know. I get it that you are upset,but a month,is it too harsh? Text 6 W:Doctor,I feel terrible this week. My head aches;I can’t sleep,and I can’t focus!This is so frustrating because my final exam is around the corner. M:In this case,I think you have these symptoms because you are under a lot of pressure. W:What shall I do?I’m really worried! M:You should try to relax. You can do some exercise like walking or jogging ,stay away from food rich in fat and oil and have more vegetables and fruits. These will help you feel better.
英语参考答案·第 6 页(共 8 页)

W:I’m a stress eater,you know. Every time I’m worried I will eat a lot of junk food. Maybe I should do something about that ;I should eat more healthy food. Thank you ,doctor. Text 7 W:Hello,Lily Smith speaking. M:Lily,this is Jason. How are you doing? W:Not bad!How is the army,Sergeant Smith? M:Just the same old thing. Training and training. I’m calling to wish you a happy birthday! W:You remember!Thank you,my baby brother! M:How could I forget?You have always been such a good sister!I’m not home to buy you a present. This is the least I can do! W:You know what,you should call Mum and Dad,too. They haven’t spoken to you since Christmas. They really miss you! M:Sure,I’ll call them after I hang up! Text 8 M:What are your views about continuing education? W:I suppose it’s a good thing. I’ve been taking some classes myself at night , trying to get control of my life , trying to learn something that I need to know. M:I see. I see. So… W:…to take care of myself and my family. M:So,you are using continuing education right now past the…,high school kind of level or… W:Yes,I have a high school diploma and now I’m taking class in…auto repair and… M:Ah…auto repair! Is that…uh…a necessary thing for you to have,do you feel? W:I think it is. I’m single. I have children,and I need to know how to do things myself. I have no one else to rely on. So I think it’s an important skill for me to have. M:Uh…Is there anything else that you are studying or using continuing education for? W:Nothing else right now. I’m hoping next term to take some courses in computer or electrical repair,something like that. M:So,you are using continuing education to broaden your abilities with your own life. W:Right—in a practical way,rather than with abstract courses that really won’t help me on a day-to-day basis. Text 9 W:Why do you look so tired these days?
英语参考答案·第 7 页(共 8 页)

M:I’ve been staying up watching football. Don’t you know that the football World Cup has begun? W:Oh,yes!I know it’s this month,but when exactly did it start? M:The football World Cup began on June 13th with a match between Brazil and Croatia. W:Brazil is hosting this event,right? Do you like the Brazilian team? M:I think they are OK. My favorite team is Argentina. I hope they will be the champions! W:I’ve heard that Argentina is a very competitive team with world-class players. But they haven’t won the World Cup for a long time,right? M:So you do know something about football!They last won the FIFA World Cup in 1986.It’s a shame that such a good team hasn’t gained another one for such a long time. W:Who is your favorite football player then? M:There are many,but I like Lionel Messi best,no doubt! What about you? W:David Beckham! M:Too bad he is not playing in this World Cup! Text 10 American TV series are very popular both at home and abroad. In recent years,hit TV shows include Friends,Prison Break,Desperate Housewives,Gossip Girl,Hero,Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty,to name only a few. Many believe that TV shows are making better achievements than Hollywood films. So it is not surprising that excellent play writers are turning from films to TV. In China, all episodes of a TV series have to be completed before the series can be broadcast on TV. While in America,a TV producer first chooses a story that he thinks appealing to the audience, and then makes several episodes at first. The first episode is broadcast on television to see whether the audience likes it or not. Then volunteers of all ages are organized to comment on the rest of the several episodes. Only when it is well-received,does the producer hire a writer to frame the plot. Often,a TV network is willing to pay a very high price for a popular TV show. This encourages a producer to hire qualified writers,directors and actors. TV series in America are broadcast by season. Usually a season lasts from September to April of the next year. A season begins in winter, when people stay at home more. One episode is broadcast one week,so a typical season has 25 episodes. Generally speaking,a major TV channel broadcasts nearly 40 sitcoms,20 dramas and a few films in a week,plus soap operas broadcasts in the daytime. The American audience can see about 5,000 new TV shows per year. So it is not surprising that the American audience has patience to see only one episode of a TV series in one week.
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