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Read these words and speak out their meaning.

earthquake ,right away , burst, million, event, as if ,at an end ,in ruins,canal, Injure, destroy, rescue,trap,disaster,bury, a great number of ,the number of ,shelter

? 1.right away 立刻;马上 ? (教材原句P25)Imagine your home begins to shake and you must leave it right away.设想一下你的家开始摇晃,你 必须马上离开。 ? He didn’t answer my question right away. ? 他没有马上回答我的问题。 ? 表‘马上’的 at once ,immediately ,in no time ,right now.

? .Seeing the building falling down,the people in it ran out________. ? A.right now B.right then ? C.right away D.right out ? 解析: 句意为“见到大楼要倒了,里面 的人们立即跑出来”。right away立即, 马上;right now现在,立即,马上。 ? 答案: C

2. For three days the water in the village wells rose and fell, rose and fell. (Para 1, Line 1)

rise(rose,risen) vi
1)go up; get higher (of the sun, moon, stars, rivers, etc.) 上涨,上升,升起 2)stand up 站起,起身 3)get out of bed 起床

She rose from the chair. She usually rises early in the morning.

辨析: rise: 升起,上升, 上涨, 站起, 起床 (vi, 不带宾语,不用于被动语态) raise: 举起 ,使升起, 提高, 提出,饲养, 养育 (vt,带宾语,可用于被动语态) He raised a heavy box over his head. We must raise the living standard of the people . It is not easy to raise such a big family.
Food prices are still rising The government _____. raise has to ________ workers’ wages(工资).

用rise, raise的适当形式填空。

(1)Satisfied with their work, the boss promised to have their wages(工资) raised ______. have sth done

rose (2)After the rain, the river ______ by 30 cm. raising (3)Now the cost of ______ chickens is rising ______.

? 这里for加一段时间做时间状语。 ? They have stayed in this city for two years. 3,In the farm yards the chickens were too nervous to eat. too…to 太…而不能… He walked too slowly to get there on time .

2)too 后跟表心情态度的词比如 anctious,eager,glad,delighted,good,will ing而且前加just only等词时表肯定,比如 I am just too delighted to accept your invitation. 3)too …to 结构中too前有否定词时,表肯定 eg. It’s never too late to study .活到老学到 老

The work calls for great care and B patience,so you?___to do it . A can be too careful B can’t be too careful C can be too careless D can’t be careful

3.Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide.现在分词短语作伴随状语。

smelly out of 4. A ______ gas came ___ __ the cracks.

smelly : smell+ y = adj. smell n./v (smelt/ smelled)
扩展: n.+y构成形容词 blood---mud---sun----- cloud---rain---wind--taste---- dream---ice---greed---fat---fog----health→ wealth →

4. In the city, the water pipes in some buildings cracked and burst. (Para 1, L7) burst (burst, burst) (1)v.爆裂,胀开;突然 闯入,强行进入;爆炸 (2) n. 突发,爆发 e.g. The house burst into flames.

The man burst into the room.
burst into sth (tears/laughter) 突然…

burst out doing (crying/laughing)
burst in/into… 闯进,突然破门而入…… burst forth 突然出现.发生


burst (1) When he was riding, the tire ______(burst). burst into tears (2)She _____________________.(突然大哭起 来) burst out crying burst into the house (3)He ________________________ (闯进了房 子)without knocking.

5.But the one million people of the city, who thought little of these events, were asleep as usual that night. (para 1, the last sentence)
think little/much of 对…… 不重视/重视 think highly/well of 对……评价高/好 think badly/poorly of 认为……不好,评价差 即学即练:

thinks much of (1)The mayor _________________ your suggestion and he asks you to plan the project in details.

6. It seemed as if the world was at an end! (para2, line1) be at an end 结束 come to an end 结束 put/bring sth to an end 结束某事 翻译: (1)战争结束了。 The war was at an end. The war came to an end. (2)他们结束了战争。 They put the war to an end.

词语辨析: at an end 结束 at the end of 在……的尽头/末尾 by the end of 到……末为止,一般与完成 时连用 in the end 最后,终于;不与of连用
? make (both) ends meet 量入为出, 使收支相抵 ? It is hard for them to make ends meet since Mike lost his job

[即境活用] .完成句子 这可能意味着该党60年的执政历史走到了尽头。 This could mean that the party’s 60 years of power________ ________ ________ ________. 答案: is at an end

.I must warn you that our food is almost________.We can’t survive if there is no one to help us. A.at the end B.at an end C.by the end D.in the end 解析: at an end结束,没有了;at the end (of)在 ……结束时,尽头;by the end (of)到……结束时; in the end最后,结果。 答案: B

7 as if 似乎;好像=as though常用在look.feel.seem等之 后引导表语从句 as if/as though 后的从句可用两种语气: 1)陈述语气,时态一致(从句说的是客观事实) ? It looks as if it’s going to rain. 2)虚拟语气( 引导的从句与事实相反)

与现在的事实相反,从句用一般过去时态;与过去的事实 相反,从句用过去完成时态。
When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it were broken。 He kept working as if nothing __. A. was happening B. happens C. happened D. had happened ? D

? I don’t know why she is looking at me D ___she knew me .I have never seen her before in my life. ? A. as for B .although ? C .even if D . as if

? [Eleven kilometers directly below the city ]one of the greatest earthquake( of the 20th century) had began. ? 20世纪最大的地震之一就在唐山市正 下方11千米处发生了。

One-third of the nation felt it .全国三分之一 的地方都有震感。 分数表达法 分子在前,分母在后,分子用基 数词,分母用序数词。分子超过一时,分 母用复数形式。

one- fourth three-fifths ,two and three fifths 二又五分之三 ? 注意,分数加名词做主主语时,谓语动词的 单复数取决于分数后的名词的单复数形式。 类似这种用法的还有,some of , part of
? most of , 70%of, half of


? The company had about 20 notebook computers but only one-third ___used D regularly.Now we have 60 working all day long . ? A is B are ? C was D were ? Part of the story was not true. ? Part of the foreign teachers in our school are from Britain.

1. 三分之二的陆地为森林所覆盖. Two thirds of the land is covered by forest.
2. One fifth of the students in this class are girls 这个班里五分之一的学生是女生.
3.More than 61% of the surface of the earth _____ covered by water. is 4. Seventy percent of the workers in this are factory _____ young.

10. In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. (para2, line6) 在可怕的15秒钟内,一座大城市就沉沦 在一片废墟之中。 lie (lay, lain) v. to be, remain or be kept in a certain state. “处于某种状态” (连 系动词)

ruin n. ① 毁坏,破坏 ②(常作复数)废墟,遗址 短语:be/lie in ruins 毁坏了,成为废墟 leave…in ruins 使……成为废墟
vt. 破坏,毁灭

ruined The big flood not only ______ the crops, ruins but also left the whole town in _______.

? ? ? ? ? ?

come to ruin 毁灭,落空 ? 成为废墟 fall into ruin bring sth to ruin ? 使某物毁灭 bring sb to ruin ? 使某人破产 ? 自我毁灭 ruin oneself ruin one’s hope ? 使某人的 希望破灭

11. The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,000. 定从

injure vt. 伤害,损害 injured adj. 受伤的 be injured 受伤 ______ be badly/slightly injured 受了重/轻伤 the injured 受伤的人,伤者 which/that The boy bought a bike _________ was stolen from the shop.

表示“受伤,伤害”的词: 主要是意外事故造成的伤害, injure 也可是伤害健康、名誉等。 用武器(尤其在战场上)造成的 wound 伤害,也可作名词,表 “伤 口”。 hurt 通常指肉体或精神上的伤害。
My feelings were _____ when he didn’t ask hurt me to the party.

用injure, wound, hurt的适当形式填空: was (1)The driver of the car badly injured ______________ (受了重伤) in the accident.wounded was (1) He ______________ (受伤) in the leg during the war. to hurt (2) I am awfully sorry, but I didn’t mean __________ (hurt) her. (3)wound The nurse carefully cleaned the ________(伤口) in his arm.

destroy , ruin
12.Finally he realized that it was his laziness and rudeness that________his happiness. A.destroyed B.ruined C.damaged D.hurt 解析: destroy和damage常指对事物的破坏或损坏 ;hurt多指对人的精神或身体的伤害;ruin可以表 示具体或抽象的东西,如health,happiness, marriage,holiday等的“毁灭,破坏”。ruin用作 名词时,意思是“毁灭,瓦解”,其复数形式表示 “废墟”。 答案: B

? 13
shock vt.& vi.(使)震惊;震动;n.休克;打击; 震惊 [归纳拓展]
(1)be shocked at/by 对……感到震惊 be shocked to do sth.做某事很震惊 be shocked that 对……很震惊 (2)shocked 感到震惊的 shocking 令人震惊的

①The sudden death of the boy shocked everyone present at the meeting. 小男孩的突然去世使出席会议的每个人感到震惊 。 ②All the people present at the meeting felt shocked at the shocking news. 所有出席会议的人听到这个令人震惊的消息非常 吃惊。 ③It was a real shock to hear that the factory would have to close. 听到工厂将不得不倒闭的消息,真是令人震惊。

.All of the people present felt________at the________news. A.shocking;shocked B.shocked;shocking C.shocked;shocked D.shocking;shocking 解析: 句意为:所有在场的人都对那个令人震惊 的消息感到震惊。shocked对??感到震惊; shocking令人震惊的。 答案: B

? 表示情感的动词 excite, surprise, interest, bore, move, shock, disappoint, satisfy, ? (惊讶,兴趣,乏味,感动, 失望 ,满意) ? 变为形容词时可加ing(指物)或加ed (指人

? 15
? trap vt. 使陷入困境
? n. 陷阱;困境 ? be trapped in 陷于…The guests were trapped in fire. ? trap sb into doing sth陷害某人做某事 ? They trapped her into telling where the gift was hidden. ? 16 ? rescue n.& vt. 援救、营救 ? rescue…form… 把…从…解救、营救 ? They are trying to rescue the company from ruin. ? 其他词组: come / go to one’s rescue 来援救某人 carry out / perform a rescue 实施、进行援救

? 18
All hope was not lost.不是所有的希望都破灭了。 本句是一个部分否定的句子。all/all of...not..., not all...,等表示部分否定,其意思是“并不是所 有的;不是全部,而是一些”。 ①Not all the students obey the school rules. 并非所有的学生都遵守校规。

[归纳拓展] (1) 表 示 “ 并 不 是 所 有 的 ” 还 有 everyone/everybody/everything 等。 (2) 二 者 的 部 分 否 定 为 : “both of...not...” = “not both...”,二者的全部否定为:“neither of...。” (3)三者以上的全部否定用 none of。 not

? ★表示全部否定: ? no one, none, nobody, nothing, not…any, 以及“no+名词”

②Not everybody has passed the exam. 并非每个人都通过了考试。 ③Neither of the boys is rude to us. 这两个男孩对我们都不粗鲁。 ④None of us like talking with the man. 我们中没有人喜欢和这个人说话。

1).I agree with most of what you said,but I don’t agree with________. A.everything B.anything C.something D.nothing 解析: 句意为:我同意你说的大部分,但是我 不同意全部。not...everything并非都。 答案: A

2).Of all the books on the desk,________is of any use for our study. A.nothing B.no one C.neither D.none 解析: 句意为:桌上所有的书,没有一本对我们 的学习有用。不定代词的用法是历年高考常考考点 ,而掌握它们指代的侧重点和范围是学好不定代词 的关键之一。nothing侧重“没有任何东西”;no one侧重于“没有任何人”;neither侧重“(两者中) 没有一个”;none侧重于“(三者或三者以上中)没 有一个”。 答案: D

? 17
(教材原句P26)The army organized teams to dig out those who were trapped and to bury the dead. 解放军组成小分队,将受困的人们挖出来,将死者 掩埋。 ①Buried in his study,he didn’t know that all the others had left. 他埋头学习,不知道其他人都早已离开了。

②Since his wife left,he’s buried himself in his work. 自从妻子离开以来,他一直都埋头于工作。 ③She buried her face in her hands and wept.她 掩面而泣。

.(2012·泰安高一检测)________himself in the newspaper,he didn’t notice what was happening. A.Having buried B.Burying C.Buried D.To be buried 解析: bury oneself in=be buried in埋头于;专 心于。此处为现在分词作状语。句意为:他埋头于 读报,没有注意到发生的事情。 答案: B

.She is an excellent student in our class,and she always________herself in her studies. A.hides B.buries C.covers D.leaves 解析: 考查固定搭配。bury oneself in...意为“专 心于??”。 答案: B

19. To the north of the city, most of the 10,000 people were rescued from the coal mines.

to/ on/ in to 1.Japan is _____ the east of China. in 2.Taiwan is _____ the southeast of
China. 3. Mongolia is on _____ the north of China.

? shelter n. 掩蔽;掩蔽处;避身处 ? vt. 保护; 使掩蔽 ? vi. 躲避,避难 ? shelter… from… 使免受…之苦 ? in the shelter of 在…庇护下

? 21 a number of 许多,若干 (教材原句P27)Such a great number of people died because the quake happened while they were sleeping. 造成如此多的人员死亡是因为地震发 生时人们正在睡觉。

22.表示许多的短语及用法 只接可数名词的有:a large/great number of a good/great many a good/great many of the/these/those/one’s 只接不可数名词的有:a great deal of

a large amount of
既可接可数名词又 可接不可数名词的有: a lot of lots of plenty of a large/great quantity of

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