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一、部分倒装: (将谓语的一部分-助动词,情态动词,be 动词 提前)

a. I have never been there.→ Never have I been there. 我从未去过那里。 b. He seldom comes late.→ Seldom does he come late. 他很少迟到。 c. She can hardly answ

er my question.→ Hardly can she answer my question. 她几乎不能回答我的问题。 d. We know little about them.→ Little do we know about them . 我们几乎不了解他们的情况。


a. Nothing did the boy learn in class. 那个男孩在课堂上什么都没有学到。 解析:nothing 是否定词,在句中做宾语,放在句首时句子实行了部分倒 装, 所以将助 动词 did 放在了前面。 正常语序是: The boy learned nothing in class . b. Nowhere can you find me. 你们在哪里都找不到我。 解析: nowhere 是否定词,在句中做状语,放在句首句子实行了部分倒装,

所以将情态动词 can 提到了前面。正常语序是:You can find me nowhere . c. Nobody did I see there. 在哪里我没看见任何人。 解析:nobody 是否定词,在句中做宾语,放在句首句子部分倒装了,所以 将助动词 did 提前了。

2. so…that…/such…that… 句型中,将 so…/such…部分位于句首时, 前面的句子部分倒装
a. He ran so fast that I didn’t catch up with him.→ So fast did he run that I didn’t catch up with him. 他跑得是那样的快以至于我没有赶上他。

b. She is such a good person that all of us like her.→ Such a good person is she that all of us like her. 她是那样好的一个人以至于我们都喜欢她。

3.在条件虚拟语气中省掉 if 将 had/should/were 提前

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注意:将下面的句子省掉 if 变成倒装句:
1) 如果我昨天没有回家我就看见那个歌星了。 If I hadn’t gone home yesterday, I would have seen the film star.→ Had I not gone home yesterday, I would have seen the film star.


a. Although he is a

child, he knows a lot.→ Child though/as he is, he knows a lot. 虽然他是个小孩,但他懂得很多。

e. Although/Though he is the youngest in our family, my parents never spoil him. Youngest though/as he is in our family, my parents never spoil him. 虽然他是我们家最小的,但我父母从不溺爱他。

解析: 在倒装结构中如果是形容词的最高级必须省掉前面的定冠词。

a. 他是学生,学习很用功,你也一样。 He is a student and (he) works very hard. So it is with you./It is the same with you. b. 你不是球员,你不喜欢打篮球,我也一样。 You aren’t a player and you don’t like playing basketball. So it is with me./It's the same with me. c. 他不是歌唱家但是他歌唱得很好。他弟弟也一样。 He isn’t a singer but he sings very well. So it is with his brother./It is the same with his brother. 从上述三个句子可以看出前面并列句的谓语具有不同的性质。但是: a. 他是学生,他每天很忙,我也一样。 He is a student and he is very busy every day. So am I. b. 他们住在北方并且喜欢滑冰,我的好朋友也一样。 They live in the north and they like skating .So does my good friend.

当 so 用作副词,表示对上文的观点认同时,其后用正常语序。即:so+主语+ 助 动词/情态动 词 /be 动词 a. —今天很冷。 —是的,今天很冷。 —It’s very cold today.

—So it is. b.—他们昨天走了。 —是的,他们昨天走了。 —They left yesterday. —So they did. c. —你爸爸回来了。 —是的,我爸爸回来了。 —Your father has come back. —So he has. d. 你说他学习用功。是的,他学习用功,你也一样。 You say he works hard, so he does and so do you. 再看下面两种情况: a. 她决定先把钱包交上去,她就是这样做的。 She decided to turn in the wallet first and so she did=and she did so. b. 医生叫他做深呼吸,他就这样做了。 The doctor told him to take a deep breath and he did so.

7. 在否定句中,后一分句符合前一分句的情况,用 neither/nor/no more+助动词/情态动词/be 动词+主语
a. 你们不去,我也就不去。 You won’t go, neither/nor no more will I. b. 你的家乡不大,我的也是。 Your hometown isn’t big , neither/nor /no more is mine. c. 他去年没有看小说,我的妹妹也是。 He didn’t read a novel, neither/nor /no more did my sister. 但是:要注意以下情况:

a. If you don’t do your homework in the evening, neither do I. 如果你晚上不做家庭作业,我也不做。 解析:因为指的是一般性的动作,所以后一句的助动词要用一般现在时的 do. b. If you don’t do your homework this evening, neither wil l I. 如果你今天晚上不做家庭作业,我也不做。

解析:因为今天晚上这个时间还没有到,所以后一句的助动词要用 will. 2) 当前后主语一致的时候,只能用 nor+ be 动词/助动词/情态动词+主语。 a. He doesn’t watch TV on Sunday, nor does he play football. 他星期天不看电视,也不踢足球。 b. I don’t know, nor do I care. 我不知道,也不在乎。

8.频度副词 always, often, usually, once, many a time, now and then, every other day…位于句首时,常用部分倒装表示强调(也可以不倒 装)
如:他们上学总是迟到。 They always come late for s chool.→ Always they come late for school. → Always do they come late for school.

1.为了表示强调或者为了保持句子平 衡,谓语中的分词、形容词或 者动词不定式常被提到句首
1) Gone are the days when we used the foreign oil. 我们使用洋油的时代一去不复返了。 正常语序是:The days when we used the foreign oil are gone. 2) Surrounding the earth is the air of unknown thickness. 地球的四周是不知厚度的空气。 正常语序是:The air of unknown thickness is surrounding the earth . 3) Lying under the tree were some apples. 树下有一些苹果。 正常语序是:Some apples were lying under the tree . 4) Present at the meeting were two professors. 出席会议的有两个教授。 正常语序是:Two professors were present at the meeting . 5) Hanging on the wall was a painting by her brother. 他弟弟的画挂在墙上。 正常语序是:A painting by her brother was hanging on the wall . 6) To devote ourselves to society is our duty. 我们的职责是奉献社会。 正常语序是:Our duty is to devote ourselves to society.


3.here,there,now,then 位于句首时,句子全部倒装
1) Now comes your turn. 轮到你了。 1) Then appeared a loud noise. 出现了很大的声音。 2) Here comes the bus. 公共汽车来了。→ The bus is coming. 3) There go es the bell. 铃声响了。→ The bell is ringing. 但是:当主语是人称代词时,不能倒装 1) Here it is. 2) There we are. 3) Here he comes.
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4.in, out ,away, off, up, down 等方位副词位于句首时,句子全部倒装
(这时谓语动词常是 come, go, fall, r ush 等)


但:主语是人称代词时不能倒装。 1) Away he went. 2) In he came. 3) Down we climbed. 4) Out they rushed.

5.表地点的介词/副词短语放在句首时,句子全部倒装 (这时谓语为不及物动词 be, sit, stand, lie 等)
1) South of the city lies a park. 城南有一个公园。 正常语序是:A park lies south of the city. 2)On top of the hill stands an old tree. 山顶有一颗古树。 正常语序是:An old tree stands on top of the hill. 3)In front of the house sits a boy. 屋前坐着一个男孩。 正常语序是: A boy sits in front of the house . 4)In the classroom are five students. 教室里有五个学生。 正常语序是: Five students are in the classroom . 5)From the house came a frightening noise. 屋里传出一种可怕的声音。 正常语序是: A frightening noise came from the house .

以上倒装句适合于无宾语(主语有时且很长)的情况。但如果主语是人称代词时 则不倒装。 1)In front of the house is standing the boy.(谓语全部倒装) 2) In front of the house he is standing.(谓语没有倒装)

3)Inside the pyramid are the burial rooms for the kings. (谓语倒装)

1) As much as I’d like to see you=Even though I’d like to see you much, you can’t come. 尽管我很想看你,你不能来。 2) As poor as he is , he never gives up. 尽管他很穷,他从不放弃。 As poor as he is=even though he is poor 3) As horrible as it was, SARS was not strong enough to break the determination of the Chinese people. 尽管非典可怕但打不垮我们中国人的决心。 As horrible as it was=even though it was horrible
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1.(2012 年高考江西卷) Never before _____________anybody who can play tennis as well as Robert.(see) 她以前从未见过有比罗伯特的网球打得更好的人。 答案:has he seen

(2012 年高考山东卷)—I don’t know about you ,but I’m sick and tired of this weather. —_________.I can’t stand all this rain .(so) ——我不知道你感觉如何,可是我感到不舒服,厌烦了这样的天气。 ——我也一样。我受不了一直这样下雨。 答案:So am I

2.(2012 年 高 考 辽 宁 卷 ) Not until he retired from teaching three years ago_______having a holiday abroad .(consider) 直到三年前从教师岗位退休后他才考虑到国外度假。 答案:did he consider

(武汉市部分学校 2013 届高三起点调研测试)So loudly ______that even the people in the next room could hear him .(speak) 他说话的声音很大,连隔壁屋子里的人都听得见。 答案:did he speak

3.Among the leaders________Zhu Rongji ,who stressed the need for quality and fairness in the world .(Premier) 在这些领导人中有中国当时的朱镕基总理,他强调世界公平与公正的必要性。 答案:was China’s then Premier
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4.My friend is showing me around her new flat,_________a beautiful garden .(lie) 我的好朋友正带着我参观她的新公寓,公寓前面有一个漂亮的花园。

(十堰市 2013 届高三元月调研考试)__________,the first thing she did was put the five kids at ease after arriving at home.(exhausted) 尽管精疲力竭了,她回到家的第一件事是先把五个孩子安顿好。

5.( 2012 高 考 天 津 卷) Only after Mary read her composition the second time_____the spelling mistakes. A. did she notice B. she noticed C. does she notic e D. she has noticed 答案:A

(武汉市部分学校 2013 届高三年级期末目标检测__________are young p eople from Africa,exchanging ideas about their own cultures with our students.(seat) 那些非洲年轻人席地而坐,和我们的学生一起交换他们对自己文化的看法。

6.(仙桃中学 2013 届高三上学期第二次考试)His younger sister teaches in a secondary school , in front of _____________.(flow) 他妹妹在一所中学教书,学校门前流淌着一条河。 答案:which flows a small river





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