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Exercise for Grammar The growing speed of a plant is influenced by a number of factors, most of ________ are beyond our control. ______________ has passed the test will get a prize. _________________ (show) around the Water Cube, we were taken to see the Bird’s Nest. The last time we had great fun was _________ we were visiting the Water Park. You will be successful in the interview _______ _______ _______ you have confidence and get well prepared. _______ ________ ________ I went to Japan, I was amazed at their efficiency of doing business. A warm thought suddenly came to me ______ I might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother ’s birthday. I failed in my exam and I found it no use _____________ (complain). The flowers his friend gave him will die unless ____________ (water) every day. The agreed with each other on the whole, but much remain __________________ (discuss) at the following meeting. The party was successful, but we thought it a pity ______________ (not invite) you. His _________ (puzzle) look indicated that he didn’t know the truth. Shopping in Auchan usually leaves me ____________ (amaze). Why is there always such a huge crowd. ________ __________ I hear the song, it reminds me of my childhood. ________ __________ he tried his best, he still couldn’t satisfy his boss. The local health organization is reported _______________ (set up) 25 years ago when Dr. Alice became its first president. The trees __________ (blow) down in the storm have been moved off the road. Choosing the right dictionary depends on _________ you want to use it for. We can surely overcome these difficulties ______ ______ ______ we are closely united. ____________ (not realize) there was danger before her, Jane Goodall entered the thick bush to observe the chimps. ________ you made a promise, you should try to carry it out. Sandy was caught __________ (cheat) in the exam, which surprised his parents. Some pre-school children go to a day-care center, __________ they learn simple games and songs. Some deer happened ______________ (look) for food when a tiger appeared. _________ carries animals into the country must hold a certificate issued by the exporting country or region. Last Sunday in Carrefour I was about to check out when I found my pocket ___________ (steal). Jack mad another wonderful discovery, which I think ________ (be) of great importance to science. ___________ you do, you must do it well. The _______ (spoil) boy was crying _________ (ask) his father to buy the boy for him. He is never discouraged, ____________ difficulty he may face.

31. The crowd cheered wildly at the sight of the athlete, who was reported ______________ (break) the world record. 32. _____ _______ _______ you keep on trying, you will succeed sooner or later. 33. The tourists couldn’t help but _______ (marvel) at the beauty of the lake when it appeared in front. 34. ___________ hard it is, he will try his best to carry out the plan. 35. -- Why is it _________ so many people enjoy eating on the run? – of course, the most obvious answer is that fast food is fast. 36. ___________ (equip) himself with necessary knowledge and skills, the young man went to the job interview with much confidence. 37. ________ the boy didn’t take medicine made his mother very angry. 38. We are all kept _____________ (inform) of the latest news by means of TV, radio, newspapers and the Internet. 39. Do you know __________ he expects will give us a talk on how to write a good essay? 40. All ______ is needed now is the effective medicine to protect people against the disease. 41. Youth Forums, __________ (compose) of a series of forums, have been held both in China and overseas. 42. The project ______________ (accomplish) next year will expand the city ’s telephone network. 43. Planting more trees will provide us better surroundings ___________ there is less dust or noise. 44. The little girl showed no anxiety before the competition. She seemed _____________ (prepare) for it pretty well. 45. John happened ___________ (make) a phone call when I reached his house. 46. The newly built café, the walls of ________ is painted light green, is really a peaceful place for afternoon tea. 47. The program was so fascinating that the children kept their eyes ________ (fix) on the screen. 48. In the lecture, the professor raised his voice at times to make himself __________ (hear). 49. Please pass me the “English dictionary over there, ________ cover is brown. 50. Unless _________ (invite) to speak, you should remain silent at the conference. 51. The doctor did a lot to reduce the patient ’s fear _________ he would die of the disease. 52. The law ______________ (make) next week is about stopping killing wild animals. 53. He believes that nothing is unchangeable _____ ______ _______ we try. 54. Revera was a Mexican boxer __________ (devote) himself to the work of his people. 55. The opportunity will be offered to ____________ wants to work abroad independently. 56. He is a man of few words, and he usually keeps silent ___________ spoken to. 57. ___________ (install) with automatic checkout lanes, the supermarket is crowded with consumers. 58. The thief considered _____________ (risk) __________ (escape) from the apartment through the window. 59. As the little boy eats __________ his mother gives him, he looks very healthy. 60. Please remain __________ (seat) until the planes stops steadily. 61. Smart home will shut off the lights which _____________ (leave) on by mistake.

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Suddenly a deer appeared and it walked right up to ________ I was sitting. The problem ____________ (discuss) now is about a new advertisement for the shoe department. It was the way he behaved __________ really worried his parents. We found some movie stars __________ (invite) to back up the advertised products. Some celebrities were found __________ (employ) to advertise the products. _________ (regard) as a global drink, tea sells quite well all over the world. There is a wide range of shops in Hong Kong, many of _______ are shopping malls. Carbon dioxide traps heat ___________ (reflect) from the Earth’s surface. ___________ (realize) the danger of the air pollution, they decided to plant more trees. It was like that ______ _______ _______ I was in the woods. I was alone, packing a rifle…… I went up into the hills, __________ (head) for a well-used deer trail. It was pretty cold, but I ______________ (dress) for it and didn’t mind. The deer was in his prime. He _______________ (must, know) about men and guns. I was about half way back _______ I heard two shots, _______ (follow) by a dull slam a few seconds later. Those hunters would never know they _______________ (could, scratch) his head. In parts of the world, fishing boats with huge nets sometimes take too many of the same species of fish from a small area, _________ (cause) some ocean waters _________________ (overfish). As a result, there are not enough fish _________ (leave) to breed in these areas. In recent years, limits ______________ (set) for the number of fish to be caught at one time. _________ the materials settle on a continental shelf, pollutants pile up. Law ______________ (make) and regulations _________________ (enforce) to prevent overfishing and pollution. It is hard to make people ____________ (obey) laws when our oceans are so vast and difficult to patrol. I love shopping, _____ ______ it is just window-shopping. There are different types of shops _________ (cater) to your particular needs. _________ (buy) groceries, you can go to the convenience store, the supermarket or… I was really thrilled ______ ______ _______ I used the automatic checkout lane. _____ ______ ______ you buy, shoes, pants or big-ticket items such as a TV or a washing machine, if you find some problems, you can return them within 30 days. That’s why you can always find a long line of people ________ (wait) to return their goods right after Christmas. _____________ (identify) the market, they will work out the best way to meet the needs of this market. A designer have to be highly culture-conscious when _________ (plan) to carry out an international programme in a foreign country. _________ (study) the cultural background of the potential customers, or _________ the advertising programme. When you read the book, you’d better make a mark ________ you have any question.

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________ much advice I gave him, he did exactly what he wanted to do. I won’t let you in _______ you show me the written permission of the commander. ______ _______ he opened the box, a terrible smell filled his nose. If he cannot come immediately, ___________ (consider) making a phone call to inform him of the news. 96. His parents wouldn’t let him marry anyone __________ family was poor. 97. The thief handed everything ________ he had stolen to the police. 98. ______ (do) morning exercises every day will do you good. 99. _______ (take) according to the instruction, the medicine will have a good effect. 100. She pretended _____________ (not play) video games when her mother came in.


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