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主语从句 1. I want to tell you is the deep love and respect I have for my parents. 2. really makes “Gangnam Style” popular is not the lyrics, but the part of “Horse Riding Dance”. 3. the universe began with the "big bang" has been widely accepted. 4. is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger and more prosperous economy. 5. is known to us all is that the Diaoyu Islands have belonged to China since ancient times. 6. It remains a question we can get so much money in such a short time. 7. The limits of a person's intelligence, generally speaking, are fixed at birth, but he reaches these limits will depend on his environment. 8. world scientists call the "superquake" has killed more than 150 000 people. 9. is clear the Diaoyu islands have been China's inherent territory (固有领土) both from historical and legal aspects since ancient times. 10. Taiwan has purchased a large quantity of arms from the US causes great tension in the Asian and Pacific district. 11. needs further discussion whether we'll build a laboratory or not. 12. is widely acknowledged that there is life, there is hope. 13. puzzles the scientists is how these creatures can survive in such severe conditions. 14. makes me sick that she thinks so highly of herself. 15. wants to stay in a hotel has to pay their own way. 宾语从句 1. When you answer questions in a job interview, please remember the golden rule: Always give the interviewer exactly he wants. 2. --- Could you tell me to go to Hainan by air. --- Just a minute, please. I have to check my computer. A. how much does it cost B. how much did it cost C. how much it cost D. how much it costs 3. The minute you choose to do you really want to do, it's a different kind of life. 4. My boss made clear that one in three of us will have to leave next month. 5. --- Do you think Xiao Ming can pass the high school entrance exam or not? --- Sorry, I've no idea. 6. He asked his teacher . A. if there was a monster in Loch Ness B. when was Albert Einstein born C. how would the scientists find out the result D. where could he find the library 7. The teacher questioned the boy why he her suggestion. A. didn't act on B. hadn't been acted on C. had been acted on D. hadn't acted on 8. Don't take for granted that your parents should support you all your life. 9. I doubt it will rain this afternoon. 10. We are going for a picnic tomorrow. I'll call Wendy to make sure . A. why to start B. when to start C. what to start D. which to start 11. The newcomer went to the library the other day and searched for he could find about Mark Twain. 12. You should explore your talents so as to find out your real interests lie. 13. Choosing the right dictionary depends on you want to use for. 14. The boss has decided to give these laptops to he thinks has excellent performance in his position. 15. --- I believe you've done your best and things will improve.

--- Thank you. 表语从句 1. --- Are you firmly against any independence move by Taiwan? --- Of course. That is our basic interest lies. 2. That's Claire says, and she read it in the guidebook. 3. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is I disagree. 4. One reason for her preference for city life is she can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants. 5. Water is a sign of Life—water is makes life possible on the planet. 6. Perseverance is a kind of quality and that's it takes to do anything well. 7. It remains to be seen the newly formed committee's policy can be put into practice. 8. The reason for his success is he worked very hard. 9. He is is known as a hacker---he likes to show off on the Internet and attack websites. 10. Is this hotel we were to stay? 同位语从句 1. It is my belief we will find a cure for cancer in the next ten years. 2. Have you heard the news the Chinese athletes won 165 gold medals at the 15th Asian Games? 3. Do you have any idea on earth has happened to our friend? 4. The news came as quite a shock to us a ship with 82 passengers on board sank near the north coast. 5. A good idea came to her she could live with her best friend in that city during the holiday. 6. WHO and CDC say there is no evidence the bird flu H7N9 will spread between human beings. 7. Word came the sports meeting would be put off. 8. The possibility the majority of labor force will work at home is often discussed. 9. The problem it is right or wrong has not yet been decided. 10. It seemed to me that she was in doubt Timmy lived or died. 单句改错 11. Can you predict what is it about? 12. That he is interested in is how to get the bird to talk. 13. Hearing the news our team had won,we jumped with joy. 14. No one knows how the world will be like in the future. 15. What I'm not sure of is if he has got to the destination smoothly. 短文填空 Mr. Smith used to be in prison for three years, which may have you think he is not a good man. But 1. a

matter of fact, he is kind-hearted as well as honest. The reason why he was put into prison was not that he himself broke the law, 2. TV. 3. that his six-year-old son blew up (使……爆炸) the bridge near his home, imitating what he had seen on this little boy did break the law, he was too young to be put in prison. According to the local law, the (punish). As a result, Mr. Smith received the punishment. He was arrested and taken to (use). After

boy's parents had to 4. 5.

police station finally. Most of the people in the town showed pity on him, but it was 6.

all, law is law. Everybody is to obey 7. 8.

. As the proverb of “When it rains, it pours”, Mrs. Smith was she was born and grew up.

of work before long. She had to move to a southern state, 9.

Misfortunes tell us what fortune is. 10.

the Smiths have experienced does teach us a good lesson.



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b) That she is still alive is a consolation 二.【宾语从句】 宾语从句就是在复合句中作宾语的名词性从句,通常放在主句谓语动词 (及物动词) 或介词之后。 ...


that 与 what 引导名词性从句的区别 that 引导名词性从句只起连接作用,在从句中不作任何成分,无意义,在宾语从句通常 省略,但在主语从句,表语从句和同位语从句中均...


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