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高考英语第一轮复习课件必修三Unit 5 Canada---The True North


Find out the location of Canada




Which is the national flat of Canada? A. B.



2. Which is the national flower of Canada? A cherry. B. rose

C. maple

D. daffodil


5. What is the national animal of Canada? A. Beaver B. Grizzly bear

C . Polar bear

D. Penguin


4. What is the capital of Canada?
A. Vancouver B. Toronto

C. Calgary

D. Ottawa

Retell (5m)

Fill in the blank and retell the story
Li Daiyu and Liu Qian took the train in Canada east from to _____ . Their cousins’ friend, Danny west_____ Theto True Lin, took them to the train station catchNorth “____ _____ _______” . Canada is the ________ biggest second coast coast from country in the world. It is 5,500 kilometers ______ to _______. As they go ___________, they saw eastward surrounded beautiful scenery as well as cities. Vancouver is ______________ by mountains on the north

and east. When the cousins ________ _______ in the settled down seats, they looked out of the window. They saw mountaingrizzly goats and even a _______ bear. Calgary is famous for its competition. Many of the cowboys from all over North ______ _____ _____ ______ haveAmerica a gift for working with animals. Then they ______ __________ a went through wheat-growing province. Thunder Bayto is a busy port. close It is ______ ____ the center of the country.

一、单词拼写 根据读音、词性和词义写出下列单词。 1____________ [5ministE] n. 大臣;部长 minister 2____________ [kwi:n] n. 女王;王后 queen 3____________ [5kCntinEnt] n. 大陆;陆地 continent 4____________ [5i:stwEd] adv.向东; adj.向东的 eastward 5____________ [sE5raund] vt.& vi.包围; 环绕 surround 6____________ [iks5tri:mli] adv.极端地 extremely 7____________ [5setl] vt.& vi 定居;解决;平静下来 settle 8____________ [wiT5in] prep.在......之内; 不越出 within 9____________ [5bC:dE] vt&vi n.边界;国界与...接 border 壤 slightly 10____________ [5slaitli] adv.稍稍;轻微地

11____________ [pC:t] n. 港口;舱门 port 12____________ [5fi^E] vt.& vi. 想;估计;计算 13____________ [5terifai] vt.使恐怖;恐吓 figure terrify 14____________ [flEu] n. 流程;流动 vi.流动 15____________ [5meipl] n. 枫;枫树;淡棕色 flow maple 16____________ [E5fiFEl] n. 官员;公务员 official 17____________ [frC:st] n. 霜;霜冻 frost 18____________ [5welWi] adj.富有的n.富人;有钱 人 wealthy distance 19____________ [5distEns] n. 距离;远方 broad 20____________ [brC:d]adj.宽阔的;广泛的;主要 的

二、单词运用 根据句子的结构和意义,在空格处填入一 个恰当的单词,或者用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 1 Vancouver is s_____________ surrounded by mountains on the north and east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. 2 It is so wet there that the trees are e____________ extremely tall. 3 A ________ harbour is a place where water is calm and ships can be safe. 4 To go to Russia from China you must cross the ______. border 5 The idea that there will be an earthquake t________ terrifies many people.

6The water f_________ into the Niagara River and flows over the falls on its wy to the sea. 7 I should phone her from a telephone b___________ . booth maple 8 A __________ is a kind of tree with five-pointed leaves. wealthy 9 Someone who is ___________ has a large amount of money . 10 The two __________ languages in Canada are official English and French.

三、词语派生 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 1 The accident happened on a cold __________ (frost ) frosty morning. 2 The students live happily in these beautiful surroundings ( surround). _______________ 3 This is a _____________ (extreme) difficult task. extremely 4 Early to bed, early to rise, make a man healthy, _____________ ( wealth), and wise. wealthy 5 Although the new road is being used , it has not yet been ____________ officially (official ) opened.

6 Travel has _______________ (broad) my vision and broadened knowledge of the world. 7 I’m __________ ( terrify ) of flying. I’d rather go by terrified sea. Distantly ( distant) , to her right, she could make 8 __________ out the city of Shanghai. continental ( continent) climate in 9 There is a _____________ that place. 10 Many people suffered from ____________ cultural ( culture ) shock when they came abroad.

四、词组互译 将下列词组或短语译成中文或英语。
去某地旅行 1. go on a tour to …________________

2. rather than _____________________ 不愿, 不要
3. speed up _______________________ 加速 4. the second biggest country__________ 第二大国 5. in the downtown __________________ 在市区

6. 在远处___________________________ in the distance

7. 远到;直到.______________________ as far as
8. 估计_____________________________ figure out

9. 定居,专心于_____________________ settle down
10. 对……有天赋____________________ have a gift for

五、词组运用 根据汉语意思,从第四题中选出适当的 词组填空。 1. 我的爸爸下个星期去纽约旅行。 go on a tour to New York next week? My father will ______________ 2. 我想喝柠檬,不想喝可乐。 rather than I’d like lemonade ___________________ a coke. 3. 他们一直走到湖边。 as far as the lake They walked _________________________________. 4. 如果我们想按时的话,最好加速。 speed up We had better______________ if we want to be on time. 5.他想结婚并安居下来。 settle down He wants to get married and ______________________.

6. 他有音乐天赋。 has a gift for He _______________ music. 7. 她正在尽力想办法解决这个问题。 figure out a way to solve the problem. She is trying to _______________ 8. 他一直看着火车,直到火车变成远方的一个点。 She watched the train until it was only a dot in the distance __________________. 9. 加拿大是世界上的第二大的国家。 the second biggest country Canada is ___________________________ . 10. 汤姆住在市区。 Tom lives ________________ in the downtown .

? Language points for Reading I ? Language points for Reading II


Canada is a multicultural country like China. 加拿大像中国一样是一个多元化国家。 multi-是一个前缀,意为“多” multistory ____________ 多层的 multiform多种形式的 ____________ multichannel ____________________ ______ 多通话线路的 , 多波段的 multipurpose __________ 多种用途的


_____________ multiparty 多国的、多民族的 multinational __________ 多向的 multidirectional ________________ 多彩的,彩色的 multicolored ____________ multimedia 多媒体 __________

2. Li Daiyu and her cousin Liu Qian were on a trip to Canada to visit their cousins on the Atlantic coast. 李黛予和她的表妹刘倩去加拿大大西洋海岸看望她们 的表兄妹们。 trip: usually short journey, esp. for pleasure (通常 指短途的)行走,旅行(尤指娱乐性的) 与trip搭配的主要动词和介词: be on a trip to make a trip to take a trip to

a trip to the seaside 海滨之行 _______________________ 前往巴黎的蜜月之旅 a honeymoon trip to Paris _______________________________ 他出差在外。 He ison _____________________. a business trip 我父亲下礼拜要到纽约去。 My father willmake ______________________________ a trip to New York next week.

3. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly from China to Vancouver and to take the train from west to east across Canada in September. rather than (prep.): in preference to (sb/sth); instead of 与其(某人/某物);不愿; 不要

他不愿惹麻烦,宁可离去. _______________________ _________, he left. Rather than cause trouble 我想喝柠檬汁,不想喝可乐. I’ll have ___________________________ __________ a lemonade rather than a coke. 他正忙于写信而不是读报. He was busywriting a letter rather than __________________ _____________ reading a newspaper __________________________.

4. It is the second biggest country in the world and as you go eastward, you will see mountains, and pass by thousands of lakes, forests and wide rivers as well as cities. 它是世界第二 大国家,当你一路向东行时,除了城市你还会看到山脉,会经过上 千个湖泊,森林,大河等以及城市.

eastward也作eastwards,副词,意为“向东” -ward(s)=in a direction

forward(s) 向前 ___________ outward(s) 向外 ___________ 向西 westward(s) ___________

backward(s) 向后 ____________ 向南 southward(s) ____________ 向北 northward(s) ____________

他们向东航行。 They sailed eastward ________________________. 我们难以决定是向东走还是向西走。 We couldn’t decide ______________ whether to go _________________________. eastward or westward

thousands of 成千上万的 注意:million, billion, thousand, hundred, score, dozen之前有确定的数字时,不论后面 是有无of, 词尾都不加s. 如果前面没有确定的数字而后接of时,词 尾都加s. 300名学生 three ____________________________ hundred students 这些鸡蛋里的3打 _______________________________ three dozen of these eggs 几打鸡蛋 dozens _______________________ of eggs

5. Many people think it is the most beautiful city in Canada, as it is surrounded by mountains on the north and east and the Pacific. 许多人都认为温哥华是加拿大最美丽 的城市,因为它的北面和东面都被大山包围。 surround vt. 包围,环绕,围绕 surround sb/sth with sb/sth sth/sb be sourrounded by/with sth

篱笆环绕着学校。 _____________________________. The fence surrounds the school 他们出动了军队包围了该城。

They have surrounded the town with ________________________________________ troops
_ ____________. 房子的四周有高墙。 The house is surrounded by high ________________________________________ walls ___.

6. On the coast north of Vancouver some of the oldest and most beautiful forests in the world still remain.温哥华以北的海岸依然生 长着世界上最古老,最美丽的森林。 north of = to the north 表示“在……的北方”, 其他方位词,如:east, west, south, southeast, northeast等,都有类似的用法。 他住在洛杉矶以东(的地方)。 ________________________________________. He lives to the east of Los Angeles

7. That afternoon in the train the cousins settled down in their seats. 那天下午表姐妹俩才在火车上落了座。 settle down 安稳坐下,安居下来,适应起来 他爷爷手拿报纸坐在扶手椅里。 His grandfather settled down in the armchair _____________________________________ with a newspaper. 你适应新工作了吗? Have you settled down in your new job yet ___________________________________________________?

8. Many of them have a gift for working with animals and they can win thousands of dollars in prizes. 他们中许多人都有与兽共舞的才能,他们能赢 得几千美元的奖金。 have a gift for 在…..方面有天分;有天赋 她对学语言有天赋。 she has a gift for learning languages. ______________________________________________ 好像他对音乐有些天赋。 It seems he has a gift for music. __________________________________________

1.They were not leaving for Montreal until later. Not …until …表示“直到…才…”,常与表示瞬间的动词 连用。如: 他们直到今天晚上才离开。 We do not ________ _______________. leave until this evening 街上的吵闹声直到深夜才停止。 The noise in the street didn't ______ until stop midnight ___________.

Not leave = stay 所以加延续性动词时,常与until连用。 他们直到今天晚上才离开。 stay until this evening. We will ________ 街上的吵闹声直到深夜才停止。 The noise in the street will ________ go on until midnight. until 后也可接从句: 孩子们天黑之前都不会回来。 The children won’t ______________ ____________. come back until it is dark

2. It’s too bad you can’t go as far as Ottawa, Canada’s capital. 遗憾的时你们不能一直走到加拿大的首都渥太华去。 as far as (习语)直到所提到之处为止
我一直走到山脚。 as far as the foot of the mountain I walked_____________________________________. 莎拉已经读到第四册啦。 as far as the forth volume Sarah has read _________________ ____________.

3. The girl told him they were on a train trip across the Canada and that they had only one day in Montreal. 一个动词若带两个宾语从句,第二个宾语从句的引 导词that 一般不能省,例如: I understand not only that you have studied Chinese but also that you have written Chinese poetry.

Grammar What kind of noun clauses are they?
? 1. What it was to become was a mystery. 主语从句 ? 2. I don’t know who will help Henry to win the bet. 宾语从句 ? 3. His trouble is that he doesn’t know anybody in 表语从句

London. ? 4. The fact that ships can go同位语从句 there surprises many people.

subjective clause 主语从句

objective clause 宾语从句 predicative clause 表语从句 appositive clause 同位语从句

noun clauses

appositive clause 同位语从句
? The appositive clause is a clause used as an appositive.

The clause is an explanation to the noun before. ? 同位语从句属于名词性从句,大多由从属连词that引导, 常常跟在fact, news, idea, thought, question, reply, report, remark, hope, belief等名词后面。同位语从句一 般用来解释或说明这些名词的具体含义或内容,在逻辑 上表现为同为关系。

? They are familiar with the opinion that all matter

consists of atoms. ? Where did you get the idea that I could not come. ? We haven’t yet settled the question where we are going to spend our summer vocation. ? The suggestion came from the chairman that the new rule should be adopted.

practice (3m)

Find out the appositive clause from the reading text.
? The idea that you would cross the whole continent was

exciting. ? The idea that you can cross Canada in less than five days is just wrong. ? The fact that ocean ships can go there surprises many people.

? (1)从先行词看

同位语从句与名词之间在逻辑上是“主语+be+表语” 的关系。该名词是需要做特殊说明的抽象名词。例如: They were delighted at the news that their team had won. The news was that their team had won.

? (2)从引导词来看

引导词that在同位语从句中是连词,只起连接作 用,无具体词,that不可省略;that在定语从句中 是关系代词,它在从句中充当一定成分——主语或 宾语,有具体词意,作宾语时还可以省略。

? The factory (that) we visited yesterday is a chemical one. ? The news that he will leave for Shanghai is true.

? (3)同位语从句的简易判断方法

同位语从句与其先行词在逻辑上是“主语+be+表语” 的同位语关系。所以,可以在名词和从句之间加系动词 be,使之构成一个新句子,如果合乎逻辑,句子通顺, 则原句为同位语从句;定语从句是不能够用系表结构把 先行词与从句连接起来的。 The belief that the earth is flat is still held in some countries. The belief is that the earth is flat.

? 能用于名词性从句的名词有:ability, patience,

anxiety, answer, order, report, wish, decision, suggestion, belief, doubt, fact, hope, message, news, promise, question, reply等等。


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