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How can we summarize the given material?
Here are three steps to follow!

The first step.

Figure out what type of writing the passage is.
The second step.

Find out the key points of the passage.


Three most common types of writing:
The narrative writing(记叙文) Ex. English Weekly The 13th issue C2(挫折中笑迎生活)

The argumentative writing(议论文) Ex. English Weekly The 16th issue C2(耐心的重要性)

The expository writing(说明文) Ex. English Weekly The 5th issue C2(中学生劳动现象)

The first step.

Figure out what type of writing the passage is.
The second step.

Find out the key points of the passage.
The third step.

Present the key information properly.

时态(记叙文通常用一般过去时) 人称(第三人称) 字数(30字左右), 句型(1-3句,2句最合适) 不能整句照抄

Summary 开头(参考五三333页和雅美英语107页)
The story /passage is about… The author tells us/shares with us… The passage /author highlights the importance of … The passage /author discusses/displays the effect / impact/influence of… The passage /author compares… The passage /author argues for/ against… The passage /author tells us about…/that… According to the passage/ author,… As can be seen from the passage,… It can be easily concluded from the passage that.. By presenting the example of …, the author tries to tell/ show us

Example: The author highlights the effect of work on people’s health, because it can rid one of loneliness, and make one feel fruitful and proud of himself, which always contributes to a good body. The passage shows the view that work is helpful to health for the reason that keeping busy lets people get away from loneliness, and get a sense of fulfillment and achievement. The author holds the view that work can make people healthier because it helps people to get away from loneliness and gain a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

正文: 注意: 1.认真理解写作要求 2. 分段来写 3. 要点要齐全 4. 要有自己的观点,即就此话题,要有话可说 5. 语言要准确,句型不能单一,或过于简单, 运用丰富的词汇和非谓语结构

I absolutely agree (with the view) that we can study hard and lead a happy life at the same time. It is always my belief that one can study hard… I fully support the statement that we can study hard and in the meanwhile live happily. From my perspective, studying hard is not contradictory with living happily. I support the opinion that we can work hard as well as live happily. As far as I am concerned, there are no conflicts between working hard and enjoying a happy life.

第二段:你赞同“努力学习也可以快乐生活”这一观点吗? 简要阐述理由!(要表明自己的态度,还要讲讲理由)

第二段:你赞同“努力学习也可以快乐生活”这一观点吗? 简要阐述理由! (要表明自己的态度,还要讲讲理由)

It is generally believed that we can sleep better after working hard. There is no denying the fact that… Although study means that we have to spend most of our time learning something we don’t know, it will make us feel happy when we apply our new knowledge to life. Studying hard means treasuring our youth and not wasting time, which can keep a person in high spirits and lead to a busy but happy life. Even though studying is a bit boring, we can still make progress in learning, which can considerably provide

第二段:你赞同“努力学习也可以快乐生活”这一观点吗? 简要阐述理由! (要表明自己的态度,还要讲讲理由)

us with confidence. As our confidence begins to accumulate , we will feel a sense of achievement and tend to be more confident, which in turn will lead to a happier life. The reasons for that can be listed as follows: working hard means a positive attitude to life. What’s more, only by working hard can we achieve success and understand the real meaning of happy life.

第三段:举例说明你的同学是如何努力学习并保持健康乐 观的心态的?(要有例子)

Most of my friends never fail to study hard and at the same time, enjoy their life. Whenever they are wornout after hard work, they may go to the playground for some exercise. After the exercise, they return to the good mood and keep working on. My classmate, Jack, studies very hard and he also has a happy life. Jack loves literature very much and he is interested in what he is learning, so he can devote himself to studying it. There is no doubt that he is very happy with it. Jack has found his interest so he can not only study hard but also keep a positive attitude.

第三段:举例说明你的同学是如何努力学习并保持健康乐 观的心态的? (要有例子)

There are many examples in my life, who study hard and keep a healthy and positive attitude. They make themselves like learning what they learn, so that they never complain. When they feel tired of studying, they will do some exercise, like playing basketball, or jogging. Furthermore, they all like to communicate with classmates.


There is no doubt that we have a lot of homework to do in our school life, which sometimes is really dull and stressful, but if we can find out the advantages of study, keep calm and patient when we are tired out because of study, we can lead a happy life meanwhile. In my opinion, it is important to play happily when you are playing and to study attentively when you are studying. To enjoy a happy life and work hard at the same time, first, we should hold a positive attitude to our life. Then set a goal for ourselves. By setting a goal, we are one step closer to our dreams. Just as someone


says,“at no age should we be disappointed if we have a dream and is willing to work hard.” Thus, we can focus on the progress we make every day, and it is the progress that makes you happy and willing to work harder.
Obviously, a positive attitude plays a very important role while you are studying. If you love what you are studying, no matter how hard you work, you will feel it enjoyable. And you can gain the biggest happiness when you make progress. Of course, you can also find a way to relax when you feel stressed.


It is not the study that makes us tired but our unwilling minds that take us to the dark side. If we are optimistic enough to overcome the difficulties, nothing can defeat us or prevent us from enjoying a happy life.

From my point of view, to work hard as well as enjoy a happy life, we can’t be influenced by failures. All we should do is to encourage ourselves and hold a positive attitude. Communicating with friends also brings a lot of happiness. In brief, happiness comes from our minds.

1. Decide to try for a job at a radio station 2. Went to Chicago 3. Knock on the door 4. Be disappointed 5. I tried WOC radio 6. The mother said: everything happens for the best 7. A lady told me to go to small towns to find a small station 8. The program director was satisfied with me. 9. I became a sports announcer. Find the key points : While hunting for a job, the author suffered one failure after another, which made him feel very disappointed. It was his mother’s encouraging words that inspired him to go on trying until he succeeded.

When the author was upset that he couldn’t find a job after graduating, his mother encouraged him not to give up. So he kept on trying and finally became a sports announcer. The author of the passage couldn’t get a job after graduating, but he kept on trying as his mother told him when he was disappointed and finally he was hired as a sports announcer.

By telling us three stories of the famous people, in which patience plays an important role, the author shows us that being patient is a key to success as well as a virtue. Presenting the examples of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and the owner of Facebook, who became successful With their patience, the author managed to show us the great importance of patience By introducing the experiences of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and the owner of Facebook, the author wants to Tell us that patience plays an important role in success.



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