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2015 湖北高考英语完成句子宝典

2013 湖北高考英语完成句子宝典 完成句子:相似句型比较 【附答案】 1.(1) Not until I began to work________(我才认识到)how much time I had wasted.(realize) (2)It was not until I began to work___________( 我 才 认 识 到 )how much time

I had wasted.(realize) 2.(1)Only with hard work______________(你才能够指望)get a pay rise.(expect) (2)It is only with hard work______________(你才能够指望)get a pay rise.(expect) 3.(1) I am tired. I would like__________(好好休息一下).(have) (2) I am tired. I feel like__________(好好休息一下).(have) 4. (1) He is said____________(在国外学习过),but I don’t know what country he was in.(study) (2) He is said____________(正在国外学习),but I don?t know what country he is in.(study) 5. (1)The large building______(在修建)now will be a shopping center.(build) (2)The stone bridge ___________(50 年前修建的)will be pulled down.(build) (3)The large building __________(下月修建)will be an orphans? home.(build) 6.(1)All the construction work for the Olympic Games___________( 完 成 )by the end of 2006.(complete) (2) All the construction work for the Olympic Games___________(完成)by the end of 2013.(complete) 7.(1)By the time Jane got home, her aunt____________(启程去)London for a meeting.(leave) (2)By the time Jane gets home, her aunt____________(启程去)London for a meeting.(leave) 8. (1)_____________(给予更多时间),we?ll do it better.(give) (2) ____________(给予别人帮助),and you?ll feel happy.(give) 9.(1)It was_____________(天气这么好)that we went out hiking.(fine) (2)The weather was____________(天气这么好)that we went out hiking.(fine) 10.(1)___________(他们一到达就)they began to work.(hardly,arrive) (2) ___________(他们一到达就)they began to work.(no sooner,arrive) 11.(1)____________(虽然他是孩子),he knows a lot.(although) (2)____________(虽然他是孩子),he knows a lot.(as) 12.(1)The lake_________(湖很浅)that no boat can go on it.(shallow) (2) so_________(湖很浅)that no boat can go on it.(shallow) 13.(1)________________(看见这张照片),I couldn?t help thinking of my childhood.(see) (2)________________(从空中看),the earth looks like a blue ball.(see) 14. (1)with_____________(很多问题要解决),the president is having a hard time.(settle) (2)with_____________(很多问题解决了),the president feels released.(settle)

15. (1)The question remains____________(如何处理)these wastes.(do) (2)The question remains_____________(如何处理)these wastes.(deal) 16. (1)John Baird is considered_____________(发明)the first television set.(invent) (2)The first television set is considered___________(发明)by John Baird.(invent) 17. (1)I wish I ______________(指导将要发生什么) ,but I don’t.(know) (2) I wish I ______________(指导将要发生什么) ,but I didn’t.(know) 18. (1)I’m glad_________(有了一个机会)visit your country.(give) (2)I feel happy for_______(有了一个机会)visit your country.(give) 19. (1)The doctor______________(告诉她不要吃)oily food after the operation.(tell) (2)She____________(被告知不要吃)oily food after the operation.(tell) 20. (1)Tony was sorry__________(未被邀请)to the party.(invite) (2) Tony felt unhappy for____________(未被邀请)to the party.(invite) 21. (1)In my opinion, this book ___________(值得一读).(worth) (2) In my opinion, this book ___________(值得一读).(worthy) 22. (1)I remember____________(关了窗子)before I left.(close) (2)Please remember _______________(关窗子)before you leave.(close) 23. (1)_____________(停止说话),everybody.Let?s begin our class.(stop) (2)We are tired. Let?s___________(停下来休息一下).(stop) (3)We must do something __________(阻止工厂污染)this river.(stop) 24. (1)You_______________(应该特别注意)the spelling of this word.(pay) (2)Special attention_____________(应该特别注意)the spelling of this word.(pay) (3)The spelling of this word_________(应该特别注意).(pay) 25. (1)It has been five years __________(自从我来到这里).(come) (2) It was five years __________(自从我来到这里).(come) 26. (1)It is (high)time_________(你下决心).(make) (2)It is the first time_________(见到一个外国人).(meet) 答案 1. (1) did I realize (2) that I realized 2. (1)can you expect to (2)that you can expect to 3. (1)to have a good rest(2)having a good rest 4. (1)to have studied abroad (2)to be studying abroad 5. (1)being built (2)built 50 years ago (3)to be built next month

6. (1)had been completed (2)will have been completed 7. (1)had left for (2)will have left for 8. (1)Given more time (2)give others help 9. (1)such fine weather (2)so fine 10. (1) They had hardly arrived when 或 Hardly had they arrived when (2)They had no sooner arrived than 或 No sooner had they arrived than 11. (1)Although he is a child (2)Child as he is 12. (1)is so shallow (2)shallow is the lake 13. (1)seeing these photos (2)seen from space 14. (1)many problems to settle (2)many problems settled 15. (1)what to do with (2)how to deal with 16. (1)to have invented (2)to have been invented 17. (1)knew what is going to happen (2)had known what was going to happen 18. (1)to have been given (2)having been given 19. (1)tell her not to eat (2)was told not to eat 20. (1) not to have been invited (2) not having been invited 21. (1)is worth reading (2)is worthy of being read 或 is worthy to be read 22.(1)closing the windows 或 having closed the windows (2)to close the windows 23.(1)stop talking (2)stop to have a rest (3)to stop the factory from polluting 24.(1)should pay special attention to (2)special attention should be paid to (3)should be paid special attention to 25.(1)since we came here (2)since we had come here 26.(1)for you to make up your mind 或 that you made up your mind (2)have met a foreigner

一、命题特点 “完成句子”是新颖的高考题型,考察的是对语法结构的掌握,在湖北省高考英语卷中 已有 五年历史。纵观五年的考题,不难发现以下特点: 一、语法覆盖面广、 粗略统计已涉及 了 20 多种语法现象及固定句型,如 there be 句型、 it occurred to sb. that 等; 二、重 点语法反复呈现,如:10 年 71 题和 2011 年 71 题考点为倒装、10 年 72 题与 11 年 74 题 考 点为分词短语作状语、非谓语动词历年都有 2-3 题、定语从句、 倒装、 虚拟、 形容词比较级、 情 态动词加现在完成时等连续几年都有涉及到; 三、一道题目中不只考察一种语法,多种语 法现象交织在一起; 四、语境控制、答案精确客观、字数限制在五个单词以内; 五、紧密联 系教材,许多题目在教材上能找到对应的雏形,如 winning the scholarship、might have had a hand in 等; 六、对句子成分的分析是做好题目的关键,如 2011 第 80 题, _____ (比 较这两把牙刷) and you’ll find the purple one is softer. (compare),特别是分隔现 象的使用; 七、常见词汇的写法如:(scholarship,toothbrush)及不规则动词的写法必 须掌握。

二、症结诊断 笔者通过对平时学生训练的观察和高考完成句子试题分析, 发现考生失分的主要原因在 于以下几个方面: 1、句子结构知识掌握不牢,容易受英汉表达思维差异的影响。如, 写作 中通常出现类似这样的句子: There were a lot of students took part in the tree planting activity. We are very glad that our teacher is going to

teach us swim. 2、惯用 句型识别不清,如:It cost me. 很多考生审题不能将汉语提示和英语部分结合考虑, 也没有考虑 到 cost 的主语不能是人, 其过去时和过去分词均为 cost, 所以才出现 I cost, I costed 等错误。 惯用句型是 完成句子的热点之一,考生学习中要注意分析和掌握常用句型。 3、复合宾语结构混淆, 特别是使役动词 have、 make, let, leave 等; 此外还有感官动词 see, watch, notice?+ sb / sth + do /doing 的用法和区别都是高考完成句子的重中之 重。 4、语态表达差异牵制,题目中有意识的不提“被”字, 考生要注意判断。有时汉语不 提“被”字,不等于英 语不使用被动;相反汉语习惯用被动时,英语却习惯不用被动。 5、语序表达习惯冲突, 语序习惯不同是历来高考的焦点之一。 考生尤其要注意英语中与汉语思 维相冲 突的表达方式。 6、语气表达形式影响,英语中(虚拟)语气形式与汉语不一样,是 通过动词的不同形式表示的。如情态 动词表示过去的推测,虚拟条件句的动词形式,表示建 议、命令、要求等的动词后面的动词形式都是有 差别的。 7、比较对象偷换缺失,有时汉语 省略的东西,英语却不能;而英语省略的东西,汉语往往不省略,考生 需要提防此类错误。 通过对历年高考完成句子试题分析以及对考生失分的主要原因的诊断, 笔者将完成 句子 中所涉及的重点、难点、热点语法现象归纳如下: 三、考点归纳 I.动词的时态和语态 (NMET2011 湖北卷 77 题) 1.动词时态语态往往与其它语法融合在一起 The news ___________________________(房价将要下跌)has caused many people to sell their houses at lower price.(fall) This is the only one of the regions __________(遭 受攻击)by the earthquake last year.(attack) 2.Already、 just、 yet、 never、 lately、 recently、 in/during/over+ the last/past+ 时间、 since 、 up to now、 so far、for+一段时间、in recent years 等表示现在完成时 的时间状语;by+过去时间、by the time+过去时 间、before+过去时间、by the end of + 过去时间等表示过去完成时的时间状语;by+将来时间表示将来完成 时的句子。 We Chinese do take pride in ______________(我们取得的成就)in the last ten years.(achieve) Mother wanted to be a good provider ,a role _______________________(她一直肩 负着)since her marriage to father.(shoulder) By the time the police conclude the investigation, the truth of the murder ______________________( 会水落石出) (light) ______________________________(有巨大的增长)in the number of tele-workers in recent years and by 2100 it will have risen to 85%.(growth) 3.经常考查现在进行时的被动语态 现在进行时表示一种赞扬或评的感情色彩, 现在进 行时表示将来时 用于一些位移发生改变的词语; 经常考查过去进行时以及被动语态; 将来进 行时表示在将来的某个时 刻正要发生的动作,如 at this time tomorrow、this time next week。 ---Has Li Lei finished his work? ---I have no idea, but he ___________________(做实验)when I saw him this morning.(conduct) This time tomorrow, we_________(在听)a lecture by a visiting professor from aboard.(listen) 4.For+一段时间若表示的在过去发生的动作, 和现在没有联系时只能用过去时。 ----You speak good French! ----Thanks. I__studied· ___________(学过法语)in Sichuan University for four years.(study) 5.时间、 条件状语从句中通常用现在时表示将来时; 祈使句加 and、 or 再加上将来时 的句子。If the building project to be completed by the end of this month ____________(推 迟),the construction company will be

fined.(delay) ___________(产生问题)if you don’t know enough about the mountain you are climbing.(arise) 6.主动形式表示被动意义 系动词 look、feel、sound、smell、taste、seem、appear、go、prove、turn(颜色、 数字、 零冠词的名词) +形容词或者名词; 表示主语的某种属性的词:read、 write、 act、 cut、 draw、 drive、 sell、 wash、 clean、 wear/open、 cook、 lock、 shut 等。 door won’ lock. This The t coat dries easily. The plan worked out wonderfully. The engine won’t start. The pen writes smoothly. A product__________________________(会更畅销)if promoted with a slogan. 答案:that house price will fall down; that was attacked; what we have achieved; she has been shouldering; will have come to light; there has been a huge growth; was conducting an experiment; will be listening to ; studied; is delayed; Problems will arise; will sell better. II.非谓语动词(NMET2011 湖北卷 72、73、74 题) 1.过去分词做状语是一般位于句首, 而且该动词和句子的主语之间存在逻辑上的动宾关 系;某些过去分 词已经被形容词化了,往往用于系表结构中,既不表示被动也不表示完成只 表示一种状态。如:lost 、 seated、 absorbed、dressed in、tired of(厌倦)、hidden (躲)等,不管做什么成分都不用 ing 形式。 _______________________(专心读书), didn’ notice me enter the room.(absorb) he t 2.现在分词作状语时, 该动词和句子的主语之间存在逻辑上的主谓关系。 Doing 表示一 般性动作或者正在 进行的动作;having done 则表示发生在谓语动作之前的动作,通常有表 示完成的时间状语,Not 必须放 在 V-ing 之前。 Dina, __________________(奔波)for months to find a job as a waitress, finally took a position at a local advertising agency.(struggle) When ____________________________(比较不同的文化),we often pay attention to the differences without noticing the many similarities.(compare) ______________________________(没有完全康复)from the operation,the patient was advised to stay in hospital for other two weeks.(recover) 3.Ving 作主语相当于一个名词,有被动 being done 和否定 not doing/not being done 的形式。 Ving 作宾语 常放在 admit、 appreciate、 avoid、 can’t help、 delay、 escape、imagine、 suggest、 be devoted to、 be accustomed/used to、 look forward to、 object to、 lead to、 insist on、 make a contribution to、 get down to、 can’t stand、 have difficulty (in)、have a good time (in) 等,若表示被动就用 being done 的形式。动词 need、 want、require 表 示需要时后面加 Ving 的主动形式表示被动意义,be worth 也是如此。 _____________________(解雇)by one company doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no way to support yourself.(lay) ____________________(暴露于)sunlight for too much time will do harm to one’ s skin.(expose) Can you imagine what difficulty people had this year ______________(抵 抗)several natural disasters?(resist) 4.过去分词作宾补时,句中的宾语和动词之间存在动宾关系;现在分词做宾补时,动词 和宾语之间存在主 谓关系;不定式做宾补表示将来。 With many books ________________(出版),he became more and more famous.(come) With_____________________________(如此多的工作充斥着)my mind,I am stressed out.(fill) Lucy was much annoyed to find the computer ________________________(她让人修 理了)several times broke down again when she returned to her office and got down to her work.(repair) Keeping the mind _______________________(充满着任务) - no matter how meaningless - staves off (避开)negative emotions, the study found.(occupy) 5.当我们确定是非谓语作定语时,必须判断动词和所修饰的名词的关系(若是动

宾关 系,过去分词表被动或者完成,being done 表示正在被做,to be done 表示将要被做)。 I’m not sure if I can attend the wedding ceremony ____________________(举行)at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.(hold) There were many talented actors out there just ______________________(等待被 发现( ) discover) Many buildings in the city need repairing,but the one __________________ (首 先要修的)is the library.(repair) Play ,often ____________________(视为一种活动)for younger children,is still important in the social development of teenagers.(see) I’m afraid we’ll have to work extra hours,for there are still some problems________________________ (剩下要解决)(remain) Teleworking means people save time previously ______________________________-(花在旅行上班)and allows them to be more flexible in working hours.(spend) 6.have sth done=get sth done 表示让某事由被人去做 have sth done 还可以表示主语遭受了某 种情况 have sb/sth doing 表示让某人、某物持续地做某事 get sb/sth doing 表示使某人、物开始行动起来 have sb do =get sb to do 表示让某人去做某事 have sth to do 主语有事需要自己做 have sth to be done 主语 有事需要别人来完成 答案:absorbed in a book;having struggled; comparing different cultures; Not having fully recovered; Being laid off; Being exposed to; resisting; coming out; so much work filling; she had had repaired; occupied with tasks; to be held; waiting to be discovered; to be repaired first; seen as an activity; remaining to be settled; spent travelling to work. III.名词性从句——主语、宾语、表语、同位语从句 (NMET2011 湖北卷 76 题) 1.that 和 what 的区别:当从句意义完整,不缺任何成分时,往往选 that;而 what 意 为“??的(东西)”在从句中作主语、宾语、表语。 News came from the school office _________________(他已被录取)Beijing university.(admit) She is very dear to us .We have been prepared to do ______________________ (不 惜一切代价)to save her life.(take) _______________________(他说了)something improper at the meeting surprised all of us.(say) 2.if 只能引导宾语从句 whether 和可以引导主语、表语、同位语从句。 The patient’s son asked the doctor the question _______________________(他 的父亲是否会幸免)the big operation.(survive) 3.名词性从句中的虚 拟语气 After the Philippines hostage-taking incident ,the Chinese government demanded that the problems referred to __________________________(特别注意)(pay) The order came that the medical supplies ____________________________(送 往)Yunnan for the victims there.(send) 4.It doesn’t matter to sb +how/whether??或者 It makes no difference to sb +how/whether??结构中的主语从句不能提到句首。 5.名词 性从句的分隔现象 Nobody believed his reason for being absent from the class ________________ (他 不得 不)meet his uncle at the airport.(have) 答案:that he had been admitted to; whatever it takes; That he said; whether his father would survive; should be paid special attention to ; should be sent to; that he had to . IV.情态动 词和虚拟语气(NMET2011 湖北卷 75 题) 1.区别不同的情态动词的意思特别是 will、 would “会” must 、 “一定” can’ couldn’ t、 t“不可能”should“竟然、按道理来说应该如此” Mike ______________________(肯定 不在打扫)the classroom now. I saw him playing basketball on the playground a moment ago.(clean) I can’t imagine _______________________(竟然短缺)of water in Yunlan ,the southwest of China where there used to be adequate rain.(shortage) This kind of kite made of silk _____________ (不容易撕破), so don’t worry about it.(tear) 2.对过去的动作进行推测用情态动词+have done 的形式; 对过去正在进行的动作进行 推测 用情态动词+have been doing 的形式; 对现在正在进行的动作推测用情态动词+be doing 的形式。 3.含 must 的反意疑问句,当 must 表示推测时不能用 must 引导反意疑问句。对现在的 动作进行推测则用表 示现在时的助动词来引导;当句中有 must have done 的形式且后面又 有表示过去的时间状语,此时用表 示过去时的助动词来引导;当句中有 must have done 的 形式且后面没有表示过去的时间状语,此时用 have、 has 来引导。 You must have watched that football match last night,________________?(不是 吗( ) you) He can speak Spanish very fluently .He must have learned the language before,____________(不是吗)? (he) 4.

名词性从句中含有“坚持、命令、建议、要求”时 insist、order、command、advise、 propose 、demand、 desire、request、require、urge、recommend 以及这些词的名词形式, 用 should 也可省表示虚拟语气。 Representatives attending Copenhagen Conference recommended that _______________________ (采取严厉措 施)to reduce carbon emission.(take) 5.If 引导的从句中含有 should、had、were 可以省略 if 将 should、had、 were 提到句 首 It’s a pity that he failed the exam. If he ____________________(更加注意)his handwriting, he would have done better.(concentrate) If ____________(不采取有效措施),we would have lost all our tropical forests by 2100.(take) 6.would rather+从句用虚拟语气 当表示于现在或者将来事实相反时用过去时 若表示 与过去事实相反的 则用过去完成时 Do you feel like dining out for a change or would you rather we two __________(吃 晚饭)at home?(have) 7.含蓄条件句 without, with, but for, otherwise 等。 ---Why didn’t you tell him the possible danger ? ---But__________________________(我能做什么)otherwise?He never listens to me.(do) Last Friday’s charity pop concert was a great success as a whole .Actually we _________________________ (会满 意)with half of the money collected.(satisfied) It was vital to choose exactly the right place to cut or the diamond________(本 来可能成为碎片( ) break into) 8.主从句时态不一致 ——The weather has been very hot and dry. ——Yes. If it had rained even a drop ,things ______________________ (就会 更好)now!My vegetables wouldn’t have died.(be) 答案: can’t be cleaning;there should be a shortage; won’t tear easily;didn’t you;hasn’t he;strict measures should be taken;had concentrated more on;no effective measures were taken; had dinner; what could I have done; would have been satisfied; could have broken into pieces; would be better. V.定语从句 1.介词+关系代词的宾语只能是 which 或 whom; 复合介词+which 引导时, 往往用逗号隔 开,用倒装语序;of +which/whom 表示“其中”前面还可以加 some、many、most、half、 80%、等;the+ 名词+of +which/whom=whose+名词。 In the dark street,there wasn’t a single person to_____________(她能 求助) for help.(turn) Look out! Don’t get close to the house ,________________________(其屋顶正在 修理)(repair) His younger brother teaches in a secondary school , in front of ___________ (流淌着一条小河).(flow) A lot of problems came up at the meeting last night,_________________(我 们还未发现) the solution.(find) There are 51 students in class Three,______________________(没有谁失败)in the exam.(fail) 2.关系词的选择主要根据先行词在从 句中所作的成分。 当表示时间地点原因的先行词在 从句中不作状语时,关系词不能用 when、where、 why,只能用 that、which。特殊的先行词 case、point、situation、circumstances、scene、activity、position 关系词用 where; stage、occasion 用 when。 She is the only one of the girls in our class______________________(通过了)the interview.(pass) My mother was so proud of all __________________(我所做的)that she rewarded me with a trip to Beijing.(do) Occasions are quite rare ____________________(我有时间) to spend a day with my kids.(time) Mr Green stood up in the defense of 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one __________________(该责备)(blame) 3.关系词 as 引导的 定语从句常用在句首用逗号隔开;也用在 such+名词+as?..和 the same +名词+as??的句型中作主语、宾语、 表语。 As a teacher ,I never give my students so difficult a problem ___________(他 们不会做的).(do) As__________________________(我谈过的)many times on the subjects, some point at you need a reliable partner to do this job.(talk) It’s likely that such a question, if it can be called a question, _______________________ (你提的), can’t be answered by any human beings. (raise) 答案:whom she could turn; whose roof/the roof of which is being repaired; which flows a small river; to which we haven’t found; none of whom failed; who has passed; I had done; when I have time; who was to blame; as they can’t do ; I have talked about ; as you raise. VI. 倒装(NMET2011

湖北卷 71 题) 1.表语位于句首其倒装结构为“表语+连系动词+主语” _______________________(出席会议 的)some scientists from China.(present) 2.否定词位于句首 never、 not、 hardly、 little、 seldom、 rarely、 at no time、 in no case、by no means、on no condition 等。 The customers were so angry that they demanded that in no case ____________________(公司推迟)the goods ordered three months ago.(delay) ---why can’t we smoke here? ---At no time ______________________(允许吸烟)in the meeting room.(permit) Don’t be rude to your father .Never in his life _______________________(对 他说话)in that way up to now.(speak) Little ___________________________(妈妈禁止我)to do whatever I like except when I play computer games long.(forbid) 3.so、as、neither、nor 用于句首表示前面所说的情况也适用于另一个人或者事物, 句型为: as、so、neither、nor+be/助动词/情态动词 ——Peter looks sleepy. ——_________________________(你也会 的)if you had a fever.(so) Since my return to China,I haven’t seen my host mother in America, nor________________________(未收到她来信)(hear) 4.so??that??和 such??that??句型中,如果 so 或 such 引导的部分位于句首 时,主句中的主语和谓语要部 分倒装。 So difficult ________________________(我发现)to work out the problem that I decided to ask Tom for advice.(find) 5.表示地点的介词短语位于句首时句子完全倒装。 On the table _______________________(有一只旧信封),which contains many photos.(lie) 答案:Present at the meeting were; should company delay; is smoking permitted; has he been spoken to; does mother forbid me; so would you; have I heard from her; did I find it ; lies an old envelope. VII、 形容词、副词等级和倍数 1.as+形容词+a (an) +名词+as 表示同级比较, 注意形容词和名词的位置。 It’s generally believed that teaching is ______(同样是一门艺术) as it is a science.(much) Believe it or not,swimming is ___________________________(像??一样好的方 式)as any to lose unwanted weight.(way) 2.表示“两者中较?? 的”用 the+比较级 There are two tables in the room ,__________(其中较大的一个作为)the dining table(serve as) 3.“越??就??越??”用 the+比较级??the+比较级 The more careful you are, ____________________________ 你犯的错误会越少)make) ( ( The more carefully you prepare, ___________________________ (你花的时间越少) (take) The more ways you have of looking at a problem, ___________________________ (越有可能)that we can find solutions.(likely) 4.否定式谓语加比较级有最高级的含义 ——Are you satisfied with what he said at the meeting? ——No. It_______________________________(不可能再差了). (be) 5.no+比较级+than 表示两者都不 Your proposal is ________________________than his.(同他的一样没有道理) (reasonable) The X-games are ________________________(较不为我们熟悉) than sports like football and basketball.(familiar) 6.比较级 +than+ any other +单数名词 表示比任何别的都??(把自己要除外) 7.倍数+as +many+可数名词+as 或者倍数+as +much+不可数名词+as If the student had spent ____________________________________(一半的时间在学 习上)as he did in copying ,he would have passed it.(time) 8.A is+倍数+what 引导的名词性短语 A is +倍数+that+of +B The output of this year is __________________________(三倍)2008(times) Our total income of 2010 was ____________________(三倍)in 2000.(what) 9.倍数+比较级+than+ that 或者 倍数+as+形容词/副词 +as+that 现的名词 Ten years ago the village’s population was __________________________ (是他 们村庄的 两倍)(large) 10.倍数+the +length/width/height/weight/size+of 答案:as much an art; as good a way; the large of which serves as; the fewer mistakes you will make; the less time it will take you; the more likely it is ; couldn’t have been worse;no more reasonable;less familiar to us;half as much that 代替上文出

time studying; three times that of; three times what it was; twice as large as that of their village; twice large than that of their village. VII.it 的用法 (NMET2011 湖北卷 77 、78 题) 1.it 作形式主语或者形式宾语时,真正的主语或者宾语可以由不定式或者从句充当。 Five hours is __________________(所需要的时间)for you to travel from BJ to Shanghai.(take) He ____________________(没有弄清楚)when and where the meeting would be held.(make??clear) This organization ________________________(已经使之成为一项制度)that all motorcycle helmets must be checked before use.(make) It’s already 11:00. I wonder _________________________ (怎么回事) that she was two hours later on such a short trip.(come) We don’t consider _________________________(他们有必要)to buy a new flat since they have such a nice one to live in it.(necessary) 2.强调句型 强调句型中插入一个定语从句;当回答特 殊疑问句时, 有时省略 that 后面的内容; 注 意强调句型和状语从句的区别。 It was at the church ______(我 领你参观的) last weekend that the accident took place. (show) ----Where was the wedding ceremony held? ----It was in the church ___________________(我们见面)for the first time. It was the computer which broke down half way _____________________(该责备)for the loss of all my files.(blame) I still wonder _________________(是什么)let him down badly. Shall we go and comfort him?(it) Was it midnight________________________(火灾发生时)(break) 3、it 表示时间的句型 It will(not) be +一段时间(long)+before+现在时句子表示要过或者过不了多久 It was (not)+一段时间(long)+before+ 过去时的句子表示过了或者没有过多久 It is/has been +一段时间+since+过去时的句子 有多久了; 若是持续 性的动作则表示动作已经结束了。 It’s the first time+现在完成时的句子 It was the first time+过去完成时的 句子 4、It??that??和 sb/sth ??to??的句型的转换 It’s reported that??= sb/sth be reported to??(若表过去的动 作用 have done 的形式) believe/likely/seem/known/happen 等用法同上 瞬间的动作表示自从做某事已经 Studies show that ___________________(人们更有可能)suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours.(likely) The mudslide is reported ____________(已夺去)more than 1,400 lives in Zhouqu County.(claim) Your sister is said _______________________________(粗暴对待)in the supermarket when she was doing shopping yesterday.(treat) 5、固定句型 I hate it when people talk with their mouth full. I can’t help it if he is always late. I would appreciate it if you could give me a hand. Please come whenever ___________________(你方便的时候).(convenient) 答案:what it takes;didn’t make it clear;has made it a rule;how it came about; it necessary for them; (which) I showed you around;where we met; that was to blame; what it was that;when the fire broke out;people are more likely to; to have claimed ;to have been badly treated;it is convenient to you.



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