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高中英语Unit 2 Healthy eating Reading PPT课件1

Unit2 Healthy eating

Yong Hui

Wang Peng

Fast Reading
Read the text very quickly and find out:

What different places are mentioned(提及) in the


Wang Peng’s restaurant


Para 1 part2
Li Hui’s restaurant

Para (2- 3)


At the library

Para 4

Listen to the tape and find out the main idea of this passage.

Wang Peng and Yong Hui serve different diets/food their restaurants. _________________in The foods in Wang Peng’s make people fat while the foods in Yong Hui’s _____ thin/slim make people _________.

Careful Reading ---Part 1
1.How did Wang Peng feel at the restaurant?Why? He felt very frustrated. There’s no customer in his restaurant on that morning.

Wang Peng’s restaurant. 2.Li Chang used to eat in_____________ How about now? He was going to another restaurant to eat.

3.When Wang Peng thought “nothing could be better”, he means____
A. B. C. D. His food and drinks were the best. His food and drinks were the worst. His food should be improved. He could do nothing with his food

The main idea for part 1
Wang Peng is worried because his restaurant is not as full as it usually was.

Careful Reading ---Part 2

1. What did Wang Peng see when he followed Li Chang?
He saw a sign at the door of a new small restaurant.

2. What made Wang Peng go into the new restaurant?


3. What is Wang Peng’s impression(印象) on Yong Hui’s restaurant? A. All the customers in it were very thin. B. It was too small and too noisy. C. The food in it was very nice and better D. There was so little food but the price was much higher.

The main idea for part 2
He follows his friend to a newly opened restaurant which is very popular.

Careful Reading ---Part 3 1. What did Wang Peng find at the library? he found his food had too much fat and Yong Hui’s too little. 2.True or False? Correct! ●Wang Peng felt hopeless after going out of the library. F
hopeful ●He decided to copy Yong Hui’s sign. F rewrite a new begin and continue.

T ●The competition between the two restaurants would

The main idea for part 3
Worried, he does some research to win his customers back.


Wang Peng’s

Yong Hui’s


kebabs, ____________, roast pork Stirfried rice fried vegetables,_________, rice ______,raw vegetables, beef Mutton,__________and fruit ________ bacon _________

drinks price

water _____ cola and ice cream only________ cheap expensive thin make people_________ energetic People become_____


Not enough energy-giving Weakness Serve too much _____ _____________food, fat so people become tired quickly ________

Discuss in pairs Who will win the competition at last ?

Discuss in pairs

Think of a way to put an end to the competition .

Summarise the main idea of text
frustrated in an empty restaurant Wang Peng felt __________ customers have come to his restaurant because no _________ ever since he got up early in the morning. He wanted followed Li Chang to find out why. He hurried out and _______ into a newly-opened restaurant. He found that the owner named Yong Hui was serving ____________ slimming/fiber curiosity foods to make people thin. Driven by ________, forward to take a close look at the Wang Peng came _______ believe his eyes. He was menu. He could not even _______ amazed at what he saw. He hurried outside and ________ library to do some ________. research After a went to the _______ realized that Yong Hui’s food made lot of reading, he _______ tired quickly because it was no people become _____ ___________ energy-giving food. Arriving home Wang Peng rewrote his own sign. The competition _________ between the two restaurants was on!

1. What do you think Wang Peng will provide to win his customers back? ● Wang Peng will offer more protective food with his meals such as salad. ● He will cook his food in less oil.

● He will stop serving ice cream and cola
because both of those have too much fat or


2. How do you think the story will end? ● Wang Peng will lose his restaurant. ● Yong Hui will come to his restaurant and become very angry with him. ● Yong Hui’s customers will become so tired that they will return to Wang Peng’ restaurant.

一 确定分词形式

分词作状语时,通常放在句首,并且用逗号与主句隔开。 同时,分词作状语时其逻辑主语与主句主语应保持一致, 也就是说在确定选择现在分词还是过去分词时, 要判断主句主语与分词中心词的关系。 如果句子的主语是动词-ing形式所表示的动作的发出者(即表主动 或正在进行),分词形式选用现在分词; 如果句子的主语是动词-ed形式所表示的动作的承受者时 (即表被动或完成),分词形式选用过去分词。 1. _______, I stretched my hand out for it. A. I saw the book I wanted on the shell B. The book I wanted was on the shell C. Seeing the book lying across the desk D. Lying on the desk 2. Seen from the hill, the park looks very beautiful.

确立句子主语可能是谁时,仍然遵循分词作状语时其逻辑主 语与主句主语应保持一致的原则。 反过来要根据分词形式确立句子主语。

Having been attacked by terrorists, _________. A. doctors came to their rescue B. the tall building collapsed C. an emergency measure was taken D. warning were given to tourists

三. 独立主格结构 分词作状语时其逻辑主语与主句主语应保持一致,但当分词逻辑主语与主语不一致时, 分词要有自己独立的逻辑主语,这种主语常常是名词或代词, 置于动词-ing形式或动词-ed形式之前。 这种名词/代词+动词-ing/动词-ed结构在语法上被称为独立主格结构。 此时分词形式的选择取决于名词/代词与v-ing/v-ed形式所表示动作的逻辑关系, 如果它们之间表示主动或分词动作正在进行,选择现在分词, 如果它们之间表示被动或完成,选择过去分词。 1, 名词/代词+动词-ing 例:Spring coming on, the trees turned green. 2,名词/代词+动词-ed 例:The question settled, they felt released. 3,with/without+名词/代词+动词-ing/-ed 例:With the tree grown tall, we get more shade. Our school looks beautiful with the flowers coming out. The battle was over without a shot being fired.

四.分词作状语时,相当于一个状语从句。 例:______weight, the doctor has warned me to keep off sugar. A. I’m putting on B. Having put on C. As I’m gaining D. To gain Weather permitting(=If weather permits), they will go on an outing to the beach tomorrow.

英语中一些特殊的分词可用作独立成分,不需要逻辑主语。这种无依着动词形式结构 已经成为固定用法。 常见的不需要逻辑主语的动词-ing/-ed形式结构:

Considering (that)…考虑到 supposing (that)… 如果…… generally speaking 一般说来 frankly speaking 坦白说 Judging from… 从…判断 talking of… 说到…… Concerning… 关于 setting aside... 除开…… Coming to… 谈到 …… allowing for... 考虑到…… Proving/provided (that)…假定 supposing/suppose (that)…假如…… Seeing (that)… 既然 …… given (that)… 假设;如果;考虑到 put frankly 坦白地说 taken as a whole 总的说来

1. Put frankly, I don’t agree with what he said. 坦白地说,我不同意他说的话。 2. Given the general state of his health, it may take him a while to recover from the operation. 考虑到他的一般身体状况,他手术后恢复过来可能需要一 段时间。 3. Supposing he is ill, who will do the work? 假如他病了,谁来做这工作呢?

1._______with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean D does not seem big at all. A. Compare B. When comparing C. Comparing D. When compared 2. When first ______to the market, these products enjoyed B great success. A. introducing B. introduced C. introduce D. being introduced A out of the 3. “We can’t go out in this weather,” said Bob, _____ window. A. looking B. to look C. looked D. having looked 4. _____ A the interview, the manage went to his office, _____ by the interviewer. A. Having finished, followed B. Finished, followed C. Finishing, following D. Being finished, being following 5. Finding her car stolen, _____. D A. a policeman was asked to help B. the area was searched thoroughly C. It was looked for everywhere D. she hurried to a policeman for help Key: 1-5 DBAAD

Now you are a reporter of the New York Health Magazine, and you are interested in chinese food .You found Li Chang and are ready to interview him for more information. You can ask him like this:

What’s your favorite food

●Which ●

meal do you think is the most important?

In which restaurant do you usually eat?

●why ●…

do you like eating in that restaurant?(food, price) ●Do you care about a balanced diet when choosing food to eat?


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