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unit 1 caring for our mother earth

大学体验英语 综合教程 第三版 3

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大学英语 3 64 (每周 4 学时)


Unit 1 Caring for Our Earth Passage A Frog Story
I Pre-reading
1. Lead-in
Lead-in Questions (group work) 1. How do you think about the relationship between humans and other animals? 2. Can you mention some of the endangered species? Sun Bear; Tibetan Antelope; Flamingo; Golden/Snub-nosed; Monkey 3. Try to predict what would happen to the author and the tree frog. 4. Why does the frog prefer to stay in the studio rather than in the greenhouse? 5. Why are frogs called an ―indicator species?‖ 6. What does the story imply to you?

2. Background Information
1) Tree Frog: Also known as tree toad, tree frog refers to a family of small to medium-sized frogs, found in temperate and tropical areas throughout the world. Most tree frogs have expanded disks on their toes that enable them to cling to surfaces. Body color ranges from brown and gray to green. They eat mainly insects. The gray tree frog is common throughout the eastern United States. 2) Wisconsin: Wisconsin is a state in the north central United States, south of Lake Superior and east of Minnesota. Its total area is 169 642 sq km. The name of the state comes from an Ojibwa [?u'd?ibwei, -w?] 奥吉布瓦 (印第安族之一) Native American tribe) Indian word that may mean ―gathering of (a the waters‖ or ―place of the beaver 海狸;海狸皮毛,‖ first applied to the Wisconsin River. Wisconsin is known as the Badger State because many of the first settlers were miners who lived underground like badgers. The capital is Madison. Wisconsin ranks 18th in population (5 169 677 by 1997 estimate) among the 50 states and is an important state in terms of the value of its manufacturing. Wisconsin remains a leading dairy state, accounting for about 14% (1999) of U.S. milk and 27% (1999) of U.S. milk and 27% (1999) of the nation’s output of cheese. Despite Wisconsin’s many lakes, ponds, and rivers, drought –especially in summer –can be a serious problem. 3) Global Trends

Global Climate Trends The main drive behind climate change is the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Its level has risen by a third since the industrial revolution started in the 1760s. As CO2 has built up, so temperature has risen. The main culprits behind increasing CO2 levels are burning fossil fuels and deforestation. The US alone pumps out a quarter of the world’s CO2 emission. ? Global Pollution Trends If the number of cars keeps increasing at the present rate, there will be more than a billion on the road by 2025. Today, motor vehicles put out 900 million tons of carbon dioxide a year—about 15 percent of our total output. More vehicles will mean more global warming. Also by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s people will live in cities, so traffic jams and pollution will loom large in most people’s lives. ? Global Population Trends Never has the pressure on the world’s resources been so great. Over the next 20 years, the global population is expected to grow by a quarter – that’s an extra 1.5 billion mounts to feed. Water is also under pressure as never before. Today, some 500 million people do not have enough water. By 2025, that number is expected to hit 2.5 billion. 4) Ecosystem All the animals and plants in a particular area, and the way in which they relate to each other and to their environment such as a forest or a coral reef, and the physical parts of the environment that affect them. Ecology is the study of the relationships among plants, animals, people, and their environment and the balance among these relationships. An ecologist may study the behavior of individuals. Among the characteristics studied would be the food-gathering techniques of individuals, the survival adaptations against predation, etc.

II While Reading
1. Skim It: Read passage A within a couple of minutes and try to tell: 1) What is the text about? Reference Key: The author who works with environmental topics is surprised when a tree frog takes up residence in his studio. He finally realizes that the tree frog is to remind him of his responsibilities to protect the environment. 2) What is the author’s purpose in writing this story? Reference Key: He wants to encourage readers to fight against pollution. 2.Scan It – Find Key Words (group work) Comprehensive Questions on Page 21 3.Review It – Retell the passage (individual work) Directions: Go over passage A quickly and try to remember the main content of the story within 2 minutes.

Close your book; try to retell the story to your partner. 4. Language Point 1) odd: a. strange or unexpected eg: Separately the skirt and jacket are fine, but they look a bit odd together. That's odd (= surprising) - I'm sure I put my keys in this drawer and yet they're not here 2) atop: pre. on top of something a- (prefix) ---in, on, at, by, with, to... eg: asleep ahead aside abreast 3) figure: v. to think or judge eg: We figured (that) you'd want to rest after your journey. figure out: to understand or to find the answer to (something) by thinking eg: Can you figure out how to open this box? 4) overtake: vt. to catch up with; draw even or level with ? The car overtook the truck. ? After only two years in the American market, their US sales have now overtaken their sales in Europe. to come upon unexpectedly; take by surprise ? The family was overtaken by tragedy several years ago, and they still haven't recovered. ? She was overtaken by grief when her husband died. 5) for the sake of / for one’s sake: for the purpose of ;for the benefit of ? For the sake of your safety, please fasten your seatbelt. ? Some students would make notes on their textbooks for convenience’s sake. 6) survive: v. remain alive in spite of many difficulties and dangers ? They were very lucky to survive the accident ? According to the Theory of Evolution, only the fittest animals survive. 7) subtle: a. 1)slight as to be difficult to detect or analyze ○ Her whole attitude had had a subtle change. ○ There are subtle differences in meaning between these two words. 2) crafty or sly; ? I fall for that subtle plot every time! 3) able to make fine distinctions 理解;解决

? An artist has subtler awareness of color values than an ordinary person. 5. Difficult Sentences 1) I also have a tree frog that has taken up residence in my studio. ? I also have a tree frog that has come to live in my studio. 2) I was suddenly overtaken by an urge to know why he was there in the greenhouse, where I figured he’d live a happier frog life. ? Suddenly I had a strong urge to know why he was there and not in the greenhouse, where I thought he’d live a happier frog life. 6. Summary of text In this story the author who works with environmental topics is surprised when a tree frog takes up residence in his studio. Puzzled at first by the frog’s apparent preference for the studio rather than a greenhouse attached to the cabin, one day the author seems to make telepathic contact with the animal. At first he seems to understand that the frog is attracted by the sound of the computer that resembles the sounds made by other tree frogs, but then he starts to realize that the frog is there to remind him of his responsibilities to protect the environment.

III. Post-reading
1. Exercise Analysis Page 9-12 2. Sentence Structure Page 12-13 3. Reading Skills Practice Page 20-21 3. Writing Page 23-25 Suppose you are going to write a letter to the local government. In this letter you should state the following points: 1. how serious the pollution problem is 2. giving some suggestions 4. Home-Reading: Section B



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