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Unit one Friendship
Warming up

I have a good friend. He\She is honest, brave and clever, …

Please describe your best friend!

He/ she is ordinary-looking

, good-looking,

handsome, pretty, beautiful, generous,

strong, brave, friendly, kind, easygoing,
honest, helpful, trusty, funny, loyal,

smart, hard-working, wise, clever,
warm-hearted, cool-headed, dutiful, happy, understanding, poor, rich etc.













? 1 be good to sb. ? 2 make the following survey ? 3 see a film with a friend ? 4 help sb.(to)do sth. ? 5 get sth. repaired ? 6 be upset ? 7 ignore sb./ sth. ? 8 calm sb. down ? 9 have got to ? 10 be concerned about

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

11 go on holiday 12 take care of 13 walk the dog 14 be careless 15 get loose 16 be hit by a car 17 take the dog to the vet ? 18 take the end-of-term exam ? 19 cheat in the exam ? 20 should have studied hard.

add v. 加,增加,加起来,补充 1 If the tea is too strong, add some more hot water. please______________________. 如果茶太浓,再加点开水.

2 “I don’t believe it.” he added.
他补充说: “我不相信.” _____________________________

①add…to…给…加上 ②add to增加,添加 ③add up合计,加起来 ④add up to总计达,总共有

(1)Will you add more sugar _____________? to the coffee (2)His whole school education___________ added up to only one year. .

be concerned about sth.对…关心,担心 =be concerned for/ over sth. be concerned with/ in sth. 从事,参与,干涉

1 我们都担心着她的安全.

concerned about / for her safety. We are all ______________________________________.
2 他参与了那项计划.

is concerned in/with/about__that plan. He ____________________________ 3 As far as I am concerned, I agree with what you said. 就…而言,对…来说

2 while walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car.
While (you are) walking the dog,you …… 过马路时要小心。 Be careful while/when crossing the ____________________________________. street.

_____________________________________. Please get in touch with me in time, if necessary.

be concerned about / for… be concerned with…


The survey is concerned with honesty. 与…有关,涉及
The parents are concerned about the health of their son. as far as sb. is concerned= in one’s opinion 就某人而言, 在某人看来

As far as I am concerned, the price of oil will continue
to increase.

归纳总结 be concerned with sth.和……有关 be concerned about sth.担心/关心某事 即学即用 A This novel was concerned_____the Second World War,while most teenagers are more concerned______the hero’s love story. A.with;about B.with;at C.for;about D.about;with

6.should have done
本来应该做某事 (而实际没做, 含有责备的意味) should not have done 本来不该做某事 (而实际已做) 1). You are late. You ________________________________. (早五分钟来) 2). He looks upset. I _________________________________. (本不该告诉他这个 坏消息)

should have come five minutes earlier

shouldn’t have told him the bad news

n.欺骗,骗子 ,欺骗手段 vt.&vi 欺骗,骗取,欺诈,作弊 cheat sb( out) of sth 骗取某人的某物 cheat sb into doing 骗某人做 cheat at/in 作弊,作假,行骗 *He was caught cheating in the exam. 他考试作弊时被当场抓获。 8. list n.目录;名单;一览表 vt.列举 eg. I must make a list of things to buy.我得列个购物单 。 我得列个购物单。I must list the things to buy.
7. cheat

make a list of = list

UNIT 1 Friendship

Anne Frank

? 安妮· 弗兰克,德国犹太少女,1929年6月12日出生于德国 法兰克福市,父亲奥图· 法兰克(Otto Frank),家中还有 母亲艾迪斯(Eddith Frank)和姐姐玛格(Margot Frank)。 1945年3月死于贝尔根-贝尔森集中营(Bergen-Belsen concentration camp),她的《安妮日记》成为第二次大 战期间纳粹消灭犹太人的最佳见证,日记中展现了惊人的 勇气与毅力。

? 二十世纪四十年代纳粹德国统治 欧洲大部分地区,德国纳粹政策 之一是对犹太人残酷迫害,包括 杀害、送到集中营强迫劳动、驱 逐出欧洲等。
? 安妮处于恶劣的生活环境下,渴 望友谊、渴望朋友、渴望大自然、 渴望自由。

Activity 1
1 Why do we need friends?
2 Does a friend always have to be a person? Why ?

Fast reading
Read the first and second paragraph and answer the following questions: 1 Who is Anne’s best friend? Her diary

2 How long were Anne and her family in the hiding place before they were discovered? Twenty-five months
Read the letter and answer the following question: What is the main idea of the letter? Anne was crazy about everything to do with nature. (her love for nature)

Read the text carefully and finish the exercises on page 3.

Read and fill the following form
Time Nature Feeling

Before hiding

blue sky, songs of never felt birds, moonlight, spellbound flowers darkness, rain, wind, thundering clouds grew crazy

After hiding

? Intensive reading ? Students work in group of four to discuss the following open questions: ? 1.Why did the windows stay closed? ? 2.How did Anne feel? ? 3.Which sentences attract you in the passage?

You are Anne Frank. You are retelling your story to us.
I lived in ___________in Amsterdam the ______________ Netherlands during _____________. Jewish World War II My family were ______, hide away for about two years so we had to ___________ in order ________________ not to be caught by the German Nazis. During that time I wasn’t ableoutdoors to go grown so ______________ crazy ________ for so long that I had do with about everything to _______ nature. Once, I decided to look at at the moon ___________ by midnight myself.

You are Anne Frank. You are retelling your story to us.
But I didn’t _______ dare to open the window to see to face because I was afraid of the night face ___________ being discovered by the Nazis. lonely without seeing my old I felt very _______ friends. So I had to make a new friend -my diary Kitty whom I could tell everything _____________, _________ to. Sadly, at last my family was discovered and German Nazis sometime later. caught by the _______________

? Assignment ? 1.write down your feelings after reading Anne’s Diary on the page. We will share your feelings with the whole class. 2.Ex1,2 on Page3

Anne’s Best Friend

Language points

1.make a list of

13 the hiding place

2 share…with
3 what else 4 be afraid that 5 laugh at 6 go through 7 make…..the best friend 8 World War II 9 be caught by 10 hide away 11 set down

14 be outdoors
15 be crazy about 16 keep sb. spellbound. 17 stay awake. 18 on purpose

19 in order to
20 have a good look at 21 by oneself 22 far too much light 23 happy to be upstairs

12 a series of

24 go downstairs

Go through
1 These countries have gone through too many wars. 经历,经受

2 It took us a whole week to go through the forest. 穿过,通过 To my joy, she has gone through all the exams. 3 I had just gone through the work when the telephone rang. 完成,做完
4 You must ____ D your papers before you hand them in. A. go down. B. go across. C. go out. D. go through. 仔细检查

…make it the best friend make +宾语+


1 安妮把他的日记当做最好的朋友。

Anne made her diary her best friend.
2 这个有趣的故事使他很高兴。

The interesting story made him very happy.
3 他们把房子收拾得干净而整洁。

They have made the house clean and tidy.
4 他们让男孩站在树下。

They made the boy stand under the tree.
5 老师讲的很慢,以便能让学生理解他。(in order to )

The teacher spoke very slowly in order to make herself understood.

Set down 1 She listened carefully and set down every word he said. 写下,记下 He was asked to set down the facts in the notebook.

2 He set down the heavy boxes and rested for a while . 放下,卸下

stay awake
1.stay: 保持,表示待在一个地方或处在某种情况。 1). 他现在待在家里。

He is staying in the house now.
2). 一连三天都是好天气。

The weather stayed fine for three days.
3). 商店一直开到八点。

The shop stays open until 8 p.m..
2. awake 醒着的 他睡着还是醒着?

Is he awake or asleep?

awake 为表语形容词, 不做定语。类似词有: afraid, alive, alone, asleep, etc.

1 in order to / so as to 1).为了看清楚我带上了眼镜。

I put on my glasses in order to /so as to see it clearly,
2). 为了取得进步,他学习努力了。

In order to make progress, he worked hard. 2 so that/ in order that + 句子 1)I put on my glasses _______ I can see it clearly.
2)为了让学生听懂, 老师讲得很慢。

The teacher spoke slowly ____________ the students could understand him.

It is / was …….that / who ………
E.g. Jack broke a glass yesterday afternoon at his uncle’s home. 1) It was Jack that / who broke a glass yesterday afternoon at his uncle’s home.(强调主语) 2) It was a glass that Jack broke yesterday afternoon at his uncle’s home.(强调宾语)
3) It was yesterday afternoon that Jack broke a

glass at his uncle’s home.(强调时间状语)
4) It was at his uncle’s home that Jack broke a

glass yesterday afternoon. (强调地点状语)

There was a time when ….
It /This is the first time that …(现在完成时)

It /That was the first time that …(过去完成时)
1 有一段时间我步行上学。

There was a time when I went to school on foot.
2 这是我第一次来北京。

This is the first time that I have been in Beijing.
3 那是他第二次上班迟到。

It was the third time that the man had been late for work.


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