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it 的用法

1.it 作代词 (1)在答语中替代 this 或 that。如: -What's this? -It's a frog. (2)指已提到过的物体。如:I've lost it on my way home. (3)指情形、行为等。如: Jack is ill. Have you heard about it? (4)指

人(不明的人或婴儿)。如: Who is it? (5)指天气、温度、时间、距离等。如: It is raining. It's very hot. It's five o'clock. 2.引导词 it (1)作形式主语。如: It is difficult to understand the passage. It is no use trying. It is said that the meeting will be put off. 4)It+take+(sb.) some time / some money+to do sth. 例如: It will take them more than ten years to complete the Three Gorges Dam. 5)It+be+said / reported / told 等+that-clause. 例如: It is said that he will leave for Beijing tomorrow. 6)It+vt.+sb.+that-clause. 例如: It worried her a bit that her hair was turning grey. [原题再现] ①________is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language. A. There B. This C. That D. It ② In fact________ is a hard job for the police to keep order in an important football match. A. this B. that C. there D. it 答案: ① D ② D (2)作形式宾语。如: He feels it his duty to help others. We thought it no use doing that. They want to make it clean to the public that they do an important and necessary job. 他们要使公众明白他们做的是一项重要的而且必要的工作. 1) S.+vt.+it+adj. / n.+(for sb.) to do sth. 例如: Do you think it possible for them to send an engineer there? 2) S.+vt.+it+adj. / n.+doing sth. 例如: You must find it exciting working here. 3) S.+vt.+it+adj. / n.+that-clause. 例如: I think it a pity that you didn't try harder.

[原题再现] Don't ________that all those who get good grades in the entrance examination will prove to be most successful. A. take as granted B. take this for granted C. take that for granted D. take it for granted 答案: D (3)构成强调句。如: It was in the street that I saw Li Ping this morning. 今天早晨,就是在街上我看见李明。 [原题再现] ________was in 1979________I graduated from university. A. That; that B. It; that C. That; when D. It; when 答案: B (4)构成特殊句式。如: It seems as if we should finish it tomorrow. 【练习】 (1)There is a photo on the wall._____the photo of Lei Feng. A. It B. Its C. It's D. He(高考,1980) (2) Is_necessary to tell his father everything? A. it B. that C. what D. he (MET1987) (3) Is_possible to fly to the moon in a spaceship? A. now B. man C. that D. it (4) I consider____ my duty to help you. A. it B. this C. that D. its (5) Three hundred thousand dollars___found because the thief dropped __ while getting away. A. was; it B. is; it C. are; them D. were; them

I.I like_in the autumn when the weather is clear and bright.(2004?全国 I) A. this B. that C. it D. one 2. -Do you like___ here? -Oh,yes. The air,the weather,the way of life. Everything is so nice.(2004?全国 II) A. this B. these C. that D. it 3.The Parkers bought a new house but____ will need a lot of work before they can move in. A. they B. it C. one D. which 4. I hate___ when people talk with their mouths full. A. it B. that C. these D. them 5.Joan had often heard____ said that Marley had no money. A. it B. this C. that D. one 6. It was at four o'clock in the afternoon____ he and his grandpa reached the museum in Guanghan. A. while B. that C. when D. as 答案 1:(1)C (2)A (3)D (4)A.(5)A 答案 2:CDBAAB 三、it, one 和 that 作替代词的用法及区别 it, one 和 that 虽然都可以用来替代前面所提到的一个单数名词,以避免重复,但在具体用法上却有不同。简述如下: 1. it 代替前面提到的同一事物,该事物既可以是可数名词也可以是不可数名词。

[原题再现] The news that they failed their driving test discouraged him, ________? A. did they B. didn't they C. did it D. didn't it 答案: D 2. one 代替前面提到的同类事物中的一个。该事物只能是可数名词,前面可以有冠词,也可以被 this、that 或形容词修饰,其后也可以有定语。 [原题再现] -Why don't we have a little break? -Didn't we just have________? A. it B. that C. one D. this 答案: C 3. that 代替前面提到的同类事物中特指的一个。该事物既可以是可数名词也可以是不可数名词,要有后置定语,但不可以有前置修饰语。 [原题再现] Few pleasures can equal ________ of a cool drink on a hot day. A. some B. any C. that D. those 答案: C Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Carol said the work would be done by October, _____ personally I doubt very much. A. it B. that C. when D. which 2.-Why don't we take a little break? -Didn't we just have____? A. it B. one C. that D. this 3.I hate_____ when people talk with their mouths full. A. it B. that C. these D. them 4.______is well-known to all that Hong Kong has returned to China. A. Which B. It C. That D. As 5.-______has just come in? -It's Mr. Green, our headmaster. A. Who is that B. Who that is C. Who's it that D. Who it is 6._____that they may be invited. A. They wished B. It is hoped C. That is expected D. What they hope 7.The manager didn't feel like _____ whether he would attend the meeting the next morning. A. making it clear B. make that clear C. to make it clear D. making this clearing 8._____I was free that evening. A. It happened to B. It happened that C. That happened D. It was happened that 9.He said, "_____a long way to school. _____ a long way to go before we arrive." A. It is; It is B. There is; It is C. It is; There is D. There is; There is 10.Tom's mother kept telling him that he should work hard, but ______ didn't help. A. he B. which C. she D. it 11.They say that _____doesn't make any difference my being there.

A. there B. that C. it D. he 12.I hope there are enough chairs for each guest to have_____. A. it B. one C. those D. them 13.We saw the hill, and _____used to be a factory. A. in front of which, there B. in front of it, it C. at the foot of it, there D. at the foot of which, it 14.Your idea is very good. Don't _____. A. give up it B. give it up C. give in it D. hasn't it 15.When they will start hasn't been decided yet,______? A. will they B. won't they C. has it D. hasn't it 答案: 1—5 D B A B C 6—10 B A B C D 11—15 C B C B C

1.It took us over an

hour _____ along



A.walk B.to walk C.walking D.walked 2.I think it a great honour _____ to visit your country. A.to invite B.inviting C.having invited 3.Many people now make_____ a rule to buy cards for their friends before Christmas. D.to be invited

A.themselves B.it C.that D.this 4. _____ is very clear to everyone that he is round and tall like a tree. A.This B.What C.That D.It 5.In the United States,bus travel doesn’t cost much as train travel,_____ ? A.don’t they B.does it C.do they 6.Someone is at the door,who is_____ ? A.this B.that C.it 7. _____raining hard for three D.doesn’t it

D.he hours without stopping.

A.It is B.It was C.It has been D.It had been 8.—Has the boy got his bicycle now? —Yes,the police gave_____. . A.him to him B.it to it 9.It is important _____their offer. C.it to him D.him to it

A.reject B.rejects C.to reject D.rejecting 10.Has _____been decided when we are to hold the sports-meeting? A.that B.this C.it D.what 11.—Did Li Lei call me while I was out? —Yes,it was _____that called you. A.him B.he C.who D.whom

12.Nothing is wrong with the radio,_____ ? A.isn’t it 13.I don’t B.is that C.is it D.isn’t that think _____difficult for a Chinese student to

master a foreign language within five years. A.that B.it C.too D.very 14.It’s the second time you _____late this week. A.arrive B.arrived C.have arrived 15.It will not be _____we meet again. A.long before B.before long C.soon after 16.It’s demanded that we _____there on foot. A.not to go B.don’t go C.not go 17.“It” is often used to _____a baby. A.mean to 18.It was not D.had arrived D.shortly after

D.won’t go

B.stick to C.point to D.refer to until 1936 _____basketball became a regular part of the

Olympic Games. A.that B.when C.which D.then 19. _____you met the Englishman? A.Where it was that C.Where was it that 20. _____that she has gone to A.Was it true 21._____certain B.Who it was that D.Where was that the United States? of

B.Is it true C.It is true D.It was true that his invention will lead to the development

production. A.That’s B.This is C.It’s D.What’s 22. _____in 1914_____the First World War broke A.Was that;that C.Was it;that 23.It is important


B.Was that;when D.Was it;when that she_____with Mr. Williams this

immediately. year.

A.speak B.spoke C.will speak D.to speak 24. _____that there’s another good harvest A.It says B.It is said D.It was said 25.It’s no use_____over spilt milk. A.cry 【参考答案】 1~5 16~20 BDBDB CDACB 6~10 CCCCC 11~15 BCBCA B.crying C.that you cry

D.He was said D.for you to cry





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it 用法

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