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高一英语必修4 unit3

· / 学校:漳县第二中学 年级:高一级 科目:英 语 主备人:徐 丽 审核人:徐 丽 班级:高一 班 组名: 姓名

Unit 3 A taste of English humour
Language points
【知识目标】掌握重点单词,短语和一些重点句式的用法。 重点列举: content,astonish,entertain,fa

ilure,convince,fortunate,uptonow, pick out, cut off, badly off, star in. as time went by, by his teens .Then he cuts off the leather top of the shoes as if it were the finest steak. 【能力目标】通过做练习,进一步巩固所学单词和短语在语境中的运用。 【情感目标】1.培养学生学习的兴趣和积极向上的学习态度。 2.感受英语的幽默。

第一部分 预习案
【重点单词】学法指导:识记单词表单词,然后默写出来。 (同学们,加油吧,你们的记忆力一定很不错!挑战自我,必会成功!) 1,humor_________2.content_________3.perform_________4.astonish_________ 5.fortunate_______6.ordinary________7.bored___________8.entertain________ 9.failure________10.overcome______ 11.convince_______12.direct___________ 13.be content with__________14.badly off_________15.pick up__________ 16.cut off _______ 18.star in _____ 19.convince sb of _____ 【重点短语】学法指导:重温课文,然后写出下列短语。 (坚信经过反复训练,一定会打下坚实的英语基础。) 1.感到沮丧____________2.出生于贫困家庭____________3.在十多岁的时候_______ 4.随着时间的流逝_______________5.克服所有困难的决心_____________________ 6.把悲凉的遭遇变得滑稽可笑_____________7.和另一个同伴分享鞋子__________ 8.奥斯卡特别奖_____________9.鼓舞人们____________

第二部分 探究案
1. He made people laugh at a time when they felt depressed,so they could feel more content with their lives.在这个句子中,when 引导的是__________从句。 翻译句子_________________________________________________________. 阅读下列句子,注意 content 的意思及用法: ? He was content with his work.他对自己的工作很满意。 ? Her answer seemed to content him.她的回答好像令他很满意。 ? To my content,I am making progress in English studying. 让我感到满意的是,我的英语在进步。 通过观察以上句子,我们发现 content 既可作____词,意思是"_____________";又可 作____词,意思是"_____________";还可作_______词,意思是"________________". 【思维拓展】根据中文意思写出相关短语

1).对??感到满足/满意_______________同义短语______________ 2).愿意做某事________________同义短语_______________ 【即学即练】 Not content _____ her new car, Selina now wants a bike for trip into the city center. A. for B. with C. to D. about 2.Not that Charlie's own life was easy! 翻译:___________________________________________ not that :用于句首或短语之前表达否定含义,“倒不是;并不是说”。 eg.Not that what they think,but it's you I'm worrying about.他们怎么想我不 管,我担心的是你。 2. You may find it astonishing that Charlie was taught to sing as soon as he could speak and dance as soon as he could walk. 分析句子结构并翻译句子____________________________________ 重点单词:astonish v.使惊异;使大为吃惊 What astonished me most was that Wang failed in the competition. ? be astonished at/by sth 对?感到惊讶 ? be astonished to do 吃惊地做? ? be astonished that ?惊讶? She was astonished to see the missing dog. We were astonished at he news of her sudden death. We were astonished that he appeared at the party. 拓展词汇 astonished adj.(感到)惊讶 astonishing adj.令人惊讶的,惊人的;令人难以置信的 astonishment n.惊讶,使人惊讶的事物或人 例句:To my astonishment, the keys I bought I had lost were in the door! 【即学即练】I was _____to hear the ______news the he was murdered. A. astonished; astonishing B. astonishing; astonishing C. astonished; astonishing D. astonishing; astonished 4.Unfortunately his father died, leaving the family even worse off. 不幸的是他的父亲去世了,整个家庭状况更糟了。 badly off: 穷困潦倒 其比较级是:________ well off 富裕的,其比较级是:_________ 【即学即练】 We shouldn't complain about being poor because many families are much___than we are. A.worse off B.badly off C.well off D.better off 5.This character was a social failure but was loved for his optimism and determination to overcome all difficulties. 翻译句子____________________________________ 本句中 failure 的含义为: _______,为抽象名词具体化, 还可以表示 “失败的事物” 。

· / 学校:漳县第二中学 年级:高一级 科目:英 语 主备人:徐 丽 审核人:徐 丽 班级:高一 班 组名: 姓名

泛指“失败”时,failure 是不可数名词。 He is a failure as an artist ,but a success as an art teacher. 【思维拓展】类似于 failure 的词还有:success, danger, surprise, pleasure, comfort 【即学即练】----How about _____Christmas evening party? ----I should say it was ______success. A.a;a B.the; a C.a; / D.the; a 6.Charlie cuts off the leather top of the shoe and shares the shoe with the other fellow. 翻译句子____________________________________ 重点短语:cut off (1)切断(电力、煤气、自来水);停止??????的供应 (2)切掉,砍到,剪掉 (3)中断(电话) 【即学即练】完成下列句子 1.Our water supply ____________(我们的水供应被切断了。) 2.He had his finger ___________in an accident.(他在一次事故中被剪短了手指。) 7.He tries cutting and chewing the bottom of the shoes as if it were the finest steak.他把皮鞋鞋底切开嚼着吃,就像吃一块最好的牛排。 as if =______,可以引导状语从句,也可以引导______从句。本句中的 as if 引导的 是_________. as if 从句中的内容有时候有主观的想象或夸大性的比喻,此时句中常用虚拟语气。 其基本形式如下: (1).从句情况发生在主句之前,用过去完成时。 The injured man acted as if nothing had happened. 那个受伤的人行动起来好像什么也没有发生一样。 (2)从句情况与主句同时发生,用一般过去时。 Jenny loves the dog as if it were her child.珍妮喜爱这条狗就好像那是她的孩 子一样。 (3)从句情况发生在主句之后,用过去将来时。 She talks and talks as if she would never stop.她说了又说好像永远停不下来。 (1)如果从句内容发生是可能性很大,则不需要用虚拟语气。 It looks as if it is going to rain,天看起来像是要下雨。 It looks as if Jack is going to lose the game. (2)引导省略句,后面直接跟名词、不定式、形容词(短语)、介词短语或分词。 Tom raised his hand as if (he was )to say something. She left the rom hurriedly as if (she was )angry. 【即学即练】 1.The two strangers talked as if they____friends for years. A.should be B.would be C.have been D.had been 2.Jack looks after his young sister as if he ____an adult. A.is B.was C.were D.has been

8.The acting is so convincing that it makes you believe that it is one of the best meals he has ever tasted. 请分析句子结构并翻译句子.________ ____________________________________ 重点单词:convince vt.使确信(信服);说服 convincing adj.有说服力的, 令人信服的 ? convince sb of sth.使某人信服某事 ? convince sb to do sth,说服某人做某事 ? convince sb that ?使某人确信 ? be convinced of /that ?确信 We finally convinced them of her honesty.我们最终说服他们相信了她的诚实。 We convinced him to go there by bus.我们说服他乘公共汽车去那儿。 Her smile convinced me that she was content with my work. 她的微笑使我确信她对我的工作满意。 They were convinced of the result of the experiment finally. 他们最终相信了实验结果。 【即学即练】 Scientists are convinced _______the positive effect of laughter _____physical and mental health. A.of; at B. by;in C.of;on D.on;at

完成:学习与评价 unit3 sectionⅠP49-51

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