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Book1unit 1 period 2 language points 1

★★★★★ 高一阳光部上期英语导学案


课题:Unit1 Friendship
Period 2 Language points (1)
班级 使用人姓名 编号: 02 课型:新授课 主编教师:何金会 审核人签名:

1.Try to grasp the usages of some important new words and phrases. 2.To review some words and phrases learned before.

Learning aims(1 minutes) :1. To grasp some useful words and expressions in this passage, such as Add up , go through

2. To improve the students’ ability of application.

展示提升、质疑评价 展示方案 内容方式时间 总结归纳环节 随堂笔记

重点摘记知识生成规律总结 展示单元一: 1. be good to 对……友好 1. Add up your score and see how many points you get.把得分加起来,看你能得多少 be good for 对……有益; add up 意为____________,是动副搭配;“把 A 加起来”表示为 add up+A 或__________,但若 A be bad to…_____________________ 为代词,表述为_______________。 练一练: be bad for…____________________ 思维拓展: 1.The bad weather ________________ our difficulty. I will ____________________other add up sth 把……加起来 坏天气增加了我们的困难。 people. add sth to sth 把……加到…… 2.Please____some sugar____ the milk. 我会善良的对待其他人. add to sth = increase 增加了 请往牛奶里加些糖。 3.He _________he was satisfied with the talk. It would _________________ you to add up to 合计;总共 它补充说他对会谈很满意。 add in 包括……;算进 spend a holiday in the sun. 4.________all the numbers and you will see how much you owe me. add that...补充说…… 在有阳光的地方度假会给你带来很多好 5. All the numbers ___________exactly 900. 处。

2.Your friend comes to school very upset.你的朋友忧心忡忡地来到了学校。 upset 系形容词___________,在句中可作_____、______和状语, be upset over/about/at...意为_______________。 upset vt.(upset;upset;upsetting)使……心烦意乱;使……不适;打翻;打乱 e.g.a. His strange behavior upset his father. 他的奇怪行径困扰着他父亲。 b. I understand how upset you must be feeling. 我理解你心里有多难受。
思维拓展: 1). upset sb. 使某人不安 upset the plan 搅乱了计划 upset the cup 打翻了杯子 词义辨析: (1). upset 指由于某事的发生而心烦意乱。 (2). nervous 在做某事的过程中紧张害怕的感觉。 (3). anxious 因担心某事的发生或不发生而焦虑不

The Olympics will_____________business.

be good at 擅长 make good 有成就;成功

as good as 实际上;几乎等于 a good deal 许多,大量 彻底的;完全 的;痛快的 to have a good drink 喝个痛快

2. get sth. done 意为_______________, 其中 get 意为使,过去分词 done 与 A 之 间是_____关系,即被动关系。 It upsets sb that 让某人心烦的是…… 安。 get sth. done = have sth. done 让 sth. 练一练: It upsets sb to do sth 做……使某人不快。 被…… (1)Your choice ___________ (使他不安). get sb. to do=have sb. do 让 sb.去做…… (2). be upset about 对……赶到心烦 (2)Don’t ___________________ (别为这事心烦 get sth. doing=have sth. doing 使 sth.一 了).Just forget it. 直做;容忍 sth.做…… Get your father to come tomorrow.=Have your father come tomorrow. 展示单元三: He got/had the light 3...and go somewhere quiet to calm your friend down...去某个安静的地方让你的朋友平静下来 ________________all the night. calm 是动词,意为镇定,使……平静下来;calm down 意为平静下来;系动副搭配。 他让灯通宵亮着。 词义辨析: We won’t have (get) anyone _____________Taiwan from China. calm 用于人时,指内心平静;用于自然界时,形容风和日丽的天气或风平浪静的海洋。 我们不容忍任何人把台湾从中国分离 quiet用于人时,指生性安静的;用于自然界时,指没有干扰、喧闹或骚动。 出去。 still 表示暂时不动、静止,强调不作出动作。 I’ll get my bad teeth______________ silent 沉默的,主要指不说话或不喧闹。 out tomorrow. 明天我让人把坏牙拔掉。 用 calm,quiet,still 和 silent 填空 (1)I got him_____________ ( 给我找房 (1)Please be ______. Don’t make so much noise. 子). (2)Stand _______ while I take a photo of you. (2)She got the horse _____________ (拴 (3)Whatever I asked him,Kerry still kept ________. 在了树上). (4)We must be ________ in an emergency. (3)I shouldn’t have got you___________ (5)After the storm,the sea was _______. (老站着). 展示单元四:
4.go through 意为经历,经受;仔细查看;通过;用光

They went through many difficulties during the war. ____________________________________________________________________________________ _____ I went through all my pockets but I couldn’t find my wallet ____________________________________________________________________________________ _____

3. ignore the bell...不顾及铃声…… He ignores my advice and goes on playing.他不顾我的劝告而继续玩。 His problems can’t be ignored.他的问 题不容忽视。 ignore 是_______词, 意为____ ; ignorant adj.无知的;很无礼的 ignorance n.无知 He was driving very fast because he was

★★★★★ 高一阳光部上期英语导学案 The new law has gone through. __________________________________________________________________________________________________


思维拓展: go through 意为经历,经受;仔细查看; 通过; go off 消失,去世 go against 违反,反对,不利于 go up 上升,增长 go down 下跌,落下 go over 复习,仔细查看

用适当的介、副词填空 (1)The country has gone ______ too many wars since the ancient times. (2)Time goes ______ slowly. (3)The students are going _______ their lessons for the coming exam. (4)You shouldn’t buy houses because their price is going ________. (5)Human beings shouldn’t go ________ nature to live.

ignorant of the speed limit. 汉 __________________________________ _。 His failure resulted from ignorance. 汉 __________________________________ __ 4. hide away 躲避,隐蔽 eg. a. The thief hid away in the woods for a week. 小偷在树林里隐藏了一周. b. They hid away the solider from the enemy . 他们藏起了这个战士以躲 避敌人. 思维拓展: 常用被动语态形式的结构: be hidden among the woods 躲在树林里 be devoted to education 献身教育 be stationed in the village 驻扎在村里 be buried in reading 专心阅读 be seated beside me 坐在我身边


5.I don’t want to set down a series of facts...我不想只是记下一系列的事实…… set down 意为记下,写下,系动副搭配。 练一练: 思维拓展: set about (doing) sth 着手(做)某 1We will ________making preparations for the party. 事 set out to do sth. 着手做做某事 2.We will __________ prepare for the party set off 动身,引爆 next month. set up 竖起,创设,开办 注: 表示” 记下, 写下” 时 set down = put down = write down 3.A new school was _______in the southeast of the city. = get down 4.They have__________on a journey around the world.
预时:20 分钟



基础题 单词拼写(每题 2 分)
1.It was quite terrible. It took me some time to c______ down myself. 2.Parents are always c_______ much about their children. 3.True friends always s______ their sadness and happiness with each other. 4.I'm terribly sorry. I didn't do it on p__________. 5. Some animals hibernate under snow, because there is much air in l______ snow. 6. A_______ to the law, t_______ are not allowed to smoke or drink. 7. He dashed to the fire to save the boy, and i____________ the danger to himself. 8. The bad news he gave us really u____________all of us. 9. It took us an e____________week to finish painting the house. 10. You should keep c___________even in face of danger.

提高题 英汉互译(每题 3 分)
1. 你把所有的数加起来就会知道

You will know the __________ when you _______ ________ all the numbers. 2. 我们努力想让他平静下来,但他还是激动地大叫。 We tried to _________ him _________ but he kept __________ excitedly. 3. 玛丽在医院里住了很长一段时间后,恢复了健康。 After a long stay_________________Mary ________ 4. 李鸣在这里定居后,和邻居们相处得很好。 Since Li Ming _________ here, he has _____________________________his neighbors. 5. 如果你不想和我在一起,你就收拾东西走人。 If you don’t want to stay with me, you can ______________ and go. 6.战争期间,我受了很多苦。我用日记记下自己的经历,以便老了以后能够记住。 During the war, I ________ a lot. I wrote my diary to _____________my__________,so I would __________them when I was old.
【自主反思】 知识盘点:




★★★★★ 高一阳光部上期英语导学案


展示单元一: 1,合计 add A up add A up 练一练: add to _add---to_
added that_

Add up add up to 展示单元二 心烦意乱的,不安的 表语 定语 因……烦恼,难过_
Upset him be upset about it

展示单元三:quiet still silent calm Calm 展示单元四: 他们在战争年代里经历了很多困难。 Through off over _down against_ 展示单元五:set about setout to set up set off

1. calm? ?2. concerned? ?3. share? ?4. purpose? ? 5. loose? ?6. according, teenagers? ?

2. 1. result,??add,??up? ?? ?? ? 2.. calm,??down,??shouting
in, hospital, recovered.? ?? ?4. settled, got , along,??well, with pack, up? ?? ?? ?6. suffered, set, down, experiences, remember




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