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译林牛津高中英语高一模块三unit1 The world of our senses reading导学案(无答案)

模块三 unit 1 Reading 知识点学案 Teaching aims:
1.Master the usage of the language points in the text. 2. Apply the language points into practical use. 3. understand the text better.

Teaching difficult and important points:
Learn to use some of the new words and expressions

Teaching methods:
1.Discussion in pairs or in groups. 2.Task-based in-class activities 3.Explanations of some language points

Teaching aids:
PPT 三学一教,四步教学法

Teaching procedures:
Step 1Show the targets above and self-study

Find out the words in the text. 1.笼罩在灰色的薄雾当中 2.步入浓雾中 3.雾太大,公共汽车跑不了那么远 4.穿着灰色大衣的高个子男人 5.扫视,瞥一眼 6.高个子男人不见了 7.看得见 8.听到了渐近的脚步声 9.感受她的心脏因害怕而怦怦直跳 10.盼望,期盼 11.恐惧让她挪不动脚步 12.迷路 13.出发,动身(前往) 14 抓住某人的胳膊 15 发现自己正在做某事 16 盯着看,凝视 17 听见拐棍敲台阶 18 多好的年纪 19 在十字路口 20 彻底迷路 21 感到焦虑的 22 握紧某人的手 23 感恩的帮助者 24 来帮助某人 25 如释重负地 26 离开 27 偿还,回报 28 穿过,使?被理解
Step 2 cooperation 合作释疑

1.L7. Once out in the street, she walked towards ? bus.省略句 类似于: If breathed in,they can result in illness or even death .状语从句的省略: 如果状语从句的______与主句的________,或者从句的主语是 it,而且 从 句 有 动 词 be , 那 么 _________________________ 。 尤 是 在 if /when/while/unless/as/even

if/although 引导而引导的状语从句。 Translate . 一旦被抓,他会受到惩罚。________________________________________________ 练习 1)When ________, it is of great help to learn some skills. A. reading B. read C. to read D. students read 2). When ________ (tell) the truth, he lost his mind. 3). Unless _______ (make) the most of, time will not be enough. 2.L21-22 As she walked along the narrow street,she heard the sound of footsteps approaching . Approach v &n 1) V. 翻译 As you approached the town,the first building you see is the church. I don’t think refusing to go there is the right way to approach the problem We’ve just approached the bank for a loan. 2)n . 翻译 Many birds fly south at the approach of winter. The school has decided to adopt a different approach to the English teaching. All approaches to the city were blocked. 拓展 approach to 接近,近似于, (做某事的)方法/途径 There is no easy ______ to the mathematics. A. way B. means C. method D. approach 重点结构: 感官动词+宾语+宾语补足语(doing/do/done) 类似词______________________________________________ 练习 1).This morning I saw him ______(do) his homework, but I don’t know whether he has finished it or not. 2). This morning I saw him ______(do) his homework for some time and then play basketball. 3).When I went back home I saw all the dishes ______(wash) by my little daughter. 4).I believe I can live to see all of you children ______(grow) up. 3 . L14 As Polly observed the passengers on the train,she had a feeling that?. Observe: vt. Eg When we observe festivals,we must observe the traffic regulations. If we observe someone run a red light,we should stop him. 单词积累: Observation n . 观察,观测;评论,言论 Observer n . 观察者,观察家 结构: observe sb./ sth. observe sb. do sth./ sb. be observed to do sth. observe sb. doing sth./ sb. be observed doing sth. observe sb. that-clause/ wh- clause 完成下列句子的英文翻译:

1) 他看见一个男人在马路对面走着。 ________________________ on the opposite side of the road. 2) 他不知道有人看见他上楼了。 He didn’t know he_______________go upstairs by someone. He didn’t know someone observed him ___ up stairs.(go) 选择:Though having lived abroad for years,many Chinese still _____the traditional customs. A. perform B. possess C. observe D. support 4 . L16 While the rest of the passengers were getting out,she glanced at the faces around her L16 ?the rest of ... L51 ?and rest for a while? 1)Translation. Parents rest their hope on their children. The unknown goddess rested her hands on her hips. 2).the rest (of) 剩余,其余的(人/物) 你可以把剩下的食物吃光_____________________________________ 钱我留下三分之一,其余的归你。____________________________________________ The rest 作主语,谓语动词的单复数取决于_______________ The rest of 作主语时,谓语动词的单复数取决于____________________________ 练习: 1).Some of the students are from Beijing,The rest ________from Jiangsu. 2).Some of the information is from TV.The rest _____ from the Internet. 3).The rest of money _____ used for building the bridge 4).The rest of clothes _____ sent to the poor. glance vi/n Vi 瞥一眼、扫视、匆匆看(at/down/over/through) 他频繁的看手表 _______________________________________ n 一瞥,瞥视 5 L17 The tall man was nowhereto be seen. “nowhere” 为否定副词,无处,到处都不, “ to be seen ” 为主语补足语,补充说明主语 的情况。 (nowhere 置于句首,句子部分倒装) We could find him nowhere. Nowhere ____ ____ find him. 比较:They could find no room ____________. (live in) They have no food __________. (eat) People used to have clean water ________. (drink) There is no clean water ______________________. Clean water is nowhere _____________.(find) 6 .L20 There was no one in sight.一个人也看不到 in sight 在视野内,看得见,可能即将发生 There was not a ship in sight. ______________________ Keep it up! Final victory is in sight. ______________________________________ 点拨拓展 at first sight 乍一看 out of sight 在视野之外,看不见

catch/get sight of 看到,发现 lose sight of 看不见,消失,忘记 7 .L31 Polly hesitated.波莉犹豫了 hesitate vi 犹豫,迟疑不决;不愿 搭配: hesitate about/over/at (doing)sth 对做某事犹豫不决 hesitate to do sth 犹豫着做某事 他对是否加入篮球队仍拿不定主意 单词积累:hesitation n . 踌躇,迟疑 hesitant adj . 犹豫的,踌躇的 8 . L32 A hand reached out and grasped her arm. reach vt. & vi. & n. ⑴到达;达成 ⑵ 使)伸出;伸手 ⑶延伸 beyond/out of one’s reach 达不到 reach a conclusion 得出一个结论 【用法拓展】 reach out for sth: 伸手拿?? reach out to sb: 和某人交流;伸手帮助?? 1)那个乞丐伸出手来讨钱。 The beggar ________ ________ his hand for money. 答案:reached out 2) 我们应该帮助那些需要帮助的人。 _________________________________________________________ grasp vt. 抓紧,抓牢 ; 理解,掌握 n. 理解,掌握 have a good grasp of? 很好地掌握。 。 。 翻译 1)He grasped my hand and shook it warmly. 2)They failed to grasp the importance of his words 3)He has a good grasp of German grammar. 9 L33. Polly found herself staring up at the face of an old man with a beard. stare vi. 凝视,盯着看 (与 at 连用) 知识拓展: stare at sb. / sth. 盯着某人、某物看 stare up at 抬头凝视 stare sb. into silence 盯得某人 不敢吭声 stare sb. up and down 上下打量某人

辨析 glance 匆匆一看,瞥见 stare 由于好奇,羡慕或恐惧等感情而睁大眼睛,目不转睛地注视一段时间,有时会表现出无 理或粗鲁的态度 glare 怒目而视 gaze 凝视美丽或令人惊叹的东西 填空 It is rude to _______ people like that. Mother was very angry when she knew her son had told a lie and _______ him. He ________ the clock and hurried away. He stood, ________ the breathtaking landscape. Crusoe ________ the footprint, full of fear. 10 . L37 Watch out for the step here. 1)watch out for a tall man in a black hat. 2)Watch out for the stairs-they are steep. 拓展: watch out 小心,提防 look out (for) 当心,提防 look out 小心,当心 11 L46-47‘You really shouldn’t feel anxious.’ He held her hand more firmly. anxious adj. 忧虑的,担心的, 渴望的 搭配:be anxious about sth. 担心某事 be anxious for sb. 为某人担心 be anxious for sth./to do 渴望?. 翻译句子: 1)他对这次会议忧心忡忡。__________________________________________ 2)父母自然为他们的儿女担心。______________________________________________ 3)每年有大量毕业生渴求工作。_____________________________________________ 单词拓展: adv. anxiously 焦急地 anxiety 忧虑,担心 12 L50. ‘ Thank you so much for coming to my aid,’ said Polly in relief. aid n./v. 1) n. come to one’s aid 来帮助某人 with the aid of sb.=with sb’s aid 在某人的帮助下 first aid 急救 in aid of 作为?..的帮助 2) v. aid sb. in sth./ doing sth. aid sb with sth. aid sb to do /in doing sth. 完成句子:

我帮助这个可怜的女孩继续她的学业。 I _____ the poor girl ___ _________her study. relief n. (u.) 轻松,宽慰, We all breathed a sigh of relief when the teacher left.___________________________________ 使某人感到宽慰的是 to one’s relief 如释重负 in relief 翻译:令我非常庆幸的是车并没有损坏。 ___ ___ __ ____ the car was not damaged. 拓展: relieve v. 解除,缓和,减轻 relieved adj. 感到宽慰的 13 P54 It gives me the chance to pay back the help that people give me when it’s sunny. 句式分析: 本句是____ 复合句, that 引导的是________, 修饰_______. When 引导的是______从句。 pay back 回报,偿还,向?.报复 短语拓展: pay for 付钱,支付 Pay off 付清,取得成功,得到好结果 Step 3 点拨拓展 P55 A blind person like me can’t get across the road without help, except in a fog like this. get across 翻译 1) 原句 穿过 2)I spoke slowly, but my meaning didn’t get across. 3) it is important for teachers to get the message across. 辨析 except, besides,but besides: 除??之外, (尚有。 。 ) except 与 but : 除??之外,表示不包括在内 but 通常与否定词和不定代词连用,all, nobody, everywhere, who There will be five more to attend the meeting, ______ John. Nobody _____ you could be so selfish. Everyone is there _______ Tom. It’s a pity that we all went to the party ______ Tom. Step4 practice 达标训练 1. After writing many compositions,the students felt a ______ of achievement in their writing ability. A. potential B. lack C. glory D.sense 2. Do you have enough to _______ all your daily expenses? A. cover B. spend C. fill D. ofter 3. Sometimes it was a bit boring to work there because there wasn’t always _______ much to do. A.such B. that C. more D. very 4. I know that thanksgiving Day ______ on the last Thursday of November. Could you tell me how you usually_______ it in your country?

A. rests; congratulate B. places; remind C. bids; remember D. falls; observe 5. He _______ his watch and left in a hurry. A. glances at B. watched C. stared at D. glanced at 6. The instructions on the bottle are very _______. No one can understand them. A.confused B. confusing C.interested D. interesting 7.He is tired of doing the same thing every day. He ______ a chance to do something different. A.looks forward B.looks at C.wishes for D.puts forward 8.When they _______ the house, a dog ran towards them. A.approached B. walked C.ran D.stepped 9.There was a _____ look on his face when he met with the _______ problem. A. confusing; confusing B. confused; confused C. confusing; confused D. confused; confusing 10. Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still ____ the traditional customs. A. perform B. possess C. observe D. support 11. Depend on us, sir! Nowhere else ______ a better service. A. you have found B. have you found C. you will find D. will you find 12 ________ the glass on the ground. A. Be careful B. Look out C. Watch out D. Watch out for 13. There was a big earthquake in Yushu on April 14, 2010, and many people were ____ offer help. A. anxious B. proud C. interested D. satisfied 14 Those who suffer from headache will find they get ______ from this medicine. A. relief B. safety C. defense D. shelter



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