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高二英语Book Five Unit Three 1

高二英语 Book Five Unit Three 1 一 将下列短语翻译成汉语 1. Clone the first human embryo 克隆第一个人类胚胎 2. Cause much debate round the world 在世界上导致许多争论 3. Point out 指出 4. Toy with nature in this way。 用这种方法玩弄世界 5.

Lead to more diseases in the animal world 在动物世界导致更多的疾病 6. In general 总之 7. Be praised for their wonderful scientific 进步 因美好的科学前景而被称赞 8. Consider cloning human being 考虑克隆人类 9. Create copies of humans 创造克隆人 10. Concentrate on creating new tissues and organs 专心于创造新的组织 11. Cure diseases like cancer 治愈像癌症一样的疾病 12. Clone human embryos with the intention of destroying them 以摧毁的目的克隆人类胚胎 13. Cause a lot of anxiety 导致大量的焦虑 14. Be anxious to have a child of my own 着急要一个自己的孩子 15. Want to adopt someone else’s child 想要领养其他人的孩子 16. Push ahead with research in order to produce a cloned human baby 为了创造克隆孩子推动研究 17. Focus their efforts on cloning animals 关注在克隆动物上的影响 18. Clone tissues to be used in medical treatment 克隆用于医药的组织 19. Succeed in producing clones of cows and goats 成功克隆牛和山羊 20. Benefit mankind 有益于人类 21. Deal with the consequences 处理结论

22. A product for sale 售卖的商品 23. Use up the natural wealth 用尽自然资源 24. A crop to be harvested 收割的庄稼 25. Have fewer babies in order to reduce the population 减少婴儿来降低人口 26. Be delighted to have a mother 很高兴做一个母亲 27. Comment on your article 评论你的文章 28. The scientific advances mentioned in your article 在你文章中提到的科学进步 29. Be in complete agreement with human cloning 完全同意克隆人类 30. After all 毕竟 31. Challenge moral ideas 挑战道德 32. Die of heart failure 死于心脏衰竭 33. Hear of cloning animals 听说克隆动物 二 用所给动词的适当形式填空 1. It is-announced--------(announce)that scientists have cloned the first human embryo。 2. Though Ian Wilmut himself researches cloning,he ---is-shocked--(shock) that some scientists are considering cloning human beings。 3. He thinks their efforts should ---- concentrate----(concentrate)on --creating------(create) new tissues and organs。 4. The woman is anxious –to have--------(have)a baby of her own,so she is for cloning。 5. Some scientists think that, if mankind toys with nature in this way, we may be on our way to ---destroying------(destroy)our society 。 6. Many scientists are worried that cloning will lead to animals -having-------(have)more diseases。 7. Regardless of his research on cloning,he has never intended ---to create-----(create)copies of humans 8. Some scientists thinks research efforts should concentrate on ---inventing------(invent) tissues and organs。 9. We must save our freshwater,or it will -run---------(run )out sooner or later。 10. Some people believe that cloning human embryos with the intention ----to destory--(destroy)them shows no respect for human life。 11. The last thief to be--caught-------(catch)was named Muhammad Ali who was charged with -------(break)into several banks。

12. China has succeeded in ----producing-----(produce)clones of cows and goats,and will continue ----stepping---(step) further. 13. We all believe that scientific advances --mentioned------(mention)in your article sounds fantastic。 14. If so , human life would just become a crop-----to be harvested--(harvest) or a product for sale。 15. Don’t intent to buy anything now, for we –have already run---(already run ) out of money。 三 改错 1. Toying with nature in this way,we may be on our way to producinge a real-life monster。 2. These men think that their efforts should concentrate on creating new tissues and organs。 3. What makes us shocked is that some people are now considering cloning human beings。 4. After reading your article,I think the scientific advances to bex mentioned in it are fantastic。 5. I miss my daughter who died of heart failure several years ago。If I had the chance,I would clone her immediately so that I could be with her again。 6. Although he himself researches cloning,he has never intended to create copies of human。 7. The first mammal to be produced successfully by cloning from an adult cell was Dolly thex sheep。 8. As time goes on, more and more scientists put their efforts into research ways in which cloning can benefit mankind。 四 把下列句子翻译成汉语 1. While cloning human embryos is not legal in many countries,some scientists are already pushing ahead with research in order to produce a cloned baby。 尽管克隆人类在许多国家是非法的,但一些科学家正在为了克隆婴儿推进了研究 2. In China ,scientists have focused their efforts on cloning animals ,as well as cloned tissues to be used in medical treatment。 在中国,许多科学家已经把关注放在克隆动物上,克隆组织已经应用到医疗上 3. China has succeeded in producing clones of cows and goats,and continues to research ways in which cloning 长 benefit mankind。 中国已经成功克隆牛和山羊并且继续研究造福人类的方法 4. Some people believe that cloning human embryos with the intention of destroying them shows no respect for human life。 一些人相信怀着摧毁的目的克隆人类是表现出 l 对生命的不尊重 5. In general,they are praised for their wonderful scientific advance。 总之,他们因美好的科学前景而被赞扬 6. On the other hand, many people, including some scientists , disagree and are afraid that , if mankind toys with nature in this way,we may be on our way to producing a real-life Frankenstein‘s monster。 另一方面, 包括科学家在内的许多人不同意并且害怕如果人类用这种方法愚弄自然将会创造 一个真的弗兰肯斯坦怪物 7. Human life would become a crop to be harvested or a product for sale。 人类生命将会像庄稼一样收割或者像货物一样销售 8. We should be having fewer babies in order to reduce the Earth’s population,not cloning more 。After all,the human is rising up the Earth’s natural wealth。 我们应该少要孩子来减少人口而不是克隆更多,毕竟人口已经增长到自然容量 l

9. I feel sorry for the lady who cannot have a baby,but I would like to point out that there are many children in the world with no parents who would be delighted to have a mother。 我对这个不能有孩子的女性感到抱歉, 但我想要指出, 这个世界上有很多没有孩父母的孩子 想要一个妈妈 五 把下列句子翻译成英语 1. 一方面,我们不得不承认克隆技术是科学方面的神奇进步,另一方面我们必须指出这样 戏弄大自然会导致严重的后果。Point out,toy with,lead to。 On yhe one hand, we have to admit that cloning is an amazing scientific advance. On the other hand we need to point out that if we toy with nature in this way, we will cause a big problem 2. 如果 Tom 继续服用减肥药,那么不久他就可能会得肝功能衰竭。On one’s way to doing If tom keep eating weight-loss medicine, he will be on his way to dying of liver faliure 3. 有一些科学家企图克隆人类,这使得 Lan Wilmut 感到非常震惊。Intend to do ,用非限 制性定语从句。 Some scientists intend to clone human beings, which makes lan wilmut very shocked 4. 我们应该把努力集中在创造出新的教学方法方面,而不是考虑给他们太多的作业。 Concentrate one’s efforts on We should concentrate our effects on creating new teaching skills instead of giving them too much homework 5. 有些科学家把努力集中在克隆人的组织和器官上面, 留待将来在治疗中使用。 Focus one’s efforts on Some scientists focus their effects on cloning human’s issues and organs 6. 我们反对浪费能源和原材料,因为人类不久就要用尽所有的能源和原材料。 Be against doing,Use up 用定语从句 We are against wasting energy and raw materials, because people are going to use up them all 7. 我完全同意你你刚才所说的话, 毕竟几个世纪以来, 科学家们一直在挑战道德观念。 After all,moral ideas。 I totally agree what you have said. After all , as centuries go on, scientists keep challenging moral ideas 8. 总体上,我们还是称赞科学家们在科学方面取得的神奇进步的。Praise-----for--In all, we still praise scientists for wonderful scientific advance 9. 就我个人而言,我希望克隆技术能够为人类服务。 For me, I want cloning can be used to serve human 10. 为了减少各种污染,人类正在努力推进科学研究。Push ahead with To reduce pollution, people are pushing ahead with scientific research


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