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一、单句改错(仅有一处错误) preposition mistakes 介词错误(using wrong prepositions or unnecessary or lack of prepositions) 1. We often play football in Saturday afternoon. 2. The doctor gave him some advice about his illness. 3. You are wanted by the phone. 4. He asked me where I’d like to go to. 5. His uncle is a man of a lot of money. 6. Fish can’t live with water. 7. She married to a man she didn’t love at all. 8. I will call on your office tomorrow. 9. He told me he didn’t agree with the plan. 10. It seems that he has a chance to get on the top of the army. 11. It’s kind for you to come to see us. 12. The class is made up from 8 groups. 13. He makes a living for teaching. 14. We drove over the forest and got to the farm. 15. When the teacher came in the classroom, we were laughing. 16. Beijing is to the north of China. 17. Taiwan is to the east of China. 18. The letters PRC stand with the People’s Republic of China. 19. He kept in touch to his old friends. 20. Hangzhou is famous as its beautiful scenery. 21. You will see the house in the right. 22. They said they’d be in holiday in the countryside. 23. For a result of the limited land, it can’t provide so much grain. 24. In China the needle treatment dates in ancient times. 25. The meeting was put off with a certain reason. 26. He used to listen to the news by the radio. 27. Why did you get up so early in this morning? 28. As he was sick, he asked about a leave of absence. 29. Don’t you feel lonely living here all on yourself? 30. I was told that my mother had left Guangzhou to America. 31. They brought out a pot full with coffee. 32. The car is running in a speed of 80 K.P.H. 33. Now we can read by the help of a dictionary. 34. Sports and games are very useful to character-training. 35. The hall and the kitchen are connected of a long passage. 36. What do you want me live with without rice? 37. She asked with surprise if he’d really read all the books. 38. I don’t know the answer of this question. 39. The man had left at the time the police arrived. 40. He said that the victory (胜利)should belong with us. 41. She called on the workers to fight against their rights. 42. She said her husband had given in smoking.

43. He said he would join us on the discussion. 44. He was born by a fault in his ears. 45. She said she was caught by the heavy rain. 46. Do you have any difficulty for understanding English? 47. Can you tell the difference among A, B, and C? 48. Instead the dictionary we wanted, he bought us the wrong one. 49. Are you content to what he has done? 50. He reduced the passage by half the number of words. 二、单句改错(多一词)(please drop unnecessary words) 编辑 李庆民 1. The ship changed its course because of there was a storm. 2. I had opened the door before he had not time to knock. 3. There are much many more people than I expected. 4. This train is much faster than any other car. 5. We wish to improve our work better. 6. These made them become close friends. 7. Many problems still remain unsolved. 8. I had to return the book back to the library in time. 9. I had not hardly left the house when it began to rain. 10. He began to see things more clearly and more clearly. 11. The more careful you are, the more fewer mistakes you will make. 12. Having been told many times, but he still couldn’t understand it. 13. This coat doesn’t fit for him. 14. Why not to go and ask for his advice? 15. The nice car was belonged to the young lady. 16. They are like playing football very much. 17. He is too young not to join the army. 18. Today was my first time visit to an American family. 19. People in different parts of the world learn to understand one with another. 20. He works much more harder than before. 21. We practise singing for three times every week. 22. He had known Joan for two years before he married with her. 23. I never knew a ride down a river could be so much exciting. 24. Though he is rich, but he works hard. 25. I never buy anything unless it is not really needed. 26. I asked her to tell me that how much it cost. 27. I don’t smoke because my wife won’t let me to. 28. If they will come, please let me know. 29. You need not to go with me unless you are free now. 30. They sat in the room with the curtains was drawn. 31. The bird being caught yesterday is a robin. 32. Whoever told you that he was lying. 33. You’d better to hurry up if you want to get home before dark.

34. There’s the man who he teaches me the guitar. 35. I’ve lost the bananas that I bought them his morning. 36. The book is well worth reading it. 37. Tell me the best way which to express my thanks. 38. I hope that both you two could come and visit us some time soon. 39. I don’t know when he will come back to home. 40. He told me about where he had met my brother. 41. Why are you at home in such a fine weather? 42. People thought of that he was dead. 43. Because he was careless, so he failed. 44. This book is cheap enough for him to buy it. 45. He did nothing but to wait. 46. When you enter into the room, you will find many paintings on the wall. 47. His father would have him to go to sea. 48. They found the letter hard to understand it. 49. You will have to pay me for &10 a week for your meals. 50. Would you please to open the window? 三、英语短文改错系列 编辑 李庆民 单句“多一词”专练 1. I come from Zhongshan, and so I am currently a student at DSYSMMS. 2. My favorite pastime is by listening to music, especially classical music. 3. I am majoring in 主修 educational psychology and to hope to be a teacher in the future. 4. My hobbies are reading books and travelling, in which I find very interesting. 5. Since that I am the only child in my family, I am quite independent 独立性强的. 6. I deeply believe in that I can succeed in the near future. 7. Many interests as I have, English is what that I like most. 8. I want to keep on with learning new things to increase my ability 能力 and broaden my horizons 开阔眼界. 9. One hour in the morning is worth the two in the evening. 10. The number of people who has watched the game was not more than a hundred. 11. Susan doesn’t feel quite well, for which she is having an ache in her heart. 12. How did you get on well with your study at school? 13. I used to get really sun burnt from playing outside all the day. 14. It is not known for certain whether she is still living on. 15. An important meeting was held, Mr Chen sat in the chair. 16. It is eight or nine chances out of ten for that he will win. 17. The shop has been changed hands. 18. The driver was in the charge of the car. 19. The merchant 商人 made money by his buying cheap and selling dear. 20. Would you like to check it over the proofs of this book? 21. We have done that climb over three times since 1982. 22. The teacher told us to collect all the wastepaper while lying about after the picnic.

23. She could borrow my bike if she was asked. 24. The old woman was so sad and so having a good cry. 25. In the times of war everyone is in danger of losing his life. 26. As soon as they reached the bank and they saw a girl struggling in the water. 27. Some people are reading the books or watching television while others are having sports. 28. Anyone who is against this opinion may speak it out. 29. The house in which we saw at the foot of the hill was built a century ago. 30. This is Mr. smith, who I think of has something interesting to tell us. 31. As is known to all that, the compass was first made in China. 32. I will never eat up my words——I will come at seven today. 33. He was elected a monitor of our class. 34. He has been ill ever since he returned back home. 35. Mike entered his study and saw his father was reading the same book. 36. He is no more fool. He can do the work well. 37. I am afraid to make a speech in the front of my classmates. 38. I usually look down upon that as my duty. 39. He repaired well my bicycle for love several times. 40. He has many books, but none of them is on English grammar books. 41. It’s a good study habit for students to compare notes with. 42. We needn’t to go now. 43. The more he expects, and the less he gains. 44. I could no more do that kind of a thing than you. 45. John is as clever, if not cleverer than, as Bill. 46. Hemingway is my most favorite novelist. 47. He preferred staying at home to be going with us to HongKong. 48. His whole school education was added up to no more than one year. 49. He was badly wounded and made his way on to the seashore. 50. Was it Tom and Jane that who were going to take part in the match?

四、行文、逻辑、惯用法错误(logical and idioms mistakes) 编辑 李庆民 1. Here is somebody whom you want see him. 2. This is all what I want to tell you. 3. Why should not let him go? 4. I am sure it will be dark before we don’t get there 5. I don’t know if they will come, but if they will come, please show them the way to my house. 6. I asked him to tell me that how much he paid a year for his son’s education. 7. Unless he works more harder, he will certainly fail. 8. The reason why he was absent is because he was ill. 9. He did nothing but to cry. 10. This book is too hard for me to read it. 11. I used to go to the cinema in once a week. 12. He said last Monday that he met her the day before.

13. Because he was careless, so he failed. 14. I was too tired not to walk any farther. 15. He need not to work so late. 16. I really don’t know how to do. 17. I have been waiting you for a long time. 18. The ship hardly left the port when the storm came. 19. I found strange that she had not come yet. 20. As I had worked more than half hour, I was a little tired. 21. My mother is less older than you think she is. 22. He speaks English better than anyone in his class. 23. I don’t agree to the people who say women should stay at home. 24. This coat costed me twenty dollars. 25. When the moon shines upon the river, the scene was beautiful. 26. When winter comes, the leaves will fell. 27. He hanged his coat over the window. 28. He seems to be a bright student, isn’t he? 29. The teacher with many students have gone to the exhibition. 30. My little brother is quite proud for his painting. 31. ——You have not yet finished your work, have you? ——Yes, I have not. 32. This piece of fish smelled badly. 33. The boy’s face is like his father. 34. She did nothing but cried all days. 35. I like English better than my brother likes. 36. Each of us should do our duty. 37.The mistakes made by the Chinese students of English are different from that made by the Japa nese students. 38. Give attention to what I’m saying. 39. My neighhour is a seventy-years-old woman. 40. She was a friend of me. 41. Nobody except you and she saw the prisoner run away. 42. He is very old, and he still works very hard. 43. *This is worthy of doing. 44. People are not allowed smoking in the cinema. 45. Don’t talk when you mouth full. 46. He insisted on I paying for it. 47. Which do you like better, coffee and black tea? 48. I was going to have my watch mend. 49. I don’t feel like to study tonight? 50. Seeing from a distance, it looked like a human face. 五、逻辑(结构)关系(Logical and sentence structure mistakes ) 编辑 李庆民 1. Unless you help us, or we won’t be able to succeed.

2. The reason why he didn’t come is because he never got the notice. 3. I had my hair cut off and sold them to Madam Sofronice. 4. It is I who is your true friend. 5. To teach is learning. 6. To answer correctly is more important than finishing quickly. 7. The sun set down, they went home. 8. Having taken their seats, the concert began. 9. Hello saying, he reached out his hand. 10. He rushed into the room with sweat dripped. 11. There was nothing to do, I went out for a walk. 12. Look around when crosses the street. 13. A person learns a foreign language must be able to use the foreign language forgetting all his o wn. 14. Seen from the moon, our earth, with water covered seventy percent of its surface, appears as a “blue ball”. 15. Don’t do any more work now, you look so tiring. 16. Although he was sick, but he refused to go to the hospital. 17. Since he was busy, so he didn’t come. 18. He never worked hard, therefore he lost his job. 19. He made a lot of noise and it is why they want him to get out. 20. This is the house where we visited last time. 21. All they need are here. 22. They students each has a dictionary. 23. Three-fifths of his pay were spent on food and clothing. 24. She said she had lost his way. 25. Bill is a good friend of my father. 26. It’s not her umbrella. It must be somebody’s. 27. One of your shoes is dirty but another is clean. 28. Ten of them went shopping and the rest was in the library. 29. Her hair is longer than you. 30. In each room is ten students. 31. The house built of brick lasts longer than those built of wood. 32. The family couldn’t agree on where to spend its vacation. 33. Whom do you think is the best doctor in town? 34. Mother gave more money to David than gave to Lena. 35. Not I but he have been invited. 36. To know what is good and doing what is right are two different things. 37. Miss Green saw the robbery and she reported it to the police. 38. Painting in oil is harder than in water colours. 39. These girls didn’t like to visit Chicago, and they had to go. 40. When a person needs to take this medicine, you must read the directions first. 41.Thirty-three people were already dead in a traffic accident and twelve of them being old men. 42. He would rather stay at home than to go out with you. 43. The teacher told the pupils to stand in a row and not call out loudly.

44. Be careful and you’ll fall into the river. 45. Try the experiment yourself or you will know the reason. 46. Although I know that I have to study quite a number of subjects to become a learned person, b ut there are two subjects to which I pay special attention. 47. Every boy and every girl knows that each day and each hour brings their duty. 48. Nothing but stamps and envelopes are left for sale. 49. There stands two factories on the river. 50. Under his arm was two books which he had bought from the book store a few days previously. 参考答案: 一、介词 1. in→on 2. about→on 3. by→on 4. go to→go 5. by→on 6. with→without 7. to(去掉) 8. on→at 9. with→to 10. get→get to 11. for→of 12. from→of 13. for→by 14. over→through 15. in→into 16. to→in 17. to→in 18. with→for 19. to→with 20. as→for 21. in→on 22. in→from 23. For→As 24. in→from 25. with→for 26. by→on 27 in(去掉) 28. asked→asked for 29. on→by 30. to→for 31. with→of 32. in→at 33. by→with 34. to→for 35. of→by 36. speak→speak to 37. with→in 38. of→to 39. at→by 40. belong→belong to 41.agairst→for 42. in→up 43. us→us in 44. by→with 45. by→in 46. for→in 或 for(去掉) 47. among→between 48. Instead→Instead of 49. to→with 50. by→to 二、单句改错(多一词)答案: 1. of 2. not 3. much 4. other 5. better 6. become 7. still 8. back 9. not 10. clearly 11. more 12. but 13. for 14. to 15. was 16. are 17. not 18. time 19. with 20. more 21. for 22. with 23. much 24. but 25. not 26. that 27. to 28. will 29. to 30. was 31. being 32. he 33. to 34 he 35. them 36. it 37. which 38. both 39. to 40. about 41. a 42. of 43. so 44. it 45. to 46. into 47. to 48. it 49. for 50. to 三、短文改错(多一词)答案: 每题要去掉的单词如下: 1. so 2. by 3. 第一个 to 4. in 5. that 6. in 7. that 8. with 9. 第二个 the 10.has 11. which 12. well 13. the 14. on 15. sat

16. for 17. been 18. 第二个 the 19. his 20. it 21. over 22. while 23. was 24. so 25. the 26. and 27. the 28. it 29. in 30.of 31. that 32. up 33. a 34. back 35. was 36. more 37. the 38. down 39. well 40. books 41. with 42. to 43. and 44. a 45. than 46. most 47. be 48. was 49. on 50. that 四、行文、逻辑、惯用法错误答案: 1.去掉 him 2. all what→all that 或 what 3. 去掉 should 4. don’t get→get 5. if they will come→if they come 6. 去掉 that 7. more harder 去掉 more 8. because→that 9. 去掉 to 10. 去掉 it 11. 去掉 in 12. met→had met 13. 去掉 so 14. 去掉 not 15. 去掉 to 16. how to do→how to do it 或 what to do 17. waiting 后加 for 18. hardly 前加 had 19. found 后加 it 20. half 后加 an 21. older→old 22. anyone 后加 else 23. agree 后加 with 24. costed→cost 25. shine→shone 26. fell→fall 27. hanged→hung 28. isn’t→doesn’t 29. have→has 30. for→of 31. Yes→No 32. badly→bad 33. father→father’s 34. cried→cry 35. likes→does 36. our→his 37. from that→from those 38. Give→Pay 39. years→year 40. me→mine 41. she→her 42. and→but 43. doing→being done 44. smoking→to smoke 45. when→with 46. I→my 47. and→or 48. mend→mended 49. to study→studying 50. seeing→seen 五、逻辑(结构)关系答案: 1. 去掉 or 2. because→that 3. them→it 4. is→am 5. learning→to learn 或 To teach→teaching 6. finishing→to finish 7. they 前加 and 或 set→setting 8. having 前加 Listeners 9. saying→said 10. dripped→dripping 11. I 前加 and 或 was→being 12. cross→crossing 13. learns→learning 14. covered→covering 15. tiring→tired 16. 去掉 but 17. 去掉 so

18. there fore 前加 and 19. it→that 20. where→which/that 21. are→is 22. has→was 23. were→was 24. his→her 25. father→father’s 26. somebody’s→somebody else’s 27. another→the other 28. was→were 29. you→yours 30. is→are 31. those→that 32. its→their 33. whom→who 34. 去掉第二个 game 35. have→has 36. doing→to do 37. 去掉 she 38. than 后加 painting 39. and→but 40. you→he 41. being→were 42. 去掉 to 43. not 后加 to 44. and→or 45. or→and 46. 去掉 but 47. their→his/her 48. are→is 49. stands→stand 50. was→were



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