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Module 6The Maple Leaf Country

Module 6 The Maple Leaf Country
Language points

? 1.There is evidence that the different ethnic groups were able to live in harmony, maybe because there was plenty of food an

d land for everyone. ? 有证据表明当时不同种族的人能够和谐 相处,或许这是因为食足田丰的缘敞吧。 ? in harmony 融洽;和谐;协调一致

? 2.In the last 15 years。Vancouver has seen dramatic waves of immigration that have changed the face of your city in exciting ways:in art,architecture and fashion,for example. ? 在过去的15年里,温哥华经历了几次汹 涌的移民大潮,城市面貌随之发生了令 人振奋的变化,比如在艺术、建筑还有 时装等方面。

? 3.You have the third biggest Chinatown in the world,not to mention a prosperous Little India ? and a Little Italy.as well as fast.growing South American,East Indian and Japanese communities, to name only a few. ? 这里有世界第三大唐人街,更不用说繁华的 “小印度”和“小意大利”,还有发展迅速的 南美、东印度和日本社区,这还只是列举了少 数几个。 ? not to mention 更不用说

? 4.And Vancouver is one of the key reasons why Canada is now seen as a world leader in multicuIturalism and diversity. ? 所以被看作是当今世界最具多元文化色 彩和多样性的围家,温哥华是主要原因 之一。

? 5.Anne of Green Gables,by Lucy Maud Montgomery,is a world best—selling novel,one of the most famous books ever written by a Canadian. ? 露西·莫德·蒙哥马利所著的《格林·盖布尔 斯来的安妮》是全球畅销小说,也是由 加拿夫人所著的最负盛名的图书之一。 ? best—selling畅销的,因此畅销书就是 best—seller。

? 6.She is also incapable of giving a simple answer to a simple question,as you can see from the following extract. ? 而且她不能对简单的问题作简要回答, 这一点可以从下面的节选中看得出来。 ? be incapable of 不能,没有能力

? 7.No,I don‘t want any of your imaginings. ? Just you stick to the facts.Begin at the ? beginning. ? 不,我并不想听你想象出来的东西。你只说实 际情况就好了。从头开始说吧。

? 8.“I guess it doesn't matter what a person’s name is as long as he behaves himself” said Marilla· ? ‘‘我认为一个人叫什么名字并不重要, 只要他行为端正就行。”玛里拉说道。

? 9.I’m glad she was satisfied with me anyhow,I would feel so sad if I thought l was a disappointment to her—because she didn‘t live very long after that,you see. ? 我很高兴她对我还算满意,我要是觉得我令她 失望了的话,我会很伤心的-因为你知道,她 生下我不久就去世了 ? 1)be satisfied with…对··感到满意 ? 2)if 后面是虚拟条件句 ? 3)a disappointment表示令人失望的人或者事物

? 10.I do wish she’d lived long enough for me to remember calling her mother. ? 我真希望她活得时间长些好让我记得喊 过她妈妈。 ? do 放在动词前面起强调作用,表示确实

? 11.He also gave Canada its name—by accident. ? 他还给加拿大取了名——也是出于偶然。 —— ? by accident=by chance 偶然,偶尔

? 12.On his second voyage in 1535, Cartier used two Native interpreter-guides to help him find the way to the huge Saint Lawrence River,one of the longest rivers in North America,more than 4,000 kilometers long. ? 1535年在他第二次航程中,卡蒂埃雇了 两名印第安翻译兼向导来帮助他寻找通 往宽阔的圣劳伦斯河之路,那是北美洲 最长的河流之一,全长四千多公里。

? 13.Not everyone liked the name and there were various other suggestions for the newly-united country. ? 并不是每个人都喜欢这个名字,还有好 多人为这个新联合起来的国家建议了其 他各种各样的名字。 ? not everyone 表示部分否定,意思是 “并 ? 非每个人”。



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