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1) —Is this course rather difficult? —Yes. That’s why I ____ it. A.left B. missed C. abandoned D. abolish 2) The apartment caught fire last night. Fortunately, most of the people there _______ escape. A. could B. tried to C. had meant to D. were able to 3) Slavery was _________ in the U.S. in the 19th century, and slaves were given equal rights. A. absorbed B. abused C. abolished D. adopted 4) I’d like to buy a house---- modern, comfortable, and ______ in a quiet neighborhood. A. in a11 B. above all C. after all D. at all 5) It has been revealed that some government leaders ____ their authority and position to get illegal profits for themselves. A.employ B.absorb C.abuse D.overlook 6) The leader is losing ground as the rest of the runners __________. A. accelerate B. promote C. help D. advance 7) It is said that in Africa over a third of the population were believed to have no ______ to the health care and advanced education. A. control B. access C. opportunity D. accent 8) Because of the snow, many parts of the countryside are only ______ by helicopter. A. available B. appropriate C. accessible D. achievable 9) The best method to _____ this goal is to unite as many people as possible. A.undertake B.accompany C. perform D. accomplish 10) They ________ a certain amount of working experience through volunteer work. A. attempted B. accumulated C. abandoned D. accomplished 11) It is through learning that the individual _____ many habitual ways of reacting to situations. A. instructs B. accumulates C. achieves D. acquires 12) Simon calculates as quickly as Debbie, but not as ________ . A. accurately B. abruptly C. properly D. clearly 13)The man who was _______stealing the car said that he was innocent. A. charged of B. charged for C. accused of D. accused with 14) The best way to ______ this goal is to introduce new advanced technology. A. access B. perform C. achieve D. complete 15) We went to Canada to travel and my cousin ______ as our guide. A. acted B. showed C. played D. adopt 16) We all know that _______ speak louder than words. A. movements B. performances C. affection D. actions 17) ---Miss Wendy is good at a lot of things ______ you can't say she is perfect. ---I agree with you. _____ no one is. A. or; Simply B. and; Only C. but; Actually D. so; Otherwise 18) Students nowadays should make full use of their time to equip themselves with knowledge so that they can easily ______ the competitive society in the future. A. suit to B. keep to C. adopt to D. adapt to 19) The guests, present at the party, each wore a flower, which_______ their beauty. A. added to B. added up C. added up to D. added on
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20) What makes us worried is that the number of the people _________ drugs is increasing. A. addicted to B. addicted for C. addicted at D. addicted on 21) I hope I will not be called on in class as I’m not yet ______ prepared. A. attentively B. adequately C. actively D. readily 22) Children under six are not ________ to school except those of extraordinary intelligence. A. permitted B. accepted C. admitted D. received 23) John is the only one of the students in the class that never______ a mistake even when it is pointed to him. A. admit making B. admits making C. admit to make D. admits to make 24) Can a school _________ a policy prohibiting the use of mobile phones on campus? A. make B. pass C. adapt D. adopt 25) If you are to treat your friends to dinner in a good restaurant at the weekend, you’d better book a table ___________. A. ahead B. before C. ahead of D. in advance 26) Being able to speak another language fluently is a great ____ when you are looking for a job. A. assistance B. chance C. advantage D. importance 27) The use of water is becoming tense in north China and the government _____ that we should save water in our daily life. A.advocates B.distributes C.adores D.declines 28) In doing the work, we can’t _______ the waste of a single minute. A. afford B. affect C. manage D. take 29) People may have different opinions about Karen, but I admire her, ______, she is a great musician. A. As a result B. After all C. In other words D. As usual 30)--- Little Smith doesn't _______ his age. ---Exactly. He looks tall _______ his age. A. seem; in B. look; for C. appear; in D. like; at 31) The discussion came _______ when an interesting topic was brought in. A. alike B. live C. active D. alive 32)The school authority has taken _______ measures to prevent students from cheating. A. lot of B. much C. ample D. a lot 33) With the opening of China, more and more English programs are broadcast ______. A. in the air B. by air C. in the open air D. on the air 34) The fire alarm last night alarmed the inhabitants with a (n) ______ sound. A. alarming B. frightened C. afraid D. alarmed 35) Mary wanted to travel around the world all by herself, but her parents did not _______ her to do so. (07 全国卷 III) A. forbid B. allow C. follow D. ask 36) It will take you half an hour to get to the station, _____ traffic delays. A. including B. allowing for C. allowing D. included 37) When he was a student, his father gave him a monthly ____ towards his expense. A.allowance B. salary C.alley D.money 38) If you set up your goal and start your preparations as early as possible, you will achieve your ________ to become one of the most famous scientists in the future. A. intention B. ambition C. amusement D. desire
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39) I was paid last week, but I can't remember the exact ________ of money. A. number B. quality C. amount D. altitude 40) Having heard of the air accident, she ______ a plane again. A. was afraid of taking B. was afraid to take C. dared take D. had not courage to take 41)The high building stands out _______ the sky. A. in B. under C. against D. above 42) Jerry takes exercise every morning, _______ a weight loss of ten pounds. A. adjusting to B. relying on C. setting foot in D. aiming at 43) One of the qualities that most people _____ in others is the willingness to _____ one’s mistakes. A. admire; admit B. apologize; acknowledge C. hate; admit D. against; make 44) --- Look! You have made the same mistake again! --- Oh, not again! I am _______ making such a mistake. A. never B. regularly C. almost D. always 45) These countries will join one another against terrorism, as was _____ at the international conference. A. agreed on B. agreed with C. agreed to D. agreed 46) The girl is badly injured. You’d better _____first aid to her before taking her to hospital. A. make B. do C. take D. afford 47) --- What does Canada export? --- Large amounts of wheat ___________ sent abroad. A. is B. have C. are D. is being 48) Shandong lying ________ Hebei, Jiangsu, Shanxi, and Henan… is ________ the provinces with the largest population in China. A. among; among B. between; among C. between; between D. among; between 49) The student is _____ 18 years old, but what he said is ______ nothing worth listening to. A. nearly; almost B. nearly; nearly C. between; among D. among; between 50) He is bad-tempered, selfish, and ______ an unpleasant man. A. somehow B. altogether C. otherwise D. anyway 2. 根据英文释义选用下列单词填空: abrupt adore abolish abuse abandon admirable acquaintance accuse amateur adventure

1) _________ to leave someone, especially someone you are responsible for 2) __________ to officially end a law, system etc, especially one that has existed for a long time 3) ________ sudden and unexpected; seeming rude and unfriendly 4) ________ to deliberately use something for the wrong purpose or for one’s own advantage 5) _____ to say that you believe someone is guilty of a crime or of doing something bad 6) ____________an exciting experience in which dangerous or unusual things happen 7) ________someone who does an activity just for pleasure, not as their job 8) __________someone you know, but who is not a close friend 9) ___________ having many good qualities that you respect and admire 10) _________to love someone very much and feel very proud of them 3.选用下列词的适当形式填空: Part 1
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alive age album access address able

actual account

ambition accident

1) I’d like to do more gardening, but I never seem _______ to find the time. 2) The dead-end street was the only ________ to her home. 3) Not knowing whether he's dead or ________ is a terrible feeling. 4) We are living in an ______ when many things are done on computer. 5) I find records are often as good as or better than an _______ performance. 6) My ________ of boyhood photographs often reminds me of the past happiness. 7) I’m sorry about breaking the vase; it was an ________; I mean I did not intend to do it. 8) He paid the money into his bank _________. 9) If anybody calls, tell them I am out, and ask them to leave their name and _________. 10) He has never achieved his __________ of becoming a famous writer. Part 2 affair achievement agreement accent absent ability action activity agriculture advantage 11) The number of people invited was fifty, but a number of them were _______ for different reasons. 12) The health center serves all patients, regardless of their _________ to pay. 13) The young man caught the thief. And for his brave ________ he was given a medal by the government. 14) He speaks with a strong southern ________. 15) More than 75% of the land is used for __________ . 16) In a few years’ time, the educational reform in China will make great ___________. 17) Tom's university education gave him an ___________ over boys who had not been to a university. 18) Of all his outdoor ___________, Paul likes fishing best, but he doesn’t enjoy eating fish. 19) The head engineer can’t expect to have much time to devote to purely personal _________ . 20) News reports say peace talks between the two countries have broken down with no ____________ reached. Part 3 after absence alone against allergic aboard amateur affection aggressive abstract agency agenda

21) Left _______ doing his homework all day long, the little child must be annoyed now. 22) The use of drugs is _______ the law; it's illegal. 23) That boy's always making trouble——the police are ______ him again. 24) His _________ of mind during driving nearly caused an accident. 25) The loudspeaker kept telling the passengers waiting at the port to get ______ the ship. 26) I got this job through an employment _______. 27) The patient is _________ to this kind of medicine; please try another. 28) The competition is open to both ____________ and professional photographers. 29) We may talk of beautiful things, but beauty itself is _________. 30) A successful businessman must be __________. 31) They had been childless for a long time so when a little girl was born in the family, the parents couldn’t help showing too much _________ for it.
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32. It’s stressed that that problems concerning agriculture should be put on the top of the Party’s _______. 4.选用下列动词的适当形式填空: Part 1 act accuse add accept admit absorb abandon accompany admire allow allocate

1) Plants _______ carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. 2) The lost car of the Lees was found ____________ in the woods off the highway. 3) The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and _________ him of speeding. 4) That year his total income, with his reward _________ to, added up to 12,000 yuan. 5) As time went on, the theory proved successful and was __________ by many people. 6) It’s a bad practice to ________ children much money as a New Year gift. 7) Always _______ in a strange way, Einstein must have appeared to people around to be mad. 8) Your passport application form should be ____________by two recent photos when you go to the Passport Office. 9) Our school has been __________ a sum of money for education. 10) I _________ her for sticking to her principles (原则) Part 2 amuse accept affect add accumulate abuse accomplish allow access advertise

11) --- I haven’t found my suitcase which was lost at the airport. ---You’d better, in that case, _________ the loss of it in the newspaper, with a reward for the return of it. 12) Sleep patterns change as we ______, but disturbed sleep and waking up tired every day is not part of normal aging. 13) It was reported that the hospital left the patient untreated as he couldn’t ________ the treatment. How could they do so? 14) Early upbringing in the home is naturally _________ both by the cultural pattern of the group and by the parents’ ability. 15) His letter, having been ____________ to the wrong number, reached me late. 16) I can't _______ the file on your company because I've forgotten the code. 17) The kids __________ themselves playing hide-and-seek. 18) Dust and dirt soon _____________ if a house is not cleaned regularly. 19) The best method to ____________ this goal is to unite as many people as possible. 20) There are instructions on the bottle to prevent the medicine from being _________. 5.选用下列短语及词组的适当形式填空: Part 1 be addicted to be about to be admitted to above all take advantage of take…into account take an action agree with go against aim at 1) He tried to go away without being noticed by the teacher, but the luck ___________ him. 2) Many students are not ___________________ education opportunities. They no longer believe that studying hard will lead to a good job and a better life. 3) Never waste anything, but _____________ never waste time. 4) With the fact that he is a green hand ____________________, I think he has done pretty well
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indeed. 5) That was not the first time he had told a lie to us. I think it's high time we _______ strong _________ against him. 6) The man was badly ill and he _____________ the near nearest hospital. 7) A verb must ____________ its subject in number and person. 8) Project Hope __________ helping the poor children in remote areas to receive education. 9) We ____ just ____________ leave when it began to rain. 10) Some kids ____________ surfing the Net; they often forget their schoolwork. Part 2 by accident get…across make allowance for take advice in advance agree on be absorbed in add to allow for adjust to agree with account for 11) Don't be angry with him. He made the mistake _____________. 12)She did not ______ the ______ that she not travel at rush hour, so she got lost. 13) As the player is well received by the papers, you had better buy a ticket ___________. 14) Jim ________________ his book; he didn’t notice us come in. 15) As is known to us, good friends ______ happiness and value ______ life. 16) We tried to ______ our point _______, but he just wouldn’t listen. 17) Can we __________ a date for the next meeting? 18) She failed one of the exam papers, but we ought to _____________ the fact that she was ill. 19) We have to __________ the possibility that we might not finish on schedule. 20) Straw berries don't __________ me;they make me fall ill. 21) He couldn’t ____________ his absence for school these days. 22) Some people can never go above 4,000 metres because their body is unable to ________ these extreme conditions. 6. 选用下列词的适当形式填空: effect development digest ticket wait lonely age acquisition 1) The most important step in learning is to _______ what has been absorbed. 2) He doesn't feel _______ when he is left alone. 3) We can't afford to ______ any longer, or we'll miss the plane. 4) This ______ admits one adult with one child to the show. 5) Most people agree that the present role of women has already affected U.S. society. Above all, it has a strong ________ on the traditional role of men. 6) Nowadays many kids are addicted to the Internet which has a bad effect on their personal ______________. 7) Next to acquiring good friends, the best __________ is that of good books. 8) Classical music doesn’t seem to be acceptable to people of any _____ group, but it can make our life fuller. 7.翻译: 1) I didn’t make great progress in my English study until my teacher __________________ _______________ (建议我如何学)the language well. 2) How proud she is! She ___________________________(被一所重点大学录取) 3) --- I wish it was time to go home. --- I __________________ (非常同意) I'm missing my family so much. 4) The fire spread through the hotel very quickly but everyone (成功逃脱) ________________.
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5) Fireworks ________________ (增加美丽)of the festival night. 6) ) 他没有参加这个会议。 _________________________________________________________________. 7) 你认为这场雨会影响足球比赛的结果吗? ________________________________________________________________? 8) 我们不允许在教室里吃东西。 _____________________________________________________________. 9) 因为怕出错,她不敢讲英语。 ________________________________________________________________. 10) 如果不是偶然,他一定是故意做的。 ________________________________________________________________. 11) 我收到了他送的礼物,但是我不愿意接受。 ____________________________________________________. 12) 到目前为止,我们学过的英语单词总计大约有 3500 个。 _________________________________________________________________. 13) Our abundant resources and stable policy provide foreigners with the advantages they invest here. ____________________________________________________________. 14) I passed her in the street but she didn't even acknowledge me when I smiled. ___________________________________________________________________. 15) It is universally acknowledged that dogs have an acute sense of smell. ________________________________________________________. 8.选用下列单词或短语的适当形式完成下面短文:(每空只填一词) advantage disadvantage effect native popular different alone lonely also besides however apply attend act as as well advanced above all

In recent years, studying abroad has been 1)________. Tens of thousands of Chinese students have gone to foreign countries to study. Many people are making great 2)______ to 3)______ to go abroad. There are many 4)____________ in 5)__________ schools abroad. Students who have studied abroad can 6) _____ ____ mediators (中介人) between people of 7) ________ cultures. And we can learn foreign languages more quickly 8)____ ______. 9)______ _____, we can learn much more 10)___________ knowledge of science and technology from foreign countries. 11)________, there are some 12)______________. Most of the students are too young to live 13 ) _______ without any living experience. 14)_________, being far away from their home country, they may feel 15) ________ and homesick. 16)______, the costs are much higher there than in the ________17) country.

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