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必修一 unit 1 new words

Unit 1 The study of

new words


go though 1 When you're going through a crisis, it often helps to talk to someone. 2 Let's go through the whole thing

again, from the beginning. 3 Candidates must go through a process of selection.

1add ---to / add to / add up / 1 Do you want to add your name to the list? 2 Material about recent research has been added to this new edition. 3 This show will no doubt add to his growing reputation. 4 I can add up in my head quite easily. 5 Add up the figures . 2 upset 1 Don't do anything that would upset him. 2 The chemicals upset the balance of the environment. 3 She was really upset about the way her father treated her. 4 Debbie was upset that he didn't spend more time with her. 3 ignore 1 You can'tignore the fact that many criminals never go to prison. 2 The phone rang, but she ignored it. 3 You can also say that you are ignorant of something, especially when you should know about it 4 calm 1 I tried to stay calm and just ignore him. 2 He tried to calm the frightened children. 3 He lit a cigarette to calm himself down. 5 concern 1 He told them not to concern themselves about him. 2 She is concerned about how little food I eat. 3 As far as I'm concerned, you can forget about it. 4 This chapter is concerned with the mental health of older people. 5 We all knew the facts concerning Marr's car crash 6 One of the concerns that people have is the side effects of treatment. 7 In her last days the poet expressed concern for her father. 6 loose 1 The driver had forgotten to fasten the safety chain and the trailer unattached). 2 The screw has come loose (=become loose). came loose (=become 12

8 set down 1 I wanted to set my feelings down on paper. 2 Clear guidelines have been set down for teachers. 9 series 1 There's been a whole series of accidents on this road. 2 This autumn the BBC will be showing a series of French films. 10 outdoors It's warm enough to eat outdoors tonight. 11 on purpose You make it sound as if I did it on purpose! in order to 1 In order to understand how the human body works, you need to have some knowledge of chemistry. 2 Samuel trained every day in order to improve his performance. 3 hen they call out our names in order and we answer yes or no. 13 at dusk The street lights go on at dusk. 13 entire / entirely 1 It was the worst day in my entire life. 14 2Our situation is entirely different. power 1 We all felt that the chairman had too much power. 2 I admire the writer's powers of observation 3 Knowledge is power. 15 face to face 1 I had a face-to-face interview yesterday .

2 We had a discussion face to face . 16 curtain 1 Ella drew the curtains and switched the light on. 2 Shall I open the curtains?


3 Before the curtain went up, the dancers took their places on stage. 17 dusty 1 Adrian cycled along the dusty road. 2 All the furniture was covered in dust. 18 no longer 25 1 The extra workers won't be needed any longer. 2 It's no longer a secret. 19 settle 1 We hope the factions will be able to settle their differences. (=agree to stop arguing) by peaceful means. 2 Shh! Settle down please! Now turn to page 57. 3 A fly kept trying to settle on his face. 4 Many Jewish people settled in the Lower East Side. 20 suffer from 1 She's suffering a lot of pain. 2 I'm suffering from a bad back. 3 4 5 6 Mary's suffering from ill health at the moment. In June 1667, England suffered a big defeat by the Dutch They are unlikely to suffer much loss of business after 2001. He suffered head injuries in the crash. 28 27 24


He bought

a pack of cigarettes just now.

get along with 1 They seem to get along with each other. 2 How's Sam getting along at university? 3 4 Don't worry, we'll get along without you. How are you getting on with your essay? fall in love I fell in love with Amsterdam the very first time I visited the city.

26 exactly 1 The figures may not be exactly right, but they're close enough. 2 3 4 5 I can't remember exactly what she said. Where exactly did you stay in Portugal? It's exactly the kind of work I've been looking for. She tries to be disagree 1 If something such as food or weather disagrees with you, it has a bad effect on you or makes you ill: 2 Seafood always disagrees with me. 3 Experts disagree on how much the program will cost. grateful 1 2 3 4 29 join in 1 2 3 30 tip 1 2 3 4 31 32 swap item I'm so grateful for all your help. I am very grateful to all those who took the trouble to write to me. She should be grateful that he was making things easier for her. I would be most grateful if you could send me an invitation. He stared at them without joining in the conversation. He laughed loudly, and Mattie joined in. Please join us in the game. exactly like her older sister

21 recover 1 After a few days of fever, she began to recover. 2 He's in hospital, recovering from a heart attack. 3 The tourist industry is recovering to pre-war levels. 22 get tired of 1 I'm so tired I could sleep for a week. 2 He was too tired to argue. 3 He looks tired out (=very tired). 4 I'm tired of watching televis ion; let's go for a walk. 23 pack 1 You'd better pack your bags. We're leaving in an hour. 2 Kelly packed her things before breakfast. 3 Most of the holidaymakers had packed up and gone. 4 Don't worry. The removal men will pack everything up.

He kissed the tip of her nose. I gave the guy a big tip. Perhaps she could give us a few tips on how to improve our English. Eric fell asleep, his head gently tipping to one side. 1 The girls chatted and swapped clothes with each other. 2 We need to get together to swap ideas and information. 1 The store is having a sale on furniture and household items. 2 We went on to the next item on the agenda.


Unit 1

key phrases and sentence patterns



Page 1 1 add up ____________ 2 another time______________ 3 get it repaired___________ 4calm down _________ 5 have got to do sth. _________6 be concerned about _________ 7 walk a dog_________ 8 get loose _________ 9 pay the bill _________ 10 pay for sth. _________ 11 take an exam________12 should have done sth. _________ 13 someone else’ things _________ Page 2 Phrases 1 go though _________ 4 a series of_________ 2 make + noun + noun _________ 5 be crazy about _________ 3 set down _________

Page3 Phrases 1 keep a diary Sentence patterns

_______2 feel lonely_______ 3 look out at _______

How did she felel about nature before she and her family hid away ? Page 4 1 feel disturbed _______ 2 tie ---- up _______ 3 take no notice of _______ 4 one after another _______ 5 go through _______ 6 suffer from _______ 7 recover from _______ Page 5 1 get tired of Page 6 Phrases 1 have some trouble with sth. _______ 4 divide ----- into -----_______ Sentence patterns 1 So do I . / Neither do I . 2 Me too. 3 No problem . 4 I don’t think so ./ I am afraid not . 5 No way Page 7 1 ask for _______ 2 communite with _______ _______ 3 join in _______ 2 get along well with _______3 fall in love _______ 5 agree with _______ _______ 2 pack up sth _______ 3 with so many clothes on ______

6 do with_________

7 stay awake _________ 8 on purpose _________ 9 in order to do sth. _________ 10 have a good look at _________ 11 by oneself _________ 12 far too much _________ 13 another time _________ Sentence patterns 1 Do you want a friend whom you could tell everything to ,........? 2 I don’t want to set down a series of facts in a diary as most people do , but I want this diary itself to be my friend , and I shall call my friend Kitty . 3 Now read she felt after being in the hiding place since July 1942. 4 I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crasy about everything to do with nature. 5I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky , the song of the birds ,moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound . 6 It was the first time in a year and a half that I ‘d seen the night face to face . 7 ....... I am only able to look at nature through dirty curtains hanging before very dusty windows . 8 It’s no pleasure looking through these any longer because nature is one thing that really must be 14 happen to do sth. _________ 15 at dusk _________ 16 hold sb. In one’s power_________ 17 face to face _________

4 show interest in

5 get to do sth. _______ 6 put sth. In an order _______ _______ 8 take one’s advice _______ 10 pick out any mistakes _______ 2 in silience _______ 3 run dry _______

7 have trouble in doing sth 9 by doing sth. _______ Page 8 1 keep a diary _______

4 lend a helping hand ______________



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