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苏州市 2014 高考英语阅读理解、完形填空及阅读类训练(5) (答案及解析)
阅读理解 A Words:344 难度系数:★★★ 建议用时:8 分钟 On May 23,1989,Stefania Follini came out from a cave at Carlsbad,New Mexico.She hadn’t seen the sun for eighteen and a half weeks.Stefania was in a research program,and the scientists in the program were studying body rhythms (节奏).In this experiment Stefania had spent 130 days in a cave,30 feet in depth. During her time in the cave,Stefania had been completely alone except for two white mice.Her living place had been very comfortable,but there had been nothing to tell her the time.She’d had no clocks or watches,no television or radio.There had been no natural light and the temperature had always been kept at 21 ℃. The results were very interesting.Stefania had been in the cave for over four months, she thought but she had been there for only two.Her body clock had changed.She hadn’t kept to a 24?hour day,she had stayed awake for 20- hours and then had slept for 10 hours.She had eaten fewer meals and had 25 lost 171bs in weight as a result! She had also become rather depressed (抑郁). How had she spent her time in the cave? As part of the experiment she’d done some physical and mental tests.She’d recorded her daily activities and the results of the tests on a computer.This computer had been specially programmed for the project.Whenever she was free,she’d played cards,read books and listened to music.She’d also learned French from tapes. The experiment showed that our body clocks are affected by light and temperature.For example,the pattern of day and night makes us wake up and go to sleep.However,people are affected in different ways.Some people wake up naturally at 5∶00 a.m.,but others don’t start to wake up till 9∶00 or 10∶00 a.m..This af fects the whole daily rhythm.As a result,the early risers are at their best in the late morning.The late risers,on the oth er hand,are tired during the day and only come to life in the afternoon or evening! 【解题导语】 一位名叫 Stefania Follini 的女士参加了一个研究项目。她在一个深 30 英尺的 洞穴里生活了 130 天,终日不见阳光,也没有计时工具。这项研究发现人体的生理节奏与光 线和温度有关。 1.Stefania stayed in the cave for a long time because ________. A.she was asked to do research on mice B.she wanted to experience loneliness C.she was the subject of a study D.she needed to record her life 解析:选 C。细节理解题。根据文章的第一段内容可知 Stefania Follini 作为研究对象参与了一

项研究试验。故选 C。 2.What is a cause for the change of Stefania’s body clock? A.Eating fewer meals. B.Having more hours of sleep. C.Lacking physical exercise. D.Getting no natural light. 解析:选 D。推理判断题。根据文章的第二段最后两句和最后一段首句可知,无法计时和没有 自然光使她的生理节奏产生了混乱。答案为 D。 3.Where does the text probably come from? A.A novel. C.A pet magazine. B.A news story. D.A travel guide.

解析:选 B。推理判断题。这篇文章为读者介绍了一项关于人体生理节奏的研究,应出现在报 纸杂志等通俗读物上,故答案为 B。 ********************************************************结束

A Words:318 难度系数:★★ 建议用时:7 分钟

Christmas was just a week away and I had five people left to shop for but only three dollars. “Let’s set a price limit on our gifts this year,” I suggested to my best friend Joanie. “That’s a good idea,” Joanie agreed.“How about something over five dollars?” “How about sixty cents?” I felt like the biggest cheapskate in the world. “I guess this is where I’m supposed to say it’s not the gift but the thought that counts,” Joanie

smiled. It is almost impossible to buy anything under sixty cents,so it was really going to have to be very small gifts with very big thoughts. Finally,Christmas Day arrived.I gave my mother a candle with a note that said,“You are the brightest light in my life.” She almost cried when she read the note. I gave my brother a wooden ruler.On the back of it I had painted,“No brother in the world could measure up to you.” He gave me a bag of sugar and wrote on it,“You’re my sweet sister.” For Joanie,I painted a pair of shoes with a note that said,“No one could ever fill your shoes.”She thanked me and said I always tickled (使??高兴) her and made her laugh. To my other two friends, gave Annie a paper fan and a note on it, I “I’m your biggest fan.” I gave Helen a calculator that cost one dollar and I painted a message on the back, “You can always count on me.” My mother knows she is the most important person in my life.My brother thinks I’m sweet.Joanie thinks I’m funny and make her laugh,which is important because her dad moved away last year and she misses him and is sad sometimes... 【解题导语】 作者通过描述自己在圣诞节给亲人和朋友送礼物的故事说明礼物贵在心意。 5.When Christmas neared,the author worried that she ________. A.had few friends to give her gifts B.had little money to buy gifts for others C.didn’t know what gifts her friends would like D.didn’t have enough time to go shopping 解析:选 B。细节理解题。根据第一段可知,作者担心在圣诞节来临之际没有太多钱为亲人和 朋友购买礼物。 6.The underlined word “cheapskate” in Paragraph 4 probably refers to a person who ________. A.is the poorest in the world B.buys the cheapest skateboards C.spends as little money as possible D.buys the cheapest things in the world 解析:选 C。词义猜测题。根据第二、三、四段可知,作者建议最好的朋友 Joanie 限定礼物的 价位,Joanie 提议 5 美元以上,而作者则提出 60 美分,由此可以看出,作者感觉自己像世界 上最吝啬的人。cheapskate 意为“吝啬鬼,守财奴”。 7.The girl gave her mother a c andle because it stands for ________. A.the girl’s own life B.her mother’s life C.the girl’s role in her mother’s life

D. the mother’s role in the girl’s life 解析:选 D。推理判断题。根据作者随蜡烛附上的小纸条上的话和最后一段第一句可知,作者 送蜡烛给妈妈,是因为她在自己生活中的角色就像蜡烛一样。 8.What can we learn from the passage? A.It is an art to choose gifts. B.It is the thought not the gift that matters. C.How to choose cheap gifts. D.Giving gifts improves friendships. 解析:选 B。主旨大意题。作者在圣诞节前用仅有的一点钱给亲人和朋友购买了特殊的礼物, 该故事反映了礼物不在于贵重而在于它所体现的情感。文章第五段中的“it’s not the gift but the thought that counts”也点明了主题。



典型例题 1.短文内容逻辑性强,文章结构严谨,层次分明。 2.文体由单一向多样性转化。近几年文体出现故事、新闻报道、应用文、夹 叙夹议等文体,已经突破了单一的叙述文体。其考察的热点依次为:故事类、教 育类、社会类、文化类、体育卫生类。所选文章情节曲折,趣味性强,结 3.文章基本长度在 270~290 词之间,设空为 20 个,挖空密度在 10~12 词 之间,体现了“在稳定中求发展”的命题指导思想,多为第一句不设空,考生可 在第一句得到相关信息,如时间、地点、人物等,从而预测全文。 4.备选答案以实词为主,虚词为辅,虚词又以连词为主。要求学生不仅能够 熟练地掌握基础知识,还需综合文章前后逻辑,根据具体语境,从语言的准确性 出发,排除干扰项的迷惑,选出最佳答案。 应试高分瓶颈 随着完形填空朝着语言交际化,情景生活化,词汇应用灵活化方向性,要求语 言应用与情景交际融为一体,当然难度不断增加,学生便对完型填空产生厌倦恐 惧心理。常会在做题过程中,在未抓住文章主旨下,便以此为中心展开推测判断, 往往断章取义,会导致偏差,甚至与文章的中心相悖,或是受思维定势干扰,对 文章分析不透,忽视特定语境中知识的运用,以致处于应付的状态,做题能力得 不到提升,这就要求学生不仅拥有扎实牢固的基础,还要有一定的阅读能力与速 度,以及综合逻辑与思维。当然,良好的心理素质是必须的,在做完形填空中做 到“信息常识;上下呼应;搭配谴辞;逻辑贯通。。 ” ◎命题点 1 记叙文 ◎命题点 2 人物故事

◎命题点 3 夹叙夹议 ◎命题点 4 说明夹叙述 ◎命题点 5 说明文 ◎命题点 6 议论文 本类考题解答锦囊 完形填空是一项综合性较强的试题,它往往被考生视为“老大难”题目。因 为它不仅考查学生的语言、语法知识,而且还考查学生的英语背景知识,以及综 合运用语言基础知识的能力。完形填空常考查考生以下七个方面: 1.同义或近义词的辨析。 2.词组固定搭配。 3.动词的时态和语态。 4.代词的复指。 5.主谓一致性(包括名词单复数问题)。 6.判断上下文的逻辑关系。 7.阅读理解(包括日常常用知识)。 完形填空在高考中占有很大的比例;做好这道题是能否获取高分的关健。那 如何做到准确,迅速地“完形”呢?概括有如下三个步骤: 一、泛读一通读全文,抓住主旨 有的同学总是急于求成,想要一步到位,或是由于原文设置空格所造成的理 解障碍,担心通读全文不但抓不住大意还浪费时间,未通览全文即边读边填,结 果是就句论句,无法形成连贯的思路,或是“见木不见林” ,理解偏离文章的中心, 欲速则不达。 大家首先要克服不良心理,满怀信心,全神贯注,目光越过空格,注意把握 短文的整体内容。任何短文都是围绕一个特定的中心话题展开,抓住了话题便可 “举目为纲”掌握短文的脉络;同时可以避免思维断线或漂浮不定,从而准确 、 迅速地“完型” 。 在通读全文的过程中,力求对文章的整体内容有个基本的认识,明确主题思 想, 认识文章结构, 了解文章的层次(完形填空所给的短文一般是从交待背景开始, 渐次推进,直至高潮,然后结局,环环相扣,条理十分清楚。)要想抓住主旨,关 键在于首尾句。文章首句一般不设空,为一个完整的句子,通过此窗口,可掌握 一些信息,如时间、地点、人物等,尾句为一篇文章总结,点睛之笔,由此可从 整体上感知全文,进而理解全文。 二、精读一细读全文,综合考虑,选出最佳 词不离句,句不离文。针对任何一个选项,都要着眼于该选项所在句,并且 要瞻前顾后,不仅仅考虑语法、句型、习惯用法、固定搭配等,还需要根据不同 场合、不同人、不同的文化习俗,对生活常识的积累以及语感,文章的前后推论 与照应,理清脉络,仔细推敲,去伪存真,选出最佳答案,切忌走马观花,断章 取义,应付对待。可总结如下: 1.在理解全文内容的大前提下,根据上下文相关内容进行判断选择,不要只 考虑本句的意思需要和备选答案。例如: 典型例题 Give girls chance to 55 ,and they will A.think B.succeed C.perfOrm D.feel 答案且要确定这个答案必须理解全篇的内容,体会到作者写这篇短文的目的 是通过讲自己喜爱冲浪而使人们认识到女孩可以做男孩所做的事,告诉人们要给

女孩成功的机会,她们一定能成功。 我们在做完形填空时,常会有这种感觉,开头几个空填不上,或者说不读完 全文,无法填空,这时切记冷静,克服急躁恐惧心理,那么不妨暂时放过这几个 空,继续往下,先易后难,随着阅读逐渐展开,逐渐入境根据下文的字里行间, 直接或间接地找到所需要的信息,待全文填完,很清楚的情况下,剩下的难题就可 做出,有一种“豁然开朗”之感,而不是“似懂非懂” 。 本类考题解答锦囊 2.根据逻辑推理,从常识和常规的角度去考虑。例如: 典型例题 The feeling l get when I’m surhngacross that 44 , becomingone with the 45 ,islikeI’mweightless. A.beach B.water c.board D.1ake 答案 B 根据常识可判断出冲浪是在水面上进行的。 45.A.sky B.world C.earth D.ocean 答案 D 冲浪是在海洋中进行的一项体育运动。作者感到自己与海洋成为了一 体。 3.从词语意义辨析方面进行选择。例如: (NMET,典型例题 ertheyears,the story of the Yctis has 41 . A.developed D.Changed C.occurred D.continued 答案 D 根据这四个词的意思和上下文的内容可确定选项 D 是正确答案。 4.从习惯用法、固定搭配的角度去考虑。例如: 典型例题 You see,I dealt out my lOcker because l didn't wan mess(脏乱) 50 anyone else. A.over D.into C.with D.for 答案 D leave sth.forsb.把某物留给某人。我不想把脏乱留给别人。leave over 省去,略去;1eavesth.with sb.把某物交给某人。 5.善于总结概括全文内容,根据全文内容进行选择。例如: I know then that Amy and I would be 50 and my firstyear of college WOUld be a success. A.sisters D.friends C students D.fellOW 答案 B 从全文内容很容易排除选项 A 和 D。根据 Amy 的热情接待,作者预感 到她与 Amy 会成为朋友。 6.根据文章背景的意思需要,从语言结构上进行选择。例如: I realized that 53 I had ddone that,I wuolddhavelostanew friend and missed a11 the fun we would have together. A.before B.if C.while D.as 答案 B 根据谓语动词是虚拟语气可判断出应用 if 填写。在表示过去的虚拟 语气中,if 从句用 had+过去分词,主句用 would(could)+have done. 7.注意英汉两种语言的差异,不能简单地互译,据语感选择答案。 出题者深知学生在英语学习过程中的弱点,往往从母语的角度设置干扰项来 增加试题的难度,考查学生的基本功和灵活运用能力,所以在平常的学习中,要 逐渐培养自己的“语感”不要受母语的影响。这就需要较高的阅读能力和阅读技 巧,是在大量阅读、科学训练的基础上发展起来的一种能力。 三、验证——带入答案,复查全文 把答案填入空白处,恢复短文的原貌,重新阅读全文,注重全丈是否连贯,

语言是否精确,对因逐句理解而造成的片面错误进行调整,注重所选的是最佳答 案而不是“正确”答案,必要时进行调整,切忌流于形式。常有同学做完完形填 空后,便草草收场,结果让一些疏忽导致不该犯的错,造成试卷中的遗憾,所以 最后一步尤为重要。 综上所述,完形填空虽然难度较大,考查学生综合运用英语知识的能力,得 高分较难,这就要学生了解高考完形填空的命题特点,并掌握此题的技巧,在平 日训练中有的放矢,在熟练掌握语言、词汇、语法等扎实的基础知识和基本技能 之上,在科学的训练之上,及时发现不足,及时总结,相信大家就能提高运用所 学知识解决实际问题的能力,在做题时就能得心应手,事半功倍,马到成功。 ******************************************************结束

Springtime in Paris Departures: May 5, 12, 19 and June 9 4 days for $129 per person Paris in the Springtime was, is and always will be, something rather special. Why not experience it for yourself with this excellent break for four days? This attractive city has something to offer everyone and with prices at just $129. It's great value too. Your break begins with executive coach (长途公共汽车) transfer (中转) from regional (各地的) pick- points and travel to Paris is via crossup channel ferry (渡船), arriving at your hotel in the evening. The Ibis is an excellent quality hotel with private facilities in all rooms: satellite TV, radio, telephone and alarm clock. It has a bar and a restaurant and is situated about two miles south of Notre Dame enabling you to explore Paris with ease. The following day, after continental breakfast (included), the coach takes you on a comprehensive sightseeing tour of the city, during which you will see the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, L'Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, in fact almost every famous landmark you will ever have heard of.You then leave Paris and take a short drive to the magnificent Palace of Versailles, the home of Louis XIV. The tour ends midafternoon back in Paris where you will have the remainder of the day at your leisure. In the evening there is a‘Paris By Night’ tour showing you the beautiful buildings with bright lights. Day three takes you to Montmartre, perhaps the most picturesque quarter of Paris and home of the Sacre Coeur and the Moulin Rouge. In the afternoon you are free to explore this beautiful city as you wish, perhaps a pleasure voyage on the River Seine, wander around the picturesque gardens or look through among the antique shops (古玩店). In the evening you will have the opportunity to visit the best nightclub in the city, the splendid Patin. On the final day it's back to the UK via channel ferry. Included in the price of $129 per person: *Return executive coach travel to Paris; *Return ferry crossings; *Three nights accommodation in a twin bedded room in a Central Paris hotel with private facil ities;

*Continental breakfast during your stay; *Guided sightseeing tour of “Paris By Day” and “Paris By Night”; *Visit to Chateau of Versailles(admission not included); *Tour on Montmartre; *Services of an experienced bilingual tour guide at all times. 1. This advertisement is mainly________. A.to tell tourists the route to Paris B.to show the price of traveling to Paris C.to introduce the city of Paris D.to attract tourists to Paris 2. During the stay in Paris, the tourists will________. A.have a free time of half day B.have a “Paris By Night” on the first evening C.have a pleasure voyage on the River Seine together D.live in a hotel two miles away from Paris 3. The underlined word “quarter” is used in the text to refer to ________. A.a period of time B.district C.fourth part D.exhibition 4. After paying $129,the tourists will have to pay ________ in Paris. A.the continental breakfasts B.tour on Montmartre C.admission ticket to Chateau of Versailles D.services of a bilingual tour guide 5. We learn from the text that________. A.the tourists can telephone in Ibis without paying B.the tourists will spend the night in Paradis Latin on the third day C.Palace of Versailles is not in the center of Paris D.it will take you a long time to get to Montmartre from Paris **************************************************************结束
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Today, there’s hardly an aspect of our life that isn’t being upended by the tons of information available on the hundreds of millions of sites crowding the Internet, not to mention its ability to keep us in constant touch with each other via / through electronic mail.“If the automobile and aerospace technology had exploded at the same pace as computer and information technology,” says Microsoft, “a new car would cost about $ 2 and go 600 miles on a small quantity of gas.And you could buy a Boeing 747 for the cost of a pizza.”

Probably the biggest payoff, however, is the billions of dollars the Internet is saving companies

in producing goods and serving for the needs of their customers. Nothing like it has been seen since the beg inning of the Industrial Revolution, when power-driven machines began producing more in a day than men could turn out in nearly a year.“We view the growth of the Internet and e-commerce as a global trend,” says Merrill Lynch, “along the lines of printing press, the telephone, the computer, and electricity.” You would be hard pressed to name something that isn’t available on the Internet.Consider: books, health care, movie tickets, construction materials, baby clothes, stocks, cattle feed, music, electronics, antiques, tools, real estate, toys, autographs of famous people, wine and airline tickets. even after you’ve moved on to your final resting place, there’s no reason those you love And can’t keep in touch.A company called FinalThoughts.com offers a place for you to store “afterlife e-mails” you can send to Heaven with the help of a “guardian angel”. Kids today are so computer literate that it in fact ensures the United States will remain the unchallenged leader in cyberspace for the foreseeable (能预测的) future.Nearly all children in families with incomes of more than $75,000 a year have home computers, according to a st udy by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.Youngsters from ages 2 to 17 at all income levels have computers, with 52% of those connected to the Internet.Most kids use computers to play games (some for 30 hours or more a week), and many teenage girls think nothing of rushing home from school to have e-mail chats with friends they have just left. What’s clear is that, whether we like it or not, the Internet is an ever growing part of our lives and there is no turning back.“The Internet is just 20% invented,” says cyber pioneer Jake Winebaum.“The last 80% is happening now.” 10.What can we learn from the Microsoft’s remark? A.Today’s cars and airplanes are extremely overpriced. B.Information technology is developing at an amazing speed C.Information technology has reached the point where improvement is diffi cult. D.There’s more competition in information technology industry than in car industry. 11.According to the author, the biggest benefit of the Internet is that___. A.it saves companies huge amounts of money B.it speeds up profit making] C.it brings people incredible convenience

D.it provides easy access to information 12.The author gives the example of FinalThoughts.c om to make the point that____. A.there are some genius ideas on the Internet B.almost anything is available on the Internet C.people can find good bargains on the Internet D.some websites provide novel services to increase hits 13.What can we learn from the fourth paragraph? A.There is a link between income and computer ownership. B.Many American children don’t put computers to good use. C.Studies show that boys are more computer literate than girls. D.The U.S.will stay ahead in the information technology in years. 14.Which sentence has the phrase that possesses the same meaning as the one underlined in the fifth paragraph? A.Some can tell you that he has changed their lives, while others think nothing of him. B.Think nothin g of it.It was my pleasure. C.He thinks nothing of staying up all night in the Café bar. D.He thinks nothing of the pain in his back for the moment. 15.What is the message the author intends to convey? A.The Internet is going to get firm hold of our lives some day. B.The Internet is going to influence our lives even more greatly. C.We should have a positive attitude towards the changes the Internet brings. D.Children should be well prepared for the challenges in the information age.



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苏州市 2014 高考英语阅读理解完形填空及阅读类训练(8) (答案及解析)阅读理解 A Words:349 难度系数:★★★ 建议用时:9 分钟 With their weakening bodies,...


苏州市2014高考英语阅读理解完形填空及阅读类训练(12)(答案及解析)_英语_高中...surprised 答案:A 指导:这里 quiet 显然指他母亲很平静,calm 指遇事不慌。 5...


高考英语阅读理解完形填空及阅读类训练(答案及解析) Words:322 难度系数:★★ 建议用时:8 分钟 If English means endless new words, difficult grammar and so...

山东省青岛市2014高考英语 阅读理解、完形填空及阅读类...

山东省青岛市2014高考英语 阅读理解、完形填空及阅读类训练(5) 隐藏>> 青岛市 2014 高考英语阅读理解完形填空及阅读类训练(5) (答案及 解析) .阅读理解 Words...


2014 高考英语完形填空预演复习训练(5)及答案 【陕西省西安市第一中学 2014 高考英语二模试题】完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面...

2014高考英语 阅读理解、完形填空钻石训练(17)

2014 高考英语 阅读理解完形填空钻石训练(17)维 A 完形填空(每题 1.5 分,...] B.top C.puzzle D.question C.still D.then 5.A.engine 答案 C [由...


2016江苏省苏州市高考英语二轮完形填空训练(5)_经管营销_专业资料。江苏省苏州市 2016 高考英语完形填空二轮训练(5)答案 完形填空阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后...

山东省青岛市2014高考英语 阅读理解、完形填空及阅读类...

青岛市 2014 高考英语阅读理解完形填空及阅读类训练(20) (答案 及解析) You...-2- 5. 饮食安全问题的曝光以及人们如何注意饮食安全问题。 5.如何保持健康的...

山东省青岛市2014高考英语 阅读理解、完形填空及阅读类...

青岛市 2014 高考英语阅读理解完形填空及阅读类训练(3) (答案及 解析)阅读理解 Words:334 难度系数:★★ 建议用时:8 分钟 Sunday, October 5 Clear, 69°...

山东省青岛市2014高考英语 阅读理解、完形填空及阅读类...

青岛市 2014 高考英语阅读理解完形填空及阅读类训练(16) (答案 及解析) .阅读...-3- 5.寻求上下逻辑,从容确定关系 It has been many years since I was ...


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