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1. Carry out/conduct/do a survey 2. Of the 100 students surveyed, 10% have a dislike for english. 3. Please add something to what i have said. 4. Add up all these figures together. 5. What he

did added to our difficulties. 6. The show will add to his reputation. 7. The cost adds up to 100 million yuan. 8. Add weight to the theory 9. Add fuel to the fire/flames 10. He said everyone could vote, adding that voting is via the web. 11. She came here, satisfied. 12. Be upset about/by/at/that... Be upset with sb 13. It may upset her. 14. Upset the balance of the environment 15. I completely ignored his questions 16. You can’t ignore the fact that many criminals never go to prison. 17. There are still doctors who are ignorant of patients' rights. 18. It is easy to overlook a small detail like that. =miss 18. Nobody could overlook the fact that box office sales were down. 19. She found him entertaining enough to overlook his faults. 20. Our room overlooks the ocean. 21. turn a blind eye (to something) close/shut your eyes to something turn a deaf ear (to something) 22. She smoked and drank, neglected the children, and left the clothes unmended. 23. a neglected garden 24. The police officer was accused of neglecting his duty. 25. You neglected to mention that they had a second album released during 1991. 26. Calm (oneself/sb )down 27. Calm one’s fears 28. It took a long time for things to calm down after we had the baby. 29. The streets are calm again. 30. The calm before the storm 31. Don’t have to do haven’t got to do 32. Be concerned about 33. She is concerned with power. 34. She is concerned to hold on to his job. 35. The book/story is concerned with sb/sth (about) 36. Be concerned/involved in criminal activity 37. As far as sb/sth is concerned 38. Show/express our concern for sth 39. Walk the dog 40. I will walk you home./ i will walk you to school. 41. It’s not safe to walk the streets at night. 42. Loose/baggy /tight clothes

43. The screw has come loose. 44. Break/get loose 挣脱 45. Get the bike repaired 46. Cheat in the exam 47. Let sb do sth 48. When heated, the ice becomes water. 49. He is going through a divorce at the moment. 50. Go through several stages of growth 51. We will go through the details later on. 52. Go through the passage and check your spellings. 53. Go through the pocket for the key. 54. The law went through. 55. We went through five pints of milk last week. 56. We have a lot of work to get through. 57. He can get through 10000 in one evening. 58. I don’t know how we can get through the winter. 59. Their love got me through the difficult months. 60. Get through the driving test. 61. I tried to phone her, but couldn’t get through to her. 62. I get it through to her that this is really important. 63. Make her diary her best friend. Name/call/choose/elect 64. Hide evidence from the police 65. Hide my disappointment/confusion/the fact that 66. He arrived five minutes before the ceremony. 67. Long before... Soon/shortly after... 68. I usually take a shower before having my breakfast./ before i have my breakfast. 69. It was several minutes before we realized what was happening. I thought of the puzzle for several days before i finally solved it. 70. It will be a while before we know the results. 71. It won’t be long before we meet again. 72. Before i could say anything more, he hurried off. 73. You will be home before you know it. 74. I want to set my feelings down. 75. Guidelines have been set down for teachers. 76. He set me down at the station. 77. Set about doing sth 78. Set off early Set off the alarm/the bomb I set her off again 79. Winter seems to be setting in early this year. 80. Set out for sp set out on a journey Set out to do sth set out with the idea/purpose/intention etc of doing something

He set out the reasons for his decision in his report. The market traders began setting out their displays. 81. They've set up road blocks around the city. I'll set up an appointment for you. They want to set up their own import-export business. =establish the police tried to set him up. 82. If we all set to, we'll finish the job in half an hour.(to start doing something eagerly and with determination) 83. A series of accidents TV series 84. Outdoor/indoor life eat outdoors 85. Downstairs bathroom run downstairs 86. Be crazy about football 87. Drive sb crazy go crazy 88. A have /be something to do with B 89. Everything happened so quickly that i had no time to think. The particles are so small as to be almost invisible. 90. He lowered his voice so that/in order that Doris couldn’t hear. He trained everyday in order to improve his performance. I got up early in order not to miss the bus. So as not to miss Sunlight is needed in order for the plant to grow. 91. He was well drunk. It was well after 12o’clock when they arrived. 12 o’clock on the dot Be well worth doing Be well aware of sth 92. There was a time when... I still remember the days when... 93. Spellbinding story Be spellbound Keep sb spellbound keep me informed of keep sb occupied/amused 94. Must/may/might be/have done/be doing/have been doing 95. Could have done should have done needn’t have done 96. On purpose=purposely by design deliberately By chance/mistake/accident unintentionally accidentally coincidentally by coincidence The purpose of the meeting is to elect a new chairman. With the purpose of doing sth 97. She spent christmas all by herself./ completely alone/ on her own 98. I enjoyed it far more than i expected. It will take me far too long to explain. Buy it for a price far beyond its real value Far below average 99. Dare (to) do daren’t do don’t dare (to) do 100. Sth happens to sb Sb happen do do sth/to have done/to be doing 101. At dusk=at twilight

At dawn=at daybreak 102. Thunder and lightning A crash of thunder it thunders. The lorry thunders past us. He thundered, “you must be mad.” 103. Come/rise to power in power The power of his speech Have the power to arrest you Powers of observation Solar power earning/purchasing power Be within/beyond one’s power to do sth 104. In my entire life The entire staff 105. It is the first time in my life that i had been in such a big trouble. It was the first time in 2 years that i had met him. It is time that sb did sth.= 106. Face to face heart to heart shoulder to shoulder hand in hand side by side 107. Open/draw/close /pull the curtain 108. Hang-hanged-hanged Hang-hung-hung We hang the coat on a hook. I Hang the sheets on the washing line The lamp hung from the ceiling. Her hair hung loose about her shoulders. There was a photo hanging on the wall. 109. The book is a pleasure to read. She is a pleasure to work with. Take pleasure in doing sth It’s a pleasure to do It’s no pleasure/fun/use/good doing sth 110. The extra workers won’t be needed any longer. It is no longer a secret. She is no longer what she used to be. I can’t eat any more. 111. Settle in wuhan I settle myself comfortably into my seat. Snow settled on the roof. A fly settled on my face. My eyes settle on the door. The silence settle over the room. Settle an argument/a conflict/their differences. handle/deal with /sort out/approach/dispose 112. She is suffering a lot of pain. Suffer the loss/defeat/damage/injury

Suffer the consequences of his stupid decision Suffer from ill health/ a shortage of food Safety might suffer if costs are cut. 113. Lonely life/place/journey live alone(by oneself) leave me alone 114. Recover from a heart attack Four paintings stolen from the gallery have been recovered. Recover the damages 获得补偿 seek/claim compensation Recover my consciousness(=regain) 115. Be tried from/with exhausted worn-out Be tire of doing be fed up with be sick of be bored with 116. pack your things/belongings 117. Kelly packed her things before breakfast. 118. pack a bag/case 119. 10,000 fans packed into the stadium. Crowd/pour/flood 120. The sheep had been packed into a truck . 121. The island was packed with tourists. 122. Teenager=teen teenage/teenaged daughter in one’s early/late teens an adolescent an adolescent girl during my adolescence The youth(young people) in my youth 123. You are welcome to come along if you like. You can take your guitar along. She is coming along after the operation.(improve,develop) We have got along quite well. 124. Gossip about sb have a gossip with sb 125. Fall in love with fall asleep fall into debt/despair 126. I can’t remember exactly what he said. Where exactly did you stay in wuhan? To be exact/precise 127. Agree with sb disagree Agree that Agree on a date agree to do Agree to my mother ’s being into a nursing home Your story doesn’t agree with what the police have told. The food doesn’t agree with me.(makes me feel ill) 128. Dislike doing have a strong dislike for my likes and dislikes 129. Join the party/the army/a club Join sb in sth Join in our conversation 130. The tip of her nose Give me a big tip Give me a few tips on healthy eating The tip of the iceberg On the tip of my tongue tipped tipping

His helmet tipped forward. I tipped him 5 yuan 131. Be grateful (to sb) for sth be grateful that My grateful thanks go to all those... 132. Swap/exchange A for B Swap sth with sb Swap ideas and information swap gossip Swap roles/places Switch roles Replace A with B Substitute A for B A take the place of B 133. Take out each item from the box An item/article of News item 134. Do as i say. 135. Have trouble with 136. Have no trouble doing sth 137. Get/run into trouble 138. Take the trouble to do sth 139. Save sb the trouble of doing sth 140. At the moment For the moment In a moment=soon Wait for a moment 141. One moment she is kissing me, the next she doesn’t want to see me again. 142. The lawyer said that she would go that morning. 143. He said it was 9o’clock then. 144. Bob said his sister had been there three days before/earlier. 145. David said that he hadn’t seen her that day. 146. She said she had gone there the day before. 147. She said she would go there the next/following day. 148. He said he would arrive in two days’ time. 149. Mother asked me whether i was hot with so many clothes on. 150. Father asked anne why she had talked so much to the boy. 151. I have grown crazy about everything to do with nature. This /it is because i haven’t been able to be outdoors for a long time. The reason why... Is that



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