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备战2011高考各地模拟题分类汇编: 备战2011高考各地模拟题分类汇编:情景对话 2011高考各地模拟题分类汇编
1.【2010保定市高三二模】-How is everything, Magarret? ---________ A.Sounds good C.It’s nothing B.Very well,thank you D.Not too bad

1D考查情景对话。语境:---情况如何?---不太差。此题一错选B,Very well,thank you 用于回答身体状况。 2. [2010·陕西西工大附中 6 次训练]---I really thought I'd be offered the job. ---Oh, well, _________, Clark. A. you are right B. best wishes C. congratulations D . better luck next time

2D 考查情景对话。语境:---我真的原以为我应该得到这项工作(实际没得到) 。----祝下 次好运。 3. [2010·全国大联考预测卷 (大纲) ]—I hope that you can remove the difference between you and Susan and become good friends.—________.If only Susan had the same idea. A.My pleasure C.By no means B.It’s a pleasure D.By all means

3D 情景会话。my pleasure 和 it’s a pleasure 不客气。by all means (without fail; certainly) 当然; 当然可以。 no means 绝不。 by 根据 If only Susan had the same idea, 答案应选 D。表示完全同意对方的劝谏。 4 [2010·全国联考 2]—Mary has been trained hard for the last two years. ---______she did so well at the track and field meet yesterday. A,No doubt B.No question C.No wonder D.No problem

4 考察情景交际。No wonder 难怪;NO doubt 毫无疑问。 5[2010·海南五校联考]---Rose, mind your step! Aunt Jane slipped over on the wet floor and broke her leg yesterday. --- ___ . B.It doesn’t matter to me D.I will remember your words

A.It’s none of your business C.Thank you for your reminding

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5 考查情景对话。语境:-----罗斯当心!昨天 Jane 在光滑的地板上摔断了腿。---谢谢你 的提醒。根据语境选 C。 6[2010·成都三诊]--- My name is Rebecca. Shall I spell it for you? --. B.Nice to meet you D.If you don’t mind

A.Not at all C.Do as you please

6考查情景对话。语境:---我的名字叫Rebecca。我可以给你拼写一下吗?---如果你不介意 就写吧。根据语境选D。 7. [2010·云南昆明三中第七次月考]---- Do give me a call when you arrive in the city, Henry. ---- I won’t forget. See you later. ---- ____________. A. Have a nice trip kind of you 7A 考查情景对话。根据语境表示临行前的祝愿,故选 A。 8.[2010·重庆西南师大 5 月模拟]—Alex has lost his job. —________? As far as I know, he is devoted to his work. A. What for B. So what C. How’s that D. How come B. With pleasure C. Don’t mention it D. It’s

8 考查情景对话。语境:---Alex 失去了他的工作。---怎么会是这样?据我所知,他是忠于 职守的人。What for 为什么?So what 那又怎么样呢? How’s that 那怎样?How come 怎 么这样? 9.[2010·甘肃省第二次联考]---Putting on a happy face not only helps us make friends but also makes us feel better. --A. I’d love to. C. It’s up to you . . B. I’m with you on that. D. It’s my pleasure.

9 考查情景对话。语境:---戴上幸福的笑脸不仅有助于我们交朋友而且使我们感觉好起来。 ---我同意你的观点。根据语境选 B。 10[2010·云南昆明三中第七次月考]---- Can I look at the prices for a few more minutes before I order?

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---- Of course. _____________, sir. A. Make yourself at home C. It doesn’t matter B. Enjoy yourself D. Take your time

10 查情景对话。根据语境应答:当然。你慢慢看吧,先生。故选 D。 11.[2010·重庆西南师大 5 月模拟]—The earthquake has kil led over two thousand people in Yushu. —________. A. OK B. Certainly C. I agree D. That’s the case

11 考查情景对话。语境:---在玉树地震夺去了 2,000 人的生命。---事实是这样。根据语 境选 D。OK 好吧! Certainly 当然! I agree 我同意。 That’s the case 事实真相是这 样。 12.[2010·浙江平阳三中高三下第 10 次月考]. —Make sure you have turned off the air conditioners before going out. —_______________. A. Heard it 12. D 13.[2010·浙江平阳三中高三下第 10 次周练]---__________at the new school? ---Fine , I’ve got used to the life there and I’ve made some friends. A .How are you C. Are you getting on well 13. B 14.[2010·天津十二区县重点中学高三联考一]----How do you find the concert in the Beijing Grand Theatre last night? ----_______.But the conductor was perfect. A.I couldn’t agree more C.I was crazy about it 14. B 15.[2010·上海市卢湾区高三二模]— Where’s your assignment? — ____ A. I had already handed it in. B. It was handed in.
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B. Made it

C. Forgot it

D. Got it

B. How are you doing D. How do you do

B.I don’t think much of it D.I really like it

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C. It’d been handed in. 15. D

D. It’s been handed in.

16.[2010·浙江省高三第二次五校联考]-You won’t believe it, Sam.I was chosen as an exchange student to China. — Congratulations! _______ A.That’s something.B.You did a good job. C.That’s all right.D.You got it. 16. A 17.[2010·浙江省高三第二次五校联考]-I’m terribly sorry to keep you waiting for so long. — _______. A.Never mind. C.You are welcome. 17. A 18.(2010·浙江省台州市高三第二次调考) 1. — Good-bye ! I’m going back to my hometown this afternoon. —________ A. Have a nice trip. C. Take your time. 18. A 19.[2010·浙江省台州市高三第二次调考]—I’ll repeat the phone number: 0571-88145412. Can you catch it? —________. A. Got it 19. A 20.[2010·天津市六校高三第三次联考]—Shall I keep an eye on your house when you are on holiday? — . B.Of course you should D.I would appreciate that.

B.That’s right. D.Don’t mention it.

B. Congratulations! D. I couldn’t agree more.

B. Received it C. Made it D. Knew it

A.It's up to you C.If you should like
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net


20. D 21.[2010·吉林市普通中学届高三下学期期中教学质量检测] — Bob, can you spare me

a few minutes right now? I have to ask you some questions. — __________. A. It’s a pleasure C. Help yourself B. Ask, please D. Yes, go ahead

21D 考查情景对话。请求允许的应答语。 22.(2010·江苏省六合高级中学高三下学期第五次调研考试)----- Perhaps John’s not in. -----_______. Look, the light’s on. A. Yes, he can be at home. C. Yes, he must be at home. B. No, he couldn’t go out. D. No, he needn’t go out.

22C 考查情景对话。根据 Look, the light’s on 可知,选 C。 23.(2010·江苏省六合高级中学高三下学期第五次调研考试) —I don’t think I will win a lottery (彩票) of 5,000,000 dollars in all my life. —Well, ______. Everything can happen. A. you can never tell C. what you say B. you’re kidding D. you made it

23A 考查情景对话。根据 Everything can happen 可知选 A,you can never tell 谁也不敢 说。you’re kidding 你在开玩笑;what you say 你说什么;you made it 你成功了。 24.(2010·江苏省镇江中学高三下学情调查) --This free gift doesn't look good.

-- _____________, madam, but if you want good quality, you have to pay for it. A. No problem C. No offence B. No doubt D. No way

24C 考查情景对话。此处 no offence 意为:我没有如何恶意。句意:我没有恶意。如果你 想要高质量的,你得付款。 25.(2010·山东淄博高三 4 月阶段检测)—We’d better go downstairs right now for lunch. —__________ They serve food 24 hours a day. A. Hurry up! B. Take your time.

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C. No way!

D. It doesn’t matter.

25B 考查情景对话。语境:----我们最好迅速到楼下去吃午饭。----不着急(你慢慢来) 。 他们一天 24 小时提供服务。 26.[2010·枣庄一模]—See the gathering clouds outside? Please take th is umbrella 2010·枣庄一模] 2010·枣庄一模 with you. — . B.OK, just in case D.All right.I'll try my luck

A.Thanks.Take it easy C.Well, it just depends

26B 考查情景对话。语境:-----看外面的积云?请带上雨伞。-----好的,以防天下雨。根 据语境选 B。 27.(2010·陕西西安五校高三二模)– Thanks for your help, but can you do me one more favor, please? – ________, Sir.What’s it then? A.Just a minute C.That’s right B.My pleasure D.At your service

27D 考查情景对话。语境:谢谢你得帮助,你能再帮我一下吗?----先生,我随时为你服务。 28.【2010·济南一模】 28.【2010·济南一模】---Let me help you cross the street. 济南一模 --! I’m not that old. B.No way D.Go ahead

A.Take your time C.Come on

28C 考查情景对话。此处 come on 意为:走吧!句意:走吧!我没那么老。 29.【2010·烟台一模】 —Tom, you get dead drunk again! —_______? It’s none of your business. A. So what B. How come C. Why not D. What for

29A 考查情景对话。语境:----汤姆,你又喝醉了!----那又怎么 样呢?这不管你的事。 So what 那又怎么样呢?; come 为何会?; not 为什么不呢?; What for 为什么?。 How Why

30.【2010·潍坊一模】 30.【2010·潍坊一模】------You hate Lee,don’t you? 潍坊一模 一 I just think he’s a bit annoying,that’s B.Not really C.Not a little a11. D.Not at all

A.Not exactly

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30A 考查情景对话。语境:-----你讨厌 Lee,不是吗?-----根本不是。我只是觉得他是一 个有点儿令人烦的人,就这些。此处 Not exactly 意为:并没有,根本不是。 31.【2010·泰安一模】 —You’re not angry then? —______. I’ve never laughed so much in my life. A. You’re joking C. That’s all right B. You’ve made it D. Far from it

31D 考查情景对话。此处 Far from it 意为:一点也不,绝没有。 32. 【2010·日照一模】— I am going to be a volunteer at the Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou this November. — ! Me, too. B. Good luck C. No problem D.

A. That’s it That’s great

32D 考查情景对话。 语境: -----我将成为 11 月在广州举行的亚运会的志愿者。 ----太好了! 我也想。根据语境选 D。 33. 2010 聊城一模】—I am leaving for the States tomorrow, Caroline! 【 聊城一模】 — A.Take your time. D.That’s OK. 33B 考查情景对话。------明天我要离开到美国,Caroline!----祝一切顺利!此处表临别 祝愿。 34. 【2010 济宁一模】----- I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted at you the other 济宁一模】 day. -----__________. I was a bit out of control myself. A. That’s right B. Got it C. Forget it D. All right B.All the best! C . Well done!

34C 考查情景对话。语境:---对不起。我那天不应该向你大喊。-----算了吧。我也有点儿 失控。根据语境选 C。 35. 【2010 德州一模】 德州一模】 ---People should use public transport instead of their own private cars. --- _______.The roads are too crowd as it is. A. All right. B. Exactly. C. Go ahead. D. Fine.

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35B 考查情景对话。语境:---人们应该使用公共交通工具而不要家私车。----一点儿没错。 道路太拥挤了。此处 Exactly 表示对别人意见的赞同。 36.[2010·山西康杰中学 5 月模拟]—You hate Lee, don’t you? —______. I just think he’s a bit annoying, that’s all. A. Certainly B. I suppose so C. Not really D. That’s right

36C 考查情景对话。语境:---你恨李,不是吗?----不会的。我只是认为他有点烦人,就 这些。此处 not really 不会的。 37. [2010·拉萨中学 6 次月考]–Shall I give you a ride as you live so far away? –Thank you. ___________. A. It couldn’t be better C. If you like B. Of course you can D. It’s up to you

37A 考查情景对话。语境:---你住地怎么远我送你吧!---谢谢你。没那么好的了。It couldn’t be better 否定+比较级表示最高级,意为:没那么好的了。 38. [2010·甘肃省第二次联考]---You must have had a good time at the party last night, didn’t you ? ---________. Actually, it was a bit boring. A. Oh, great That’s OK 38B 考查情景对话。语境:----昨晚在聚会上你一定玩得很开心,不是吗?----不太开心。 事实上,那个聚会有点乏味。根据语境选 B。 39.[2010·河南示范性高中五校 4 月联考]-Excuse me, Sir, is the swimming pool open all day? -____.Only from 6:00 pm to 10:00pm. A. That’s right C . Sorry, I’m not sure B. Yes, of course D. Sorry, I’m afraid not B. Not really C. I suppose so. D.

39D 考查情景对话。Sorry, I’m afraid not 语气委婉,表示否定,“对不起,恐怕不是这 样”,符合语境。 40.[2010·河北石家庄市二模]—I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. — .

A. You’re welcome B. Go ahead C. No problem D. Don’t mention it

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此题考查情景对话。根据语境“---对不起让你久等了。-----没关系。”故选 C。

You’re welcome 不用谢;Go ahead 做吧;No problem 没关系,没问题;Don’t mention it 不用谢。 41.[2010·陕西宝鸡市质检三]—Do you want me to get you a chair? —No, . B.I can manage it D.I am glad to hear

A.it’s nice of you C.don't bother that

41C考查情景对话。语境:----你想让我给你找把椅子吗?----不,不麻烦你了。 42.[2010·河北唐山市三模]—Don’t interrupt me while I’m explaining the key points to you. —All right. . D. Forget it

A. Wait a moment B. Go ahead C. Take your time

42B 考查情景对话。语境:---别打扰我,我正在向你们解释要点。---好吧。你说吧。根据 语境选 B。Wait a moment 等一会;Go ahead 做吧; Take your time 慢慢来;Forget it 算了吧。 43. [2010·河南开封三模]—I've never found a better job and I’m so glad. — . B. Too bad D. Don't worry

A. I don't think so C. Congratulations

43C 考查情景对话及语境理解。语境:----我从未找到过这么好的工作,我很高兴。----祝贺你!根据语境对别人的成功应表示祝贺。 44.[2010·江苏南京市三模]--- Could you fetch me my glasses from the kitchen? --. B.At your service D.That’s my pleasure

A.It’s a pleasure C.It doesn’t matter

44B 考查情景对话。语境:---你能把我的眼镜从厨房拿来嘛?----在为你服务。It’s a pleasure 不客气;At your service 为你服务; It doesn’t matter 没关系; That’s

my pleasure 没关系。根据语境选 B。 45.[2010·江苏省高考一模]—How about going out for a picnic on Sunday morning?
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—Hmm.___.The weather is very good these days. A.Yes, why not B.Well, no way C.Oh, never mind D.Sure, no matter

45A 此题考查交际英语:Why not 是用来回答提建议的日常用语。 46.[2010·届河北正定中学高三下学期第二次考试] ----You must find one exam after another very tiring. ---- ________. In fact, they offered me good chances to apply what I had learned. A. It’s up to you mention it 46B 考查情 景对话。语境:---你一定发现考试一次比一次烦。-----一点也不。事实上,这 些考试为我提供了应用我所学知识的机会。It’s up to you 由你决定; Not in the least 一点也不;It just depends 视情况而定;Don’t mention it 不用谢。 47.[2010·成都三诊]---It might be nice to see a film this weekend. ---________That’s what I have got in mind. A.My pleasure. B.Why not? C.Come on! D.Go ahead! B. Not in the least C. It just depends D. Don’t

47B考查情景对话。语境:---这个周末看一场电影会很好的。----为什么不呢?那是我所想 要的。My pleasure不客气;Why not? 为什么不呢?Come on!加油;Go ahead!做吧! 48.[2010·河北石家庄市一模]—It’s very kind of you to h ave carried the luggage for me. — . B. My duty C. My pleasure D. All right

A. I’d love to

48C 考查情景对话。语境为:---感谢你为我搬了行李。----这是我愿意做的。根据语意选 C。 49. [2010·陕西西工大附中 4 次训练]--- Oh, must you? Stay a bit longer. ____. --- Thanks anyway. I’ve got an earl y start tomorrow morning. A. It’s been such fun having you. B. Maybe you can have supper here. C. We welcome you with open arms. D. Let’s have another chat. 49A 考查情景对话。语境:再呆一会儿吧。和你在一起很快乐。根据语境选 A。 50.[2010·河北唐山市二模]-Tom,you are smoking again?
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? It’s none of your business. B.what for C. So what D.How come

A.Why not

50C考查情景对话。根据后面It’s none of your business这不管你的事,可知选so what 意为:那又怎么样呢?Why not为什么不呢?what for 为什么; How come为何会?

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