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人教新课标英语第一轮模块复习-必修一 Unit 1 Friendship[1]



1、add vi.&vt. 根据语境猜词义 (1) Their debt added_up_to more than 100,000 yuan. (2) His absence added_to the difficulties to solve the problem. (3) Please add some sweet to the milk to make it more delicious. (4) He added that the importance to rid the world of hunger should be emphasized. (5) Add your scores up and we'll see who won.

1、add vi.&vt.

A. 补充说 B. 增加,增添

C. 把……加到……上;往……添加……
D. 总计达 E. 合计; 加起来 (1) D (2) B (3) C (4) A (5)E

1、add vi.&vt.

come to = add up to added adj. 额外的;附加的;增添的 addition n. 除此之外; 另外in addition (to) 除此之外

1、add vi.&vt.

The company provides cheap Internet access. In addition, it makes software freely available. 该公司提供廉价的互联网接入服务。此外,它还 推出免费的共享软件。 In addition to his movie work, Redford is known as a champion of environmental causes. 除了电影事业外,雷福德还是知名的环保斗士。

1、add vi.&vt. 根据语境用add的适当短语填空 The president said it was not easy to manage a company, (1) adding(补充说) that the financial crisis (2) added to( 增 加 ) the difficulties. However, the dormitory for the workers must (3) be added to (扩建) and they would (4) add a toilet to(把……加到……) each room. The week before, he (5) added up(把…… 加起来) all the expenses and the total (6) added up to(加起来的总和是,共计) more than 100,000 yuan.

2、concern vt.&n. 根据语境猜词义 (1) One of the concerns that people have is that teenagers surf the Internet too much. (2) In her last days, she expressed concern for the poor students. (3) This study concerns the matter of English study. (4) Issues like food additives do concern me.

2、concern vt.&n.

根据语义找匹配 A.与……有关;关于 B. 担心 C. 使……担心 D. 关切
(1) B (2) D (3) A (4) C


concerned adj. 有关的; 忧虑的 concerning prep. 关于;有关;涉及

2、concern vt.&n.

show concern about/for 担心,关心,挂念

have no concern for毫不关心
concern oneself about/ for 关心……;为……担忧

concern oneself with 从事;参与
be concerned about/over/for 关心; 挂念

be concerned with/in 与……有关;涉及

2、concern vt.&n.

as far as…is concerned 就……而言 (主要用于发表个 人意见,常用在写作中,以发表自己的见解,可以 代替I think) As far as I am concerned, I prefer to work in a team, which offers me a chance to learn how to get along with others and to share my experiences with them. 就我而言,我愿意团队合作,这就能为我提供学习 与他人如何相处,如何分享的机会。

2、concern vt.&n. 根据语境用concern的恰当短语填空 Besides doing his research work, Professor Wang (1) concerns himself with/in or is concerned with/in (从 事)social work. For example, he (2) shows concern about/for or is concerned about/for (关心)world peace and human progress. He also made it clear that his research work should (3) be concerned with or concern (与……有关)the farmers' income because (4) as far as he is concerned (就他而论), to increase the farmers' income is of greater importance than anything else.

3、suffer vt.&vi. 根据语境猜词义 (1) His health suffered terribly from heavy drinking. (2) The city suffered serious damage from the

(3) He is suffering from a bad cold. (4) I can't suffer what you said. Shut up!

3、suffer vt.&vi.

A.患……病 B. 遭受;蒙受(痛苦、饥饿、损失等) C. 因……而受损失 D. 容忍 (1) C (2) B (3) A (4) D

3、suffer vt.&vi.

suffering n. 痛苦,苦难 sufferer n. 受苦者;受难者; 患者


suffer from 受……苦;患……(病)suffer for 为…… 而受苦

suffer 与suffer from 都没有被动语态,也不存在其 过去分词充当状语或定语之类的情况。

3、suffer vt.&vi. 单项填空


)(1) ______ heart attack for years, Professor White
has to take some medicine with him wherever he goes.

A. Suffered
C. Being suffered from

B. Suffering

D. Having suffered from

3、suffer vt.&vi.





3、suffer vt.&vi. ( )(2) To some life means pleasure, but to others______. A. suffer C. sufferings B. suffering D. suffered

3、suffer vt.&vi.




4、calm vt. & adj. 根据语境猜词义

(1) He remained calm in the time of danger.
(2) Charlie tried his best to calm the frightened boy.

(3) A ship is lying on the calm sea, sleeping.

4、calm vt. & adj.

A.风平浪静;无风的;(海洋、湖泊等)平静的 B. 使平静;使安静;安抚 C. 镇静的;沉着的 (1) C (2) B (3) A

4、calm vt. & adj.

calm down镇静;平静 calm sb. down使某人镇静

calm/quiet/still/silent calm 指无风浪或人的心情平静 quiet 指环境安静,不吵闹 still 指没有运动或动作的状态 silent 指不做声,不讲话

4、calm vt. & adj.

(1) Please keep still still while I take your photograph. (2) Still waters run deep. (3) “B” is a silent letter in “doubt”. (4) You?d better be silent about what happened. (5) The street is quiet at deep night. (6) The sea was calm.

4、calm vt. & adj.

(1) still still指“一动不动”的静。 (2) Still 静水流深,大智若愚。 (3)-(4) silent silent指“不发音”或“不说话”保持 沉默的静。 (5) quiet quiet指自然界的宁静或指人不激动、不兴 奋的静。 (6) calm calm指海、湖面无风浪的静或指心境的镇 定、冷静。

4、calm vt. & adj. 猜猜After a storm comes a calm. 的含义。



5、go through 根据语境猜词义 (1)He'd gone_through all his money by the end of the first week of his holiday. (2)These countries have gone_through too many wars.

(3)She went_through her pockets and in the end found
the keys.

(4)You have to go_through some formalities (手续) if
you want to enter our school.

5、go through

A. 履行 B. 经历,经受 C. 仔细检查 D. 用完 (1) D (2) B (3) C (4) A

5、go through

go against 违背 go abroad 出国;去海外 go ahead (交际用语。用于鼓励对方去说、去做)说 吧!做吧! go all out to do sth. 全力以赴地做某事 go away 离开 go back to 回到……;追溯到 go far 大有前途 go too far 太过分 go in for 爱好;从事;参与 go on 继续 go over 复习;批改

5、go through

go up (水的)上升;(价格的)上涨

go with 与……匹配
at one go 一下子;一举 be on the go 十分活跃; 非常忙碌 make a go of = succeed in sth. 在……获得成功 have a go at sb. = scold sb. 指责某人

have a go on sth. = have a try on sth. 尝试某事

5、go through

get through 完成;通过;接通(电话);花费

look through 浏览;仔细检查;往……里面看
come through 安然度过(疾病;危机等) live through 活过来

5、go through 单项填空


)(1) The police suspected him of carrying drugs so
they ______ his bag, but found nothing. A. looked up C. searched for B. turned in D. went through

5、go through


考查动词短语的语义辨析。look up 抬头看,

仰望; turn in上交; search for 搜寻; go through 经历;仔细检查。根据语境:警察怀疑他携带毒 品,因此他们就仔细地检查他的包,但什么也没 找到。所以答案是D。

5、go through ( )(2) Although he had ______ through a lot, he

didn't ______ through his job on time.
A. looked; go C. gone; get B. got; go D. got; come

5、go through


考查动词短语的语义辨析。look through 浏览,

仔细看; go through 经历; get through 完成; come through安然度过。根据语境:尽管他历尽 千辛万苦,但还是没按时做完他的工作。所以答 案为C。


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