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高中英语必修三词汇短语句型总结Book3 Unit2

Book 3

Unit 2
lie /lai/ n. 谎话;谎言 vi. 说谎

Healthy eating 重点词汇 diet /'dai?t/ n. 日常饮食
vi. 节食

nut /n? t/ n. 坚果;果仁 bean /bi:n/ n. 豆;豆科植物 pea /pi:/ n. 豌豆 cucumber /'kju:k? mb?/ n. 黄瓜 eggplant /'eɡ plɑ :nt/ n. 茄子 pepper /'pep?/ n. 辣椒;辣椒粉 mushroom /'m? ? rum/ n. 蘑菇 peach /pi:t? / n. 桃子 lemon /'lem?n/ n. 柠檬 balance /'b?l?ns/ vt. 平衡;权衡 n. 天平;平衡

tell a lie 说谎 customer /'k? st?m?/ n. 顾客;消费者 discount /'diskaunt/ n. 折扣 win … back 赢回;重新获得 weakness /'wi:knis/ n. 缺点;虚弱;弱点 strength /stre?θ/ n. 强项;长处;力量

consult /k? n's? lt/ vt. 咨询;请教;商量 fibre /'faib?/ n. 纤维;纤维制品 digest /d(a)i'd? est/ vi. & vt. 消化 /'daid? est/ n. 摘要;概要 carrot /'k?r?t/ n. 胡萝卜 earn one’s living 谋生 debt /det/ n. 债;债务 in debt 欠债 glare /ɡ lε?/ vi. 怒目而视;闪耀 n. 怒视;眩目的光 spy /spai/ vi. & vt. 窥探;秘密监视 n. 间谍;侦探 spy on 暗中监视;侦查 limit /'limit/ vt. 限制;限定 n. 界限;限度 limited /'limitid/ adj. 有限的

balanced diet


barbecue /'bɑ :bikju:/ vt. & n. 烧烤;烤肉 mutton /'m? t?n/ n. 羊肉 roast /r?ust/ adj. 烤制的 vt. & vi. 烤;烘;烘烤 fry /frai/ vt. & vi. 油煎;油炸 ought /? :t/ v. aux. 应当;应该 ought to 应当;应该 bacon /'beik?n/ n. 熏咸肉;腊肉 lose weight 体重减轻;减肥 slim /slim/ vi. 变细;减肥 adj. 苗条的;纤细的 curiosity / kju?ri'? s?ti/ n. 好奇心

benefit /'benifit/ n. 利益;好处 vt. & vi. 有益于;有助于;受益 E.g. The method of learning English is ________________, and i believe i can _____________________.

hostess /'h?ustis/ n. 女主人;女主持人 raw /r? :/ adj. 生的;未加工的 vinegar /'viniɡ ?/ n. 醋 get away with 被放过; (做坏事)不受惩罚

breast /brest/ n. 胸部;乳房 garlic /'ɡ ɑ :lik/ n. 大蒜 sigh /sai/ vi. 叹息;叹气 n. 叹息;叹息声

combine /k?m'bain/ vt. & vi. (使)联合; (使)结合 cut down 砍伐;削减,降低 cut up: ______________________ cut in: _______________________ cut off: ______________________ cut out: ______________________ before long 不久以后

1. ______________________ ______________________ 2. _______________________ 健康饮食; 平衡的饮食 用另外方式

3. _______/ __________________减肥/增加体重 4. ______________________ put on weight 增加体重 5. ______________________ △ ingredient /in'ɡ ri:di?nt/ n. (烹调用的) 材 料;原料;成分 flavour /'fleiv?/ n.(食物的)味道与气味;特性 △ scurvy /'sk?:vi/ n. 坏血病 △ rickets /'rikits/ n. 佝偻病 △ obesity /?u'bi:s?ti/ n. 过度肥胖 △ vitamin /'v? t?m? n, 'va? t?m? n/ n. 维生 素 △ protein /'pr?uti:n/ n. 蛋白质 △ poisonous /'p? iz?n?s/ adj. 有毒的 △ muscle /'m? sl/ n. 肌肉; (食用)瘦肉 △ protective /pr?u'tektiv/ adj. 给予保护的; 保护的 △ kebab /k?'b?b/ n. (= kabob /k?'b? b/) (印 度)烤腌羊肉串;肉串上的肉块 △ stir /st?:/ vt. 摇动;搅和 △ stir-fry vt. 用旺火炒(或煎、煸) △ cola /'k?ul?/ n. 可乐饮料 △ sugary /'? uɡ ?ri/ adj. 含糖的;甜的 △ sign /sain/ n. 牌示;标记;符号 △ cooperation /k?u ? p?'rei? n/ n. 合作;协作 △ spaghetti /sp?'ɡ eti/ n. 意大利式细面条 6. _______________________ 生的蔬菜 一定发生过 感到沮丧

7. ___________________________在街道的尽头 8. _______________________ 厌倦 9. _______________________ 10. ______________________ 对...感到惊奇 扔掉

11. _______________________ 逃脱 12. ___________________ 说谎 13. _______________________提供热量的食物 ________________________提供营养的食物 14. ___________________保持精力旺盛/健康 15. ______________________饮食的弱点 ______________________ 饮食的优点 16. ____________________做一些...方面的研究 17. ____________________ 18. ________________ 19. ________________

Out of curiosity, i consult her about how she keeps so slim and energetic. She explain that she never discounts the strength of the balance of a diet. She benefits from more fibre and the limited amount of fat. Believe it or not, it’s not a lie.


负债 怒视

20. __________________


重点句型 1. 否定词与比较级连用表示最高级的含义 “ ___________ could be ________.”he thought. 1) I couldn’t agree more. 2) What an interesting novel ! I have never read a more moving one. 3) It was not until then that I suddenly realized nobody was happier than I was.

21. ___________________ 在暗中侦察;打探 22. __________________ 使......不安 23. _______________ 减少

24. _________________ 不久 25. ________________ 砍伐,削减

2. “ have sb. doing sth.” 用于否定句表示不能容 忍某人做某事 He could not _________ Yong Hui __________ away with telling people lies. (总结 have 的常用句型) 1) It is not a good idea to have the machine running all the time. _____________________ ____________________________ 2) Don’t be worried. I’ll have Tom help you finish the work. _____________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ 3) She fell off her bike and had her leg broken. _____________________ _____________________________ 4) But she had difficult homework to complete. _____________________ _____________________________

C. could 语法专项---情态动词

D. was able to

1) 功能:用于表达说话人的某种____________。 2) 情 态 动 词 不 能 单 独 做 谓 语 , 后 面 只 能 接 ____________。

3). They will ______ run this machine on their own in three months. A. can B. could C. may D. be able to

▲ may / might 1. May I watch Tv after supper? Yes you may /No ,you mustn't.

▲ can / could / be able to 1. Some of us can use computers now, but we couldn't last year.

2. It may be true . she may come tomorrow. He might have some fever.

2. It will be sunny in the day time ,but it can rain later on this evening 3. May you succeed ! May you have many more days as happy as this one.

3. ---Can I go now ? yes ,you can --- Could you wait a few days for the memory?

? 4. Can this news be true? It can't be our headmaster.he has gone to Beijing.

may/ might as well

we may as well stay where we are.

? can 与 be able to 有何区别? be able to 能用于各种时态。 can / could 只能表示现在或过去的能力。 was / were able to : “设法做成某事” 相当于 managed to do sth. succeeded in doing sth.

5). — Could I borrow your dictionary? — Yes, of course you _______. A. might B. will C. can D. Should 6). — Might I watch TV after supper? — Yes, you ________. A. may B. must C. might D. Can

1). A computer ______ think for itself; it must be told what to do. A. can’t B. couldn’t C. may not D. might not 2). The fire spread through the hotel very quickly but everyone ______ get out. A. had to B. would

单元检测 Book3 Unit 2 5. _________________ 说谎 I. 重点单词 1. _______________ n. 日常饮食 2. _______________ ________________ vi. 节食 6. ___________________在暗中侦察;打探 7. __________________ 做一些...方面的研究

vt./n. 平衡;权衡 adj.

8. ____________________ 砍伐;削减,降低 3. _________________ n. 好奇心 9. ____________________ _________________ adj. 10. _________________ 不久 4. ________________ v. (使)联合; (使)结合 5. ________________ n. 强项;长处;力量 _________________ adj. 强壮的 __________________ v. 加强 6. ________________ vt./n. 限制;限定 III. 用本单元所学单词的适当形式填空: 1. Nowadays more and more people have come to realize the importance of a _____________ diet to their health. 2. Those who enjoy eating wild animals say that they not only enjoy the taste but also to satisfy their ______________. 3. Students in China should ______________ the sense of safety and learn common knowledge of safety. 4. Is is very important to know your own strengths and ________________. 5. Having friends who have the same hobby as us can be _______________ , which makes it possible for us to enjoy things together, such as going to clubs or to the movies. 6. Is there any _____________ of the amount of time we have? 怒视

___________________ adj. 7. ____________________n./v 利益;好处 _____________________ adj.

8. ____________________ n. 顾客;消费者 9. __________________ vt. 咨询;请教;商量 10. ________________ vi. & vt. 消化

II. 重点短语 1. ______________________ 健康饮食; 2. ______________________ 谋生

3. ______________________ 被放过; (做坏事)不受惩罚 4. _________________ 体重减轻;减肥



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