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2013 高三英语阅读理解及答案 14


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A PALO ALTO, Calif.--A handful of enterprising teens have a message for parents and the media:

the Net is not all MySpace or Facebook horror stories. In the crowd here at the "Next Generation Tech: Tech Plugged" conference, some teens are talking up the ir Web start-ups and technology inventions, a sign that--like the average cell phone user--the profile of a tech entrepreneur(企 业家) is getting younger and younger. Ben Casnocha, for example, kicked off SD Forum's half-day event at Hewlett-Packard by talking about how he started an e-government software company at age 14. A San Francisco Bay Area resident, he got the idea from a sixth-grade class assignment in which he helped to clean up the dirty seats at the 49ers football stadium. With virtually no way to complain about the condition of the seats, he set out to create a complaint-and-resolution Web site. What ultimately (最后地)resulted from the project was Comcate, a Web-based software company for public agencies to ha ndle customer service.

Not skipping a beat, his dad asked back: "Why aren't your grades better?"


1. The first paragraph implies that ________. A. parents and media hold different opinions about web B. parents and their children lack communications C. net brings more good th an harm

D. inventing Elementeo 5. Who has got a patent right for his/her achievement? A. Ben Casnocha B. Ben Einbender C. Anshul Samur D. Daniel Fukuba B While there are still many people who don't feel comfortable using a credit card to buy over the Internet, e-commerce is absolutely here to stay. If you take a few precautions buying over the Internet can actually be safer than using your credit card in a restaurant. Just as you should notice your surroundings and suspicious-looking people when withdrawing (提取) money from an ATM, you should know how to recognize the warning signs of Internet tricks and take steps to avoid being a victim when shopping online. Here are some good tips to remember when shopping online:

⑤Before submitting your personal information to a site, try to find out how the information may be used and whether it will be sold to or shared with other businesses. If you don't like what you read, shop somewhere else. Don't provide personal information such as address , telephone number, social security number , or e-mail address unless you know who you are providing the information for, why it' s being requested , and how it will be used . Use a credit card, not a debit card (借记卡) for shopping on the internet. Debit cards don't h ave the same protection as credit cards. Carefully review your credit card and bank statement each month for unknown charges and inform your credit card company or bank immediately if you notice any charges you didn't know about. Clean your computer with free online software that detects spy-ware and install a firewall (防火墙) to ensure the sites you shop on don' t install spy-ware on your computer. 1. While shopping online, you should A. be sure nobody is standing beside you B. only shop at the site that you have often visited

C. find out how the personal information will be used D. never provide personal information 2. According to the passage, if you find your credit card has unexplained charges, you should A. tell your credit card company as soon as possible B. change your credit card code number immediately C. check all the websites you have visited D. use a debit card instead of a credit card3. The underlined word "precaution" in Paragraph One means something done to_______. A. make suspicious—looking people go away B. protect you against loss or possible dangers C. rem ind you to obey the rules when sopping online

D. avoid being cheated when eating in a restaurant 4. What is not advised by the w riter when shopping online? A. Using credit cards. B. Installing a firewall. C. Visiting famous websites. D. Being very careful. 5. What ' s the writer' s purpose in writing this passage? A. To suggest a new way of shopping. B. To tell us the advantages of shopping online. C. To tell us how to shop safely online. D. To tell us how to avoid being cheated. C
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“The poll confirms that parents continue to have issues with their kids' Web use, but those issues aren't scaring them away from letting their kids go online,” said James Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media, which commissioned the study with Cable in the Classroom. It found that 24 percent of parents reported their kids were exposed to strong language, sexual or violent content online over the past year and 52 percent of parents said their child was exposed to advertising. But to address these problems 74 percent of parents visited Web sites with their children, 56 percent reported using a filter or blocking software, and 55 percent would visit a Web site before their child.

It also found that 85 percent tal ked to their children about online safety in the past year. “We know parents understand that talking to their children about using the Internet is a really important thing to do,” said Helen Soule, executive director of Cable in the Classroom. 1. Most parents didn’t ban their kids' Internet use mainly because _ ____. A. Internet had become part of kids’ life B. the issues kids encountered were not serious C. they found it difficult to do so D. their kids bene fited from Internet as well 2. The attitude of parents towards issues in the Internet was ______. A. negative B. positive C. extreme D. sensitive 3. According to the passage, which measure was most effective? A. using a filter or blocking software B. banning or restricting online access C. monitoring their children D. talking to their children about online safety 4. The underlined word “address” in Paragraph 7 can be replaced by ______. A. speak to B. come to C. deal with D. take up

5. Most of parents agreed that _______. A. Internet was of great help for kids’ study B. kids spent too much time on the Internet C. kids were greatly influenced by advertisements D. bad behaviors of kids came from Internet ·答案速递

A 篇:1、C.根据 the Net is not all MySpace or Facebook horror stories,有作为 的青少年认为网络不仅仅 MySpace 或 Facebook 这样的网站给孩子们带来的不好的影响。 言外之意是这些青少年认为网络有更多的好处。 2、B.从第一段的 A handful of enterprising teens have a message for parents and the media 和最后一段?his dad sitting in the audience 的叙述中可知,这是由青少 年和父母们参加的一个对话节目。 3、B。结合上下文,这里是指 Ben Casnocha 以讲述他怎样建立网上政府软件公司开始了 他的演讲。所以 kick off 在这里是“开始”的意思。 4、D.Anshul Samur 是作为一个在科学技术方面有突出成就的青少年的例子,所以他作 为例子的原因应是他在科技方面的成就,即他发明的教小孩学化学的纸牌游戏- Elementeo。 5、D.从倒数第三段 His idea was patented with money from Cisco, which now holds the intellectual property rights, according to Fakuba.处可知,Daniel Fukuba 的 想法获得了专利权。 B 篇:1. C。细节理解题。根据第四段可知 C 正确,D 错;文章第二段第一句话只是说在 ATM 机上取钱的时候要当心身旁有可疑的人,并没有说在网上购物时旁边不能有人,A 错;

·黄金表达 ①Now it seems that every time I check my e-mail ,I have an endless series of

advertisement and other correspondence that do not interest me at all.现在看起 来,几乎每次我检查的我的邮箱的时候,我都会发现无休止的根本引不起我兴趣的一连串 信息。 ②If someone else wishes to represent the idea or develop it further, he/ she must consult the original artists, who will normally be rewarded financially for its use.如果有别人描绘或发展这个想法更深入的话,他/它必需要请教原创的艺术家,他们 自然地将会由于它的用途来被经济奖励。 ③What we often see nowadays is that young people juggle an ever larger number of electronic devices as they study.今天我们经常看到的是,当年轻人学习时候,玩 大量的电子产品。 ④His idea was patented with money from Cisco, w hich now holds the intellectual property rights, according to Fakuba. 按照 Fakuba 的说法,他的创意被全球网络供 应商 Cisco 支付资金取得来专利,为此他们现在拥有这个知识产权。 ⑤Before submitting your personal information to a site, try to find out how the information may be used and whether it will be sold to or shared with other businesses. 在 提交你的个人信息给一个网站之前,尽量找出对你有用的信息,并且它是用来卖的还是和 别的企业分享的。 ⑥Most U.S. parents said their children had encountered “iss ues” like bad language, sex or advertising online over the past year, but they are not stopping their kids' Internet use, according to a new study. 大部分的美国父母说在过去的 几年里,他们的孩子都遭遇过网上的下流语言、性和其他的网上广告,但是对于一种新的 学习,他们不会停止孩子的上网使用。 ·单词百宝箱 individual n. 个人 The purpose of the law is to protect the right of the individual.该法律目的是 为了保护个人权利。 productivity U 生产率,生产力 Computers have greatly increased productivity in business offices.计算机大大提 高了商务办公室的工作效率。

She's going to India on a special assignment for her newspaper.她受委派到印度 去执行报社的一项特殊任务。 vir tually adv. 实际上,事实上 The job was virtually completed by the end of the week. 事实上是,到周末时这项 工作差不多完成了。 patent vt. 获得??专利,给予??专利权 If you don't patent you invention, someone might steal the idea.如果你不为你的 发明取得专利权,会有人剽窃其构思的。 submit vt. & vi. 提出,提交 The representatives submitted many important problems for discussion.代表们提 出了许多重要的问题来讨论。 detect vt. 发现; 发觉,查明 He was detected stealing something.有人发现他在偷东西。 install vt. 安装 It has been rather costly to install the machine, but it should pay off in the long run.安装这台机器相当费钱,但从长远来看,是上算的。 encounter vt.遇到,遭遇 On her way home she encountered an old friend.在回家的路上,她偶遇一个老朋友。 release vt. 释放; 放开 Rele ase the dog.He has been chained up for hours.把狗放开,它已被拴了好几个钟头

了。 poll n.民意调查,民意调查的结果 The latest poll gives the Republicans a 5% lead.最近的民意调查结果表明共和党 领先了五个百分点。 confirm vt.证实; 肯定 What he observed confirmed his judgement.他观察到的现象证实了他的判断。 commission vt. 委任,委托 My father commissioned a real e The routine office work had all been delegated to his executive staff.一般的办 公室工作已经交给了他的执行人员。


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