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Background information
Birth name Born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. 5 May 1988 (age 24) Tottenham, north London, England, UK. Origin West Norwood, south London, England, UK Genres Soul, R&B, pop[1] Occupations Singer-songwriter, musician, composer, arranger . Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, bass, celesta, percussion, keyboard. Years active 2006–present .

Family Background
Born to Penny Adkins and Mark Evans, Adele is an only child. Her mother became pregnant soon after meeting Mark in 1987. Because Penny felt that they were too young, she declined Mark's proposal for marriage.

An art student when she gave birth to Adele at age 18, Penny split up with Mark 3 years later. Penny organized learning activities for adults, made furniture, and also worked as a masseuse, while Mark moved to Wales. When Adele was 11, she moved with her mother and her new stepfather to West Norwood, a suburb in South London, after living in Brixton, South London for a short period of time. Adele has stated that she is the only person in her family who is musical.

Childhood and Early Influences:
Adele has described herself as being someone who was "obsessed with voices" from as early as age 3. She performed mock concerts for her mother and Penny's friends as she was growing up, modeling herself after The Spice Girls and Gabrielle. Although her favorite artists ranged from Destiny's Child to The Cure, Adele was particularly taken by the music of Etta James. Her music brought Adele to the realization that people "might look back to my music in 50 years' time," just as Adele herself was listening to "music that had been made in the Forties."
Etta James,被誉为灵魂乐黄金时代最重要的女歌手,很多人把她视 为R&B歌手的先驱,这名女歌手又黑又蓝的嗓音可以绕梁三日不绝。

Etta James

High School Years:
When she was 14, Adele recorded a cover of the Blondie song "Heart of Glass" at the suggestion of her stepfather. Realizing that she wanted to pursue music, Adele auditioned successfully for the British Record Industry Trust (BRIT) School of Performing Arts and Technology. Within three days of graduating from the alma mater of such performers as Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis, Adele was offered a recording contract with XL records after a record executive heard one of her demos posted by a friend on MySpace.
聚友网(MySpace):是以SNS为基础的娱乐平台,是全球最大的在线交友 平台

2006–08: Career beginnings 2008–10: 19 and commercial success 2010–present: 21 and greater success

2006–08: Career beginnings
In 2008 she was the headliner and performed an acoustic set and was supported by Damien Rice.She became the first recipient of the BRIT Awards Critics' Choice and was named the number-one predicted breakthrough act of 2008 in an annual BBC poll of music critics, Sound of 2008.
Adele performing in Kilburn, London in 2007

2008–10: 19 and commercial success
Adele was nominated for a 2008 Mercury Prize award for 19.She also won an Urban Music Award for "Best Jazz Act". She also received a Q Awards nomination in the category of Breakthrough Act and a Music of Black Origin nomination in the category of Best UK Female.
Adele performing at Paradiso in 2008. Mercury Prize:“水星音乐奖”设立于 1992年,是英国地区享有国际声誉的音乐 类奖项之一。“水星音乐奖”的奖项只有 一个-——本年度英国乐坛的最佳专辑 19:首张专辑《19》全球销量突破700万张,拿 下两座格莱美奖。

Adele performed "Chasing Pavements" and "Cold Shoulder", and the following day, 19 topped the iTunes charts and ranked at number five at Amazon.com while "Chasing Pavements" rose into the top 25.The album was certified as gold in February 2009 by the Recording Industry Association of America. By July 2009, the album had sold 2.2 million copies worldwide

Adele performing live in 2009

2010–present: 21 and greater success
In 2010, Adele received a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for "Hometown Glory". During the 2010 CMT Artists of the Year special, Adele performed a widely publicised duet of Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" with Darius Rucker.This performance was later nominated for a CMT Music Award.
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance:最佳流行女歌手

Adele performing in Seattle, Washington, on 12 August 2011

CMT Artists of the Year:乡村音乐年度之星

Adele released her second studio album, 21, on 24 January 2011 in the UK and 22 February in the US.The album's sound is described as classic and contemporary country and roots music

And her first album, 19, re-entered the UK album chart alongside 21, while first and second singles "Rolling in the Deep" and "Someone Like You" were in the top 5 of the UK singles chart, making Adele the first living artist to achieve the feat of two top-five hits in both the Official Singles Chart and the Official Albums Chart simultaneously since the Beatles in 1964.

Following the throat microsurgery, she made her live comeback at the 2012 Grammy Awards in February. She won in all six categories for which she was nominated, making her the second female artist after Beyoncé Knowles in Grammy history to win that many categories in a single night.
Grammy Awards:格莱美奖

2012 Grammy Awards

Personal Life:
Adele's personal life has had a prominent impact on her music; she is not shy to admit that "21" was the result of a failed relationship with a man ten years her senior. Adele has not revealed the man's identity. Although acknowledging that she enjoyed the spotlight when she was younger, fame is not a priority for Adele.

It was reported in January 2012 that Adele had recently begun dating charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki. In June 2012, Adele announced that she and Konecki were expecting a baby. Adele gave birth to the couple's son on 19 October 2012. The child is the first for Adele and the second for Konecki, who also has a daughter with his exwife.Adele bought a flat in Notting Hill, London in 2008.

Charitable work
In July 2009 she paid ?8,000 for a commissioned painting by Stella Vine in a charity auction in aid of Keep a Child Alive, a charity which helps African children and their families living with HIV/AIDS. Adele said she planned to ask Vine to paint a portrait of "my mum and me".

On 17 September 2009, Adele performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, for the VH1 Divas event, a concert to raise money for the Save The Music Foundation charity. On 6 December, Adele opened with a 40-minute set at John Mayer's 2nd Annual Holiday Charity Revue held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angles, California.
Brooklyn Academy of Music:布鲁克林音乐学院


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