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Unit 1 Women of achievement课件 新人教版必修4

必修 4 Unit 1 Women of achievement


( 原创 ) 请根据以下信息以“ The Most Beautiful Woman
Teacher”为题写一篇英语报道:张丽莉, 29岁, 佳木斯市第十 九中学教师, 2012年5月8日晚8:00左右, 十九中校门口, 学生 放学, 准备坐车回

家;一辆大巴失控 , 撞向两名学生;张老师 猛推了他们一把, 使他们脱离了危险;车从张丽莉老师腿上碾 压过去。

The Most Beautiful Woman Teacher Zhang Lili, aged 29, is a teacher from No. 19 Middle

School of Jiamusi City. At about 8 o’clock on the evening of
May 8th, 2012, the students of the school were waiting in front of the school gate for the bus back home. Just then an out-ofcontrol bus bumped into two students. Just at the critical moment, Miss Zhang rushed over and pushed the two students to safety. Unfortunately she was run over by the bus. And she was injured so seriously that she had to have her legs cut off.

Her bravery has moved the people all over the country

deeply. As a result, she has been honored as the most beautiful
woman teacher.

【尝试运用】 词汇翻译 撞上

bump into _________
rush over _________ run over ________ cut off ______

碾过 切除 被尊称为

be honored as ____________

句型转换 She was injured so seriously that she had to have her legs cut off. (改为倒装句) So seriously was she injured that she had to have her legs cut ____________________________________________________ off. ___

Ⅰ. 单词盘点 核心速记 campaign (n. ) 1. _________ (vi. ) 2. shade _____(n. ) (vt. ) worthwhile adj. ) 3. __________( 运动;战役 作战;参加运动 荫;阴凉处 遮住光线


respect vt. &n. ) 4. _______(

尊敬, 尊重, 敬意

crowd n. ) 5. ______(
(vt. ) support n. &vt. ) 6. _______(



behave (v. )举动, (举止或行为)表现→_________( behaviour n. )行为, 7. _______ 举止, 习性 observe vt. )观察, 观测, 遵守→___________ observation (n. )观察, 观测 8. _______( argue (v. )讨论, 辩论, 争论→_________( argument n. )争论, 争辩, 争吵 9. _____ inspire vt. )鼓舞, 激发, 启示→________ inspired (adj. )受到鼓舞的, 10. ______( inspiring (adj. )鼓舞人心的→__________( inspiration n. )鼓舞, 有灵感的→________


refer vi. )提到, 针对, 关系到(vt. & vi. )参考, 查阅→ 11. _____(

reference (n. )提及, 涉及;参考, 查阅 ________
intend vt. )计划, 打算→________ intention (n. )打算, 目的, 意图 12. ______( considerate adj. )考虑周到的→________ consider (v. )考虑, 认为 13. __________( consideration (n. )考虑, 体谅→__________ considering (prep. )考虑到 →____________ deliver (vt. )递送, 生(小孩儿), 接生, 发表(演说等)→ 14. ______ delivery n. )投递, 交货, 分娩 _______(

Ⅱ. 短语互译
1. 离开, 起程, 出发 move off ________ by chance/accident _________________ crowd in 2. (想法、问题等)涌上心头, 涌入脑海 ________ 3. 碰巧, 凑巧 4. (偶然)遇见, 碰见 5. 继续, 坚持 6. devote. . . to

come across ___________
carry on ________ 把??奉献给 _____________ 蔑视, 瞧不起 ____________

7. look down on/upon
8. lead a. . . life 9. refer to 10. fight for

过着??的生活 _______________ 查阅, 参考, 谈到 _______________ 为??而战 ___________

Ⅲ. 句型透视 1. “only+状语”置于句首的倒装句 Only after her mother came to help her for the first few was she allowed to begin her project 使她得以开始自 months _______________________________(

2. once引导的条件状语从句 Once I stop 一旦我停下来), it all comes ___________( crowding in 涌上心 __________( 头) and I remember the chimps in laboratories.

3. it作形式主语的主语从句 it hit me 我忽然想起)how difficult it was for a Suddenly_________( woman to get medical training at that time. 4. 强调句(It is. . . that. . . ) it was hard work and Further reading made me realize that ___________________ determination as well as her gentle nature that 是苦干和决心 ________________________________________(

以及她温和的天性)got her into medical school.

Ⅳ. 语篇完形 intended work with animals Jane Goodall, who had 1. ________to in their own environment since her childhood, went to Africa devoted herself to studying the 3. _________ behaviour of chimps. and 2. _______

worthwhile career. It was tough but she considered it as a 4.___________ Through her study, we learned much more about chimps. She
argued that the life of these animals should be 6. _________ respected 5. _______

and they should be left in the 7. wild ____and not used for

considerate of these entertainment. Besides, she was very 8. __________
animals. Now, she has achieved everything she wanted to do, inspired those who want to cheer the which 9. ________ achievements of women. 10. ____________

1. 用适当的介词填空 off (1)Seeing that we had noticed him, the little boy moved ___

on in spite of the complaints by (2)The talks were carrying ___

both sides.

across some old photos of the family when I was (3)I came ______
looking through the book. on/upon him. I’m sure he is a diamond in (4)Don’t look down ________ the rough.

for the disabled (5)The school being built now is intended ___ children.

2. 选用句型透视中的句式仿写句子 (1)只有在他病重时, 他才待在床上。 Only when he is seriously ill does he ever stay in bed. _____________________________________________

(2)我们一安顿下来, 就一定请邻居来家里喝咖啡。
Once we get settled, we must ask the neighbours in for coffee. _____________________________________________________ (3)我突然想起, 我把她的生日给忘了。 It hit me all of a sudden that I had forgotten her birthday. __________________________________________________ (4)去年我和他是在他工作的工厂里见面的。 It was in the factory where he worked that I met him last year. _____________________________________________________

argue 核 心 考 点 support

3年 1考 3年 1考

come across

3年 1考

1. behave vt. &vi举动;(举止或行为)表现 (1) behave oneself Behave yourself! (2) behavio(u)r behaviour towards/to. . . 举止规矩, 有礼貌 [口语]规矩点! n. 行为, 举止 对??的态度/行为

①(2012· 安徽高考)We live in a global village, but this doesn’t
mean that we all behave in the same way. 我们生活在一个地球村, 但这并不意味着我们都按相同的方式 做事。 ②Behave yourself; don’t make a fool of yourself. 注意你的举止, 别闹出笑话来。 behave __________. themselves ③The teacher told the children to _______

behaviour __ to Mr. Rushworth was careless and cold. ④Her _________

她对Mr. Rushworth的态度漫不经心, 很冷淡。

2. observe vt. 观察;观测;遵守 (1) observe sb. do sth. 观察某人做某事(全过程)

observe sb. doing sth.
observe that. . .

发现, 观察??

(2) observation
under observation

n. 观察;观察力;观测

observed the man _____________ entering/enter the bank. ①The police ________ 警方监视了那名男子进入银行的情况。 was ________ observed __ to ______ follow him closely. ②The woman ____ 有人看到那名女子紧跟着他。 ③We cannot always observe the traditions handed down to us

from the past.

People of many American countries observe Christmas Day. ( 庆祝 )

【想一想】observe后跟“宾语+宾语补足语”的复合结构, 当 动词不定式作宾语补足语时应注意什么呢? 【参考答案】 observe 后跟不带 to 的不定式或动名词作补语 , 即 observe sb. do/doing sth. , 不能说observe sb. to do sth. , 但在被动语态中,

He observed someone open the door.

→Someone was observed to open the door.



3. argue vi. & vt. 争论;辩论;争吵;主张, 认为

argument n. 争论;争辩;争吵
① The children are arguing with their parents about/over where to spend their holiday. 孩子们正在与父母争论到哪里度假的问题。

②Do you argue for or against the economic reform?

③We tried many ways to argue him into accepting our advice, but in vain. 我们想尽各种办法劝说他接受我们的建议, 但都是徒然。 ④Some experts argue that more strict measures should be taken to make the road safer. 一些专家认为要采取更严格的措 施来确保道路更安全。

【归纳】写出下列短语 argue with sb. about/over sth. __________________________ argue for/against sth. ___________________ argue sb. into/out of doing sth. __________________________ argue that-clause


主张 /认为?? _____________

【助记】The workers, who argued for their own rights, argued with the boss for a few days, but failed to argue him into giving them a rise in wages. 为了自身的权利争论的工人 们同他们的老板辩论数日, 结果没能说服老板给他们加薪。

4. support vt. &n. 支持;拥护;赡养

(1)support sb. /a family
support sb. in (doing) sth. support sb. by (doing) sth. support oneself (2)in support of sb. /sth. give support to sb.

在(做)某事方面支持某人 通过(做)某事支持某人 自力更生 支持或支援某人/某物 支持、支援某人

big a ___ had __ ①He had to do an extra job after work, for he ____ family __ to _______. support ______ 他下班后得从事另外的工作, 因为他有一大家人要养活。 ② Is this bridge strong enough to support heavy lorries? 这座桥禁得住重型卡车通行吗? ③I’ll mention some facts in support of my argument. 我要举出几个事实来证明我的理论。

(2010· 浙江高考)The majority of people in the town strongly ______ the plan to build a playground for children. A. consider C. confirm B. support D. submit

【解析】选B。考查动词词义辨析。句意:这个城镇中的大多 数人大力支持为孩子们建一个操场的计划。 consider“认为”;

support“支持”;confirm“确定, 证实”;submit“提交”。

5. refer(referred, referring) vt. &vi. 谈到;查阅;参考

(1) refer to
refer. . . to. . . refer to. . . as. . . refer sb. to sth. (2) reference

提到;参考, 查阅
把??提交给?? 把??称作?? 让(人)参考??, 让(人)参阅?? n. 提及, 涉及;参考, 参考书目

①Don’t refer to that matter again. 不要再提那件事了。 ②My doctor referred me to a specialist. 我的医生让我去找一位专家诊治。 ③He is referred to as a living Lei Feng. 他被称为一个活雷锋。

referring __. to ④I didn’t know whom she was ________
我不知道她指的是谁。 to this dictionary. refers ___ his ______ pupils __ ⑤The teacher often _____ 那个老师经常让他的学生去查这本词典。

【辨析】理解下列区别并选词填空 refer to look up 作“查阅”讲, 后接词典或参考书等词

作“查阅”讲, 后接被查找的东西

refer to 填空:When I meet new words I don’t know, I often _______ look it ___ up the dictionary. If you don’t know a word, you can ____ in a dictionary, too.

6. intend vt. 想要, 打算;为特殊目的而设计

(1) intend to do/doing
intend sb. to do sth. be intended for be meant for (2) intention

打算让某人做某事 专供??使用;专为??设计 n. 意图, 目的

intend you __ to take over the company. ①I ______

was ________ intended ___ for you, but she took it away. ②The chair ____ 那把椅子是为你准备的, 但是被她拿走了。 ③I hear they intend to marry/intend marrying. 听说他们打算结婚。 ④What do you think was the author’s intention of writing this passage?


7. deliver vt. 递送;生(小孩儿);助产;发表(演说等)

deliver sth. to sb.
deliver a speech deliver a baby be delivered of a baby give birth to a baby

发表演说 接生孩子 生孩子

deliver the goods at your earliest convenience __ to ①Please ______
every household. 请尽快将货物送到各家各户。 deliver __ a ______ speech on the graduation. ②John was asked to ______ 约翰被邀请发表毕业讲话。 ③In her 40 years of practice, the doctor delivered many babies. 她从医40年, 接生了许多婴儿。 ④She was delivered of a healthy baby. 她生了一个健康的孩子。


deliver 含义荟萃

8. look down upon/on 蔑视;轻视;瞧不起
①I look down upon/on those who always rely on others.

②Her parents tell her not to look down upon/on countrymen. 她父母叫她不要瞧不起乡下人。

【拓展】补全下列look 构成的短语
into look ____ after look _____ 调查, 研究

(与on, to连用)回想, 记起 (常与as连用)旁观 注意 查阅;仰视 盼望;期待 仰视;尊敬

back look _____ on look ___
out look ___ up look ___ forward to look ________ up to look ___

9. come across(=run across=meet by chance) (偶然)遇见;碰

①I came across an old school friend in Oxford Street this morning. 今天早上我在牛津大街碰见一位老校友。 ②She came across some old photographs in a drawer. 她在抽屉里偶然发现一些旧照片。

【拓展】补全下列come 构成的短语 about come _____(=happen) out come ___ to come __

出现;开花;出版或发表; 透露;显出 谈到;涉及 升起;发生;出现 找到或提出(答案、办法等)

up come ___ with come up ____


(2011· 安徽高考 )If you _____ faults but you still want the
bicycle, ask the shop assistant to reduce the price. A. come across C. look for B. care about D. focus upon

【解析】选A。考查短语动词。句意:如果你发现自行车有瑕 疵但还想买, 可以要求店员降价。A项意为“(偶然)发现”;B 项意为“在意 , 介意”; C项意为“寻找”;D项意为“集中


10. Suddenly it hit me how difficult it was for a woman to get medical training at that time. 突然我想起, 在那个年代, 一个女子去学医是多么困难啊。 句中使用了“ It hit(s) me+ 从句” 结构 , 意思是我突然想

到??, it在句中作形式主语。类似的结构还有:
It occurs to sb. that. . . (某人)突然想到??

It strikes sb. that. . .
It happens that. . .


occur __ to him that she would refuse his invitation. ①It didn’t _____ 他没有想到她会拒绝他的邀请。 It _________ happened ____ that they spent their childhood in the same ② __ village. 碰巧他们的童年是在同一个村子度过的。

1. carry on继续;坚持

①After he left, I just tried to carry on as usual.
他离开后, 我只管尽力像往常一样继续干。 ②The meal over, the managers went back to the meeting room to carry on their discussion/discussing. 吃完饭, 经理们回到会议室继续讨论。

【拓展】补全下列短语 away carry _____ back carry _____ out carry ___ through carry _______

将??送/带回原地;使某人忆起 实施,执行,履行;完成 达成, 贯彻;使渡过难关 赢得, 获得

off carry ___

2. Once I stop, it all comes crowding in and I remember the chimps in laboratories.

我一旦停下来, 所有的一切都会涌上心头, 我就会想起实验室
的黑猩猩。 (1)once在本句中引导条件状语从句, 意为“一旦??就??” ①This means that European unemployment will probably be slow to fall once GDP recovers. 这意味着欧洲GDP一旦恢复, 失业率也很可能缓慢下降。 Once _________, broadcast the TV play will be very popular with ②_____

young people. 一旦开播, 这部电视剧就会为年轻人所喜欢。


如果once引导的从句的主语与主句的主语一致, 且从句中的谓
语动词含有be动词的某种形式时, 或从句为“it be. . . ”形式时, 从句中的“主语+be”或“it be”可以省略。

(2)crowding in是现在分词短语作方式或伴随状语。动词come 后常接running/flying/speeding/dashing/rushing/crashing/

①All the glasses came crashing onto the floor.

running ___ out __ of the house, screaming for ②Two women came _______ help. 有两个女人从房子里跑出来, 大喊救命。

Ⅰ. 单句改错

follow前加 to 1. The woman was observed follow him closely. ____________
2. I have great respect of his ideas, although I don’ t agree of改为for with him. _________

3. John and Alice can come with us if they behave oneself.
oneself 改为themselves ____________________ support 4. Jean was unemployed with three children support. _______ 前加to ______

5. Only after my friend came the computer was repaired. the computer was repaired 改为was the computer repaired ___________________________________________________ to 改为for 6. This dictionary is intended to children. _________ 7. As is reported, the actress delivered a healthy baby. delivered 改为 was delivered of ___________________________ 8. He looked down on because of his humble background.

looked前加 was ______________

Ⅱ. 同义句改写

1. A. What do you want to do when you have finished your
studies in the UK?

intend to do when you have finished your B. What do you ____________
studies in the UK? 2. A. She is due to make a lecture about genetic engineering. deliver a lecture on genetic engineering. B. She is due to _________________

3. A. You can solve the problem only in this way. can you solve the problem. B. Only in this way _______________________ 4. A. We’ve just met an old friend by chance. come across an old friend. B. We’ve just _______________________ 5. A. If you look it up in the dictionary you will easily find the meaning.

refer to the dictionary you will easily find the B. If you ___________________

6. A. I suddenly thought of how difficult the life she was

It suddenly hit me what a difficult life she was leading. B. _________________________________ 7. A. My aunt gave birth to a baby yesterday. was delivered of a baby yesterday. B. My aunt ______________

Ⅲ. 话题写作 先将下面几个句子翻译成英语, 然后连成一段小短文。 1. 汉斯是一个有成就的人。他的一生都奉献给了无家可

归的儿童, 他的行为赢得了所有人的尊重。
2. 汉斯被邀请在哈佛大学毕业典礼上发表演讲。

3. 汉斯说: “照顾孩子是平凡的工作, 但是不要瞧不起平凡
的工作。一旦开始做一件事情, 你就必须坚持下去, 否则你将 一事无成。只有当你60岁回首往事时, 你才会意识到你是否已 经全力以赴, 也只有当你能够说你已经全力以赴时, 你才会对 你的一生感到满足。”

Hans is a man of great achievements. He has devoted all his life to homeless children and his behaviour has won respect of all. Recently, Hans was asked to deliver a speech on the graduation in Harvard University. He said, “Caring for

children is an ordinary job, but don’t look down upon ordinary
jobs. Once you begin to do something, you must keep on with it, otherwise you will never achieve anything. Only when you are sixty and looking back on your life will you realize whether you have done your best. And only when you can say you have tried

your best will you be content with your life. ”


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