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牛津高中英语M5U1 Project

Project Giving an oral report Passage 1 Teenager’s friendships

Finish a questionnaire
Tick the answer which most applies to you.
Are you a boy or a girl? A. A lot Boy Gi

rl C. None 1. How many best friends do you have? B. A few 2. How often do you have a long conversation with your friends? A. More than three times a week B. once a week C. seldom D. never

3. What topics do you mostly talk about with your friends? A. Hobbies and interests B. Families and friends C. School and study D.Emotions and feelings E. Future plans and dream 4. Do you share your secrets with your best friends? A. Always B. Sometimes C. Never 5. Do you think boys and girls have the same attitudes towards friendship? A. Yes B. No

6. If you choose No to Question 5 , what different attitudes do they have? A. Friendships between girls are usually based on shared emotions and support . However, friendships between boys are usually based on shared activities or interests. B. Girls seem to have a lot to talk about with their best friends than boys. C. Girls have more friendships than boys.

Conclusion: Friendship plays an important role in our lives. Everybody needs friends. However, girls and

boys have different types of friendships and
different attitudes towards friendship.

Fast reading
1.What puzzles Robert?
Some things about Amanda and her friends. For example, he can’t understand what girls can talk about for so long.

2. What are boys’ and girls’ friendships each based on?
shared feelings Girls’ friendships are anchored in _______________and support ___________but boys’ friendships are based on shared activities interests __________________or_____________.

True or False
1. Both boys and girls have a lot to talk about with their best friends. F 2. Girls have more friends than boys, according to studies. T 3. Boys can easily name a best friend when asked. 4. If a boy is said to have a best friend, it seems that they share little about their feelings. T 5. A girl’s best friend might be the first to tell her about something good or bad that has T happened in her life.


Useful expressions
1. 双胞胎姐妹 2. 相处得好 3. 让某人感到困惑 4. 对…有不同的态度 5.扎根于 6.共同的情感 7.以…为基础 8.很可能 9. 对…谨慎,小心 10. 急不可待地做 11. 与…分享 12. 不管,无论 1. twin sister (L1) 2. get along well (L1) 3. puzzle someone (L2) 4. have different attitudes towards 5. be anchored in (L10) 6. shared feeling (L10) 7. be based on/upon (L11) 8. be likely to do (L11) 9. be cautious about (L11) 10. be eager to do (L12) 11. share with (L20) 12. regardless of (L23)

Sentence translation
1. Though they get along well, there are some things about Amanda and her friends that puzzle Robert.(L1-2) 2. When asked, they usually hesitate before responding. (L15-16) 3. Friendships between girls are usually anchored in shared feelings and support, but friendships between boys are based on shared activities or interests. (L9-11) 4. Females who have been asked can usually answer the question without pausing. (L19) 5. The qualities that boys and girls consider important in a friend seem to be the same, regardless of the basis of these friendships. (L22-24)

Words to be studied
1. puzzle vt. 困惑;苦思 puzzled adj. 感到困惑的/ puzzling 令人困惑的 be puzzled about 对…感到困惑的 1) 这件神秘事情使我百思不解.

This mystery ___________. puzzles me
2) a _________ boy/expression/look puzzled

puzzling a _________ case/maths problem
3) 他完全不知道接下去该怎么办. He was quite puzzled about what to do next. _____________________ 4) I was puzzled to see her behaving like that. 看到她那样的举止使我感到困惑.

2. hesitate

vi. 犹豫 hesitate about sth. hesitate to do hesitation n. without hesitation

1) 别犹豫,立即做。 Don’t hesitate Do it at once. ____________. 2)要是你学习上有困难,尽管找老师。 If you have any problems with your studies, don’t hesitate to turn to your teachers for help __________________________________________. 3)当看到那个男孩溺水的时候,他毫不犹豫跳入河中。 When he saw the little boy drowning in the river, he without ________. jumped into the water ________hesitation

3. anchor vt./ n.

be anchored in 基于

1) 他的小说基于对生活的体验。 Her novel are anchored in life experience.

base vt./n.

basis n.

A. be based on/upon B= B. make basis for A. 以…为基础, 以…为根据 1) 他们的友谊建立在相互帮助和支持的基础之上。 Their friendship was based on/upon each other’s help and support. Each other’s help and support make basis for their friendship.

4. regardless of 不管,无论: pay no attention to
1)The law requires equal treatment for all, regardless of race, religion or sex. 法律要求人人平等,不管是什么种族、宗教或性别。 2) regardless of expense 不考虑费用

regardless of the consequences 不顾后果 3) He continued to laugh at my faults,

regardless of my feelings _____________________ (不顾我的感受).

in/with regard to 关于
4)I have nothing to say with regard to your complaints. 对于你的投诉, 我无可奉告.

Passage 2 What friendship means to me

Fast reading
1.What is the most important thing in life to the writer?

2. What does friendship mean to the writer ?
Friendship means not being alone, having someone she can rely on and being committed to the others.

3. What can always be remembered?
We will remember those whom we loved and those who loved us. We will remember our friends.

Structure of the article
Part 1 (para 1)

c. What the writer thinks the most important thing in life is.
Part 2
(para 2-4)

a. What friendship means to the writer.
Part 3 (para 5)

b. What can always be remembered. a. What friendship means to the writer. b. What can always be remembered.

c. What the writer thinks the most important thing in life is.

Useful expressions
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. mean doing (L4) 意味着 mind doing (L6) 介意 最终处于,最后成为 end up doing (L8) be no fun (L9) 无趣,无味 rely on (L11) 依靠 thanks to (L14) 多亏,幸亏 be committed to (L16) 忠诚于 have a quarrel with(L18) 与…吵架 说残酷无情的话 make cruel comments about (L18) 道歉 make an apology (L19) in conclusion (L22) 总之 look back on(L22) 回顾、回忆

Sentence translation
1. When deciding what is most important in life, some people choose money, while others choose things like security and comfort. (L1-2) 当确定生活中最重要的是什么时,有些人选择金钱,而别的人则 选择诸如安全感和舒适度之类的东西。 2. At first, I didn’t mind being alone, but then I saw all of the tourist having their pictures taken together, and I began feeling sad.(L6)

起初,我并不介意自己一个人,但后来看见所有的游客一起拍照, 我开始感到难过。 3. However, if I had ended our friendship, we would have both learnt nothing. (L20-21) 但是,如果当初我终止了我们的友谊,那我们俩都会一无所获。

Words to be studied

1. end up 最终处于,最后成为(+动名词/介词短语)
in the end: finally end (sth) with sth. 最后,终于 以…结束

1) 如果你不知道要什么,那你可能最终得到你并不想要 的东西。
If you don’t know what you want, you might end up getting something you don’t want.

2) 如果你继续这样工作,你早晚得住院。
If you continue working like this, you might end up in hospital.

ended with They _________the class ________a song.

Words to be studied
adj. 尽心尽力的,坚信的,坚定的 be committed to commit v. 忠于,全心全意投入 commitment n. 献身,奉献,投入 1) 我们应该忠诚于我们的信仰。
We should be committed to our belief. we should commit to our belief.

2. committed

A career as a teacher requires one hundred percent_____________. commitment

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. puzzled/puzzling share adolescence hesitation stop character in regard to based secure comfortable apologize accident adj.—v. v—adj. n—adj. n—v. syn. syn. oppo. adj —n. adj —n. adj —n./v. v —n. syn.

puzzle (L2) shared (L10) adolescent (L15) hesitate (L16) pause (L19) quality (L22) regardless of (L23) basis (L24) security (L2) comfort (L2) apology (L19) incident (L20)



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