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unit4 what can we do about global warming

What can we do about global warming?

Skim the two letters, and answer the questions below:
1. Who are the writers of these two letters? Ouyang Guang and Earth Care. 2. What is the purpose of writing the letters? Getting and giving some suggestions. 3. Does Earth Care agree that individuals can have no effect? No, Earth Care dose not agree.

Task 2:
Now scan the second letter and list Earth Care’s suggestions in the chart on P30, and discuss whether you can carry out each suggestion. Give reason for your answers.

What can we do about global warming?

electrical appliance ◆ Turn a(n) _________________ off when you’re not Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks. using it. Put on more clothes instead of turning up the heat _____. ◆ Walk or __________ instead of taking motor ride a bike vehicles. Recycle ◆_______ cans, bottles, plastic bags and newspaper circumstances if _____________ allow you to. economical ◆ get your parents to buy things that are ________
with energy. Plant trees ◆____________ in your garden or your school yard ◆finally and most importantly, be an ________. educator

Earth Care’s suggestion Turn off electrical appliances. Put more clothes instead of heat Walk or ride if you can Recycle; recycled materials.

Can you carry it out?


To save energy To save energy

To save energy To save energy

Earth Care’s suggestion Parents buy things that are economical

Can you carry it out?

To save energy
Absorb carbon dioxide
Refresh your spirit Talk with your family about global warming and what you have learned

Yes yes yes

Plant trees Be an educator

1. on behalf of


I must thank you again for your generous help on behalf of our company _____________________(代表我们的公司) I’m greatly honored to put on performance here _______________________. on behalf of my school 很荣幸在这儿代表我的学校演出。

Tom has something important to do today, so I accepted the award _______ him. C A.in honor of B. instead C. on behalf of D. for lack of

2. There are many people who have a commitment 承担责任;有义务 like yours…
commitment n. 承若;信奉;交托 commit vt. 犯;委托;承担

commit a crime commit murder commit suicide

犯罪 杀人 自杀

Together, individuals can make a difference.
有很大影响: make a great difference

没有作用: make no difference

That makes no difference to me.
锻炼对你的健康产生很大的影响。 Exercise can make a great difference to your health.

We don’t have to put up with pollution.

put up with 忍受;忍耐;受苦
That woman, as a housewife, has a lot to put up with. 作为家庭主 妇,那女人得忍受很多烦恼。 知识拓展 表忍受的短语:stand, endure, tolerate, bear

Match the phrases with the correct meaning

put aside

写下;记下;控制 放回原处;拖延 收拾起来;储存(钱) 节省(钱、时间);储蓄;把……放在一边 延期;推迟 提出(意见、建议);推荐 举起;张开(伞);张贴;为……提供食宿 熄灭; 扑灭

put away
put back put down put forward put off put out put up

Don’t be casual about this. 不要对此疏忽大意 casual adj.偶然的;随便的;漫不经心的;临时的; n. 临时工人;便装,便鞋

Such casual dress wouldn’t be appropriate for a formal occasion. 休闲的;随意的
John is a casual; he can’t find a proper job anywhere.

She is casual about winning the prize.

It takes a lot of energy to make things like from new material. So, if you can, buy things made from recycled materials.

用新材料来做这些东西要花费大量的能源,因此,如果可能,就买那些用 回收材料制成的物品吧。

花费:take/ cost/ pay/spend 区别 It/ Sth takes some time to do sth Sb pay for sth Sb spends some time (in) doing sth on sth Sth cost sb some money

Day 2: Being a good friend

Check the answers: 1. strengthen 2. Share 3. rank 4. trust 5. adult 6. choices 7. on 8. through 9. physically 10. present
Important phrases and sentences: 1. Being a good friend means being around. 2. As time passes, some people stay by your side while others don’t. 3. strengthen your bonds with your friend:增进朋友之间的 关系 accompany sb: 陪伴某人 share a secret:分享秘密 treat him or her like a grownup: 像大人一样对待他 accept that no friendship is perfect:没有完美的友谊 Being there physically, especially during hard times

Day 3: Peek into(偷看;偷窥) your future

科技发展 1. Para 3: The authors introduce technological developments that are probably 20 years from now, including selfdriving cars, robots that take care of all of your 无人驾驶汽车 housework and wider Internet coverage. 大面积的网络覆盖 Para 5: The two young men responsible for the Boston bombings last month thanks to the internet. Para 6: privacy is also going to be a problem. 2. Para5: the Boston bombings(波士顿爆炸事件)

blessing in disguise: 因祸得福 a curse in disguise:

3. Para 6: the photos and comments we put online, the things we buy and the friends we have on our micro blog 微博 will be what makes us who we are. Your online identity becomes your real identity.

We could see virtual kidnappings-ransoming your ID for 虚拟绑架 real money. 4. “ there is no country where the situation has worsened(恶化) with the arrival of the internet,”


Rubber duck:

1. The description of the Rubber duck?
A 6-storey-tall inflatable rubber duck called Spreading Joy around the World sailed in as a heart-melting reminder of people’s childhood joy. 2. Who has created the Rubber duck? Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman in an effort to put smiles back on people’s face. 3. What is the Rubber duck’s mission(任务)? Its mission is to provide a joyful interruption to people’s daily routine.

Important phrases:
fade away: 逐渐消失;褪色 remind us of the carefree times: 使我们想起无忧无虑的时光 float in your bathtub: 漂浮在你的浴缸 a little kid: 小孩子 turn into: 把…变成 6层楼高的充气小鸭 a 6-storey-tall inflation rubber duck: spread joy around the world: 把欢乐传给世界 句子: Contrary to the busy backdrop of Hong Kong, the rubber duck creates a feeling of innocent happiness. 与香港繁忙的背景对比起来,小黄鸭给人带来天真无邪的 欢乐。



1. It is/was + 被强调部分 + that/who + 其他
2. It is/was not until + 被强调部分 + that + 其他

John bought an old bike yesterday in a market.
It was John who bought an old bike yesterday in a market. It was an old bike that John bought yesterday in a market. It was yesterday that John bought an old bike in a market. It was in a market that John bought an old bike yesterday.



It was because the water had risen that they could not cross the river. Was it because the water had risen that they could not cross the river? It was when it got dark that they came back.
Was it when it got dark that they came back? It was because of the rain that the sports meeting was put off. Was it because of the rain that the sports meeting was put off? 一般疑问句的构成结构: Was/ Is + it +被强调部分+ that/who +其他


1.It was in the park that she met Jack.
Where was it that she met Jack? 2.It was John who told me the secret. Who was it that told me the secret? 3. It was yesterday that I bought the bike in the market. When was it that you bought the bike in the market? 4. It was by fishing that he supported his family. How was it that he supported his family? 强调句型特殊疑问句的构成方式: 特殊疑问词+is/was + it + that +其他部分

It is/was + not until + 被强调部分+ that + 其他部分
1. He didn’t go to bed until his wife came back.
It was not until his wife came back that he went to bed. 2. The students don’t keep quiet until their headmaster comes in. It is not until their headmaster comes in that the students kept quiet. 3. The boy didn’t get up until his mother shouted at him. It was not until his mother shouted at him that the boy got up.

It is he who often ______(help) me with my English. helps help It is the foreigners who often ______(help) me with my English. It is I who _____(be) late for school. am 注意:强调主语; 宾语

He helped me yesterday.
It was he that helped me yesterday.

It was me that he helped yesterday.



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