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Unit1 Add up 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) in order to face to face on purpose a series of suffer from set down be concerned with world. I ___________the story as soon as you tell me. There has bee

n ___________car accidents at the crossing. __________these figures, and you will get your answer. I'm sorry I have knocked off your book, but I didn't do

8. They have been to seven European countries ___________. 9. After it leaves the high _________, the river becomes wide and runs into the sea. 10. He won another gold medal as he set a new ___________ in the 100m dash. Unit4 单词拼写 1. Older students were having difficulty in studying and o_________ themselves. 2. That place is dirty and s_________. 3. In the city, the water pipes in some buildings cracked and b________. 4. People began to wonder how long the d_________ would last. 5. F_________ water was taken to the city by train, truck and plane. 6. Everywhere they looked nearly everything was d__________. 7. The railway tracks were now u_______ pieces of steel. 8. Without _________ (电),modern life would be very difficult. 9. __________ (判断)from his appearance, the manger must be over fifty. 10. Dead and ________ (受伤的)people lay everywhere after the terrible accident. Unit5 单项选择 1. We have no C. difficulty A. come out ______hour. ? A. paid; / B. paying; an C.to pay; a D. paid; the 4. A meeting was held ______ those who lost their lives in the fight against SARS. A. in honor of B. in praise of he_____ at once. A. should be, should leave C. was, leave altitude change one?s mind so far dream bring up A. lose your heart C. lose heart A. in a fact C. in a matter of fact determine treat B. was, left D. be, left B. lose the heart D. lose hearts B. as a fact D. as a matter of fact C. in case of D. in face of 5. His red face suggested he _____ angry and I suggested that them out. ? B. difficulties with working? D. difficulty working ?? C. come about D. come across by to work A. difficult in working 2. How did the accident

I worked hard at English ___________know more about the

it___________. When I stood ____________with Yang Liwei, I couldn' t You seem to ____________depression. What's the Most teachers _________ greatly ____________the growth help feeling respect to this national hero. problem? of their students. Unit 2 单词拼写 1. He looks handsome and gentle, but a_________ he is a thief. 2. Pronunciation and grammar is quite important in English learning. And so is v____________. 3. He went to Britain, hoping to learn s___________ English there. 4. “A____________ ” is often used in American English while “flat” is used in British English. 5. Some English people have a strong a__________ , which adds difficulties to our understanding of them. 6. Many s__________ have been built in Guangzhou. As a result , people can travel much faster than before. 7. If you don?t know how to use the medicine, read the d____________ carefully before using it. 8. Our city used to be very old, but now it has become a m______ one. 9. When we are in other countries, we should respect the c___________ there. 10. Excuse me, Professor Li, can you be p_________ at our meeting tomorrow? Unit3 选词填空, 注意形式。 record be familiar to give in

B. come along

3. Cleaning women in big cities usually get

6. Don?t _______. Try again, and you will succeed.

1. Once she is determined to do something, it is impossible to get her to____________. 2. Nowadays, many young children would like to bargain with their parents when asking for money. Unfortunately their parents seldom ___________. 3. They insisted they ________ equally. 4. Pop songs _____usually __________ teenagers. 5. He was born in Shandong Province and _______ there. 6. She gave me a ___________ look, which suggested that she would never make any changes. 7. She often _______ that she would become a famous singer one day.

7. The boy looks stupid, but _______ he is smart.

8. ------Did you call him last night? -----I _________ him, but he was not at home. A. was call A. with; against year. A. had lost his work B. has lost his work B. did call C. was called C. with; for D. did called D. with; at 9. They are fighting ______ us _______ the enemy. B. for; against 10. They lived a hard life then, for their father _______ for half a

C. had been out of work up. A. should have arrived C. should have had arrived A. first time C. the first time A. received; accept C. received; receive are wrong. A. on which A. the way B. where B. the way in that

D. has been out of work

him. A. which B. that C. where D.it 13 -----What do you think of teaching, Bob?

11. Mr. White ______ at 8:30 for the meeting, but he didn?t show B. should arrive D. should be arriving

-----I find it fun and challenging . It is a job ____ you are doing something serious but interesting. A. where B. which C. when D. that 14 I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, a city _____name will create a picture of beautiful trees and green grass in our mind. A. which long time A. of which B .with which C. about which D. into which 16 Life is like a long race _____we compete with others to go B. of which C. that D. whose 15Gun control is a subject _____Americans have argued for a

12. I thought her nice and honest _________ I met her. B. for the first time D. by the first time B. accepted; receive D. accepted; accept

13. Jack _____ an invitation from Mike but he didn?t _______ it.

14. Now we are in a position _______ we have to accept that we C. when D. that 、

beyond ourselves. A. why B. what C .that D. where 17 Whenever I met her ,______ was fairly often, she greeted me with a sweet smile. A. who B .which C .when D .that 18 It?s helpful to put children in a situation ____they can see themselves differently. A .that B. when C. which D. where 19 Many children, ____parents are away working in big cities, are taken A .their good care of in the village. B. whose C. of them D. with whom

15. I don?t like _____ you speak to her. C. the way which 必修一语法复习 定语从句 1. Chan?s restaurant on Baker Street, _______ used to be poorly run, is now a successful business. A. that office. A. which A. who B. that B. that C. this C. what D. it D. which 3. Her sister has become a lawyer, _______ she wanted to be. 4. Anyway, that evening, _______ I?ll tell you more about later, I ended up staying at Rachel?s place. A. when A. that I visited C. where I visited B. where C. what D. which 5. York, _______ last year, is a nice old city. B. which I visited D. in which I visited B. which C. who D. where 2. Jim passed the driving test, _______ surprised everybody in the D. the way of which

20)A person _____e-mail account is full won?t be able to send or receive any e-mails. A. who 新题型 Good morning, Girls and boys! My name is Sue. May I have your a , please? The Students? Union is going to hold an the evening of December 30. (兴趣)in English. It is English Speech contest learning English and improve their s B. whom C. whose D. whoever

the purpose is to increase the students going to be held in the school main hall and will b

6.He paid the boy $10 for washing ten windows, most of____ hadn?t been cleaned for at least a year. A these B those C that D which 7. I shall never those years____ I lived in the country with the farmers,____ has a great effect on mylife. A that/which B when/ which C which/that D when/ who 8. The old lady had one son and two daughters,_____ treated her well,____ made her very sad. A no one of whom; as C none of whom; which B none of whom; that D none of them; which

at 7:30. And the best five students of this English contest will be given welcome to Students? Union and muxh for this. Thank you for l (奖品). Everyone in Grade Three will be part in it. Those who would be interested (办公室)of the up your names, classes and the !

in this contest should comt to the

topics of your English speech. Welcome to this great fun! So

9. Dorothy was always speaking highly her role in the play,_____ of Course made the others unhappy. A who B which C this D what 10. By serving others, a person focuses on someone other than himself or herself,_____ can be very eye-opening and rewarding. A who met before. A. them B. who C. whom D. these 12 My friend showed me round the town, ______was vey kind of B which C what D that 11 She brought with her three friends, none of ____ I had ever



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