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语法复习一:定语从句 语法经典练习:

1.He paid the boy $ 10 for washing ten windows ,most of_______ hadn’t been cleaned for at least a year. A. these B. those C. that D. which

2.Alice rec

eived an invitation from her boss, ______ came as a surprise. A. it B. that C. which D. he

3.She heard a terrible noise , _______ brought her heart into her mouth. A. it B. which C. this D. that

4.In the dark street, there wasn't a single person _____ she could turn for help. A. that B. who C. from whom D. to whom

5.Tom’s mother kept telling him that he should work hard , but ______ didn’t help. A. he B. which C. she D. it

6. The weather turned out to be very good, ______ was more than we could expect. A. what B. which C. that D. it he grew up as a child.

7. After living in Paris for fifty years he returned to the small town A. which B. where C. that D. when

8. Carol said the work would be done by October, ______ personally I doubt very much. A. it B. that C. when D. which

9.The result of the experiment was very good, ______ we hadn’t expected. A. when B. that C. which D. what

10.It was an exciting moment for these football fans this year, ______ for the first time in years their team won the World Cup. A. that B.while C. which D.when

11. These houses are sold at such a low price _______ people expected. A. like B. as C. that D. which ?

12. Recently I bought an ancient vase, ___ was very reasonable. A. which price B. the price of which C. its price D. the price of those

13. Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the play, ________,of course , made the others unhappy. A.who B.which C.this D.what

14. John said he’d been working in the office for an hour, _______ was true.





15. The film brought the hours back to me _____ I was taken good care of in that far-away village. A. until B. that C. when D. where

16.The famous basketball star, _______ tried to make a comeback, attracted a lot of attention. A. where B. when C. which D. Who

17. Meeting my uncle after all these years was an unforgettable moment, ______ I will always treasure. A that B one C it D what

18. We will be shown around the city: schools, museums and some other places, _____ other visitors seldom go. A what B which C where D when

19.Alec asked the policeman _____he worked to contact him whenever there was an accident. A with him B who C with whom D whom

20.We are living in an age ______ many things are done on computers. A. which B. that C. whose D. when

21.______ has been announced , we shall have our final exams next month. A. That B. As C. It D. What

22.York, ______ last year, is a nice old city. A. that I visited B. which I visited C. where I visited D.in chich I visited

23.Luckly, we’d brought a road map without ______ we would have lost our way. A. it B. that C. this D. which

24.A fast food restaurant is the place ______ , just as the name suggests, eating is performed quickly. A. which B. where C. there D. what

25.Geoge Orwell, ______ was Eric Arthur, write many political novels and essays . A. the real name B. what his real name C his real name D. whose real name.

26. _____ is reported in the newspapers , talks between the two countries are making progress. A. It B .As C. That D. what ______ they can talk frequently.

27. American women usually identify their best friend as someone A. who B. as C. about which D. with whom.

28. The English play ______my students acted at the New Year’s party was a great success. A. for which B . at which C. in which D. on which

29. There were dirty marks on her trousers ______ she had wiped her hands.

A. where

B. which

C. when

D. that

30. The journey around the world took the old sailor nine months,______ the sailing time was 226 days. A. of which. B. during which C. from which D for which

31. There was _____ time ______ I hated to go to school. A. a, that B. a, when C. the, that D. the, when

32. there are two buildings, ______ stands nearly a hundred feet high. A. the larger B. the larger of them C. the larger one that D. the larger of which

33. ______ is often the case, we have worked out the production plan. A. Which B. When C. What D. As

34. The factory produces half a million pairs of shoes every year, 80% ______ are sold abroad. A. of which B. which of C. of them D. of that

35.Anyway, that evening, ______ I’ll tell you more about later, I ended up staying at the Rache’s place. A. when B. where C. what D. which

36.. Helen was much kinder to her youngest son than to the other, ______, of course, made the others envy him. A. who B. that C. what D. which

37.It is easy to do the repair. ______ you need is a hammer and some nails. A. Something B. All C. Both D. Everything

38.. I work in a business ______ almost everyone is waiting for a great chance. A. how B. which C. where D. that

39.Last month, part of Southeast Asia was struck by floods, from ____ effects the people are still suffering. ( A. that B. whose C. those D. what

40.If a shop has chairs ____ women can park their men, women will spend more time in the shop. A. that B. which C. when D. where

41.Frank’s dream was to have his own shop ____ to produce the workings of his own hands. A. that B. in which C. by which D. how

42.Mark was a student at this university from 1999 to 2003, ___________ he studied very hard and was made chairman of the Students’ Union. A. during which time B. for which time C. during whose time D. by that time

43. Her sister has become a lawyer, she wanted to be. A.who B.that C.what D.which 44. The place _______ the bridge is supposed to be built should be________the cross-river traffic is the heaviest

A. which; where

B. at which; which

C. at which; where

D. which; in which

45. I walked in our garden, _______ Tom and Jim were tying a big sign onto one of the trees. A.which B.when C.where D.that 46.I have many friends , A.of them B.from which some are businessmen . C.who of D.of whom

47. —Is that the small town you often refer to? —Right, just the one A.that B.which you know I used to work for years. C.where D.what

48. He was educated at a local grammar school, _____ he went on to Cambridge. A. from which B. after that C. after which D. from this

49. Have you seen the film "Titanic", __________ leading actor is world famous? A.its B.it's C.whose D.which

50.The doctor advised Vera strongly that she should take a holiday, but _______ didn’t help. A.it B.she C.which D.he


语法复习二:动词时态 语法经典练习:

1.The new secretary is supposed to report to the manager as soon as she ______ . A. will arrive B. arrives C. is going to arrive D. is arriving 2.When I was at college I ______ three foreign languages, but I ______ all except a few words of each. A. spoke; had forgotten forgotten 3.The police found that the house ______ and a lot of things______ . A. has broken into; has been stolen C. has been broken into; stolen B. had broken into; had been stolen D. had been broken into; stolen B. spoke; have forgotten C. had spoken; had forgotten D. had spoken; have

4.—Come on in, Peter. I want to show you something. —Oh, how nice of you! I ______ you ______ to bring me a gift. A. never think; are going going 5.The volleyball match will be put off if it______ . A. will rain B. rains C. rained D. is raining B. never thought; were going C. didn’t think; were going D. hadn’t thought; were

6.Mary______ a dress when she cut her finger. A. made B. is making C. was making D. makes

7. She's upstairs______ letters. A. writes B. is writing C. write D. writing

8. —Have you moved into the new house? —Not yet. The rooms______ . A. are being painting B. are painting C. are painted D. are being painted

9.The students ______ busily when Miss Brown went to get a book she ______ in the office. A. had written ; left B.were writing ;has left C.had written ;had left D.were writing ;had left

10.Whe and where to build the new factory ______ yet. A.is not decided B. are not decided C.has not decided D. .have not decided

11. When Jack arrived he learned Mary _____ for almost an hour. A. had gone B. had set off C. had left D. had been away

12.---Do you know our town at all? ---No, this is the first time I _______ here. A. was B. have been C. came D. am coming

13---We could have walked to the station; it was so near. ---Yes. A taxi______at all necessary. A. wasn't B. hadn't been C. wouldn't be D. won't be

14. If city noises _______ from increasing, people______ shout to be heard even at the dinner table 20 years from now. A. are not kept; will have to B. are not kept; have to 15.Tom_________ into the house when no one ________ . A. slipped; was looking B. had slipped; looked C. slipped; had looked D. was slipping; looked C. do not keep; will have to D. do not keep; have to

16. In come parts of the world, tea ___with milk and sugar. A. is serving B. is served C. serves D. served 17—How long ______each other before they ___married? —For about a year. A. have they known; get B. did they know; were going to get C. do they know; are going to get D. had they known; got

18. My dictionary______ . I have looked for it everywhere but still ___it. A. has lost; don't find B. is missing; don't find C. has lost; haven't found D. is missing; haven't found

19. Tom ought not ____to me your secret, but he meant no harm. A. have told B. tell C. be telling D. having told

20.We were all surprised when he made it clear that he ___office soon. A. leaves B. would leave C. left D. had left

21. —Can I join your club, Dad? —You can when you ______ a bit older. A. get 22.—I'm sorry to keep you waiting. —Oh, not at all. I ______ here only a few minutes. A. have been B. had been C. was D. will be B. will get C. are getting D. will have got

23. I don't really work here; I ______ until the new secretary arrives. A. just help out B. have just helped out

C. am just helping out

D. will just help out

24. I need one more stamp before my collection ______. A. has completed 25. As she the newspaper, Granny B. completes asleep. C. was reading; was falling D. read; fell C. has been completed D. is completed

A. read; was falling

B. was reading; fell her several times.

26. You don't need to describe her. I A. had met B. have met

C. met

D. meet

27.—Oh, it's you! I _____ you. —I've just had my hair cut, and I'm wearing new glasses. A. didn't recognize B. hadn't recognized C. haven't recognized D. don't recognize

28. I first met Lisa three years ago. She_____ at a radio shop at the time. A. has worked B. was working C. had been working D. had worked 29.--- Is this raincoat yours? ---No, mine there behind the door. A. is hanging B. has hung C. hangs D. hung 30. - Alice, why didn't you come yesterday? - I , but I had an unexpected visitor. A. had B. would C. was going to D. did

31. Shirley_____a book about China last year but I don't know whether she has finished it. A. has written B. wrote C. had written D. was writing

32. --Hi, Tracy, you look tired. --I am tired. I _____the living room all day. A. painted B. had painted C. have been painting D. have painted 33. --Hey, look where you are going? --Oh, I'm terribly sorry._____. A. I'm not noticing B.I wasn't noticing C. I haven't noticing D.I don't noticing

34. Old McDonald gave up smoking for a while, but soon ______to his old ways. A. returned B. returns C. was returning D. had returned

35. All the preparations for the task ______,and we're ready to start. A. completed B. complete C. had been completed D. have been completed

36. The manager entered the office and was happy to learn that four-fifths of the tickets _______ .

A. was booked

B. had been booked ? C. were booked D. have been booked ?

37. Every possible means _______ to prevent the air pollution, but the sky is still not clear. A. is used B. are used ? C. has been used D. have been used ?

38. My uncle ___ until he was forty-five. A. married B. didn't married C. was not marrying D. would marry

39. Tony was very unhappy for ___ to the party. A. having not been invited 40. --- How are you today? --- Oh , I ______ as ill as I do now for a very long time. A.didn't fell B.wasn't feeling C.don't fell D.haven't felt B. not having invited C having not invited D. not having been invited

41. The reporter said that the UFO ________east to west when be saw it. A.was travelling B.travelled C.had been traveling D.was to travel.

42. The new suspension bridge __________ by the end of last month. A.has been designed B.had been designed C.was designed D.would be designed

43. I’ve won a holiday for two to Florida. I _______ my mum. A.am taking B.have taken C.take D.will have taken

44. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because technology _____ so rapidly. A. is changing B. has changed C. will have changed D. will change

45. Visitors ______ not to touch the exhibits. A. will request B. requestC. are requesting D. are requested

46. He is the only one of the students who A. is B. are C. have been

a winner of scholarship for three years. D. has been

47. Rainforests______ A. cut

and burned at near future. C. are being cut D. had been cut

B. are cut

48. It ______ long before we ______ the result of the experiment. A. will not be…will know B. is…will know C. will not be…know D. is…know

49. John and I________ friends for eight years. We first got to know each other at a Christmas party. But we_______ each other a couple of times before that. A. had been; have seen B have been; have seen C. had been; had seen D have been; had seen

50. This is Ted’s photo. We miss him a lot. He_____ trying to save a child in the earthquake.

A. killed

B. is killed

C. was killed

D. was killing

语法复习三:名词性从句 语法经典练习: 1.The fact ____ she works hard is well known to us all. A. that B. what C. why D. which

2.The fact ____ he was successful proves his ability. A. that B. what C. which D. why

3.The news ____ he was kidnapped surprised us greatly. A. what B. that C. why D. when

4.His suggestion ____ the meeting be delayed was turned down. A. which B. that C./ D. it

5.I have no idea ____ he will start. A. when B. that C. what D./

6.I've come from the government with a message ____ the meeting won't be held tomorrow. A. if B. that C. whether D. which

7.The thought ____ he might fail in the exam worried him. A. when B. which C. what D. that

8.The order ____ the prisoner be set free arrived too late. A. which B. whether C. that D. what

9.The nurses are trying their best to reduce the patient's fear ____ he would die of the disease. A. that B. as C. of which D. which

10.He often asked me the question ____ the work was worth doing. A. whether B. where C. that D. when

11. Along with the letter was his promise ____ he would visit me this coming Christmas. A. which B. that C. what D. whether

12. The other day, my brother drove his car down the street at ____ I thought was a dangerous speed. A. as B. which C. what D. that

13. Luckily, we’d brought a road map without ____ we would have lost our way. A. it B. that C. this D. which

14.There are signs ____ restaurants are becoming more popular with families. A. that B. which C. in which D. whose

15. We can see the same signs ____ stand out throughout the city. A. that B. which C. in which D. whose


语法复习四:主谓一致 语法经典练习: 1.I, who____ your friend, will try my best to help you with your English. A.am B.is C.are D.be 2. The rich ____ not always happy. A.are B.is C.has D.have 3. Neither Tom nor Jack and I ____ his students. A.are B.am C.is D.was 4. Mary as well as her sisters ____ Chinese in China. A. are studying B. have studied C. studies D. study 5. Neither my father nor I ____ at home. A.am B.is C.are D.be 6. Not only my brother but also I ____ good at painting. Both of us ____ good painters., A.are;are B.am;am C.ani;are D.is;is 7. Every' boy and every girl ____ to attend the evening party. A.wish B.wishes C.is like D.like 8. Over 80 percent of the population of China ____ peasants. A.was B.is C. would be D.are 9. The population of China ____ larger than that of .any other country in the world. A.is B.are C.has D.have 10. Every means ____ tried but without any result. A. have been B.is to be C.are to be D. has been 11. Alice, together with two boys,____ for having broken the rule. A. was punished B. punished C. were punished D. being punished 12. The League secretary and the monitor____ asked to attend the .meeting this afternoon. A.is B.was C.are D.is being 13. The great writer and professor____. A. is an old man B. are both old men C. is an old man and a young man D. were two Chinese 14. There ____ a pen, two pencils and three books on the desk. A.are B.is C.has D.have 15. A large number of students in our class____ girls. A. are B. was C. is D. be 16. The number of deer, mountain lions and wild roses ____ much if people leave things as they are. A. doesn' t change B.don't change C.change D.changed 17. The Arabian Nights ____ well known to the English. A. is B. are C. was D. were 18. Chairman Mao' s works ____ published. A. has been B.have been C.was D.is 19. A chemical works____ built there. A. is to being B.have been C. were to D.has been 20. The Olympic Games ____ held every ____ years. A.is;four B.are;four C.is;five D.are;five 21 .The United States of America one of the most developed countries in the world. A.is B.are C.was D.were 22.He is the only one of die students who ____ elected. A. are B.have C.has D.is 23.Theis is one of the most interesting questions that ____ asked.

A.have B.has C. have been D.has been 24.Many a man ____ come to help us. A.have B.has C.is D.are 25."All____ present and all____ going on well," our monitor said. A.is;is B.are;are C.are;is D.is;are 26. The police ____ the murderer everywhere when he suddenly appeared in a theatre. A. is searching for B. were searching for C. are searching for D. were searching 27.Your trousers____ dirty.You must have____ washed. A.is;il B.are;it C.are;them D.is;them 28.This pair of trouseis ____ too long for him. A.is B.be C.are D.were 29. One and a half bananas ____ left on the table. A.is B.are C.has D.have 30. Eight times eight ____ sixty - four. A.is B.are C.get D.equal Keys:




1. He ______ you more help, even though he was very busy. A. might have given B. might give C. may have given D. may give

2. Jenny______ have kept her word. I wonder why she changed her mind. A. must B. should C. need D. would

3. . -Could I borrow your dictionary? -Yes, of course you_________ A. might B. will C. can D. should

4. I told Sally how to get here, but perhaps I ______ for her. A. had to write it out write it out 5. —Shall I tell John about it? —No, you ______ . I've told him already. A. needn't B. wouldn't C. mustn't D. shouldn't B. must have written it out C. should have written it out D. ought to

6. ─There were already five people in the car but they managed to take me as well. ─ It______ a comfortable journey. A. can't be C. mustn't have been B. shouldn't be D. couldn't have been

7. It's nearly seven o'clock. Jack______ be here at any moment. A. must B. need C. should D. can

8. .When he was there, he______ go to that coffee shop at the corner after work every day. A. would B. should C. had better D. might

9. .Sir, you _____ be sitting in this waiting room. It is for women and children only. A. oughtn't to B. can't C. won't D. needn't

10. The fire spread through the hotel very quickly but everyone ______ get out.

A. had to B. would C. could D. was able to 11. --When can I come for the photos? I need them tomorrow afternoon. --They _____be ready by 12:00. A. can B. should C. might D. need

12. .--I stayed at a hotel while in New York. --Oh, did you? You_ ____with Barbara. A. could have stayed B. could stay C. would stay D. must have stayed

13. -Will you stay for lunch? -Sorry,_____ ,My brother is coming to see me. A. I mustn't B.I can't C. I needn't D.I won't

14. Sorry I'm late. I ______ have turned off the alarm clock and gone back to sleep again. A. might B. should C. can D. will

15. I should have been there, but I _______ not find the time. A. would B. could C. might D. should ?

16. My sister met him at the Grand Theatre yesterday afternoon, so he ___ your lecture. A. couldn't have attended B. needn't have attended C. mustn't have attended D. shouldn't have attended

17. --- Are you coming to Jeff's party? --- I'm not sure. I ________go to the concert instead. A.must B.would C.should D.might

18. Mr. Bush is on time for everything. How _________ it be that he was late for the opening ceremony? A.can B.should C.may D.must

19 He hesitated for a moment before kicking the ball, otherwise he ________ a goal. A.had scored B.scored C.would score D.would have scored

20. —Write to me when you get home. —_________ A.I must B.I should C.I will D.I can 21. I was really anxious about you. You _____ home without a word. A. mustn't leave B. Shouldn't have left C. Couldn't have left D. needn't leave

22. Oh, I’m not feeling well in the stomach, I______ so much fried chicken just now. A. shouldn’t cut B. mustn’t have eaten C. shouldn’t have eaten

D. mustn’t eat

23. --I heard they went skiing in the mountains last winter. --It _____ be true because there was little snow there. A may not be B won’t be C couldn’t be D mustn’t be

24. It has been announced that candidates_____ remain in their seats until all the papers have been collected. A can B will C may D shall

25. A left-luggage office is a place where bags ______ be lefe for a short time, especially in a railway station. A. should B. can C. must D. will

26. --- I don't mind telling you what I know. --- You A. mustn't . I'm not asking you for it. B. may not C. can't D. needn’t

27. I often see lights in that empty house. Do you think I _____ report it to the police? A. should B. may C. will D. can

28. Mr.White _____ at 8:30 for the meeting, but he didn’t’ show up. A. should have arrived C. should have had arrived B. should arrive D. should be arriving

29. You ______ be tired - you've only been working for an hour. A. must not B. won' t C. can' t D. may not

30. — Who is the girl standing over there ? — Well , if you A. may B. can know , her name is Mabel. C. must D. shall



语法复习六:被动语态 语法经典练习:

1._____ a new library _____ in our school last year? A.Is; built B.Was; bulit C.Does; build D.Did; build

2.An accident ____ on this road last week. A.has been happened B.was happened C.is happened D.happened

3.Cotton ____ in the southeast of China. A.is grown B.are grown C.grows D.grow

4.So far,the moon ____ by man already. A.is visited B.will be visited C.has been visited D.was visited 5.A talk on Chinese history _____ in th school hall next week. A.is given B.has been given C.will be given D.gives

6.A lot of things ____ by people to save the little girl now. A.are doing B.are being done C.has been done 7.The doctor _____ for yet. A.isn't sent B.hasn't been sent C.won't be sent D.wasn't sent D.will be done

8.--When ___ this kind of computers______? A.did; use B.was; used

--Last year. D.are; used

C.is; used

9.Who _____ this book _____? A.did; written B.was; written by C.did; written D.was;written

10.Mary ____ show me her new dictionary. A.has asked to B.was asked to C.is asked D.asks to

11.A story _____ by Granny yesterday. A.was told us B.was told to us C.is told us D.told us

12.The monkey was seen _____ off the tree. A.jump B.jumps C.jumped D.to jump

13.Older people ____ well.

A.looks after B.must be looked after C.must look after 14.Our teacher ______ carefully.

D.looked after

A.should be listened to B.should be listen C.be listened D.is listened 15. In some part of the world, tea _______ with milk and sugar. A. is serving B. is served C. serves D. served

16. It was reported that the murderer _______ arrested. A. has been B. had been C. has D. had

17. Do you think that the bridge ______ in a year? A. would be completed B. will be completed C. had been completed D. is being completed

18. Great changes _______ in China since the People’s Republic of China _______ in 1949. A. have taken place; was founded D. took place; founded 19.—Why does Ling Ling look so unhappy? A. laughed B. laughed at —She has _______ by her classmates. C. been laughed D. been laughed at B. has taken place; was founded C. have been taken place; founded

20. Doctors _______ in every part of the world. A. need B. are needing C. are needed D. will need

21. I promise that matter will _______. A. be taken care B. be taken care of C. take care D. take care of

22. No permission has ________ for anybody to enter the building. A. been given B. given C. to give D. be given

23. I _______ ten minutes to decide whether I should reject the offer. A. gave B. was given C. was giving D. had given

24. Can such a thing _____ happening again? A. prevent from B. prevented from C. be prevented from D. to prevent from

25. A new house ________ at the corner of the road. A. is building B. is being built C. been built D. be building

26. This bike ________ last year. A. bought B. has been bought C. was bought D. had been bought

27. Did you see the house that _______ by fire last year? A. was destroying B. destroyed C. would destroy D. was destroyed

28. It _______ whether she will get her work in the hospital. A. hasn’t been decided B. isn’t deciding C. doesn’t decide 29. The pen _______ me. It is hers. A. isn’t belong to B. wasn’t belong to C. doesn’t belong to D. didn’t belong to D. hasn’t decided

30. I can’t use my bike because it _______. A. is repairing B. is being repaired C. will repair D. was repairing

31. The chairman told the speaker that she ______ to speak a little louder so as to make herself _____. A. was expected; heard B. had expected; hear . had hoped; hear 32.— The window is dirty. — I know. It _____ for weeks. (2004 全国 03) A. hasn’t cleaned B. didn’t clean C. wasn’t cleaned D. was hoped; heard

D. hasn’t been cleaned

33. By the end of last year, another new gymnasium _______ in Beijing. (2003 上海春季, 27) A.would be completed B.was being completed 34.—How long _______ at this job? —Since 1990. (NMET 2003 北京春季, 27) B. have you been employed C.had you been employed D.will you be employed C.has been completed D.had been completed

A.were you employed

35.—What happened to the priceless works of art? —_______. (NMET 2003 北京春季, 34) A.They were destroyed in the earthquake earthquake D.The earthquake destroyed them B.The earthquake was destroying them C.They destroyed in the

36. This is Ted’s photo.We miss him a lot.He _______ trying to save a child in the earthquake. A.killed 37. Rainforests 春季, 30) A.cut B.are cut C.are being cut D.had been cut B.is killed C. was killed D.was killing (NMET 2002 北京春季, 27)

and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future. (2002 上海

38. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because technology _______ so rapidly. A.is changing B.has changed .will have changed 39. Hundreds of jobs _______ if the factory closes. A.lose B.will be lost D.will change (NMET 2001, 24)

(NMET 2001 北京春季, 12) D.will lose

C.are lost

40. A new cinema _______ here.They hope to finish it next month. A.will be built B.is builtC.has been built D.is being built (NMET 2001 北京春季, 17)




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