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Book 7 Unit 1 单元测试

Book 7 Unit 1 Unit Test 第I卷
I. 单项填空
1. Compared with adults, children _____________the new surroundings better. A. come to B. turn to C. adapt to D. contribute to 2. The head teache

r got _______ at her rude attitude towards him in public and decided to criticize her severely. A. satisfied B. surprised C. annoyed D. strict 3. Under no circumstances did the villagers have __________to hospitals and clinics conveniently a decade ago. A. success B. access C. adaption D. approval 4. Alan sold most of his belongings. He has scarcely ________ left in the house. A. everything B. nothing C. something D. anything 5. Please accept our congratulations ________ your new promotion. A. for B. with C. on D. because 6. When we climbed up to the top of the mountain, we were all ___________. A. out of the breath B. short of the breath C. out of breath D. short of breaths 7. —Then see you on New Year’s Day! —Bye! And _________! A. at best B. make the best C. in your best D. all the best 8. The hare arrived at the tree exhausted, only that the tortoise had already been there. A. finding B. find C. to find D. found 9. Once or twice he has had difficulty making a decision on his own, but _______ he is an independent man. A. in all B. in word C. all in all D. word in word 10. My friend, David, was not used _________ by air, so he felt unwell. A. to traveling B. to travel C. traveling D. travel 11. We have to ______ the wheat as soon as possible because a storm is on the way. A. get across B. get away C. get through D. get in 12. No matter what difficulty you will _______, carry out your plan. A. try out B. meet with C. stick to D. come about 13. Everyone can enjoy the game, ______ old or young. A. either B. neither C. both D. whether 14. I couldn’t help ______ the house for I am very busy preparing my report. A. cleaning B. to clean C. being cleaned D. to be cleaned 15. –Do you mind my opening the window here? It’s a bit hot in here. --___________, as a matter of fact. A. Thanks a lot B. Never mind C. I don't care D. Yes, I do

I was going on vacation to meet up with my family for a week of fun in Canada.Early in the morning, got to the airport in Denver ready to 16 my work behind for a few days. I Don't get me 17 . enjoy my job of helping people with disabilities to 18 a plane, I which is a special education system in our state,but this time it was my 19 ! I was waiting for my flight 20 with a good book to read,when an elderly lady was wheeled to our waiting area.I couldn't help but 21 the trouble she was having 22 a packet of nuts with her arthritic (关节炎的) hands. one else was willing to meet her gaze so No I offered to help. She was very 23 .It turned out that these nuts were her entire 24 .The attendants were nowhere to be seen when the 25 came to board the plane.The lady could walk but needed some assistance,so I 26 to help her and carry her bag.We had a long chat on the plane.As we were entering another country we needed to 27 some forms.I did it for her. We landed and I needed to 28 planes.but I helped her get off the plane first.The wheelchair she ordered was 29 to be seen,so we slowly walked to the 30 .Her daughter was waiting there,looking rather 31 . We only exchanged first names, she was so grateful to have my assistance. had to run and I to 32 my connection(联运飞机). But as I 33 the experience,I saw her as my airport angel,because she gave me a 34 to hope that in the future when I'm 35 and traveling, someone will take the time to help me.Pay it forward. 16.A.get B.fall C.leave D.forget 17.A.wrong B.happy C.right D.hard 18.A.land B.locate C.board D.fly 19.A.flight B.job C.choice D.vacation 20.A.silently B.comfortably C.carefully D.happily 21.A.meet B.ignore C.notice D.expect 22.A.opening B.reaching C.eating D.finding 23.A.grateful B.careful C.useful D.helpful 24.A.lunch B.luggage C.hope D.breakfast 25.A.waitress B.time C.ticket D.day 26.A.volunteered B.came C.tried D.had 27.A.find out B.turn out C.pick out D.fill out 28.A.take B.deliver C.change D.start 29.A.hardly B.nowhere C.somewhere D.never 30.A.passage B.hotel C.airport D.customs 31.A.desperate B.anxious C.calm D.honest 32.A.call B.gain C.build D.catch 33.A.reminded of B.thought of C.cared about D.sought for 34.A.hand B.seat C.chance D.look





III. 阅读理解
A For centuries, the body's blood has been linked closely with the emotions. People who show no human emotions or feelings, are said to be cold-blooded killer. For example, the police are searching for a cold-blooded killer. He seems to kill for no reason, and no emotion, as if taking someone's life as nothing. Cold can affect other parts of the body. The expression "get cold feet" has nothing to do with cold or your feet. The expression means being afraid to do something you have decided to do. For example, you agree to be president of an organization. But then you learn that all the other officers have resigned, and all the work of the organization will be your responsibility.You are likely to get cold feet about being president when you understand the situation. The expression "give someone the cold shoulder" probably comes from the physical act of turning your back toward someone, instead of speaking to him face to face. You may give a cold shoulder to a friend who has not kept a promise he made to you. Or, to someone who has lied about you to others. A cold fish is not a fish. It is a person. But it is a person who is unfriendly, unemotional and shows no love or warmth. A cold fish does not offer much of himself to anyone, Someone who is a cold fish could be cold-hearted. Now a cold-hearted person is someone who has no sympathy. Several popular songs in recent years were about cold-hearted men or cold-hearted women who, without feelings, broke the hearts of their lovers. Out in the cold means not getting something that everybody else got. A person might say that everybody but him got a pay raise—he was left out in the cold.And it is not a pleasant place to be. 36. There are _____ expressions related to cold that are mentioned in the passage. A. 3 B. 4 C. 6 D. 7 37. When you refuse to speak to a man and treat him in a distant way, you may express by "_____". A. I give him the cold shoulder B. I think he is a cold-blooded man C. I think he is a cold fish D. I'm likely to get cold feet 38. If Sue shows absolutely no reaction to those awful pictures of starving children in Africa, you will say ______. A. she is a cold-blooded killer B. she gets cold feet C. she is a cold fish D. she is out in the cold 39. We can use the expression "_____" to describe a man who abandons or hurts his lover without mercy. A. cold-blooded B. cold shoulder C. cold feet D. cold-hearted 40. The topic of this passage is about ________________. A. the relationship between cold and our body B. some expressions about friendship C. some expressions connected with cold D. how cold weather comes into being

B I began to grow up when my parents and I were returning from my aunt’s house that winter night, and my mother said that we would soon leave for America. We were on the bus then. I was crying, and some people on the bus were turning around to look at me. I cried because I could not bear the thought of never hearing the radio program for school children again. I also had to say goodbye to my dear friends and relatives. I thought about the new country I was going to see—the strange place I had known only from books and pictures. The four years that followed taught me the importance of optimism(乐观), but the idea did not come to me at once. For the first two years in New York, I was really lost—having to study in three schools because of family moves. I did not quite know what I was or what I should be. Mother remarried, and things became even more complex for me. Some time passed before my stepfather and I got used to each other. I was often sad, and saw no end to ―the hard times.‖ My responsibilities in the family increased a lot since I knew English better than everyone else at home. I wrote letters, filled out forms, translated at interviews with Immigration officers (移民局官员), took my grandparents to the doctor and translated there, and even discussed telephone bills with company representatives. From my experiences I have learned one important rule: Almost all common troubles go away at last! Something good is certain to happen in the end when you do not give up, and just wait a little! I believe that my life will turn out all right, even though it will not be that easy. 41. How did the author get to know America? A. From radio programs. B. From books and pictures. C. From her mother. D. From her relatives. 42. When leaving for America, the author felt __________. A. sad B. confused C. excited D. surprised 43. For the first two years in New York, the author __________. A. often lost her way B. did not think about her future C. studied in three different schools D. got on well with her stepfather 44. What can we learn about the author from Paragraph 3? A. She worked as a translator. B. She attended a lot of job interviews. C. She paid telephone bills for her family. D. She helped her family with her English. 45. The author believes that __________. A. her future will be free from troubles B. it is difficult to learn to become patient C. there are more good things than bad things D. good things will happen if one keeps trying

第 II 卷
III. 单词拼写:
46. Mary is going to ___________(辞职) from the company. 47. He is a man of good __________(品行), so we all like him very much. 48. After __________(毕业), he went to the south to make his fortune. 49. The young man placed his guns in the cave pointing _______(向外).

50. One of the little boy’s __________(野心) is to become a doctor. 51. Taking exercise is b_______ to us, so we should exercise all the year around. 52. The company deals with both hardware and s__________. 53. C___________ to you on the opening of your new company! 54. In the a_______ of any evidence, the police had to let him go. 55. If the little tree had had a____________ water, it would not have died.

IV. 完成句子
56. The little boy pretended ____________when his mother came in. (sleep) 妈妈进来时,小男孩正假装睡觉呢。 57. It is wrong __________________________. (make fun of) 取笑残疾人是不对的。 58. He has decided to _________________. (cut out) 他已下定决心戒烟、戒酒。 59. In the countryside, we have a very busy life with no time ______________.(sit around) 在农村,我们过着忙碌的生活,没有时间闲坐着聊天。 60. In the report, Professor Smith, an expert in education, calls for more books _____________. (suitable) 在报告里,史密斯教授,教育专家,呼吁出版更多的适合孩子们的书籍。

VI. 阅读表达
Monday morning always seems to come too soon. Just when you’re getting used to the weekend, it’s already finished. For many of us, Monday is what we hate, but have no escape from. So take a deep breath and get your spirits up. In case you find it hard, here are four ways to drive the Monday blues away. Just get out. The best thing to do on a Monday morning is to get some exercise or go for a walk that gets your feel-good hormones working. Just find a green spot to have a walk or even just sit there. Fresh air, sunshine and green plants can put you in a better mood. Turn the music on. When you are back from your walk, nothing works better than listening to some music. Get your favorite, turn on your music system and let the music set the tone for the day. Wear your best. Make Mondays your look-my-best days. Wear the clothes you like most even if it means wearing that red shirt you were saving for special occasion. Instead of grays and blacks, ________. Some of that sunshine yellow or red will drive the blues away. Eat happily. For those food lovers---bring out your favorite chocolate and eat it all by yourself, right in the morning. Nothing is better than the pleasure of early morning chocolate. You say you’re on a diet. Then make Monday your free day. Food is the best way to beat the blues. Remember, the next weekend’s just five days away. 61. What is the best title for the passage? (Please answer within 10 words) ___________________________________________________________

62. Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? Many of us don’t like Mondays. However, we’ll have to go to work on Mondays. ___________________________________________________________ 63. Please fill in the blank in the passage with proper words to complete the sentence. (Please answer within 5 words) ___________________________________________________________ 64. Which of the four tips do you think is the most important? Why (Please answer within 30 words) ___________________________________________________________ 65. Translate the underlined sentence in the passage into Chinese. ___________________________________________________________ VI. 写作: 假如你是新华学校的学生李华, 前不久你的美国笔友 Jack 给你来信与你交流有关低碳 生活的话题。请根据以下提示给他写一封回信,要点如下: 1.环境污染现状; 2.低碳生活的意义(减少污染与浪费) 3.作为中学生,你怎样去做? 注意:1.低碳生活 low carbon lifestyle 2.开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数。 3.字数 120 左右。 Dear Jack , How are you these days? In your last letter you wanted me to share my opinion on low carbon lifestyle. Here are my thoughts.

______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________
It is nice to talk with you about such a topic and I’m looking forward to your reply. Yours , Li Hua

Book 7 Unit 1 Living well Unit Test

第I卷 I. 单项填空 1~5 CCBDC 6~10 CDCCA 11-15 DBDBD II.完形填空 16~20 CACDB 21~25 CAADB 26~30 ADCBD 31~35 BDBCA III. 阅读理解 36—40 CACDC 41—45 BACDD 第 II 卷 IV.单词拼写: 46. resign 47. conduct 48. graduation 49. outwards 50. ambitions 51. beneficial 52. software 53. Congratulations 54. absence 55. adequate V.完成句子 56. to be sleeping 57. to make fun of the disabled(people) 58. cut out smoking and drinking 59. to sit around chatting 60. (which are) suitable for children VI. 阅读表达 61. How to drive the Monday blues away. 62. For many of us, Monday is what we hate, but have no escape from. 63. go for bright colors 64. Just get out. Because fresh air, sunshine and green plants can put you in a better mood. 65. 找出你最喜欢听的音乐,打开你的音响,让音乐给你带来整天的快乐。 VI. 写作 One possible version: Dear Jack , How are you these days? In your last letter you wanted me to share my opinion on low carbon lifestyle. Here are my thoughts. Environmental pollution has been increasing, which is mainly caused by high carbon wastes, and if we do not take measures to stop it, we will be punished one day. Living a low carbon life can reduce pollution effectively and meanwhile benefit our health and the environment, which leads us to a green lifestyle. Therefore, it is our responsibility to develop a low carbon lifestyle. We’d better not use plastic bags and disposable chopsticks on the campus. It’s better to ride a bike or take a bus to school instead of taking a car. Remember to turn off the lights in the daytime or when there is no one in the classroom. It is nice to talk with you about such a topic and I’m looking forward to your reply. Yours, Li Hua



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