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M6U1 Project 导学案 【重点突破】

【学 012】

1. I am sitting on an invisible bench, of course. 当然

,我正坐在一张看不见的椅子上。 invisible adj. 1) impossible to see: The aircraft is designed to be invisible to radar. These bacteria are invisible unless viewed with a microscope. 2) [before noun] describes money that is added to a country's economy by activities such as the service and financial industries rather than the production of goods in factories: an increase in invisible exports Tourism brings in 40% of the island's invisible earnings. 相关高考试题 You can see the stars on a clear night, but in the daytime they are ________. (2006 年上海) A unavoidable B invisible C inaccessible D unavailable 答案: ______ 2 You should join us. It’s nice and cosy. 你应该加入我们。它很好,很舒服。 cosy adj. comfortable and pleasant, especially (of a building) because small and warm: This room is nice and cosy in the winter. He showed me into a cosy little room. 3 Mike looks annoyed.迈克看起来生气了。 annoyed adj. angry: I was so annoyed with him for turning up late. He was annoyed at the way she tried to take over the whole meeting. My parents were rather annoyed (that) I hadn't told them about the accident. She was annoyed to discover that her husband had taken her car keys. annoying adj. making you feel annoyed: It's really annoying when a train is late and there's no explanation. He's got a really annoying laugh. annoy vt. to make someone angry: Tim really annoyed me in the meeting this morning. I'm sorry - is my cough annoying you? [+ that] It annoys me that she just expects us to help. It really annoys me when people expect me to tip as well as pay a service charge in a restaurant. 4 Mike stands up and wanders over to the middle of the stage and “sits” down.

迈克站起来,走到舞台中间,并坐下。 wanders vi. or vt. to walk around slowly in a relaxed way or without any clear purpose or direction: We spent the morning wandering around the old part of the city. She was found several hours later, wandering the streets, lost. He was here a moment ago but he's wandered off somewhere. 5 It got too crowded, so I moved the bench.凳子太拥挤了,所以我把它移走了。 crowded adj. If a place is crowded, it is full of people: By ten o'clock the bar was crowded. group noun [C] a large group of people who have gathered together: A crowd of about 15 000 attended the concert. 6 I need, no, I must have, my (raises one eyebrow and looks meaningfully at servant) important papers. 我需要, 不,我必须要我的重要的纸(抬起眉毛,意味深长的看着仆人。 ) raises vt. to lift something to a higher position: Would all those in favor please raise their hands? He raised the window and leaned out. Mary Quant was the first fashion designer to raise hemlines. meaningful adj. useful, serious or important: She seems to find it difficult to form meaningful relationships. Having the opportunity to work would make retirement more meaningful for many pensioners. meaningfully adv. 7 Servant runs to get it and presents it to King. 仆人跑过去拿来并把它呈给国王。 Presents vt. to give, show, provide, or make known The mayor presented five firefighters with medals for saving people's lives. Two clubs in the neighborhood present jazz on Thursdays. Dr. Gottlieb will present her research in a series of lectures this spring. If you present yourself, you go to someone or make yourself known to someone: Paul Groncki presented himself to the receptionist on the 41st floor. If something presents itself, it happens or takes place: 【语境填词】 1.That balloon will ________(爆裂) if you blow it up any more. 2.I declined his ________(邀请) to have dinner with his family. 3.Sounds great,but the bus is ________(拥挤的) at the weekend. 4.They ________(鞠躬) politely before the Queen. 5.His ________(怒火) would burst out when things didn’t go as he’d expected. 6.He ________(急奔) along the platform and jumped on the train. 7.He ________(撕) the letter in two. 8.Friends will make a date to go shopping together and return home ________ (空着手) happily.

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【选词填空】 make room,go on,burst in,present...to...,hold out,glare at 1.The cakes were ________________ each guest. 2.As soon as we got to his home,he ________________ his hand in welcome and shook hands with us. 3.The young should ________________ for the old. 4.He’ll be ________________ on us at any moment. 5.They stood ________________ each other. 6.There is nothing interesting ________________ here at present. 【随堂练习】 1.He ________ dead,for many people saw the truck hit him badly last night. A.can’t be B.must have C.must be D.must have been 2.The boy ______ around the neighbourhood,______ for something that he wanted. A.wandered;looking B.wandered;looked C.wandering;looking D.wandering;looked 3.Remember,let your eyes rest ________ after reading for an hour. A.all the while B.for a while C.more or less D.once in a while 4.She doesn’t like coats made ________ this kind of cloth,because the cloth ________ easily. A.of;tear B.from;tear C.of;tears D.from;tears 5.The monkey looked at the hunter ________,________ to say “Don’t kill me!” A.sad;as if B.sadly;as if C.sadly;even if D.sad;even if 6.He stood behind the curtain,from where he could see what was ________ in the street. A.going over B.going on C.going through D.going up 7.Mary wasn’t satisfied with the blue dress,so the shopkeeper ________ another dress for her to try on. A.held down B.held on C.held out D.held up 8.The mother ________ at her sleeping baby for a while,unwilling to leave him alone at home. A.glanced B.stared C.viewed D.glared 9.________ on the portrait,mother was deep in thought. A.Fixed her eyes B.Her eyes are fixed C.Her eyes fixing D.With her eyes fixed 10.He enjoys the mayor’s ________ confidence. A.entire B.all C.whole D.every 【阅读拓展】 Autumn Blues Let the sunshine in falling leaves,withering flowers,cold winds. For many people late autumn can be a season of gloom and depression. Spirits can be low.

People who suffer from “the autumn blues” often are extremely exhausted, lack energy, need more sleep, feel increased appetite and gain weight. “The exact cause of this condition,often called seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder(SAD),is not known yet,” says Chen Jue,associate professor at Shanghai Mental Health Center. “But recent studies indicate that weather change is influential and strongly suggest that this condition is caused by changes in the availability of sunlight.” One theory is that with decreased exposure to sunlight,the biological clock that regulates mood,sleep,and hormones is delayed,running more slowly in winter. Exposure to light may reset the biological clock. Another theory is that brain chemicals that transmit information between nerves may be altered in individuals with SAD. It is believed that exposure to light can correct these imbalances. “It is a sad season, you can try to make it happy. Remember, but spring always lives in your heart, Chen ” says. Here are some tips to deal with autumn depression. Go outdoors and get some sunlight. Move around. Fresh air and exercise improve the respiratory(呼吸) system and blood circulation and regulate the nervous system. Thus,exercise calms and relieves one’s mood. Relax at work. Stretch,breathe deeply. Take a tea break. Think of your next vacation. Keep a chocolate bar in your pocket. Chocolate and sugar raise the spirits. Look at bright colors,such as red and orange. Color therapy improves mood. Listen to your favorite music. You can dance to it,or just lie on a cozy couch,reading a novel. Decorate your room and work space with flowers. Blooming plants are cheering.Call friends or family when you feel lonely or depressed. Recall some happy memories. Autumn Blues Conception Autumn blues is also called autumn 2.________. The real cause for it is still 3.________ to us. · first theory is that exposure to sunshine can The reset the biological clock, 4.________ mood,sleep and hormones. · second theory is 5.________ with the The balance of nerves that transmit information. · Outdoor 6.________ may reduce the tension that brings you the low spirits. · can relax yourselves while working. You · Food 7.________ in calories and sugar does help too. · 8.________ treatment also works in handling low mood. · Music also 9.________ a role in treating autumn blues. · Green plants are cheering. · Calling your friends will 10.________ your loneliness away. Thinking of the sweet past is regarded as a good way as well.

Theories about autumn blues

1.______ to deal with autumn depression

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