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2011年英语一轮复习资料-必修3 Unit5 Canada-The True North

Unit 5 Canada-“The True North”
课标解读 话题 功能 语法 1. Geography of Canada (加拿大的地理) 1. Direction (方向) 1. minister ( n.) 2.chat ( vi. & n.) 3.scenery ( n.) 4.measure (vi.& vt.)

( n.) 5. aboard (prep.& adv. ) 2. Position (位置) Noun clauses as the appositive(同位语从句) 大臣;部长 聊天;闲聊 景色;风景 测量;衡量;判定 计量制;计量单位 在船、飞机、火车或公共 汽车上 6. within ( prep.) 在......之内 7. border (n. ) 边界;国界;边沿 (vt.& vi.) 与.....接壤;接近 8. confirm (vt.) 证实;证明;批准 9. broad (adj.) 宽阔的;广泛的 10. nearby(adv.) 在附近 (adj.) 附近的;临近的 11. east ward (adv. & adj.)向东;向东的;朝东的→ west ward (adv. & adj.反义词)向西;向西的;朝西 的 12. surround (vt.& vi.) 包围;围绕→surroundings( n. 复)周围的事物;环境→surrounding(adj.)周围的 13. slight (adj.) 轻微的;微小的→slightly (adv.)稍微; 轻微地 14. mix (vt.& vi.) 混合;调配→mixture( n.)混合物; 混合状态 15. wealthy (adj. & n.) 富有的;富人;有钱人 →wealth( n.) 财富 16. distance( n.) 距离;远方→distant (adj.) 远的,远 方的 17. tradition ( n.) 传统;风俗→ traditional (adj.) 传统 的 terrify ( n.) 使恐怖; 恐吓→terrifying (adj.)令人 畏惧的→terrifyed (adj.)感到恐惧的→terror ( n.) 恐惧→ terrible (adj.) 恐怖的;恐惧的 18. impress (vt.)使印象深刻; 使铭记→impression (n.) 印象→impressive (adj.)给人深刻印象的;感人的 2. Multicultural society (多元化社会) 3. Emotions (情绪)

重 点 词 汇 及 拓 展

重 点 短 语

1. Rather than 与其;不愿 2. Be surrounded by/with 被......包围 3. Settle down 定居;平静下来;专心于 4. Manage to do 设法做 5. Catch sight of 看见;瞥见

6. Have a gift for 7. In the distance 8. As far as 9. At dawn

对......有天赋 在远处 远到;直到;至于 在黎明;在佛晓

重 点 句 型

1. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada. 她们不想一路乘飞机,而决定先飞到温哥华,再从西海岸乘火车横穿加拿大到达东海岸。 2. The thought that they could cross the whole continent was exciting. 要横贯整个大陆的想法是令人兴奋的。 3. They were not leaving for Montreal until later, so they went on a tour of the city. 她们要晚些时候才能动身去蒙特利尔,因此就在多伦多市游览了一番。 4. As they sat in a buffet restaurant looking over the broad St Lawrence River, a young man sat down with them. 当她们坐在咖啡馆里眺望广阔的圣劳伦斯时,一个年轻人坐在了她们的身边。

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1. surround vt. & vt. 包围;围绕 1. surrounding adj. 2. surroundings n. 3. surround... ...with... ... 4. be surrounded by/ with... 周围的 环境 使... ...包围 被... ...包围

【辨析】surroundings/ condition/ environment/ circumstances surroundings condition 专指自然环境,从周围事物这一客体着眼。注意:常用复数 其复数形式是 conditions,可表示“环境,情况”的意思,但主要是抽象意 义上的 environment 可指自然环境,也可以指精神环境,均从环境对人的感受、道德以及观念 的影响着手。 circumstances 指某事或动作发生时的“情况” 。

【即境活用】 ( )——where does the old man live?

——in a small cottage at the foot of the hill, with trees______it. A. surround 2. distance B.surrounded C.surrounding D.to surround

(n.) 距离、路程、远处、差异

Eg, What is the distance to London? 到伦敦有多远? 【相关短语】 keep one’s distance from 与??保持距离,客气 keep sb at a distance 与----冷淡,疏远。 know one’s distance 有自只字之明 in the distance 在远处 at/from a distance 从多远处 at a distance of +数字 。在多远处。
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Eg, I can see you at a distance of 10 metre.在 10 米远的地方,我能看到你 It is hard to know her well because she always keeps others at a distance. 很难了解她,因为她总是和别人保持着距离 I saw something in the distance. 我看到远处有东西 【即境活用】 One can see the ancient ruins at a ________of 20 miles. A. distance B. space C. length D. stretch

3. impress (vt.) 使铭记;铭刻;给??留下极深的印象 ( n.) impression (adj.)impressive 【知识拓展】 impress...on... 把... ...印在... ...上 印象 给人印象深刻的;引人注目的

impress sth. on /upon sb. impress sb. with sth. 使某人牢记某事

Be impressed by / with sth. 对... ... 印象深刻 impression ( n.) Make /leave/ create a(n)... ...impression on sb. 给某人留下....的印象 【即境活用】 ( man. ) (2012 山东,24)My first_____of him was that he was a kind and thoughtful young A. expression B. attention C.satisfaction D. impression


1. settle down 定居;平静下来;专心于 【知识拓展】 settle down to (doing) sth. settle on / upon settle up settle in / into 开始注意某事物 决定;同意(某事) 付清欠账;结清账单 适应(新的家、工作、环境等)

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【辨析】settle / solve (1) settle 解决;其对象常为某种争端 (2) solve 解决;侧重给出一个答案 An inssue An argument solve settle A quarrel A matter

a problem a mystery a puzzle difficulties

【即境活用】 ( ) Every time he had a chance, he would talk about the great difficulty he had ____in the B. settling C. to settle D. settle

new country. A. settled

2. have a gift for 有做某事的天赋 I have a gift for talking people into doing something.在说服别人上我有天赋 【拓展】 gifted =talented have a talent for 有----的天赋 with gift=with talent 【即境活用】 He is a ________person, so he will succeed. A. talented B. talent C. gift D. decided The young man has a talent for writing.

He is a gifted boy.===He is a boy with gift.他是个有天赋的孩子


1. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada. 她们不想一路乘飞机,而决定先飞到温哥华,再从西海岸乘火车 横穿加拿大到达东海岸。 rather than 宁愿...而不愿...;而不是.....;与其... ...倒不如(链接平行结构) would rather do...than do=would do ... rather than do 宁愿... 而不愿 prefer to do... rather than do... 宁愿...而不愿 other than 除了 or rather 更确切地说 more than 不仅仅,超过;非常 more A than B 与其说 B,不如说 A
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1) i think Tom, rather than you, is to blame. 我想不是你,而是汤姆应受责备 2) I’d prefer to be a volunteer rather than stay at home. 3) He has no close friends other than her. 4) We stayed at my friend’s house, or rather at my friend’s parents’ house. 注意: (1)would rather+从句(从句中谓语动词用虚拟语气) 过去时表示现在或将来的愿望 过去完成时表示过去的愿望 (2)rather than 链接并列主语是,谓语的数与其前的名词、代词一致

【即境活用】 He sold the vegetables at half price ________ let them go bad. A. as well as B. rather than C instead of D. as good as

2. It is too bad you can’t go as far as Ottawa. 你不能去渥太华真是太糟糕了。 as far as 有三层基本的意思: a. 到某一指定的地点;远达。 He walked as far as the park. 他步行到花园 I see you off as far as the airport.我将你一直送到机场 b.同样的距离。 We didn’t go as far as others. 我们不如别人走的远 c.程度、范围。就----而言,至于。也可以写做为 so far as As/ So far as I know, he isn’t coming to the party. 拒我所知,他不会出席这个晚会了 I will help you as far as I can. 我会尽我所能来帮你 As far as he is concerned, he can’t afford the car. 就他而言,他买不起那部车 【相关短语】 (1) as far as 远至/ 达 as / so far as 达到... 的程度;尽....;就......, as / so far as sb. / sth. is concerned 就某人/物而言 as far as the eyes can see / reach 就视力所能及 【拓展】 so / as far as I can see 依我看 (2) by far .... ....得多 特别注意:否定句中,可以把第一个 as 换成 so. so far 迄今为止(作状语,谓语动词多用完成时) He didn’t go so far as the river. far from 远非,一点也不 (3) as / so long as 第 5 页 只要 共 12 页 as much / many as 多达......;达到.......之多 as soon as 一.....就

【即境活用】 As ______as I am concerned ,I agree with you.. A. far B. long C. much D. many


Noun clauses as the appositive 同位语从句 同位语从句就是在复合句中作名词的同位语的名词性从句 1. 同位语从句的功能 同位语从句对于名词进一步解释,说明名词的具体内容,一般由 that 引导,例如: 1) The king's decision that the prisoner would be set free surprised all the people. 2) The order that all the soldiers should stay still is given by the general. 2. 同位语在句子中的位置 同位语从句有时可以不紧跟在它所说明的名词后面,而是被别的词隔开例如: He got the news from Mary that the sports meeting was put off. 【拓展】 同位语从句与定语从句的区别 (1) 定语从句中的 that 既代替先行词,同时以在从句中作某个成分(主语或宾语) ,而同位 语从句中的 that 是连词,只起连接主句与从句的作用,不充当句中任何成分 (2) 定语从句是形容词性的,其功能是修饰先行词,对先行词加以限定,描述定的性质或特 征;同位语从句是名词性的,其功能是对名词进行补充说明例如: 1) The news that he told me is that Tom would go abroad next year. (他告诉我的消息是汤姆明年 将出国) (第一个 that 引导的从句是定语从句,that 在从句中作宾语) 2)The news that Tom would go abroad is told by him.(汤姆将出国的消息是他讲的。 ) (同位语 从句,that 在句中不作任何成分) 【语法专练】 1. Mr. Frank asked me a question________ I could go with him to ________ he called the Treasure House the next week. A. that; which

B. whether; that
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C. whether; what

D. that; where

2. The idea has widely been accepted ____ man should live in harmony with nature. A. that B. how C. if D. when

3. What do you think of his proposal _______ we ________ a play at the English party? A. what; put up C. which; put up B. that; put on D. that; put off

4. An amazing discovery was made __________ the worn Chinese painting was actually a treasure map. A. about B. that C. from D. what

5. ---What made her so upset? ---______she failed in her examination A. Because of 6. B. That C. Because D. Whether .

can be judged form his facial expression that he is terribly sorry for what he A.That; had done C.As; has done B.It; has done D.As; did _______you.

7. Once you enter the university, you will be free to study A. whatever that interests C. what ever interesting 8. B. whatever which interests D. whatever interests

surprises us most is that she doesn’t even know

the difference between

the two lies. A. What; where C. What; that \ B. All; which D. That; where


1. (2010· 上海卷· T30) In ancient times, people rarely travelled long distances and most farmers only travelled A. longer than the local market. B. more than C. as much as
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D. as far as

2.(2009·安徽卷·T31) China has got a good careful and smooth organization. A. reputation B. influence C. impression

for fighting against the flu with its

D. knowledge

3. (2009· 湖北卷· T28) The questionnaire takes ______ ten to fifteen minutes to complete and can be used along with the assessment interview. A. mainly B. punctually C. approximately D. precisely

4. (2009·江西卷·T33) The fact has worried many scientists ______ the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these years. A. what B. which C. that D. though

5.(2009·天津卷·T10)The art show was _______ being a failure; it was a great success. A. far from B. along with C. next to D. regardless of




三、单项选择 1. Doctors need to have ____ good knowledge of ____ medicine. A. a, a B. the, the C. \. \ D. a, \ ______beyond my imagination.

2. Mom promised to buy me a nice gift for my birthday, A. the one B. that C. which D. something

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3. The questionnaire takes _________ ten to fifteen minutes to complete and can be used along with the assessment interview. A. punctually C. mainly B. Approximately D. precisely

4. --- I did very badly in the exam this time, so I’m very upset. --- Cheer up! I did ____ than you, but I remain happy. A. no better B. better C. no worse D. not worse

5. 一 Is there any possible way to help them get rid of such a bad habit? 一 To tell the truth, it’s very hard.But we A.worked C.are working B.had worked D.had been working on this problem.

6. The ______ increase in the robbery rate made a number of residents _______ at night. A. disturbing; terrified C. disturbed; terrified B. disturbing; terrifying D. disturbed; terrifying

7. It’ s high time the government _________ measures to help the graduates. A. takes B. took C. will take D. has taken

8. I’m really worried about _______ I have hurt his feelings, though I didn’t mean to. A. what B. which C. whether D. if

9. The news spread quickly through the village _____ the war had ended, ______ made villagers wild with joy. A. which; that C. that; which 10. A. It, that is no doubt B. that; what D. what; which the amber room was lost in World War II.

B. It, whether C. There, that D. There, whether

11. —Would you like another cup of tea? —Thanks, A. but why not C. and I’d like not . B. but I’d rather not D. and I’d rather not

12. —Did you remember to give Jenny the money? —Yes. ________ I saw her, I'm sure.
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A. So long as

B. So far as

C. The moment

D. Any time

13. _______ he was, he often ended up in financial troubles. A. Though well paid C. Well paid as 14. ---- Are you a Beijinger? ----- ________. I was born in Henan. I came to Beijing when I was ten and have lived here ever since. A. Exactly C. Just so-so B. No actually D. Not really B. As well paid D. Well paid

15. _____ he got off the bus, did he find his pocket _____. A. Not until; stolen 四、阅读理解 Safety and Security Procedures Your safety and the security of your personal property are of the primary concern to those of us who welcome you as our guest. We urge you to take advantage of the following suggestions. YOUR VEHICLE Lock your vehicle and do not leave money or valuable items inside. We are not responsible for their loss. TRAVELING Be observant (机警) when sightseeing or traveling. Stay in well-lit and heavily traveled areas. Don’t display large amounts of cash. GUEST ROOM SECURITY For additional security use the deadbolt(插锁)provided on your door and make sure the windows are locked. As an additional precaution(预防措施), please secure the secondary locks provided. Do not admit anyone to your room without first making identification. A one-way viewer is provided in your door to assist with identification. If there is any doubt about the person’s identity, please contact the Front Desk. SAFETY BOXES Do not leave money or valuables in your room or vehicle. We provide free safety boxes for your use. Hotel is not responsible for items left in room valued over $200.
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B. Unless ; gone

C. Not until; picked

D. Unless ; lost

KEYS Safeguard your key. Please do not leave it in the door. Do not give your key to others or leave it unattended. Please leave your key at the Front Desk when you check out. REPORTING Please report any suspicious activity, or safety concerns to management. FIRE Please familiarize yourself with the nearest fire exits. Report fire or smoke to the hotel operator. In the unlikely event of a fire, please move quickly and calmly to the nearest safe exit and leave the building. Avoid the use of elevator. 1. The suggestions are most probably from ______. A. a hotel manager C. an experienced traveler 2. Which of the following is TRUE? A. It is advised to travel to places where there are few people. B. The hotel is not responsible for anything you lose. C. Don’t report to the manager unless you are sure something is going wrong. D. You’d better use the deadbolt and the secondary locks for safety. 3. If you feel doubtful about a stranger who knocks at the door, you should ______. A. let the person in after you have got his/her name B. open the door to check the person’s ID card C. call the Front Desk to make sure D. contact the local police for assistance 4. What does the underlined part “In the unlikely event of a fire” mean? A. In case a fire happens, though it is not very possible. B. If a fire happens when some big events are taking place. C. In case a fire happens in a public building. D. If a fire breaks out and it is getting out of control. 五、书面表达 假如你是班长, 你们学校本周日将组织一次参观首都博物馆的活动, B. a police officer D. a tour guide

请你写一个口头通知。相关内容如下: 安 排: 8:00 在学校大门口集合,集体乘车去首都博物馆;
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8:40 在导游的带领下参观首都博物馆; 12:00 参观结束,集体乘车返回学校。 要 求:1. 参观过程中请自觉遵守公共秩序; 2. 馆内禁止拍照; 3. 参观后每人写一篇日记。 注 意:1. 词数不少于 60; 2. 通知的开头已为你写好,作答时请将其抄在答题卡上。

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