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1、主旨概括 2、句子填空 3、翻译句子 4、同义语句替代 5、封闭型问题:结合文中具体依据进行 回答 6、开放型问题:结合个人观点态度进行 表述 7、其它类型:结合文章的不同题材和体 裁给出的其它类型的问题

1. 标题、主旨大意
① What is the best t

itle of the passage? ② What is the main idea of the passage? ③ What does the passage mainly talk about? ④ What is the main idea of paragraph …?

1. 通览全文, 分析文章结构, 把握作者观点、态度及语气 2. 找出文章中心所在, 如首段、尾段 3. 概括归纳: 回答需准确、简洁,防止以偏概全 或题目过小、过大 , 注意书写格式

1 (首段)Most American teenagers used to spend

their summer vacations holding multiple jobs. However, with the increase in gas prices, teenagers chose to stay at home instead of going out of the town.
What does the passage mainly talk about? (Please answer within 10 words)

High gas prices keep teens home.


(首段) Two directors from Dongguan railway

station in Guangdong province have been fired after two railway officers helped Spring Festival passengers board the train through windows.
What is the title of the passage? (Please answer within 8 words)

Railway station directors fired

段落主旨大意– 1 (NMET2008山东) The question is, why do they have this addiction? There isn’t a specific answer. Some people go shopping when they are sad, worried, upset or lonely and they want to feel better. They use this activity as a way to forget their problems. Shopaholics say that they feel more important and better after they buy something. They also tend to have this addiction when they feel guilty. What is the main idea of paragraph 3? (Please answer within 8 words)

The reasons why some people / shopaholics have shopping addition. // The possible reasons for shopaholism / shopping addition.

2 Hello. It’s one of the first words we learn as babies, yet it’s one of the last ones we think to use as adults. That’s unfortunate, because saying hello is more than just saying hello- it is recognition of another’s worth. How might the world change – how might we change- if we mastered this word? To find out, I spent one month saying hello to every person I met. Here’s what I’ve learned. (NMET2009山东) What does the author say about the adults according to paragraph 1? (within 8 words)

Adults are not willing to say hello.

2、句子填空 / 补全句子 关键: 把握语境和上下文之间的逻辑关系 方法: 1)在理解全文的基础上把握上下文之间 的逻辑关系,确定需要填写的是短语还 是完整句子; 2)注意书写时的问题,如大小写、时态、 语态、单复数、字数等。 3)代入答案检查,看上下文是否通顺,能 否恢复文章作者原本想表达的思想、内 容或意图。

Shopaholism seems to be a harmless addiction, but it can ______. Some of them can be psychological. If this is the case, people addicted to shopping should go to a support group to help them break this habit. However, the process, like for most addictions, is long, and they suffer a lot. It can also cause financial problems. They just think about ... (NMET2008山东)
(Please answer within 8 words)

cause / bring about / result in many problems

2 For the now study, the researchers ask 193 healthy adults to complete some standard measures of personalities and feeling styles. Those who tended to be happy, energetic and easygoing were judged as having a positive feeling style, while those __________had a negative style. (Please answer within 10 words.)
who were often unhappy, tense and depressed


Most American teenagers used to spend their summer vacations holding multiple jobs. However, with the increase in gas prices, teenagers chose to stay at home instead of going out of the town. "I wish the prices . The expense of driving to places is affecting our daily lives," said Alicia Still, a senior at Enochs High School in Modesto, California.
would go down / decrease / be as low as before / be as low as it was / be as low as it used to be


准确,忠实于原文 符合汉语表达习惯

掌握英汉两种语言句子构成之间的差异: 英语:重信息的传达, 把新的信息放在句首, 已知信息放 在句尾, 句子结构相对复杂; 英语中常使用被动句 汉语:重句子的层次, 一般遵循时间顺序、逻辑顺序,句 子在安排上往往以“先因后果、先条件后结论”等为原 则, 句子结构往往简短;常把英语的被动句转换成汉语 的主动句或把字句等

1. Whatever the reason, my urban hellos were answered far less often than my rural ones . (NMET2009山东) 不管出于什么原因,我在城里打招呼得到的回应比 在乡村少得多。 2. After graduation , he got a job as a programmer in a big company that paid $1, 000 a month. 毕业之后,他到一家大公司做编程工作, 月薪一千美金. 3. The low-rent housing system launched by the government only covers a limited number of people and is therefore unable to drag down the housing price as the government expects. 政府颁布的房屋低租金制度只涉及有限数量的人群, 因此,不能像政府期望的那样拉低房价。 4. Distance from the event should make the memories less painful. 时过境迁,痛苦的往事会在记忆中淡漠。

Summary: 1.主旨概括: 回答需准确、简洁,防止以偏概全 , 注意书写格式 2.句子填空: 在理解全文的基础上把握上下文之 间的逻辑关系,确定需要填写的句子成分;注 意书写时的问题,如大小写、 时态、语态、单 复数、字数等。 3. 翻译句子: 准确,忠实于原文 符合汉语表达习惯

1.Several Ways to Encourage Your Child's Passions 2. Encourage questions. Answer their questions patiently. Never refuse to answer their questions. 3. a good way 4.无论你孩子的兴趣将来变成一种职业还是 仍旧是一项爱好,他对某些事物的酷爱本 身就是宝贵的才能。

1.Consolidation 2. Finish the exercise in the paper

Thank you for your attention!



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