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冲刺专项英语句式句型专练 100 题
1. — Have you known each other for long? — Not very long, ____ we started to work in the company. 2. — Did you enjoy yourself at the party? — Sorry to say I didn’t. It was more like a meeting ____ a party. 3. He is rather difficult to make friends with, but his friendship, ___ gained, is more true than any other. 4. The river, ____ banks are covered with trees, is very long. 5. ____ it will do us harm or good remains to be seen. 6. We should do more such exercises in the future, I think, ____ we did yesterday. 7. I am so glad that I have found the same modern computer ____ I am working on. 8. It doesn’t matter to me ____ method you choose, so long as you finish the job on time. 9. It was quite a serious mistake, ____ I think was caused by carelessness. 10. The young man went into the cinema and after ____ seemed half an hour he came out. 11. One of the men held the view that ____ the book said was right. 12. Soon they got to the bank ____ stood a big pine tree. 13. He was impolite to the Custom Officer, ____, of course, made things even worse. 14. After living with his grandparents in the countryside for ten years, the boy returned to the big city ____ his parents worked. 15. ____ much advice I gave him, he did exactly what he wanted to. 16. It is not I but Mr. Green ____ is in charge of the company. 17. The students are talking about the strange people and stories ____ they met in the adventure. 18. The first thing ____ you should do is to learn all the new words by heart. 19. Is this the very factory ____ he visited last month? 20. He went home for lunch ____ the clock struck twelve. 21. — ____ is it that makes her different from the other students? — Honesty, I think. 22. She won’t leave the TV set, ____ ____ her husband is waiting for his supper. 23. It is the teacher ____ taught me when I was a child ____ I am going to visit. 24. It was in the school ____ he had studied ____ he began the important experiment. 25. Was it on Monday night ____ all this happened? 26. Is there anything else ____ you want to get ready for the party this evening? 27. I ____ see him yesterday. 28. ____ come again. 29. ____ be careful when crossing the street! 30. It was not until the old worker came that we ____ the experiment. 31. It is I ____ am singing in the garden. 32. Hardly had we got into the country ____ it began to rain. 33. Not a single word ____ he say last night. 34. Little ____ he care about what others think. 35. Seldom ____ I ____(make)any mistakes during my past few years of working there. 36. He is a good student, and works very hard; ____ ________her. 37. Only when it is hungry ____ a lion ____ ( attack )a human being.

38. Look! Here ____ (come)your teacher. 39. No sooner had the sun started to shine ____ it clouded over again. 40. So loudly ____ he ____ ( speak ) that even people in the next room could hear him. 41. Not only ____ he ____ ( read ) the book, but also he remembered what he had read. 42. Late ____ it was, they continued the work. 43. Don’t get off the bus ____ it has stopped. 44. Gone are the days ____ teachers were looked down upon. 46. In the open boat, the four men, one of ____ was a doctor, met with a storm at sea. 47. This is an illness that can result in total blindness ____ left untreated. 48. Let me introduce myself to you all, ____ you? 49. The unsold goods he brought home are useless to me, ____ they? 50. Nobody has the right to go there to have dinner free, ____? 51. I don’t believe everything goes well with you, ____? 52. Mr Wang must go to Beijing to visit Mrs Brown today, ____ he? 53. Jack said Betty had always been interested in geography, ____? 54. What you told me is really true, ____? 55. I won’t let you in ____ you show me the written permission of the manager. 56. Everyone wants to have a holiday, but you have no idea ____ tiresome it is to rest. 57. I felt somewhat sad and was about to leave __ something happened which drew my attention. 58. I decided to pay a visit to my former teacher as soon as I ____ ( finish ) what I was doing. 59. We see the lightning ____ it happens, but we hear the thunder later. 60. ____ that I’m feeling all right, my brain is also beginning to work much better. 61. These two countries are similar ____ they both have a high snowfall during winter. 62. My cousin keeps the photo ____ he can see it every day, as it always reminds him of his college days in Florida. 63. You can arrive in Guangzhou on time for the fashion show ____ ( provide ) you don’t mind taking the night train. 64. Most people usually have less money at the end of the month ____ they have at the beginning. 65. Doctors have said that as many as 50 percent of patients don’t take medicine ____ directed. 66. Mr Smith was so angry at all ____ Bill was doing ____ he walked out angrily. 67. Girl ____ she is, she is much naughtier than a boy. 68. The girl got herself into a serious situation _____________ she was likely to lose control over the motorbike. 69. I think you ought to end it ____ it is too late, or you’ll kill yourself. 70. They were surprised that a four-year-old boy should work out such a difficult problem ____ they themselves couldn’t. 71. I was advised to arrange for insurance ____ I needed medical treatment. 72. I haven’t found my watch yet; in fact, I’m not sure ____ I could have done with it. 73. — ____ do you think is the richest man in this street? — I think Mr. Black 74. ____ puzzled the mother most was ____the son would never agree with her.A. What; why 75. The fact is ____ computers are of great benefit to the development of science and technology. 76. Word has come ____ some excellent students will go on a study trip to Chicago next month. 77. The players expected __ to be more free time before coming back to the country from abroad. 78. It is well known to us all _________ China sent up a manned spaceship to outer space

successfully last year. 79. ____ he was fired by the company is ____ he didn’t work hard. 80. The man who was being followed stopped from time to time ____ ____he wanted to tie his shoelaces. 81. Living things are dying out quickly. Let’s ask ____ part people have played in destroying them in the past years. 82.The teacher found ___ difficult to decide __ he would take with him to attend the conference. 83. No matter ____ fast we worked, we couldn’t catch up with them. 84. The reason why I gave in is ____ she would be disappointed if I didn’t. 85. — ____ can I deal with such a situation? — Take ____ measure you think best. 86. Villagers often say our village is no longer ____ it used to be. 87. This is certainly the case, but ____ it is a mistake or not I don’t know. 88. The workers were making so much noise in the workshop, and the boss hurriedly went to see ____ the matter was. 89. I remember ____ the company only owned a small shop. 90. The changes in our lab will cost quite a lot, ______ they will save money in the long run. 91. ____ has finished the task ahead of time will be rewarded, though we don’t know who it will be. 92. He expressed his hope ____ he would visit China again the next year, and this was the very hope ____ he expressed as soon as he arrived in the country. 93. I often think of the years ____ I worked with the foreigners, ____ has had a great effect on my later life. 94. In the forest we observed some trees ____the leaves were black with disease. 95. I don’t believe the reason ____ he has given for not coming to the lecture. 96. By using ears one can tell the direction in ____ a sound comes. 97. I don’t like such a person _________ often lies before your face. 98. We have to delay the party till next week, ____ we will not have something important to do. 99. Every day the mother seems to be busy until 10 o’clock at night, __________ which time the rest of the family have fallen asleep. 100. He was found to be a thief, __________ disappointed his wife. 关系代/副词 1 The weather was very sunny the following day, ______ was what we had expected. 2 The man about _______ you told me the other day turned out to be a thief. 3 I have finished reading all the books ______ were borrowed from the school library. 4 I have bought three ballpoint pens, none of ________ writes smoothly. 5 Is this the second time _______ you have been to Guangzhou? 6 I cannot forget the time _______ I stayed in the country with those farmers. 7 _______is reported in the newspaper, the war between the two countries has come to a stop. 8 Lu Xun, _______ real name is Zhou Shuren, wrote lots of novels and essays. 9 Can you think of another example _______ this phrase can be used? 10 This is the store ______ my father runs. 11 The train on ________ he is traveling is late. 12 I visited Hong Kong last month, ______ live my uncles and aunts.

13 Do you still remember the happy days _______ we spent together in Beijing? 14 Don’t talk about such things _____ you are not sure about. 15 I have bought the same skirt _______ she is wearing. 16 He came out top in the exam, ______ made his family very happy. 17 Is this the reason ______ he is late again? 18 I don’t think the reason ______ he explained at the meeting was reasonable. 19 Her parents wouldn’t let her marry anyone _____ family was very poor. 20 Can you think of other ways _______ we can solve this problem? 21 I, ______ am your best friend, will help you out. 22 I attended the meeting last month, _______ lots of people talked about that topic. 23 The day will come ________ the people all over the world will win liberation. 24 On my birthday I got a watch from my uncle, _______ was made in Japan. 25 The students are talking about the strange people and stories _______ they met in the adventure. 26 This is Mr. Smith, ______ I think has something interesting to tell you. 27 He is the very man in ________ pocket I found my lost money. 28 _______was usual, he arrived at school just before class began. 29 I have a picture by a famous painter _______ sent to me for my birthday. 30 Shenzhen is not the city _______ it used to be twenty years ago. A 并列连词 1 Follow the doctor’s advice, ______ your cough will be worse. 2 Walk straight along the main road, _______ then you will reach the Grand Theater. 3 You like sports, _______ I would rather read. 4 I was about to jump into the river ________ the guide stopped me. 5 She may fail in the exam, _________ she cried. 6 He is a League member, _______ he is always ready to help others. 7 He not only speaks good English _______ writes well in English. 8 Either you are sorry _______ get out! 9 Neither we ________ our teacher knows the answer to this question. 10 Both Peter ______ Tom are from South Africa. 11 Look! He is more _______ less drunk. 12 We are working hard to make our country more ______ more powerful. 13 Mr. Wang is walking up ______ down the classroom with a book in his hand. 14 Whether at school ______ at home, she is always cheerful. 15 They will stay here for a week _________ so. 16 This sentence may be correct grammatically(语法上), _______ a native speaker never says it that way. 17 I finally succeeded not by luck _______ through hard work. 18 John _____ his wife has been invited to that party to be held the coming weekend. 19 I hope you don’t mind my asking, _______ where did you buy those shoes? 20 Excuse me, _______ do you happen to know the time?




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