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过去分词作定语和表语 A boy called Tom went to the cinema one night. It was a horror film, but he was interested in it. Sometimes he felt excited, sometimes he felt frightened. After the film, the tired

boy came back home. Once home, the exhausted boy went to bed immediately and had a dream. 1. 过去分词作定语 a lost animal spoken English a used stamp written English an injured finger a returned student a lost child a broken coin a retired teacher

an escaped prisoner a broken heart The books written by Lu Xun are popular.

How I regretted the hours wasted in playing computer games. We will visit the bridge built hundreds of years ago. Is there anything unsolved? 比较: a falling leaf a fallen leaf a developing country a developed country boiling water boiled water a changing world a changed world the rising sun the risen sun a training class a trained soldier

注意:excited tears; a puzzled expression; a pleased look; excited voice a satisfied smile a worried look/face/expression 着急的神情 2. 过去分词作表语 We are excited to hear the good news. Don’t be so disappointed ①只限于单个词。 (过去分词短语不作表语) ②只有 come, gone, left 等少数几个不及物动词的过去分词作表语。 过去分词作表语表示主语所处状态或主观心理感受,相当于形容词的作用。常见词还有: addicted, broken, gone, lost, seated, absorbed, dressed, separated, engaged, excited, moved, puzzled, disappointed, surprised, frightened…

必背 be+P.P


系动词 1.look, sound, smell, taste, feel 2.become, get, turn, grow, fall, go, come 3.stay, keep, remain 4.seem, appear 5.turn out, prove (证明是,结果是)
I.请用适当的分词填空。 B. The story he told was ______________.

be seated 坐下 be absorbed in 全神贯注于 be faced with 面临 be addicted to 沉溺于 be fixed on 注意着 be based on 以……为基础 be dressed in 穿着 be born 出身于 be stuck/ caught /trapped in 陷入 be devoted to 献身于 be related to 与……相关 be armed with be lost in(thought) be tired of 对……厌倦 be equipped with be bored with 厌倦 be covered with be located / situated 位于 be decorated with 装饰着 be engaged/employed in 忙于 be well prepared be crowded with 充满 be surrounded by be satisfied / pleased with be known to/ as/ for be worried about be filled with be interested in be separated from

1. A. Nobody was ______________ in the story he told.( interested; interesting) 2. A. Everybody was ______________ to hear the news.( excited, exciting ) B. The news is very ______________indeed. 3. A. The result of the test was rather______________.( disappointed, disappointing ) B. He was very______________ at the result of the test. 4. A. What he said was very______________. B. I was very ______________ at the sight.

( amused, amusing )

II. 把下列句子改写成过去分词短语。 1.A thief stole the goat that was tired to the tree. 2. The girl who is dressed in red is Kelly’s long-lost friend. 3.The castle, which was burnt down in the sixteenth century, was never rebuilt. 4.Father beat the son who was lost in the online games. 5.The project, which was designed by the Chinese engineers, was constructed in only 2 year. Ⅲ. Fill the form with V-ed 1. The book ___________________ (一本农民写的书) is very popular. 2. The building _________________(去年建的楼房) now collapsed in the Wenchuan earthquake. 3. The problem _________________________(在昨天会议上讨论的) was very difficult to solve. 4. The window _________________________(被那个顽皮男孩打破的) is being repaired 5. The children ________________________(昨天在医院检查的) were seriously ill. 6. The people _________________(暴露在阳光下的) got sunburnt. 7. The boy _____________________________(受到老师严厉惩罚的) is now a college student. 8. The water ___________________________(送到他家的水) carried disease. 9. The English today is quite different from the English ___________________(300 年前所说的). 10. Most of the artists___________________ (被邀请去参加聚会的) were from South Africa. 11. The students ____________________(受到老师鼓舞的)worked harder than ever before. Ⅳ. 基础单选题。 ( )1. Mary is a new nurse and her job is to take care of the ________soldiers. A. wound A. interested A. seat B. wounded B. interesting B. seating C. wounding C. to interest C. to be seating C. exhausted D. being wounded D. to be interesting D. seated D. having exhausted ( )2. Lily seems very much________in the magazine, but I think it’s too expensive. ( )3. All the passengers should remain________when the plane is making a landing. ( )4. After her journey from Australia, Sophie Armstrong returned home, ________. A. being exhausted B. exhausting ( )5. Linda worked for the Minnesota Manufacturing Mining Company, _____ as 3M. A. knowing. B. known. C. being known. D. to be known ( )6. The ship,______ by a huge piece of iceberg, cam to a sudden stop. A. hitting. B. hit. C. hitted. D. to hit. ( )7. There is nothing ________to do but wait for my parents to come here. A. leave B. left C. to leave D. leaving B. The injured workers; being taken D. The workers injured; being taken D. being inspired C. be spoken D. to speak ( )8. ________are now ________ good care of in the hospital. A. The workers injured; taken C. The injured workers; taken A. inspire B. inspiring C. inspired A. speaking B. spoken

( )9. All his fans are ________by Lionel Messi’s performance in F.C.Barcelona ( )10. What’s the language ____ in Germany? ( )11. Most of the artists _____ to the party were from South Africa. A. invited B. to invite C. being invited D. had been invited ( )12. The computer center, _____last year, is very popular among the students in this school. A. open B. opening C. having opened D. opened ( )13. Cleaning women in big cities usually get _____ by the hour. A. pay B. paying C. paid D. to pay



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