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Warming Up

Unit 1 Living well
Warming up

They are ______ people. a.abandoned b.disabled

If people are not able to use their body properly*, we say that they are people with a ________. a.responsibility b.disability
properly :适当地,正常地

disabled people 1.______________


people with a disability

the disabled 4.______________

people who have a disability

How many different types of disabilities do you know?

A .physical disability
deafness, dumb/mute, blindness, lame(跛足的), near-sighted, six fingers, color blindness, paralyzation ( 瘫痪)

B .mental disability
depression, learning difficulty brain injury phobias (恐惧症) …

disabled people blind







No matter what disease one has , life is not easy.

Warming up

1. Do you know anyone with a mental or physical disability?

Does this disability make it difficult for them to do some things? What have they tried to do to overcome these difficulties?


21位舞者是生活在无声世界的聋哑人, 他们平均年龄 17岁, 最小的只有13岁。

邰丽华: 我感觉残疾不是缺陷, 而是人类多元化的一个特点, 残疾不是不幸, 只是不便, 其实 每个人的人生都是一样的, 有圆, 有缺, 有满, 有空, 这是你没有 办法选择的, 但是你可以去选择 看人生的角度, 然后带着一颗 快乐而感恩的心态去面对人生 的不圆满。这就是我对生活的 感悟。

Hearing problem

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), was born in Bonn. Ludwig gave his first public performance as a pianist when he was eight. Around 1798 Beethoven noticed that he was suffering from a hearing disorder and was eventually left completely deaf. By 1820 he was able to communicate only in writing. The final years in his life were darkened by severe illness. When he died, about thirty thousand people were present at the funeral procession on March 26, 1827.

mental disability

Zhou Zhou, who was
mentally deficient from his childhood, now has become a famous conductor in China.

blind and deaf

Helen Keller (1882—1968) blind and dumb learn to read Braille (盲文) , to speak and write. Finished the studies in Radcliff College. Became a famous writer --- “Three days To See.”


Zhang Haidi, who recovered from a severe disease and became paralyzed, now is a marvelous writer and translator in our country.


Stephen Hawking, who was suffered from a severe disease, speaking and hearing problem, as well as walking difficulty, is one of the greatest scientist in Cambridge University.

Deng Pufang: son of Deng Xiaoping,
paralytic, chairman of the Chinese

Disabled Union.

Sanglan (桑兰)
a famous gymnast (体操运动员).
She hurt herself seriously in a competition and can’t stand. She helped to bid 2008 Olympic Games and helped organize the Paralympics (残疾人运动会)

What do you learn from these disabled?
They’re broken in body but firm in spirit. (身残志坚)

2. Look at the pictures on Page 1 and read what these people have achieved even though they each have a disability.

New Words
disability. n. disabled. Adj. Disability 既有可数又有不可数。表示“残疾” 用作可数, 表示“无能,劳动能力丧失”用作 不可数; disabled表示“残疾的, 伤残的”, 常 用于the disabled 表“残疾人” He never gives up his life in spite of his physical _________. disability And now he calls on the people all over the country to care for the _________. disabled

Looking at the following pictures and discuss a question:
? Is it right for some members of society to get extra help because they have a disability?

loss of an arm or leg


dumb and deaf



Should disabled students be allowed to go to college? Should they get any extra help? Why or why not?
Yes, they should. Because there are many gifted disabled students, they can make a contribution to the society.

They should get some extra help in their everyday activities.

Words and expressions
1. adj. able -- unable be able/unable to do

v. enable—disable
n. ability—disability / inability

adj. disabled ~ people = people with

1) Tea enables me to keep awake.
2) An accident disabled his left eye. 3) the ability/inability to hear

2. ambition n. 抱负, 雄心, 志气 (与不定式连用, 后接某事物) e.g. His ambition to become prime minister is likely to be realized. 他要做首相的雄心可能会实现。 He has great ambitions. 他胸怀大志。

full of ambition 充满志气
ambitious adj. 充满野心的, 雄心勃勃的, 有抱负的 be ~ of sth. / be ~ to do sth. be ambitious for sb 希望某人成功 e.g. Mothers are often highly ambitious for their


3. benefit n. / v. I got a lot of benefit from learning a foreign language. beneficial adj. 有益的, 受益的 如:

Fruit is beneficial to your heath.
be beneficial to

be of benefit to 对??有益 如:
That experience was of great benefit to me.

4. in other words
in a word / all in all


have a word with sb.
have words with sb.


keep one’s words
eat one’s word big words

食言 大话; 吹牛

all in all


above all
in all

首先, 首要, 最重要的

after all not at all

终究, 毕竟 根本不, 一点也不, 别客气

all at one once 突然, 一下子

5. adapt (oneself) to… adapt…from… the US?

适应 改编

1) Have you adapted to the new way of life in 2) The film is adapted from a novel by LuXun.
adapt (oneself) to = adjust (oneself) to

6. absence n. / absent adj.
presence n. / present adj.

be absent from…
be present at…

7. annoy vt. (尤用于被动语态) 打搅; 烦忧; 使烦恼; 使生气 annoying adj. annoyed adj. be annoyed with sb. be annoyed at/about sth. His annoying words made me annoyed. He was annoyed with his wife because the dinner was badly cooked. I felt annoyed when he refused to help.

8. microscope --- microcomputer telescope 9. breath n. / breathe v.

out of breath
We ran so fast that we were all out of breath.

bath n. /bathe v.

10. depend v. ~ on… / That all depends.
dependent adj.---- independent adj.

be dependent on…
be independent of…

1) Whether we go or not is dependent on
the weather.

2) Finland was independent of Russia during
the first world war.

11. make fun of sb. 取笑 make fools of sb. laugh at sb.

play a joke on sb.
tease sb about sth.

12. courage n. 勇气 v. encourage/discourage n. encouragement/discouragement adj. encouraging/discouraging adj. encouraged/discouraged adj. encourage sb to do sth. discourage sb from doing sth. My parents encourage me to become a teacher. His parents discourage him from becoming a painter.

13. resign (from…) v. 辞职
The Minister of Justice resigned yesterday.

He decided to resign from the committee.
14. assist v. assist sb. in doing sth.

assist sb. with sth.
assist sb. to do sth. assistance n. assistant n.

15. companion [c] n.
company [u] n.

his three ~s

keep sb. ~

accompany v. ~ sb. = keep sb. company 16. latter ----- former 17. congratulate sb. on sth. congratulation n. / Congratulations! cf. celebrate sth. / celebration n. Yao congratulated Jane on her success. I’ll celebrate my mother’s birthday tomorrow.

18. graduate…from… graduation n. e.g. Next year you will graduate from No. 2 Middle School. 19. certificate n. e.g. a birth certificate a teacher’s certificate 20. architect n. / architecture 21. in particular = particularly = especially adv. 特别; 尤其 (强调程度) specially adv. 特地地; 专门地(强调目的)

1) It’s very cold there, particularly /

especially in winter.
2) She loves that song in particular, because

her mother used to sing it.
2) I came here specially to see you.

22. elder + n. (不与than连用) 年龄较大的 elderly+ n. 上了年纪的

older (与than连用)
his elder son an elderly gentleman He is older than me by one year.

23. access n. access to… accessible adj. be accessible to… People there can have access to clean water. Finally we found the access to that village. The headmaster is accessible to the students. We students can have free access to the library. 24. bare adj. (cf. bear v./n.) be bare of … 没有?? The room is bare of furniture. We passed by a bare mountain.

1. You should try to ____ D new circumstances as quickly as you can. A. benefit B. suit C. fit D. adapt to 2. When we climbed up to the top of the mountain, we were all ____. C A. out of the breath B. short of the breath C. out of breath D. short of breaths 3. I was very _____ B to find that the cinema was not accessible to the people in wheelchairs. A. annoying B. annoyed C. annoy D. annoyance

4. Once or twice he has had difficulty making decision on his own, but ____ C he is an independent man. A. in all B. in word C. all in all D. word in word D I like 5. I don’t like both of the books. ______ one of the two books. A. in a word B. in words C. get in a word D. in other words

Write a short passage to describe a

person with a mental or physical


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