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高二英语期末复习讲义 M7U3
一.单词拼写 1. His c____________________ as a manager was once doubted by workers. 2. These s________________ show deaths per 1,000 of population. 3. She is a_______________ a

s to be the best tennis player. 4. Teachers usually make c______________ in red ink. 5. The telephone d____________ gives their names, addresses and telephone numbers. 6.Members of management team worked all day _____________(评价)our work from all aspects. 7.What do you think are the _____________ ( 资格 )successful men must have in today’s society? 8.The teacher _________________(向……说) the importance of the final exam. 9.Without _______________(大量的) evidence, the young man who was charged with murder was set free. 10.We haven’t fixed a ______________(具体的) date for our meting. 二.动词填空 1. What would you do ______________(assume) that the conference didn’t take place as planned. 2. He has ________________ (withdraw) from society since he was addicted to computer games. 3. The person ______________ (refer) to in the report is my colleague. 4. He is ____________________(appoint) as CEO of the company. 5. The captain commanded that the team members _________________ (try) out for the match. 三.完成句子 1. His report didn’t _______________________ what I knew.(与……一致;符合) 2. Without the computer, we _________________________ this task so quick.(无法完成) 3. If you still feel puzzled, why don’t you ____________________________?(查字典) 4. He claimed that he was not ___________________________.(受任何人摆布) 5.The man lived _______________________(一辈子在恐慌中) due to his weakness. 6.____________________________(更重要的是),window-shopping liked by many girls is a waste of time. 7.Have you ___________________________(考虑到……) all the possible delays on the way before leaving for his office? 8.Parents _____________(往往认为) that their children will always play games if they have access to the Internet. 9.I need anyone with ____________________ (熟练运用)English for the position. 10. China is ____________________________ .(自然资源丰富).

四.单项选择 1. Mr. Wang went to attend the meeting in a hurry, ________ it had been put off A. found A. the way A. wouldn’t A. going A. is there B. to find C. finding D. having found D. the way which D. hadn’t D. to go D. isn’t he 2. What surprised me was not what he said but _______ he said it. B. in the way that C .in the way B. didn’t B. gone B. isn’t there C. hasn’t C. goes C. is he 3. John said that he would come to school to see me the next day, but he _______. 4. With three weeks _________, we’ll have a holiday. 5. There is little doubt in your mind that he is innocent,_________? 6. We have two spare rooms ,______ has been much used in the past two years. A. either of them B. neither of which C. and both of them D. both of which 7. Do come here on time,_____ we ,as planned, will take part in the gathering of AIDS prevention volunteers. A. then B. or C. therefore B. will you allow in D. will you be allowed in D. was completed D. would have visited D. and 8. Only when your identity has been checked ___________. A. you are allowed in C. you will be allowed in A. complete A. would visit

9. He commanded that the project _________ with in three months. B. should complete C. be completed B. must have visited 10. We didn’t know his address, otherwise we___________ him. C. had visited


高二英语期末复习讲义 M7U4
一.单词 1. I’m not p__________ to go out alone at night. 2. He tried his hardest to study in the hope of m_________ up for the lost time. 3. During World War II, many underground stations in London f__________ as bomb shelters. 4. Due to the storms, part of the road is still under r________. So we have to go to the harbour city by f________. 5. People speaking on the phone while driving will be f_________50 yuan, because it’s easy to lead to crash (撞车). 6. They ______________(答应) to hand in their designs by Friday. 7.You’d better keep the two _______________(攻击) boys apart. 8. We shouldn’t change lanes without __________(发信号) or giving wrong signals. 9. The number of the deaths _________(由...引起) from road accidents has increased greatly over the past years. 10. He had never ___________ (牺牲) so much for the assignment that he __________ (延期) the date of his wedding with naughty cats. 二.动词短语填空 1. They succeeded in the end. Their efforts paid ___________( off/ back). 2. The students couldn’t get ___________(over/through) the task without the help of the professor. 3. You can’t foretell everything. Often things don’t ____________(work/put) out as you expect. 4. He can hardly __________(keep/ put) up with his wife’s bad temper, so he decides to seek divorce with her. 5. His health finally broke _____________(down/ up) after working around the clock. 6. We intend to put___________(forward/ off) the plan due to the bad weather. 7. You’d better set ______________ ( out/aside) some time for sports to keep yourself energetic. 8. Some insects take ___________(on/up) the colour of their surroundings to protect themselves. 三.补全句子 1.It is reasonable to ____________ ________ ____________ ___________(认为) the price of real estate will continue to decrease. 2. Generation gap _________ ________ the _________ __________ communication(由于缺乏 沟通引起的) is quite common nowadays. 3.Police have arrested two men _________ ________ ___________ (与……有关) the bank robbery. 4. His car was _________ _________ ________(车况差)and __________ ______(需要修理). 5. The conference ____________ _________ _________ ________ (加快)the technological and economic development of the area.

6. __________ __________ (见到) the situation, the man _____________ ________(负责) the project decided to take action to prevent the worse result. 7. The police _____________ ___________ ____________( 有权力 )to search the building where the suspect may be hiding, 8.Teenagers who __________ _________ __________ high school(辍学) have trouble finding jobs. 9. He said he was a doctor, but later he ________ _______(被证明是) a cheat. 10.There were so many applicants that they had to be ________ _________(被分成)into groups. 四.单选 1. There _______ a trend that more and more people are concerned about environment over the past few years. A. has arisen B. arose C. is arising D. will arise 2._____ he came back_____ the truth. A. It wasn’t until; did he know C. It wasn’t until; that he had known 3. ---Where did you get to know her? --- It was on the farm______ we worked. A. that B. there C. which D. where 4. Children, in my opinion, whose creative ability is unthinkably rich, which is seldom ___________ by us, should be trained in that area. A. given note of conditions. A. take up to A. Judge, pleased A. he staying A. filled B. carry out for B. Judged, pleasure B. he to stay B. crowded C. make up for D. send out in 6. ______from his_____ look, I know he would accept the decision without any consideration. C. Judging, pleasant D. Judging, pleased C. his staying C. choked D. him to staying D. checked 7. She does not permit _______________ here. 8. During the rush hours the roads are usually _____ up with traffic. 9. _______ the result of the exam, he went to the teacher ’s office to ask about it. A . Not having informed of C . Not informed of discussion. A. distinction B. division

B. Not until; did he know D. Not until; had he known

B. taken notice of

C. made use of

D. drawn attention to

5. It is wrong for the management to hold that pay increase will ____________the poor working

B. Having not informed of D. Not having been informed of

10. We should make a clear __________ between the two scientists for the purpose of our C. departure D. separation



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