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2016 北京各区高三英语一模分类汇编—单选
【时态题目】 【2016 东城一模】 21. Kimberly ______ an article, so don’t disturb her. A. would write B. writes C. wrote D. is writing 25. This computer is different from the on

e I ______ in my last job. A. use B. have usedC. used D. had used 30. — The room looks bigger!— We ______ the furniture. A. have changed B. had changedC. changed D. are changing 【2016 朝阳一模】 26. I thought it hard to complete the project at first, but I __________ my mind. A. change B. have changed C. had changed D. would change 33. I've known Sarah for nearly ten years. She __________ once mycustomer. A. is B. has been C. was D. had been 【2016 丰台一模】 24. — Do you have a driver ’s liscence? — No, but I ______ driving. I plan to drive to Tibet this summer. A. have learned B. was learning C. am learning D. had learned 27. — Sunny day today, isn’t it? — Yeah! It’s not like what the radio _______ at all. A. says B. will say C. had said D. said 31. You’d better write down her address before you _______ it. A. forget B. are forgetting C. forgot D. will forget 32. After Jack ______ some e-mails, he started working on his report. A. sends B. has sent C. had sent D. would sent 【2016 西城一模】 22. —The washing machine isn’t working. —I used it this morning. It ______ fine then. A. is working B. was working C. works D. has worked 24. We didn’t get a hotel room because we ______ in advance. A. hadn’t booked B. haven’t booked C. weren’t booking D. wouldn’t book 26. —Sorry for being late this morning. —Never mind. The weather was terrible and many people _______ the bus. A. miss B. will miss C. missed D. have missed 35. Experts advised that parents _______ children from doing homework by using electronic equipment too much. A. discouraged B. discourage C. would discourage D. have discouraged 【2016 石景山一模】 23. — I called you this morning, but you were not in.

— Oh, I _____ in the library. A. am reading B. was reading C. have read D. had read 28. In the past several weeks, many cities in Southern China ______ sever cold. A. had exoerienced B. would exoerience C. have been experiencing D. experienced 34. Hold on !I’m sure the hard work you do at present ______ in the near future. A. will be repaid B. is repaid C. to be repaid D. would be repaid 【2016 海淀一模】 24. Since its start, WeChat ________ into the most popular messaging communication service in China. A. has developed B. developed C. develops D. was developing 28. Chinese people’s spending on overseas trips ________ year by year. A. had risen B. rise C. is rising D. rose 31. — We’d better leave now. — No hurry. The train ______ at 10 o’clock. A. has left B. left C. leaves D. would leave 【被动语态】 【2016 东城一模】 24. More subway lines ______ to make travelling easy in Beijing in the comingyears. A. will build B. will be built C. build D. are built 【2016 朝阳一模】 29. I've heard that preparations __________ for the coming festival. Let's givethem a hand. A. are being made B. have been madeC. are making D. have made 【2016 西城一模】 27. We live in a beautiful cottage with a yard, which ______ 20 feet from side to side. A. measures B. is measured C. measured D. has been measured 【2016 海淀一模】 22. In the early days, Beijing Opera ______ an open-air stage or in teahouses. A. performed B. was performed C. performs D. is performed

【虚拟语气】 【2016 东城一模】 27. — Are you ready for the history test tomorrow? — No, I wish I ______ the clock back. A. had turned B. could turnC. will turn D. would have turned 【2016 朝阳一模】 35. —My computer doesn't work! —Robert is a computer expert. How I wish he __________ with me. A. came B. had come C. is coming D. has come 【2016 丰台一模】 30. If we had phoned the rescue service in time, we _______ on the motorway right now.

A. weren’t trapped B. wouldn’t trapped C. hadn’t been trapped D. wouldn’t have been trapped 【2016 西城一模】 33. — Peter, you delivered a wonderful speech today. — Thanks, but I think I ______ more attention to my stage manners during that time. A. must pay B. should pay C. must have paid D. should have paid 【2016 石景山一模】 31. Andrew ______ the task within two months. But he didn’t, so he was fired. A. finished B. must finish C. should have finished D. would have finished 【2016 海淀一模】 34. If Mike ________ the half-cooked food then, he would not be in hospital now. A. had not had B. did not have C. does not have D. has not had 【非谓语动词】 【2016 东城一模】 22. Robert had a comfortable childhood, ______ up in a pleasant house with aview of the sea. A. grew B. growing C. grown D. to grow 28. Meyer and his team were the first ______ how the disease spreads fromanimals to humans. A. showing B. show C. to show D. shown 33. Having pictures to color will keep children ______ for hours. A. amused B. amusing C. amuse D. to amuse 【2016 朝阳一模】 24. The money will be used __________ the school with new computerequipment. A. to provide B. providing C. provided D. to be provided 27. Careers Advice service is only available to people __________ onday-time courses. A. to study B. study C. studied D. studying 32. —You look sleepy today. —__________ not to miss the flight, I didn't dare to close my eyes thewhole night. A. Reminded B. Being remindedC. Reminding D. Having reminded 【2016 丰台一模】 29. ________ for two days, Jessica managed to finish her project ahead of time. A. To work B. Worked C. To be working D. Having worked 33. The masterpiece “Guernica”, _______ by Picasso, is permanently exhibited in Madrid. A. paint B. painted C. painting D. to paint 35. About 10 million dolphins are said _______ in the past 15 years. A. to have killed B. to kill C. to have been killed D. to be killed 【2016 西城一模】 23. _______ the heart attack, Monica brought her doctor brunch of flowers to express her thanks. A. Surviving B. To survive C. Survived D. Having survived 25. Don’t be addicted to online games, _______ people around you. A. ignored B. to ignore C. ignoring D. having ignored

30. _____ from this point, the problem presents no easy solution. A. See B. To see C. Seen 32. _______ smiling and one day life will get tired of upsetting you. A. To keep B. Keeping C. Keep

D. Seeing D. Having kept

【2016 石景山一模】 22. Crowds of people saw the film MERMAID ______ by Chow Sing-Chi on the Lunar New Year’s Day. A. directing B. to direct C. directed D. to be directed 25. The students were queuing at the door of the hospital, ______ to see their teacher. A. waiting B. waited C. to wait D. wait 27. Tom was warned _______ oily food after operation. A. not to eat B. not eating C. not eat D. not eaten 【2016 海淀一模】 21. My flight was delayed, so I read a book ______ time. A. kill B. killing C. to kill D. having killed 26. With the new family planning policy ________ , many young parents are considering having their second child. A. introuduce B. introducing C. to introduce D. introuduced 33. She works in theatre, _________ in her father’s footsteps. A. to follow B. following C. followed D. being followed 【从句】 【2016 东城一模】 23. The world is not always ______ we wish it to be. A. thatB. which C. what D. where 31. Finding a time ______ suits everyone is going to be difficult. A. that B. when C. what D. where 34. The use of computers has made ______ possible for more people to workat home. A. it B. that C. which D. what 35. Muir succeeds ______ other designers have failed—her clothes are original, yetstylish. A. that B. whatC. which D. where 【2016 朝阳一模】 22. The girl is sure to become a good actress __________ she gets the righttraining. A. until B. if C. although D. unless 25. I have no doubt that he will make it, but I wonder __________ he is reallyready enough. A. what B. why C. whether D. that 30. They have leading experts in this field, and that's _________ they'vemade important progress. A. where B. why C. whether D. who 31. They will run an after-class club __________ kids can have fun and learnhow to protect themselves. A. that B. when C. where D. what

【2016 丰台一模】 22. Why not try your luck in the library? That’s ________ the American classical books are kept. A. how B. why C. when D. where 23. Some irresponsible websites allowed restaurants to post false pictures _________ could mislead customers. A. who B. that C. when D. where 26. I’ll leave you my mobile number ________ there’s an emergency. A. even if B. as long as C. in case D. ever since 28. Her membership will not be renewed _______ she pays the dues. A. as B. unless C. because D. if 34. I wonder ______ Mary has changed so much. She has been suffering a serious disease. A. why B. what C. when D. where 【2016 西城一模】 28. _______ exercising is a good way to keep fit, you shouldn’t overdo it at the beginning. A. As if B. As long as C.In case D. Even though 29. At the foot of the mountain is a well-preserved village ______ you can experience the traditional lifestyle. A. which B. where C. that D. when 34. The joy of living comes from _____ we put into living. A. what B. that C. where D. how 【2016 石景山一模】 24. The man _____ face was sunburnt saved the girl from falling into the river. A. who B. whose C. that D. where 26. Children were running and laughing in the garden ______ an angry old man yelled at them for waking him up. A. when B. since C. once D. because 30. It took the shy girl some courage to express ______ she really thought about in public. A. which B. that C. what D. how 32. Henry hopes to find a job upon graduation ______ his management skills can be put to good use. A. that B. which C. how D. where 35. Take a hat with you ______ the sun is very hot. A. before B. in case C. so that D. though 【2016 海淀一模】 27. _______ astonishes us is that AlphaGo defeated the human champion. A. Which B. When C. That D. What 29. Scott was amazed by the Great Wall, ___________ he described as the greatest attraction in Beijing. A. where B. which C. what D. why

30. The most exciting moment during the Spring Festival is _______ the family enjoy the big dinner together. A. what B. why C. which D. when 32. You’d better exercise at least three times a week _______ you can keep fit. A. so that B. only if C. as though D. in case 【介词】 【2016 东城一模】 32. We strongly advise you ______ eating your meal so late. It’s not healthy. A. on B. against C. from D. over 【2016 朝阳一模】 34. He is very tired, so he needs some time ______ duty for relaxationand rest. A. through B. from C. with D. off 【2016 丰台一模】 25. We have to do our best ______ what we have. A. with B. to C. in D. at 【2016 石景山一模】 21. Although Johnson is a foreigner, he lives in harmony _____ his neighbours. A. from B. with C. for D. on 【2016 海淀一模】 35. — Could you please show me which boy in the photo is Patrick? — The one _____ red hair. A. in B. over C. of D. with 【并列连词】 【2016 东城一模】 26. He had a great desire to have a home of his own, ______ he had alwayslived with his grandmother. A. or B. and C. so D. for 【2016 朝阳一模】 23. Paula waited until all the luggage was cleared, __________ hers neverappeared. A. or B. so C. as D. but 【2016 西城一模】 31. — I had a fever the day before the exam, _____ I failed. — What a pity! Good luck next time. A. or B. so C. for D. but 【2016 海淀一模】 25. The number of Hutongs in Beijing is decreasing, _______ they still attract tourists from all over the world. A. or B. and C. but D.so 【情态动词】

【2016 东城一模】 29. — Hey, the washing up has been done! — That ______ Cynthia, She’s always helpful. A. need have been B. could have beenC. should have been D. must have been 【2016 朝阳一模】 28. Parents often tell their children that they __________ take candy fromstrangers. A. needn't B. wouldn't C. shouldn't D. daren't 【2016 丰台一模】 21. —No one _______ be compared with Li Na playing tennis. —Oh, you are really her big fan. A.can B. need C. must D. might 【2016 石景山一模】 29. I thought it rather strange that Tom _____ not tell where he lived. A. might B. need C. must D. could 【2016 海淀一模】 23. People around us _______ affect our thoughts and behaviours. A. must B. can C. should D. would 【代词】 【朝阳一模】21. The Oxford English Dictionary is necessary for learning English, so you'dbetter buy __________. A. this B. that C. it D. one 【西城一模】 21. The Internet has made _____ easier than ever to start a business. A. it B. that C. this D. one 【石景山一模】 33. Though suffering from a deadly disease, Steve loses _______ of his hope for recovery. A. nothing B. all C. neither D. none

非谓语动词设置在句首,一般是 done having done 或者 to do,do 设置空后有 by, 一般用 done 被动句+to do 完整的句子,doing 时态题: 注意已给动词的时态,时间状语,从句,情景。 从句: 名词后设置______ ,一般是定语从句。 动词后、介词后、be 动词后设置______,一般是宾(表)语从句。此时转换为划线提问

灯塔词验证 表示转折的词 but however although while in fact 绝对的词 序数词、最高级、all\any\



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