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language points in reading 1 in Unit 3 in book 7

Ⅰ.品句填词 satisfaction (满意) appeared on her 1.A smile of________ face when she was told that her child behaved well at school. 2.Once a fire breaks out,sound the alarm 警报) and then leave the ho

tel quickly. fire________( scanned 浏览) 3.I have read some chapters and________( the rest of the book. 4.I must ask you to________ accompany(陪伴)me to the police station. 5.You'd better not ask a foreigner how much he affair 事务). earns. That's a personal________(

eclared 6.She was d________innocent because there wasn't enough evidence. 7.I'm not making excuses;I'm simply s________a fact. tating 8.She can sing,dance,paint and cook.She is really a woman of many t________. alents ivorced ,she never 9.After they got d________ remarried. 10.If you continue to d________the rules,you isobey will be punished.

anecdote ['? n?kd??t] n. 轶事;奇闻 annual adj.每年的;按年度计算的 n.年刊 △migration n. 迁徙;迁居;移居 [ma?'gre??(?)n] witness vt. 当场见到;目击 n.目击者;证人;证据 accommodation n. 住所;住宿 [?k?m?'de??(?)n] shore [???] n. 岸;海滨 offshore adv.& adj. 近海(的);离岸(的) opposite prep. 在……对面 adj. 相对的;相反的 yell [jel] vi. 大叫;呼喊 n.叫声;喊声 pause [p??z] vi. & n. 暂停;中止 telescope ['tel?sk??p] n. 望远镜 teamwork n. 协作;配合 dive [da?v] vi. & n. 跳水(的动作);潜水(的动作); flee [fli?] vi. (fled, fled) 逃避;逃跑 vt. 逃离 drag [dr? g] vt. 拖;拉;扯 depth [depθ] n. 深(度);深处 △meantime adv. 其间;同时 △in the meantime在此期间;与此同时

lip n. n. 一片嘴唇;(容器或洞的)边,口 △overboard adv. 越过船舷进入水中 urge ['??d?] vt. 催促;极力主张;驱策 abandon vt. 放弃;遗弃;抛弃 shark n. 鲨鱼 Help (…) out 帮助(某人)摆脱困境或危难 relationship n. 关系;血缘关系;交往 conservation [k?ns?'ve??(?)n] 保存;保护 △iceberg ['a?sb??g] n. 冰山 jog [d??g] vi. 慢跑 vt.轻推;轻撞 seaside n. & adj. 海边(的);海滨(的) net n. 网;网状物;网络 target ['tɑ?g?t] n. 目标;靶;受批评的对象 tide [ta?d] n. 潮(汐);潮水;潮流 dimension [d?'men?(?)n] n. 维(数);方面;侧面 reflect [r?'flekt] vi. 思考 vt.映射;反射;思考 pure [pj??] adj. 纯的;纯粹的;纯洁的

cell aware be/become aware of vivid neat [ni?t] seaweed narrow flashlight upside down suck [s?k] sharp tasty ['te?st?] △giant grey scare [ske?] (be) scared to death shallow ['?? l??]

n. 细胞;(蜂房的)巢室 adj. 意识到的;知道的 对……知道、明白;意识到…… adj. 生动的;鲜明的;鲜艳的 adj. (口)好的;整齐的;匀称的 n. 海草;海藻 adj. 狭窄的;有限的;狭隘的 n. 闪光信号灯;手电筒;闪光灯 上下翻转 vt. & vi. 吮吸 adj. 锐利的;锋利的;敏捷的 adj. 好吃的;可口的 adj. 巨人的;巨大的 n. 巨人 adj. & n. 灰色(的) vt. 恐吓 vi.受惊吓 吓死了 adj. 浅的;肤浅的;浅显的

steep [sti?p] boundary ['ba?nd(?)r?] Antarctic [? n'tɑrkt?k] the Antarctic awesome ['??s(?)m] △leap (leapt, leaped) vt. [li?p] seal [si?l] △refund [r?'f?nd] pension ['pen?(?)n] pensioner ['pen?(?)n?]

adj. 陡峭的 n. 界限;分界线 adj. 南极的 南极洲 adj. 使人敬畏的;令人畏惧的 vi. & n. 跳;跳跃vt. 跳过(障碍) n. 海豹;封条;印章 vt. 退还;偿还 n.退款 n. 养老金;退休金 n. 领取养老金者

1an annual meeting 2 annual salary 3 daily 4 weekly 5place/ time witness / see 7 witness to doing 8 a witness to the murder 9 make accommodation for 10 be opposite to 11 on the opposite of the street 12On the opposite/ contrary 13 without a pause 14 flee (from ) 15 flee to 16 in depth 17 length/ width /height

1年会 2年薪 3 每天的 4每周的 5地点时间见证· · · 7 证明做某事 8 谋杀案的目击者 9 为· · · 提供食宿 10 与· · · 相反 11 在街道的对面 12 相反 13 不停地 14 从· · · 逃离 15 逃往· · · 16在深度方面、 17 长度、宽度、高度

18 urge sb to do 19 urge that sb/sth (should) do 20 abandon doing 21 an abandoned baby 22 can’t help but do 23 can’t help doing 24 can’t help (to) do 25 help oneself to 26 with one’s help =with the help of 27 reflect on/ upon 28 be aware of 29 vivid description 30 vivid pictures 31 a narrow escape 32 miss… narrowly 33 upside down 34 taste delicious 35 to one’s taste

18督促某人做某事 19 督促(加从句) 20 放弃做某事.. 21 一个遗弃的婴儿 22 不得不做 23 禁不住做… 24 不能帮着做 25自便用、吃、喝点· · · 26 在某人的帮助下 27 思考· · · 思索· · · 28 知道明白意识到 29 生动的描写 30 栩栩如生的画面 31 勉强的逃脱 32 勉强地错过躲开 33上下翻转 34尝起来香 35 符合某人的口味品味

35吓死了… 36 害怕… 37害怕做 38 取消 39 号召某人做 40 拜访某人 41拜访某地 42 需要要求 43 打电话给 44 召集请来 45举起耽搁延误 46坚持别放下 47 抑制忍住 48扔掉浪费 49 呕吐 50引进 51 培养教育呕吐

35be scared to death 36 be scared of 37 be scared to do 38 call off 39 call on sb to do 40 call on sb 41 call at sp 42 call for 43 call (up )sb 44call in 45 hold up 46 hold on 47 hold back 48 throw away 49 throw up 50 bring in 51 bring up

New Words In Unit 3 1. annual ★★★ witness pause drag(dragged,dragged) urge abandon help…out target reflect aware be/become aware of neat upside down scare be scared to death The Antarctic

New Words In Unit 3 1.每年的,年刊 ? 目击,目击者 ? 暂停,中止 ? 拖,拉,扯 ? 催促,极力主张 ? 放弃,遗弃,抛弃 ? 帮助某人摆脱困境或危难 ? 目标,靶子 ? 思考,映射,反射 ? 意识到的,知道的 ? 对…知道,明白 ? 好的,整齐的 ? 上下翻转 ? 恐吓,受恐吓 ? 吓死了 16.南极洲

The police found the man who witnessed the accident.

If you come to my house, I will give you accommodation for the night.

The little girl yelled at camel.

The audience yelled at the players: “ Go! Go ”

Luckily enough, she was able to flee from the burning house. .

They dragged him together, but failed.

Although the man was put into prison, his wife didn’t abandon him.

She has a very good relationship with her mother-in-law.

What's your annual salary?

The room is untidy, so she spent a afternoon sorting out her room.

The whaler hunting at the beginning of 20th century. _______whales killer blow-hole

baleen ______ whale a___ ssistant catch/kill

Killer whales help whalers catch (baleen )whales .


Old Tom

the killer whale

1. Which kind of whale eat meat? A killer whale B blue whale baleen whale C humpback whale (驼背鲸)
2. Which family do killer whales belong to ? A shark B dolphin C whale

3. The killer is sometimes called the “___ of the sea" because they worked as a team and they were very fierce. A. wolf B. dog C. tiger

4. Who will be the leader of the team? A. male whales B. female whales C. baby whales

5. Are Killer whales likely to attack people and eat people? A. Yes B. No

OLD TOM THE KILLER WHALE I was 16 when I began work in June 1902 at the whaling station. I had heard of the killers that every year helped whalers catch huge whales. I thought, at the time, that this was just a story but then I witnessed it with my own eyes many times. On the afternoon I arrived at the station, as I was I sorting out my' accommodation, I heard a loud noise coming from the bay. We ran down to the shore in time to see an enormous animal opposite us throwing itself out of the water and then crashing down again. It was black and white and fish-shaped. But I knew it wasn't a fish. "That's Old Tom, the killer," one of the whalers, George, called out to me. "He's telling us there's a whale out there for us.“ Another whaler yelled out, "Rush-oo ...rush-oo." This was the call that announced there was about to be a whale hunt.

It was( a time) when…..


begin work at the beginning of
at the whaling station

开始工作 在…开始时

heard of /about
help sb. (to) do sth. at the time

帮助某人摆脱困境 当时;那时

witness … with one’s own eyes亲眼所见 many times 很多次

arrive at/in
sort out come from run down to the shore

分类整理;把…整理妥当 来自… 跑到沙滩上

in time


on time
an enormous animal


opposite us
throw…out of


called out yelled out be about to do a whale hunt

大喊… 大声喊叫 正要做某事

witness (vt ) “亲眼看到”
1.Did youwitness ________ the accident? (vi) “作证”、“证明” witness to sth/doing sth”: (在法庭上)作证


2.He __________to witnessed having seen the man enter the building. n“目击者”、“证人” a witness to sth. ……的目击

defense witness 3.She was called as a______________ .

be a witness to ….是…的目击者 bear / give witness to sth为…作证


throw cold water on
throw off throw over throw away throw down throw up

抛弃,摆脱 回棋,变换 浪费,拒绝 打倒,推翻 呕吐

throw off , throw out , throw away, throw down, throw up threw out her hands 1) The little girl _________ to hug her mother . 2) Tom can’t __________his cold . throw off 3) He drank a lot , and he ________ threw up on his way home . 4) As a young man , he threw _________ awaymuch money . 5) He threw __________ down the young man and ran away.

help out



21.His mother helped him out with some money when he lost his job.

22. The children help out in their father’s shop. ? help sb. with sth. ? can’t help doing sth. 自用(食物等)

? can’t help to do sth. 帮助某人做某事 ?can’t help to do sth. 不能帮助做某事 情不自禁/忍不住做某事

Hearing the news , she couldn’t help crying( cry). __________ to do I am busy now , and I can’t help _____(do) the housework now . He often helps me ______________ (study) . with study

call for 需要,要求 call off 喊走,叫……走开;/取消 call up 给……打电话;/使想起(往事) call in 来访;/召来,请来 call on 访问(某人);/号召 call at 访问(某地) 1.Success ________ calls for hard work. 2.Why was the football match________ called off ? 3. I’ll call you up tomorrow. 4.Your letter _________ called up the days when we worked together 5.He just _______ calls inoccasionally... 6.Your father is ill, you should _______ call in a doctor at once. 7.I ______ called on the Smiths yesterday. 8.I _______ called at the Smiths’ yesterday. 9.The headmaster called _______ on the students to work harder. 校长号召学生们更努力地学习。

yell vt./vi. 大叫,呼喊 n. [c] 叫声,喊声

yell (out)at sb
yell out sth. to sb.

yell at sb. about/for sth. ;
at 4. Don’t yell ___ me. out orders to everyone. He yelled ___ at him about/for 5.She yelled ___ ________ his constant drunkenness. out___ ather naughty child. 6.She yelled ___

be about to 表示即将发生的动作,意为“正要,
即将”,不也具体的表将来时间的副词或副词性 短语连用,但可以when引导的时间状语连用。

D road ___ a ship came I was just about ___
to us.
A. traveling on; while B. to travel on; while C. traveling by; when D. to travel when by;

will do be going to be to do be about to fine tomorrow . is to ◆ The Queen _________ visit Beijing next year. ◆ His sister is 13 years old , and she will _____ be 14 years old next year . ◆ --- Have you posted my letter ? --- Oh , I forgot it . A --- I __________ post it myself . A. will B. am going to C. am to D. am about to

is going to ◆ The wind went down toward sunset . It _____________be

accommodation n. [C]住处,住所 give sb accommodation for
为某人提 供膳宿

make accommodation for sb
如果你来到我家, 我会管你晚上的住宿.

25. If you come to my house, I will give you accommodation for the night.

at the time 当时,那时

作时间状语 你不了解她当时急切的心情。

26.You didn't know how eager she was at the time. sort out 分类,整理/澄清,解决(问题/困难) 我分拣邮件。 I sort out the mail.

27.We’ve got a few little problems to sort out.

"Come on, Clancy. To the boat," George said as he ran ahead of me. I had already heard that George didn't like being kept waiting, so even though I didn't have the right clothes on, I raced after him. Without pausing we jumped into the boat with the other whalers and headed out into the bay. I looked down into the water and could see Old Tom swimming by the boat, showing us the way. A few minutes later, there was no Tom, so George started beating the water with his oar and there was Tom, circling back to the boat, leading us to the hunt again. Using a telescope we could see that something was happening. As we drew closer, I could see a whale being attacked by a pack of about six other killers. “What?re they doing?” I asked George.

come on

提前;在…前面 保持,一直做某事 反复做某事 即使;甚至 穿上… 没有做…

ahead of
keep doing

Keep on doing
even though/if

have… on
without doing

jump into
head out into


look down into


swim by the boat
show us the way a few minutes later

给我们指路 几分钟以后

beat the water with his oar
circle back to lead us to the hunt as we drew closer drew(draw;drawn)

转回某处 带着我们去狩猎 当我们拉近距离的时候 拉;绘画

artist/paintist a pack of

画家 一盒;一包;一伙;一群

come on加油,催促,开始 come about 发生 come across 偶然遇见 come out 出版, 开(花) come through经历(疾病.困难等) come up走近,发 come to 涉及,总计苏醒 comes to 28.The cost of the journey ________ 3000 yuan.
Rain ________ came onjust before daybreak . 29.How did the accident ___________ come about ? 30.When will the book __________ come out ? across my teacher in the street 31. I came _____________ yesterday . 32.The seeds haven’tcome __________ up yet . 33. The old mancame _____________ through the World WarⅠ.


come about come across come forth come out come through come up come to come up with


出来, 涌现
出版, (花)开

走近, 上升

赶上, 补充

come about , come through, come out , come up, come to , come across 1)The cost of the journey comes _______ to 3000 yuan. 2)How did the accident come ___________ about ? 3) When will the book __________ come out ? 4) I _____________ came across my teacher in the street yesterday . 5) The seeds haven’t __________ come up yet . 6)The old man came ___________ throughthe World War I.

ahead of

1) 在……之前 2) 比……强(好)”

went ahead of the others to see if 34.A man _________________________ the road was clear . 他的语文比我强. 35.He is__________________________. ahead of me in Chinese ※ ahead of time “提前” ahead of time 36. We finish the task________________.

head (vi.) 朝前;朝……方向移动 他们正朝家走去 /出发去古巴。 一下课,我们就朝食堂进发。 They are __________home / heading for Cuba. heading
head for sp. 朝…进发/前进

_______ As soon as class was over, we headed for the canteen

(1)vi.暂停,停顿 We’ll pause for a rest. 我们要停下来歇一会儿。 (2)n.暂停,停顿 ? 她一口气读完了整篇课文。 without pausing without a pause. She read the whole text__________ ? 在朗读时,你们要注意停顿的地方。 When________ , you should pay attention to reading aloud the places _______ where it pauses.

a pack of 一盒,一包;一伙…,一群…

39.A pack of dogs chased the fox.

40.I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.

"Well, it's teamwork - the killers over there are throwing themselves on top of the whale's blow-hole to stop it breathing. And those others are stopping it diving or fleeing out to sea," George told me, pointing towards the hunt. And just at that moment, the most extraordinary thing happened. The killers started racing between our boat and the whale just like a pack of excited dogs. Then the harpoon was ready and the man in the bow of the boat aimed it at the whale. He let it go and the harpoon hit the spot. Being badly wounded, the whale soon died. Within a moment or two, its body was dragged swiftly by the killers down into the depths of the sea. The men started turning the boat around to go home. "What's happened?" I asked. "Have we lost the whale?" "Oh no," Jack replied. "We'll return tomorrow to bring in the body. It won't float up to the surface for around 24 hours." "In the meantime, Old Tom, and the others are having a good feed on its lips and tongue," added Red, laughing.

on top of

在…顶端 组织…发生 逃到海里… 指着…(远处)近处用at 在那时

stop …(from) doing
flee out to sea

point towards/to
at that moment

the most extraordinary thing
excited dogs in the bow of let it go being badly wounded




within a moment or two, swiftly down into the depths of the sea. turning the boat around go home




reply to sth.
bring in float up to the surface around/about in the meantime

引进;收获… 浮到水面上 大约 与此同时 饱餐一顿

have a good feed on

flee (fled, fled) vt. 逃避, 逃跑, 逃走
他杀死了仇敌, 逃往了国外.

vi.消散, 逃, 消失

37.He killed his enemy and fled the country _______________.
flee from 逃离某地, 逃脱 = escape from = run away from
翻译: 他们从着火的房子里逃出来了.

38.They fled from the burning house.

10. And those others are stopping it diving or fleeing out to sea,… flee (fled, fled) vi. 逃走, 逃跑, 消失, (时间 等的) 飞逝 派生词 flight n.逃走;逃跑 【常用搭配】 flee from 从……逃走 flee to 逃到…… flee away/past (时间等)飞逝,消失

[词语辨析] flee, escape

(1) flee ut. & ui. 指“逃走, 逃避 ”,

He fled (from) the country.

(2) escape 指“逃离或避开即将来临或近


He escaped being drowned by using a life-buoy. 因为有救生圈,他才没有被淹死。

辨析:wound, injury, hurt, harm与damage wound 是战斗中刀枪的创伤、伤口; injury 是平时的大小创伤和伤害 hurt 是指精神上的伤害和肉体的伤痛。 harm 指使有生命或者无生命的东西不再完整、美 丽,或者具有原来的价值。 damage “车辆、船只、房屋”等的损坏。

Use the above words to fill the following blanks:

wounded in that battle . 7. His brother was __________ 8.He got serious _________ injuries to the legs at work . 9. He got his finger __________ . injured hurt 10. The _______ to his feelings is more serious than the hurt in his body . harm and 11. Smoking a lot of cigarettes can _______ even kill over a long period of time . damaged when it hit the 12. The bus was badly _________ wall . 13.This (Harm) damage to the crops . storm did great ______________

drag vt./vi. 拖,拉,扯,拽 drag sb. down (to sth.)


drag sb. into doing sth. 硬拉某人参加某活动 drag sth. up 提起(不愿回忆或谈论的事) drag sth. out 使某事不必要地拖延 14.She had to be dragged ____ into seeing the denist. down 15.I’m afraid the child will all be dragged _____ to his level. out endlessly. 16.They dragged the meeting ____

depth (n)“深,深度” length (n) → long (adj.) 长: 宽: width (n) → wide (adj.) 高: height (n) → high (adj.) deep (adj. &adv.) “深的,深,迟”, deeply (adv.) “ 深深地”,带有感情色彩. 注意 在深度上;深入地;全面地 ※ in depth 1. The river is 5 miles long and 2 meters wide . length . = The river is 5 miles __ ____ and 2 meters ___ in ______ in width 2.Doctors are studying the subject in depth . 3.Frogs go _______under the mud . deep 4.We were all ______ deeplymoved by his words . 5.I regret _________ deeply that I am unable go there . 6.The meeting continued ________ deep into the night .

. depth n. [c/u] 深,深度(从上至下的距离,从表面向内部的

距离);(指颜色、黑暗等)浓度,强度;[u](指感情等)诚挚, 真诚,强烈

in depth 完全地;彻底地
(be/get) out of one’s depth 在深得不能站立的水中;不能


17. What’s the depth of the lake?

18. When they start talking about economics, I’m out of my depth.

depth: n.
the depth(s) of the ocean 海洋深处

the jungle


the country 穷乡僻壤

the winter
one’s heart despair

心灵深处 绝望的深渊

bring in “收(庄稼);引进;挣得(钱)” bring out 使(意义等)明白表示出来,生产 bring up 吐出(vt); 抚养,养育 bring about 带来,造成

about 41.What brought __________________his illness ? 42.Please _____________ the meaning of bring out the passage . 43.Henry____________________ was brought up by his uncle . When he was young , he began to sell goods , which made him _________ bring in a lot of money .

in the meantime = meanwhile (adv.)
在事故中, 很多人都死了, 但同时有一些没有受伤.

44.In the accident ,many people were killed ,but meanwhile (in the meantime ) some were unhurt . feed on “吃,以……为主食” 45.Cows feed on hay during winter . ◆ feed … on sth= feed sth to …“以…为饲养” on 46.We feed our dogs _______meat . = We feed meat _______ to our dogs .

abandon (vt.) “放弃,抛弃,遗弃” Many people were killed by the chemical weapons __________ by the Japanese during the World abandoned War Ⅱ. ※ abandon one’s country 背弃祖国 abandon one’s friend 背弃朋友 abandon a bad habit 革除恶习 abandon one’s hope 放弃希望 abandon one’s idea 放弃主意 hold up 举起/使延误 我举手表示有问题. 47.I held up my hand to show that I had a question.

We were held up on our way to the airport in a traffic jam.


help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事 with the help of 在??的帮助下, 借助? help oneself to sth 请随便自己动手(夹菜吃、用??等)? can’t help doing sth 禁不住 can’t help but do sth 只得;不得不
在老师和同学们的帮助下,小明终于摆脱了爱打电子游戏的习惯。 _______________ With the help of the teacher and his classmates, Xiao Ming help himself out of his problem with managed to _________________

computer games.?

part 1 Old Tom helped catch the whales
threw Old Tom________itself ____ out ___ of the water and _________down again to________that there was a crashed show baleen whale there. He _________ swam by the boat, showing us the ____. __________ way As we got closer, I could being attacked see baleen whale ______ ________by a pack of about team six other killers.They were working as a______. breathingAnd others were The killers stopped it _________. fleeing harpoon stopping it __________.The man used the _________ dragged the whales into to hit it. The killer whales ________ the depth of of the sea and have a good _______ feed on its tips and tongue

Although Old Tom and the other killers were fierce hunters, they, never harmed or attacked people. In fact, they protected them. There was one day when we were out in the bay during a hunt and James was washed off the boat. "Man overboard! Turn the boat around!" urged George, shouting loudly. The sea was rough that day and it was difficult to handle the boat. The waves were carrying James further and further away from us. From James's face, I could see he was terrified of being abandoned by us. Then suddenly I saw a shark.

fierce hunters
in fact protecte…from…

事实上 保护…免受…伤害

sb be washed off
overboard urge rough handle the boat.

越过船边坠入水中;全身投入于… 催促 粗糙的;艰难的;波涛汹涌的 掌控小船

further and further
away from be terrified of

远离… 感到害怕…

"Look, there's a shark out there," I screamed. "Don't worry, Old Tom won't let it near," Red replied. It took over half an hour to get the boat back to James, and when we approached him, I saw James being firmly held up in the water by Old Tom. I couldn't believe my eyes. There were shouts of "Well done, Old Tom" and 'Thank God" as we pulled James back into the boat. And then Old Tom was off and back to the hunt where the other killers were still attacking the whale.

let it near


It takes/ took sb. st. to do sth.
approach see sb. doing see sb. do held up Well done pull sb. back into be off back to the hunt



举起… 做得好… 把某人拉回… 离开 回到狩猎当中

urge sb to do/that sb (should) do
urgent adj.紧急的,紧迫的 ?他们催促我马上走。 urgency n. 紧急

They urged us to go at once.
apply _____ for the job. My friends _____ urged that I ______ should ______ =urged me to apply for

part 2 Old Tom saved the whaler-James
One day, James was _____ washed____the off boat. rough The waves were The sea was _____. carrying him ________and further further __________ _________.James terrified of being ____________ was very _______ abandoned It took over ____ __ hour ______to get the boat back to James. half an being And when we ___________him, I saw him _____ approched ____up held in the water by Old Tom.

rent vt. 租借或租用,出租给某人

vi. rent at/for sth. 以一定租金出租

Will you rent him the television?

23.The building rents at $3000 a year. 2). n. [c/u] 租金,租赁费 for rent 供租用的,招租的

24.Official rents are very high in London.


1.年薪 2.年度报告 3.年降雨量 4.目睹那次事故 5.见证了他的愤怒 6.目击看过 7.替…作证 8.是…的目击者 9. (在法庭上)作证 10.作证支持某人 11.证人席 12. 为…提供膳宿

annual salary an annual report annual rainfall witness the accident witness his anger witnessed to having seen give witness on behalf of sb be a witness to sth…. witness to sth /doing sth bear / give witness to sth witness box ( BRE )= witness sta make accommodation for …


诉记者。(witness) ____________ Having witnessedthe whole event,Mr.Wang was asked to tell ________he saw to the news reporter. what 2.王先生仔细回想了一会儿。(reflect on) Mr.Wang reflected on the thing for a while. 3.王说,他正沿着河堤慢跑,有人从他身边快速跑过。(jog) He said he ________ along the bank ______ a man ran was jogging when past him quickly. 4.一个警察在后面追,一边高喊:“不许动!否则我要开 枪了!”(yell) A policeman was running after him, ___ out,“Stop! yelling Or I’ll fire!” 5.那个人跳进河里想逃跑,在水中挣扎了一会儿不见了。 (flee,struggle,disappear) The man jumped into the river ______ and he was seen to flee __________ struggling in the water for a few seconds and then Mr.Wang couldn’t see him.

6.警察毫不犹豫地潜入水底去救他。(pause,dive into) The policeman dived into the water to save the man without________ pausing . 7.他们浮出水面了。(appear) They appeared again. 8.那个人脸上的表情表明他担心警察会不管他。 (abandon) From the man’s face,Mr.Wang could see he was afraid of___________ . being abandoned 9.我们把他们拖上岸边,那个人躺在地上,吓得要死。 有人说那个人是一个黑帮的头目。(be scared to death, I was told...) They were ________ draggedonto the bank.The man _____ lay on the ground,almost scared to death. Mr.Wang was told the man was the head of a gang.

Translate some sentences :
1.他的思想走在时代的前列. He is ahead of times in his ideas . 2.我失业时没有人帮我. Nobody helped me out when I lost my job. 3. 坐在房间时,他没有觉察到危险.

Sitting in the room ,he wasn’t aware of the danger .

4. 会议还要一个小时才开; 在此期间让我们

The meeting will begin in an hour ;in the meantime , let’s have a rest .


5. 他们都被那可怕的暴风雪吓死了. They were scared to death by the terrible storm . 6. 他在找书时,把房间翻得乱七八糟. Looking for his book , he turned the whole room upside down .

7. 他总是急人之难。 He’s always willing to help out a person in trouble. 8. 我提前几天完成了工作. I finished the work several days ahead of time. 9. 他被他的父母抛弃了. He was abandoned by his parents. 10. 新秘书在下周前还不会来, 在此期间, 我们 安排了一位临时秘书. The new secretary won’t come until next week; in the meantime, we’ve arranged for a temporary one.

? Preview grammar in this Unit ? Finish exercises on page 63


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