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B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear(根据你所听到的对话和问题, 选择最恰当的答案)(8 分) 7. A) Yes, of course. B) It's hard to say. C) We don't know. D) No, she needn't. 8. A) Physics. B) Geography. C) Maths. D) Chemistry. 9. A) 10. B) 40. C) 50. D) 60. 10. A) The red car. B) The white car. C) The blue car. D) The yellow car. 11.A) Britain. B) Chile. C) France. D) Australia. 12. A) On the road. B) In the hospital. C) In the classroom. D) In the bank. 13. A) Before he came to the UK. B) Before he came to China. C) After he came to China. D) When he was a little boy. 14. A) Wife and husband. B) Policeman and driver. C) Father and daughter. D) Waiter and customer. C. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false(判断下列句子是否符合你 听到的短文内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表动(6 分) 15. The story took place on a dark and cold night. 16. The taxi driver went to the railway station to meet the young man. 17. The driver felt happy when he saw a young man coming out of the railway station. 18. The hotel was far from the railway station. 19. The driver took the young man through many streets to get more money from him. 20. From the story we know that it wasn't the first time for the young man to be fooled.

D. Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks(听短文填空,完成 T 列句子。每空格限填一词) (10 分) 21.When John Mayer was 13 years old, one of his neighbors ___________ to the blues(布鲁斯音乐). 22.John Mayer became a frequent performer in local___________ and clubs. 23. But John Mayer___________ that the world of guitar was not enough for him, so he began to write songs. 24. John Mayer's song "No Such Thing" has been the No. I___________ CD in Chicago, Boston and several other American cities. 25. John Mayer once said in his acceptance speech, "It has always been ___________ for being a musician."

Part 2

Phonetics, Vocabulary and Grammar(第二部分语音、词汇和语法)

II. Choose the best answer(选择最恰当的答案)(共 20 分) 26. It's important for us to keep a promise. Which of the following is correct for the underlineword in the sentence? 27.Which of the following underlined parts is different in pronunciation from others? A) Tom needs some information for his project. B) I have many questions to ask you. C) His situation is even worse than before. D) Cars are a major source of pollution. 28. This isused car. It's much cheaper than a new one. A) the B) an C) a D)/ 29.Every year Alice spendsmoney on new clothes. A) many B) a large number of C) quite a few D) huge amounts of 30.We shall have a holiday after the final exam. A) three weeks B) three-week C) three week's D) three-weeks 31.He was too angry to say____________. A) nothing B) something C) anything D) everything 32.The World Trade Centre in New York was destroyed by terrorist(恐怖分子)attacksSeptember 11,2001. A) inB) byC) atD) on 33. The little girl is wearing a new skirt now. She looks____________. A) lovely B) wonderfully C) happily D) beautifully 34.Who drives,your father or your mother? A) the most careful B) more careful C) the most carefully D) more carefully 35. of the surface of the earthcovered with water. A) Seventh-tens...are B) Seventh-tens...is C) Seven-tenths ... is D) Seven-tenths.. .are 36.The rainyet. You'd better not go out. A) hasn't stopped B) didn't stop C) won't stop D) doesn't stop 37. A lot of waterin Shanghai every year. It's a big problem. A) wastes B) is wasted C) have been wasted D) is wasting 38. 1 really don't know this question. A) which to do B) which to answer C) what to do D) how to answer 39. Julia has been busy plans for her wedding. A) make B) to make C) made D) making 40. Fresh water ispreciousit is sometimes called liquid gold. A) such-that B) too ...to C) as ...as D) so. ,.that

41 .Mike didn't tell us. A) if he will give us a lecture B) whether he would go with us C) when he has started D) when he will arrive 42. Human brains can hardly calculate faster than a computer,? A) are they B) aren't they C) can't they D) can they 42. Human brains can hardly calculate faster than a computer,? A) are they B) aren't they C) can't they D) can they 43. The Palace Museum is located in the centre of Beijing. The underlined part means A) lays B) lying C) lies D) laid 44. A:Would you mind my opening the window? B: A) I would B) I'm afraid it's too windy C) Yes, please go ahead D) Sure. I'm going to close it soon 45. Which of the following is NOT a state of the United States? A) New York B) Hawaii C) California D) Los Angeles III. Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each one can onlybe used once(将下列 单词或词组填入空格。每空格限填一词,每词或词组只能填一次)(共 8 分) A. suddenly B. through the forest C. about D. missed E. prove "Wild Man of Shennongjia(神农架)”has long been a mystery(神秘)to people. Since the 1970s, many local people have claimed(声称) to have sighted the wild man in the area. From 1976 to 1981,theChinese scientists had made three scientific expeditions(科学考察) during which they only found some indirect evidence. But recently Chinese scientists are again becoming excited 46 the fact that a large hairy animal may live in central China. Now they hope it won't be too long before they are able to 47 its existence(存 在).Their confidence is the result of a new discovery of the mystery animal inHubei Province. Ten Chinese engineers, enjoying a holiday in a National Forest Park, were driving down a road. As their bus turned a comer, the men were 48 amazed by what they saw, Three tall animals,covered with long black hair, were crossing the road. On seeing the animals, the engineers immediately stopped and ran after them. However, when they saw how the animals moved 49 with great speed and strength, they did not dare to follow any further. The men did not take any photos. A. collected B. study C. refuse D. rely on E. look at

However, scientists are delighted bythe discovery, because the engineers were all very educatedpeople and scientists feel they can50what they described. After the discovery, scientists returned to the forest and 51 some hair and measuredfootprints. About 20 inches appears to be the length of the animal's foot!Chinese scientists havenow set up a special group to exchange information and make a 52 of the forest. But in themeantime, some people 53 to believe that this half-man, half-monkey exists. They will notbelieve that it is real until one of the animals has been caught. Although scientists cannot jump tothe conclusion that the Wild Man is in Shennongjia,, their exploration and investigation will get asclose as possible to the truth. IV. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms(用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下 列句子)(共 8 分) 54. My new flat is on the floor of the building. (nine)

55. Floods are the No. I naturalin China during the summer season every year. (kill) 56. I'msorry for what I have done. (terrible) 57. Everyone should know theof saving water. (important) 58. Yesterday the________________of traffic accident were taken to Baoshan Hospital at once. (injure) 59. "My shirt is too long for me, dear. You'd better_____it." George said to his wife. (short) 60. Jane is a shy girl whospeaking in public. (like) 61.They chose Mr. Brownof the Students' Union. (chair) V. Rewrite the following sentences as required(根据所给要求,改写 T 列句子。62-67 题,每空格限填一词。 68 题注意句首大写)(共 14 分) 62. Mr. Brown wants to buy a new car.(改为一般疑问句) Mr. Brownto buy a new car? 63. We read books in the school library yesterday.(对划线部分提问) you read books yesterday? 64. Jack's father reported a robbery a week ago.(改为被动语态) A robbery by Jack's father a week ago. 65. The little boy never has lunch at school.(改为反意疑问句) The little boy never has lunch at school,? 66. "Can I keep the magazine for two weeks?" the boy asked the librarian.(改成含有宾语从句的复合句) The boy asked the librarian lie keep the magazine for two weeks. 67.In order to make himself heard, the man at the door shouted as loudly as possible.(保持句意基本不变) In order to make himself heard, the man at the door shouted theof his voice. 68. world, of, in, natural, most,is, the, one,important, resources,water, the(连词成句) Part 3 Reading and Writing(第三部分读与写) VI. Reading Comprehension(阅读理解)(共 50 分) A. Choose the best answer(根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案)(12 分) A mother in Australia was told by a doctor that her newborn son was "dead", but she helped bring him back to life by holding the baby against her body. She used a method known as "kangaroo care"(袋鼠护理法).The child, named Jamie, was born after only 27 weeks with his twin sister, Emily, at a hospital in Sydney. Her birth went well, but his was a different story. The doctor struggled for 20 minutes to save Jamie before declaring(宣布)him dead. "His little arms and legs were just falling down away from his body," Kate Ogg said, "I tookmy coat off and put him on my chest with his head over my arm." She and her husband, David,spoke to the child as she continued to hold him for nearly two hours. During that time, thetwo-pound baby showed signs of life. She said,“1told my mom, who was there, that he was stillalive. Then he held out his hand and grabbed(抓住)my finger." Their tiny baby grew stronger andstronger in his mother's arms, and their final goodbye turned into a hello. The doctor at first ignored(忽 VI!)the baby's movements, but when he put the stethoscope(听诊器)to its chest, his mouth was wide open and he said, "It's my fault. It's a miracle(奇迹)”. "The 'kangaroo care' helps the baby keep body warmth," DrPinchi Srinivasan said. "It alsoregulates(调节) heartbeat and breathing rates and is believed to help weight gain and improvesleeping habits. Fathers can also use `kangaroo care'. The key to the method is skin-to-skincontact." The practice began in less developed nations. It has become a recognized practice in helpingpremature(早产

的)babies. The technique(技术)is good for babies, and is used in many baby carecentres. 69. Jamie and Emily are A) twin sisters B) twin brothers C) twin D) twins 70. After hearing what the doctor said, the mother A) chose to believe the doctor B) didn't give up and tried to bring her baby to life C) became so sad that she almost became mad D) became angry at what the doctor did to her son 71 .When the baby first showed signs of life, the doctor. A) didn't believe a miracle had happened B) was too shocked to do anything C) was cheered and tried to save the baby at once D) was moved by what the mother did to the baby 72. From what DrPinchi Srinivasan said, we learn the baby came back to life mainly because of. A) the mother's soft words B) the doctor's carefulcare C) the father's "kangaroo care" D) skin-to-skin contactwith the mother 73. According to the passage, premature babies refer to babies that are born A) with diseases B) before their time C) deadD) heavy 74. What's the main idea of this passage? A) A baby was almost killed 呼 a doctor's wrong decision. B) A doctor in Australia announced a baby was dead by mistake. C) A mom in Australia saved her baby with "kangaroo care". D) A mom in Australia invented a new method of saving babies. B. Choose the words or expressions to complete the passage(选择最恰当的单词或词语,完成短文)(12 分) Grandma was the only mother Thomas had ever known. Sheappeared to be a loving lady but often angered easily. When Thomasone day discovered that other children had someone they calledMum and asked why he must call her grandma instead of Mum. Shetold him gently about his mother's death before he was threemonths old. There was not the same reaction(反应) when lie askedwhy he had 75 to call Dad. Then his grandma glared at(瞪了一眼)him and got angrier than he had 76 seen and the sharp reply was, "He was a bad man.He didn't want your mother, and he didn't want you when you were born." Thomas never askedabout his father any more. Shortly after his fifth birthday and two days before Christmas Day, Thomas was woken up byhis grandma's calling to him from her bedroom.Running into the old lady's room, lie found her77for breathlessness(喘不过气), and between gasps(喘气),trying to tell him to fetch thenext-door neighbour. As soon as the neighbourarrived,she sent Thomas to call another neighbour.Next Thomas was told he must stay downstairs, so lie sat in the kitchen, trying to give all his 78to his toys. He was there to see the doctor arrive, and to see him leave a few minutes later. Thiseased(减轻)Thomas's worry. A doctor would stay a long time with someone who was seriously ill.The fact that the doctor left so 79 after his arrival meant that Grandma was going to be allright again. He expected to be told he could go upstairs and see her. But the first neighbour camedown and explained that Grandma was 80 and the doctor had said she couldn't be disturbed(打扰).Shortly afterwards the second neighbour came down, helped Thomas put his toys in abox, and then took him to have lunch with her and her two children. 75. A) none B) someone C) no one D) anyone 76. A) never B) not C) hardly D) ever

77. A) keeping B) fighting C) appearing D) starting 78. A) note B) attention C) interest D) attraction 79 A) quickly B) fast C) hurriedly D) soon 80 A) lying in the bed B) laying in bed C) sleeping D) gone C. Read the passage and rill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当 的词,使内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给)(14 分) There are different ways of telling a story. It can be told in words, in pictures. in music, And acted 81, or it can be told by still another way---by dancing. Dancing that tells a story is called a ballet(芭蕾舞).The dancing in a ballet is done to music, but the story is told by themovements of the dancers. There is no singing and speaking in it. A ballet is a work of art just as abeautiful picture. The origin(起源)of ballet d 82 back about 600 years ago,which began as a kind of entertainment in the courts of the rulers ofItaly. Two hundred years later ballet was popular in the French court.The French King Louis XIV founded a ballet school. Later the rulersof Russia became interested in ballet. They offered large amounts ofmoney to the best ballet masters and dancers of France. They alsoset up their own ballet schools and dance companies(舞 蹈团).SoonRussians produced many famous ballets. "Swan Lake" was one ofthem. Russians transformed the world of dance, music, art, theatreand even f 83 The basic positions(姿势)and techniques of ballet were developed long ago. Over the centuries,choreographers(编 舞者)have revised(修改)the classical techniques, but the basic positions haveremained the same. When you begin learning the steps and poses(舞姿)of ballet, you will realizethat most of them have French names. For example, a part of a ballet that is danced by just twopeople is called pas de deux(芭蕾双人舞).Most of the French terms have been c 84throughout the years. Such French words remind us that France was once the leader in ballet. Ballet dancing is known for its grace and elegance, as ballerinas(芭蕾舞女演员)seem toglide(滑行)across the stage almost effortlessly(不费力地). Probably the most important part of aballet dancer's equipment is ballet shoes. After several years of proper t85,female balletdancers wear pointe shoes(足尖鞋)to raise themselves even higher and lighter by going up ontheir toes. Pointe shoes make it possible for ballerinas to dance on the tips of their toes. The first ballet was performed over 500 years ago. Men t86danced the leading roles,as women were considered too weak to perform the challenging and sometimes daringchoreography(大胆的舞蹈动作).But now a girl has as good a chance as a boy of being a famousballet dancer. Many of the most famous ballets were adapted from fairy tales and folk stories.Some ballets are based on historical events and bible stories. In a ballet, you can find the mostbeautiful and graceful of all dance styles. If you've ever seen a l 87 ballet on stage, youare aware of a ballerina's amazing ability to transport an entire audience into another world. Allballet dancers have one thing in common: a love of the grace, beauty and discipline(有素养)ofballet. D. Answer the questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题)(12 分) Music not only gives you something to sing and danceto, but also can make you feel happier. Scientists say thatmusic can help to relax people's mind and even help to relieve pain. How does music work its magic? It is the factthat music can adjust(调节) our mood. Recently, there is a scientific research toback up what we have always known about music. The studies have shown that when people areexcited or happy they are more helpful. The opposite(相反的情况)happens when people feelaggressive(好斗的)or under stress. The use of music can influence how helpful people can be. Dr. Adrian North made a study with 256 university students. Half the group took exercise inthe gymnasium listening to music which can bring happiness and the other half exercised toaggressive music. When leaving the gym, the students were asked to hand out flyers(传单)insupport of the local disabled athlete's foundation(残疾运动

员基金会). The results showed that nearly half of the group that listened to happy music were willing to(愿意)hand out flyers. But less than 20% in the group that heard the aggressive music were willing todo so. This study suggests that our choice of music can influence our willingness to cooperate( 合作 ).While a study also shows that productivity(生产效率)can be increased with the right choiceof background music in the workplace. As music stimulates(刺激 )workers' mind, job satisfactionis often positively influenced. Other studies have shown that workers who are in a good moodhave more job satisfaction than those in a bad mood. These studies show that music can have a powerful influence on a person's ability tocooperate. Moods have a direct influence(直接影响)on cooperation and job satisfaction, Thesefactors(因素)also have a direct relationship to the success of a business. 88. What do scientists say about music? 89. The phrase "back up" in Line 6, Paragraph 1 most probably means "support", doesn't it? 90. Why do people use the right choice of background music in the workplace? 91. How many university students did Dr. Adrian North make a study with? 92. How do people feel if they are bored or sad? 93. What do moods have a direct influence on? VII. Writing(作文)(共 21.分) 94. Write at least 60 words on the topic "How to be a good learner?"(以“怎样成为一个好的学习者?”为题,写 一篇不少于 60 个词的短文,标点符号不占格.) 短文需包含下列至少三个要点:



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