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名词性从句包括主语从句、表语从句、宾语从句和同位语从句。 ※区分同位语从句和定语从句。 The news ____a theme park will be set up here is true.
A. that B. which C of which D. /

定语从句是修饰、说明名词或代词 ( 先行词 ) 的,而同位语从 句则是揭示该名词具体内容的。所以,从某种程度上说,名词和同位 语从句之间可以划等号。但要切记 which 不能引导同位语从句。 ※ that 与 what 引导主语从句时的区别: It worried her a bit ______ her hair was turning grey . A . while B . if C . that D . for

______ is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language . A . There B . This C . That D . It。

that 在名词性从句中不充当任何成份,也无词义,仅起连接作 用。引导并列的宾语从句时,第二个 that 以及引导主语从句、同位 语从句时, 不可省略。 that 从句作主语时, 常用句型结构为: It is ( was ) + adj . 或 n . + that 从句: It is impossible that he has enrolled at the university. It is a fact that he was forced to attend the evening class. 在 The reason for . . . ( Why . . . ) is that . . . 结构中的 that 不可用 because 替代。 The reason for his illness is that he was caught in the rain last night.

The reason why he was ill is that he was caught in the rain last night. ** A . That ** ______ you have done might do harm to other people . B . What C . Which D . This

______ he said at the meeting astonished everybody present . B . That C . The fact D . The matter **

A . What

______ we can't get seems better than ______ we have . A . What ; what C . That ; that B . What ; that D . That ; what

what 本身在名词性从句中充当一定的成份,或主语、或宾语、或表 语。这时 what 具有两种含义:保留疑问的意义,即“什么,什么样 的 ” ;相当于 “ 先行词 + 定语从句 ” 结构的用法, “the thing / fact / matter that . . . ”常译为“所……的 ( 东西或事情 ) ”。 区分用 that 还是 what 的依据是看从句中有没有主语、表语或从句的及物动词带不带 宾语,若带有宾语,则用 that ; 若无宾语,则用 what。 ※ whether 和 if 两个连词的不同用法。 ______ the 2000 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing is not known yet . A . Whenever B . if C . Whether D . That

______ we'll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather . A . If B .Whether C . That D . Where

whether 和 if 意为“是否”,虽不充当句子成份,但也不可省 略。两词在动词后引导宾语从句时,常可互换。但在下列情况下,名

词性从句引导词用 whether 而不用 if。从句作介词宾语时,后面紧 接 or not 时。主语从句或宾语从句置于句首时。引导表语从句、同 位语从句时。动词 discuss 后的宾语从句中。由 if 引导宾语从句可 能产生歧义时。动词 doubt 用在疑问句或否定句中时,宾语从句的 连接词用 that 而不能用 whether 或 if ; doubt 用在肯定句中时,则 用 whether 或 if 均可,但不能用 that。 I don’t doubt that you will succeed. I doubt whether(if) he has told the truth. ※ 选用正确的连接代词 what , who ( m ) , whose , which , 和连接 副词 when , where , why , how。 Go and get your coat . It's ______ you left it . A . where B . there C . there where D . where there

I remember ______ this used to be a quiet village . A . when B . how C . where D . what。

— Do you remember ______ he came? — Yes , I do , he came by car . A . where B . how C . that D . if。

连接代词 what , whom , who , whose , which 都保留各自的疑 问含义,既起连接作用,又在句中充当一定的成份。连接副词 when , where , why , how 等,也是既有疑问含义,又起连接作用,同时又在 从句中充当各种状语,分别表示时间、地点、方式、原因等。 ※ what 与 whatever ; who 与 whoever 的不同用法。

______ leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights . A . Anyone B . Person C . Whoever D . Who

Sarah hopes to become a friend of ______ shares her interests . A . anyone C . whoever B . whomever D . no matter who

It's generally considered unwise to give a child ______ he or she wants . A . however B . whatever C . whichever D . whenever

whoever 为连接代词, 意为“凡……者”, 相当于 anyone ( 或 any person ) who + 定语从句。whoever 既作主句的主语,又作从句的主 语; 而 who 引导的主语从句, 只表示“谁”, 在从句中作主 语。 what 与 whatever , when 与 whenever , where 与 wherever 的含义基本 相同,只是后者比前者语气更重。在意义上也有细微差别: what 与 whatever ( whatever 含义为 anything that ) ; when 与 whenever ( whenever 含义为 any time when ) ; where 与 wherever ( wherever 含义为 any place where ) 。 ※ 名词性从句要用陈述语序。 They want to know ______ do to help us . A . what can they C . how they can B . what they can D . how can they

No one can be sure ______ in a million years .

A . what man will look like C . man will look like what He asked ______ for the violin . A . did I pay how much C . how much did I pay

B . what will man look like D . what look will man like

B . I paid how much D . how much I paid

You can't imagine ____ when they received these nice presents . A . how they were excited C . how excited were they B . how excited they were D . they were how excited

These photographs will show you ______ . A . what does our village look like C . how does our village looks like ※时态呼应。 Can you make sure ______ the gold ring? A . where Alice had put C . where Alice has put B . where had Alice put D . where has Alice put B . what our village looks like D . how our village looks like

We were all surprised when he made it dear that he ______ office soon . A . leaves B . would leave C . left D . had left

对名词性从句 ( 尤其是宾语从句 ) 语序的考查总是结合时态、 语 态和连接词来进行。名词性从句的时态要与主句的时态相互呼应。但 如果从句表示“客观真理”或有“具体的年、月、日”时,从句的时态不 随主句的时态而变。

1. ____he is in trouble is easy to see. a. What b. That c. When d. How

2. ____he will come or not is still a question. a. That b. When c. If d. Whether

3. ___makes mistakes in the composition must correct them. a. Who b. Whoever c. Those d. No matter who

4. I have no idea ___he had already gone abroad. a. how b. that c. when d. where

5. ___he said at the meeting surprised everyone present. a. What b. That c. Which d. Why

6. Is the news ___the president will pay an official visit to China true? a. which b. / c. of which d. that

7. ___we can’t get seems better than ___we have. a. What; what what 8. Excuse me, would you please tell me ___? a. when was the sports meet going to be held b. when will the sports meet be taken place c. when is the sports meet to take place d. when the sports meet is to take place 9. Computers can only give out ___has been stored in them. a. that b. which c. what d. anything b. What; that c. That; that d. That;

10. Tom wouldn’t tell me ___-his new bike. a. how much did he pay b. how much he paid for c. he pain how much for d. did he pay how much 11. This simple experiment shows ___air has some strength. a. what b. that c. which d. whose

12. When the computer didn’t work, I didn’t know___. a. what’s wrong c. what was the matter 13. –Do you know ____she came? a. how b. when c. that d. if b. what the matter is d. what’s the trouble

14. That is ____he came here late. a. what b. when c. however d. why

15. I never fail to help __ is in need for help. a. whom b. who c. whoever d. whomever

16. ___she can’t understand is ___he wants to change his mind. a. That; that b. What; why c. Which; what d. What; what

17. It is possible ____you misunderstood ___I had said. a. that; that what b. what ; what c. what; that d. that;

18. Word came ___the famous writer would visit our school soon. a. that b. which c. it d. how

19. Do you agree to the suggestion ___we have a trip the day after tomorrow? a. which b. where c. that d. when

20. It looks ___ it’s going to rain. a. if b. as c. though d. as if

21. The question he asked was ___ the electrical equipment should be stored. a. what b. which c. where d. because

22. The young man always thinks __he can do more for the people. a. how b. of that c. why d. of how

23. We think it important ___college students should master at least one foreign language. a. which b. that c. what d. whether

24. Mr. Li is to give us a talk on __he saw and heard in London. a. what b. all what c. that d. which

25. When we will leave for Wuhan ___not been decided. a. is b. does c. has d. have

26. Go and get your bag. It’s ____you left it. a. there there b. where c. there where d. where

27. Jack is no longer ___thirty years ago. a. what was he c. the man what he was b. what he was d. like what he was

28. ___is a fact that English people and American people share a lot of customs. a. There b. This c. That d. It

29. She asked me the question ___the job was worth doing. a. if b. what c. whether d. which

30. I didn’t know which town ___? a. the manager lived c. did the manager live b. the manager lived in d. did the manager live in



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