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第一篇 专题复习
专题二 记叙文写作之叙事


1.Where there is a will there is a way./ Nothing is
impossible to a willing heart.

2.It is no use doing sth.=There is no point / use (in)doing sth.做……是没有用的 →比较:It is not useful for sb.to do sth.

活学活用 仿照上述句型,翻译下列句子。 (1)作无益的后悔是没有用的(覆水难收)。 It is no use crying over spilt milk. _____________________________________________ (2)跟他讲没用,因为他从来不听。 _____________________________________________ It is no use talking to him. because he never listens.




①The other day, when a farmer was working in the field under the sun, he saw a rabbit.②At this very moment, the rabbit hit the tree and died.③It was the

man that got the rabbit without any hard work.④From
then on he was so happy that he stopped working and he waited in the field for other rabbits hitting the tree.⑤ Personally, I believe that it is hard work that leads to success.

【结构分析与解读】 讲述一个故事,要完整的表达故事发生的经过

地点与人物,进而推动情节发展(事情经过),最后 介绍故事的结果或谈自己的感想。句①运用了when 引导的时间状语从句;句②运用了适当的时间连接 词使文章更加连贯;句③运用了高级句型-强调句;

调句加上谚语-Hard work leads to success.(成功来自 努力)。使文章增色不少。

高考英语基础写作中的叙事类短文也需要具有 记叙文写作的一般特点,但要求相对比较低,其考 查重点在语言运用正确、句子连贯通顺、信息点表 述完整等方面。写作时要注意以下几个方面的问题:


2.正确运用时态,多为过去时。最常用到的时 态:一般过去时和过去进行时(was / were + doing),




5.若是图画形式,一定要看懂图意,将每幅图 的内容有机地串联起来,使之成为内容连贯完整的





(1)The expressions of time(交代时间的常用表达)
One day...;The other day...; Last week...; Last...; A few days / weeks / months ago...; When I was...years old...

(2)The expressions of places(交代地点的常用表

in my office/in...;On the way to...

Time(时间)+sb(人物)was/ were doing sth in sp(地
点)when sth/sb did sth...

e.g:I was walking along the park road yesterday
afternoon when I saw an old man coming out of the



Then; suddenly; immediately; no sooner...than...;
Hardly...when...; while; when ; as; not until

①At this very time /moment, sb.did sth. ②Then sb did sth

3.介绍故事的结果或谈自己的感想。 (1)常用词汇 At last...; Finally...; To one's surprise...;Luckily / fortunately; (2)常用句型 ①Personally, I think that... ②I learn from the story that...

③sth.impressed sb.deeply/ sth left a deep impression on sb. ④This experience remains fresh in my mind and it will remain that way forever. ⑤I learned a lot from..., I'll treasure it. ⑥What an unforgettable experience and I'll treat it as a lesson.

二、常用语句 1.表达时间。 a long time ago, at six o'clock in the morning, at the weekend, by the end of last term, during the summer holidays, in the old days, in August 2012, in winter vacation, in weekdays, last month, on Sunday morning,

on October 1st, since early in the 20th century,
not...until, while, etc.

2.表达地点。 at the crossing, at the end of the street, at the airport, at the foot of the mountain, be located/ situated in, lies to the west of..., in the front of the bus, in front of the bus, in Guangdong,In China,on the other side of the street, etc. 3.表达因果。

as, as a result, because, because of, for, in the end, cause, result in, consequently,since, so, therefore, It is clear that..., It turns out to be..., etc.

4.事件话题。 (1)学校生活及学习成绩 be active in class, take an active part in, be interested in, be fond of, be good at, be do well in, pass the examination, fail in the test, get on well with English, get an “A” in the exam, lay a good foundation

in, learn...by heart, make progress in, put one's heart
into, work on a maths problem, work hard at, etc.

(2)师生关系及其活动 be friendly to sb., be kind to sb.,be strict with sb./in sth., be satisfied with, devote all one's time to, form a good habit of, get on well with sb., give advice

on, help sb.with sth., praise sb.for sth., prepare for
tomorrow's lesson, teach sb.English, etc.


do some reading, enjoy a...trip, go swimming, go
for an outing, have an outing at the seashore, have a

picnic on weekends, have a party, hold a sports meeting,
play the piano, play chess (basketball), see the sights of Beijing, spend one's time in doing sth., etc.

(4)交通情况 a big traffic jam, a traffic accident, be very crowded in the street, be seriously injured, give sb.a lift, keep right, meet sb.at the station, on one's way to London, on

the journey, pick up sb., ride a bike, ride a horse, see
sb.off at the airport, take a flight to, traffic light, turn

right, etc.

(5)度假旅游 New Year's Day, May Day, Teachers' Day, Mid- Autumn Day, National Day, valentine's Day, the Spring Festival, a place of interest, a fivestar hotel, a city with

a long history, a quiet village, a threeday tour, natural
attraction, one of the great wonders of the world, spend

one's holidays on the sea, the Great Wall, the Summer
Place, etc.

(6)环境保护 a good environment, air pollution, be polluted, carbon dioxide(CO2), chemical change, chemical cleaning of coal, climate change, global warming, minus

20 degrees centigrade(-20°), 30 degrees above
zero(30°),wastes, water pollution control, etc.

以“A Bright Boy”为题,以五个句子记述司马光





【写作要求】 用5个句子正确表达内容要点。
【评分标准】 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,

【参考范文】 __________________________________________ Long ago, a group of boys were playing happily in _____________________________________________ the garden where there were many water vats.Suddenly, _____________________________________________ a boy fell into a vat and all the boys ran away except a _____________________________________________

small one, whose name was Si Ma guang, eight years ____________________________________________ old.He thought he should help the boy, so he hurried ____________________________________________

towards the large vat, and broke it with a big ____________________________________________ stone.Finally, the boy was saved.Personally, I think we ____________________________________________ should keep calm in the time of danger. ____________________________________________
【范文解析】 ____________________________________________ 叙事性基础写作主要是叙述人们的经历或事物 ____________________________________________ 发展变化过程的一种表达方式。时态要用一般过去 ____________________________________________ 时态,人称通常用第一人称或第三人称。本文主要 ____________________________________________

是把故事发生的时间、地点和经过描述清楚,再加 ____________________________________________ 上故事的结果和必要的感想就可以了。同时还要注 ____________________________________________ 意的是需要加入合适的时间连接词如 long time ago, ____________________________________________ suddenly, finally。使文章更加连贯,增加必要的高 ____________________________________________ 级句型如定语从句等润色文章。 ____________________________________________



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